Customer Reviews: Halo 3 - Xbox 360
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Halo 3 was, in a way, doomed before it was released. No matter how well it did, people are going to judge its "wow factor" against how amazing the original Halo felt to play back when it first came out. Now that we are used to the weapons, races, environments and plotline, nothing is as cool as it was that first time. It's the same issue that plagues any series, be it Dune, the Matrix, Star Wars, etc.

Halo 3 does get a boost in that it is released for the 360, so you get an automatic upgrade in abilities there. We're playing on a high end HD TV, and yes, it looks really nice. The backgrounds look like a painting in motion, with swirling clouds and dancing dust storms. From the light glinting off the metal surfaces to the detailed shadows in the rocks, it can be really gorgeous. Is every detail as beautiful as every detail in, say Gears of War? Maybe not. Different developers focus on different items. There are always trade-offs for speed and visual appeal reasons. For a Halo world, I think they did a good job.

The sound and dialogue are really great. I like the background music, and I find much of the dialogue hilarious. There are some conversations that have me laughing out loud. This is a good game to play with your surround sound stereo system hooked up, and of course the subwoofers.

I hated the ending of Halo 2. I dislike it when a story finishes with a "and now wait a few years to find out what happened." They can at least have you feel like you achieved something, and ended a chapter. For that reason alone it's good to have Halo 3 here to wrap everything up.

Unfortunately, with all the time they spent in development, this third outing is a bit predictable. I really enjoyed the multi character play in Halo 2. I thought that was a great touch. They completely removed it for Halo 3, setting you back into a Master Chief only mode. To be honest, I really thought we'd get THREE races this time around, and get to play as the Flood too. Why reduce ourselves to just one?

Also, while there are a lot of "missions", some of them are maybe 5 minutes long. That's a bit on the short side. I realize you can go back and replay on harder and harder levels to challenge yourself - but they could have put more depth into the basic story line.

Now, all of those things being said, the key to any game in modern times is its multiplayer ability. No matter what single player game you play, it's pretty much a limited time game. Multiplayer is completely unlimited - and you're not stuck with the formulas built into the AI brains. Halo 3 is definitely the best multiplayer experience of the three games - the most balanced, the most fun, the best graphics. You could literally play this for years and not get bored of it.

So to summarize - if you don't have XBox Live, you could rent this game for a week, get through it and have a lot of fun. You'll be able to see how the story ends, get your Halo fix in and be happy. But if you do have XBox Live, you'll want to own this. Between replaying the base game on harder levels to improve your skills, and playing multi-player in a variety of maps and set-ups, you'll be happy for a long, long while.

There are many games we write a walkthrough for that we have to push ourselves to get through, but when we did our walkthrough for Halo 3, we really did have fun :) So that's always a good sign!
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on September 27, 2007
I'm not a gamer, just a regular 30something who wants an easy way to take out my frustrations. This review is probably most helpful to middle aged men like me, not hardcore gamers.

I have tried many other games but Halo is the only one that doesn't tax me too much with choices and complicated controller requirements. I give the Halo franchise 5 stars because it is so simple, one mission, kill everything in sight. You don't need to investigate, open your pouch, choose between a million weapons, read maps, or think for even a second. It's the only game I've found which I can stand for more than 5 minutes and which is completely uncomplicated. And you can skip the story and all that nonsense by just hitting the main button.

As compared to other Halos: I'm not crazy about the weaponry. The needlers run out of ammo and the other guns don't do much. You also need to press a button to reload some weapons, it seems, whereas before they would reload if you walked over the same kind of weapon. THere are 3 kinds of grenades, which is unnecessary and just harder to switch between. You can also only carry 2 of each instead of 4. Since the new grenades stick like the plasmas, they don't add much and just add another layer of choice and button-pushing. Too complicated. Also, the little bonus things like flares and landmines are gimmicky and add too much comlpication. Again, advanced gamers probably love it, but I'm too old to learn all this new stuff. Just give me a gun and some grenades.

In previous games you'd come across more types of things to do, like a lot of sniper rifles so you could sit on a hilltop picking off aliens or use other strategy. In this game you don't find a lot of useful weapons, so there's a lot more direct hand to hand, on the ground type combat. I've also found that it's easier to kill things and easier in general to solve the levels. Also, it uses the "follow me" arrow and the voice gives you suggestions if you seem to be missing the point, which I like, since in previous Halos I've spent hours wandering around wondering what I'm supposed to be doing. No such problems here. They've sufficiently dumbed it down.

I've had a few graphic glitches in this one, which has never happened before. I've also gotten stuck and unable to get out of things twice. THe sound and graphics are great, of course. I've never paid any attention to the story, unless it required me to, so I can't comment on that. Kusdos to Bungie for making it easy to skip over.

Overall, this is the same experience as the others, though it seems easier than Halo2. As little thought as that required, this one requires less. I've not had to think at all about weapon choice, strategy, or anything, Just pull the trigger and kill! I wish there were more FPS games like this -- fast-paced, completely intuitive hand controls, easy storyline, simple mission, and FUN.
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on September 25, 2007
Halo 3 - Circa 2007

- Four-player online (or offline) co-op Gameplay allows two; three, or four players play through the game from start to end. A co-op player can come into the game at any time and leave at any time (note only one of you will play as the Master Chief, while another will play as the Arbiter, and the other two players will be Elites that work with humans)
- Great looking graphics and animation, that look even better then Halo 2, F.E.A.R. and just as good as Bioshock, while these graphics might not look as good as Gears of War do to some people these graphics still are some of the best seen to date.
- Intense multiplayer action online through Xbox Live with matches as small as one on one and as big as 16 players (and offline with out using Xbox Live using either spilt screen, or system link). Halo 3 is set up similar to Halo 2 in the sense that you're given a rank when you play multiplayer (this rank can go up or down at any time) this rank is representative of your skill and your matched with others of your skill type, that way new unskilled players and hardcore veterans will not often play against one another, unless they make a special match themselves that ignores rank.

- Confusing plot to new players of this franchise - Playing Pervious games and read the Halo Novels will fill you in on the details, if you are incline to learn them.
- No Clan Support (like in Halo 2) - This might get fixed in a future patch
- Game is considered short to some (Campaign Story Mode).

- A Sci-Fi First Person Shooter with quick pacing and vehicle combat.
- Co-op and online versus/team games is the big draw here.
- NEW MODE: Forge is a mode that lets you edit all the maps in Halo 3, while you cannot rebuild the maps themselves you can in this mode, add and take away any and all of the objects from vehicles and guns to spawning points and flag zones. This is all done in real time and you can invite friends to this mode while your customizing the map(s), they can play a multiplayer game while your doing this (instead of just waiting for you) and if you want you can forgo editing the map and join the game at hand as either a player or the map editor (who looks like 343 Guilty Spark), while playing as the map editor you can still add and take away any and all objects from vehicles and guns to spawning points and flag zones any time you want.
- NEW MODE: Theater Mode is a video editor that lets you record and play back any and all matches from Campaign, Multiplayer, and Forge modes from the point of view of any player either in first person or third person (even in a orbit-cam where the camera circles around the player) all in real time (you can also pause this at any time as well as fast forward and rewind), even use your camera to fly around the match and see the match from any angle you want, Don't forget you must save your videos before you turn off the game or you will lose said videos. Also you can take a picture at any time and save it to your Xbox 360 then download your picture at

- Halo 2 (Xbox)
- Halo (Xbox)
- Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)
- Bioshock (360)
- Gears of War (360)

- There are bonus items scattered through the Campaign Story Mode called Skulls getting these "Skulls" will make the game harder (by doing things like turning off radar for the rest of the Campaign Mode your playing it) but will also greatly increase your meta game score for the Campaign Mode.
- There are two different limited collectors editions of this game. One is called the limited edition, which comes in a metal tin and has a bonus disc (with behind the scene videos and such) and also comes with an art book. While the other limited edition (called Legendary edition) you will find an art book a mini poster two bonus DVDs (with behind the scene videos and such as well as a collection of all the cut scenes form Halo and Halo 2 and themes you can download to your 360) And the it comes with a plastic Master Chief Helmet to keep your DVDs in (Helmet as big a volley ball).
- At you can sign up and pay a small fee to upgrade your Halo 3 account (default is free) to hold more space on their serves for your videos/pictures/clips that you made.
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on May 14, 2016
It was great game. The disc worked fine but after 8 months of having it. The middle part of the disc where you see the circular plastic started to chip off and I think I saw it before but didn't think much of it. so here's the problem. One day I took the disc out my 360 and the 360 STOPPED PLAYING DISC! WHAT THE HELL.! AND when I took the disc out that day I noticed all those little plastic pieces came off and ruined my laser in my 360. So I ended up replacing my laser 2 years later and my 360 works fine. My advice is make sure if you get a used 360 disc that the inside of the circular plastic is ruined return it and get your money back A.S.A.P because that is messed up man I played the game disc so many times that those pieces in the middle got loose and it just ruined my console. Never again will I keep a broken used disc.
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on April 15, 2015
Out of all the Halo games I've played, I enjoy Halo 3 the most...though the original Halo will always hold a special place. Halo 3 serves as the final game in the Halo trilogy...prior to the release or eventual release of Halo 4, 5 and 6 and that storyline.

Foremost, I believe Halo 3 has the best graphics and sound to date with a continuation of a fantastic soundtrack. Mjollinor Mix continues to this day on my iPod. The storyline was not too hard to follow, but required going back through the original Halos to shore up everything that was occurring. I would even say the story ended satisfactorily...especially considering the Master Chief is now back in action in the new Halo games.

Halo has always been my favorite game, next to Gears of War, because of the simple concept of pick up a weapon, kill your enemies, and move forward. Simple, straightforward, easy...until you increase the difficulties of your stupid enemies, haha. New enemies, new weapons, and new vehicles...each with their pros and cons. Very easy to figure out what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to go. Save the world already!

As to the selling point on Halo 3, the multiplayer experience is/was just amazing. The matching, the loading, the maps, etc. Very few glitches and a whole lot of fun all nighters playing Halo 3. The worst part was paying Microsoft and having them try to auto charge you for the next month instead of letting you decide whether or not to pay.

Definitely a game I go back to and play often, whether alone or with friends. Probably still will if Halo 4 is all they have to offer down the line. Let's see what Halo 5 can do!
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on October 6, 2013
Great game. Vast improvement from Halo 2, which I was thoroughly disappointed with due to the split story line. Only complaints I have would have to be about the computer ally AI. You would think having gone through boot camp would have made them half way decent soldiers, but I guess they do need to be vastly inferior to you. Campaign is of good length and the story line provides a great conclusion, except it is picked back up with Halo 4.
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on December 24, 2012
Halo 3 has it all - the splash screen is very short, the music is excellent, the dialog is amusing, there are widely varied environments, more weapons and vehicles, and spooky levels with effects reminiscent of Fear. Plus it has a classic Halo car chase ending. The controller setup is the best of the Halo series, and dual wield is great. Play run time seems short, but I think that's because it's such an immersive game it's hard to stop playing.

If you only get one Halo game, get this one.
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on July 25, 2016
What can I say bad about this game other than the fact that it's not Halo 2! But hey, they can't all be perfections.

I started on Halo CE which was the best game ever in my opinion followed closely by halo 2. This is a great addition to the series though. Tons of online multiplayer options as well as an intriguing campaign.
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on March 6, 2015
As the halo series progresses they are doing well on advancing the stories as well as the weaponry used in each game while at the same time maintaining the feel of halo and the battle against the covenant. This addition to the series does so well especially on graphics and performing realistic effects and game play with a remarkable sound track and real time movement for all characters, this game is addicting and the multiplayers is something that no black ops game can really replicate. I highly recommend this game ot any halo fans collection it does the franchise justice.
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on September 25, 2007
Those people that are rating Halo 3 with one star are being little Playstation 3 hOr-babies. I mean, come on... are you really telling me that you are willing to lump Halo 3 in with the likes of Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Cyberball 2072, Bomberman Act Zero, Hour of Victory, Pimp My Ride or Fusion Frenzy 2? Your arguments would have some substance at maybe three stars, but one?? That's just DOOPID! I would call you mentally retarded, but someone who is mentally retarded cant help themselves. I know you are smarter than that.

Halo 3 is the best game that I have played, period! Halo 3 has more packed into it than any game that I have played on Xbox 360 or PC. You definitely will get your money's worth out of this game.

Even if Halo 3 is not your most favorite game, you have to admit it sure is a good one. For instance, I am not much of a PC gamer and I hate World of Warcraft and those types of games, but I can understand that it is a decent game that deserves a good rating.

If you are concerned about going through the campaign in Halo 3 so quickly, then step it up to Heroic. Once I am done with the Campaign, I will spend endless hours on Multiplayer, Forge Map Editor, Four Player Co-Op, Theater, and hopefully getting all of the Achievements.

So, if you want to cry and complain, go do it all on the Sony Playstation 3 forums. Because, when Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out, the LAST thing I would be doing is putting out bad reviews of a game that I don't want to waste my time on. Think about it and don't get back to me, 'cause I don't care.
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