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Format: Video Game|Change
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on November 26, 2012
I've been a Halo fan since 2002 when Halo first game out. I was at the release of Halo 2 and still remember buying it at a convention right before I moved from California. With each purchase of the Halo games I loved it even more. Then after Halo 3 release I found out that bungie was not able to work on Halo much longer anymore and another company was working on it. The news broke my heart. I found out that 343i is taking over, and I didn't like that idea. I had disliked 343i when i found out, but as more news came out about them, i started to trust them. Especially with the Halo 4 trailer. And of course I got it. I was not disappointed in any way whatsoever. I booted up the xbox, put in the disk, turned my tv to 3D, and turned up the sound. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. The graphics were so great that I literally just sat there doing nothing but looking at the screen for 15 mins. The sound effects was the second thing I noticed. From the deep and powerful sounding Assault Rilfe to the high pitched alien-like sounds covenant weapons. Everything was perfect, it had the original "halo" feel, awesome sound effects, unbelievable graphics, and great story. The only complaint I have is the fact that the campaign was shorter than normal, but 343i were able to explain the whole story and add little extras all in that short campaign. It felt a bit rushed, but everything was there. The campaign was a lot more immersive and I could actually feel what was going on, it could just be from the graphics and sounds, but it was more immersive than all the Halos i've played. The campaign shows more of the human side of chief and I could feel what he was feeling even with his helmet on. The ending really threw me off, and I started crying. Multiplayer is a bit like reach and halo 3 combined, which think is great. I gotta say, out of all the Halo games i've played. Halo 4 felt like the most polished. Halo 4 is probably the best Halo game in my opinion. I can't wait to see Halo 5. 10/10!
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on April 15, 2015
Although this version of Halo cannot be compared with Halo 3, especially concerning the campaign/story and the multiplayer experience (online), Halo 4 definitely has its own high points. First and foremost, would you not want there to be another game in the Halo franchise? The game serves its purpose and provides more missions, more weapons, more vehicles, and more fun for another couple hours/days/weeks/months. Second, the story is a nice change of pace from the battle against the flood and is intriguing enough to have kept me playing. Third, the graphics are fantastic and who doesn't love the Halo cinematics?

In the end, it is more or less the same Halo experience in a revised format. Shoot your way through every bad guy and save the world...with slightly different bad guys, weapons, and vehicles. We'll see how Halo 5 compares...they have some work to bring back the glory of Halo 3!
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on March 22, 2014
Would have made a great deal of sense for the title of this game. Upon release, the multiplayer was just plain unsatisfactory, although the changes they've made as of now really have turned that aspect around. They tried a little too hard to be flashy and really had a lot of gimmicks. The forerunners are just dumb to fight. They have strong weapons, and teleport, but otherwise they just stand still and shoot. Whatever the deal is with their shield system is just annoying and they need to have heads where heads should go, on top of the shoulders, not somewhere near the top of a big hump. The elites roll was basically pointless. The didact was not at all imposing, and the final 'battle?' was just plain disappointing. I didn't get why they would've ended it that way.

So they lose a star for not having a clue with multiplayer when they released it with too few playlists, poorly balanced weapons, lowering the skill gap enormously, etc... And another for what they did with the campaign. I do consider the way spartans play to be an improvement, but the forerunners are lame, and the elites were feeble in comparison with previous titles. You can make an awesome main character all you want, if the opposition is lame, the game is going to suffer. Hopefully there's an improvement in the next game.
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on July 13, 2016
I have to admit: I am an adult and I loved playing this. I bought it for my son, but my husband and myself ended up playing it together and we beat the game. I normally would be ashamed to admit that with a video game, but this was extremely fun. I don't normally like shooting types of games, but killing aliens rather than people made my mind say "GO" rather than "NO". It was fun and I recommend it. Rent it first before you buy it. Most people I know who have Xbox also have this game. So, if you don't have this game, then my question to you is simple: Have you been living under a rock?
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on December 12, 2015
As the Halo series progresses, they are definitely not averse to change. The first halo was great, had a phenomenal plot and action was good. The second was good. The third was okay, though multiplayer was a bit like 2 v 1 always beats the 1.

Pros: same good ole science fiction shoot em up. The plot is engaging, and the action is good.

Cons: In Halo 4, the graphics style was updated. I miss the more cartoony look of the elites and grunts in the previous versions of the game. As is now, the enemies are harder to distinguish a push over from a super elite. The weapons have less ammo / seem to be under powered. vehicles seem to be more fragile and the vehicle weapons now overheat? Cortana is creepy. They took the whole female image way too far. and not even in a good way.
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on January 23, 2013
I haven't been a fan of the Halo franchise since the first game. Microsoft made a good choice in going with a new developer. The game plays much more like Call of Duty or Battlefield than any of the others. The way the guns feel and sound resembles call of duty instead of halo 2. Sprinting is no longer a perk and instead you can sprint just like you would in other shooters (with limits). In multiplayer you unlock perks by ranking up as well as completing challenges (for example get 500 melee kills and get a new helmet). It has the standard 5 customizable load-out system of most other games in the genre, including armor abilities (like jet packs), combat abilities (like fast reloading) and choice of grenades. I play this for the multiplayer aspect. The story wasn't anything special. I'm assuming you also have to read the books or know the story for it to make sense. It seemed like there was a lot of unexplained stuff even for those who played all the other games.
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on May 12, 2014
I'm glad I didn't buy this game the day it came out. I would've wasted $60. When I saw a used copy available through Amazon for only $13 + free shipping, I figured I might as well give it a try.

The campaign is unmemorable. This is the only installment in the franchise that I have yet to revisit the single player upon completing it on Legendary. I do so with the previous Halo games made by Bungie and still replay them to this day. I find the level-design in Halo 4 to be quite poor. There are only two missions in particular that I enjoy. The rest follow the same linear format of, "run here, press this button. Run over there, press another button."

I, unlike the majority of the fans on here, find the relationship between the Chief and Cortana rather stale. It's another cliche rendition of a machine falling in love with a human. I understand that it was necessary for 343i to detail her rampancy for the sake of the plot, but I wish they had done so differently. There are times when she's sad, irritable, and stressed, and there are other occasions when when she's happy and humorous; she's a lot like a woman who's experiencing premenstrual syndrome. Some of the dialogues between Cortana and John were quite sappy and cheesy. Examples:

Cortana: *goes AI crazy* THEY REPLACED YOU! Sorry!
Chief: It's okay.
Cortana: How? How is that okay? How is me putting you at risk because I can't keep it together okay?

At the end of the game:
Cortana: *touches Chief on the chest* sigh..I've been waiting so long to do that...

The multiplayer is fun, but it doesn't feel like Halo; it's the bastard child of Call of Duty and Halo. I also dislike the game's ranking system (SR1-130 in contrast to Halo: Reach's military-like ranks). But most of all, I hate the new armor permutation. 90% of the helmets are grotesque. The Spartan-IV's look like cheap action figures. I prefer the gritty look of the Spartan-III in Halo: Reach.
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on February 28, 2016
I can not get enough of Halo!! This package arrived on time and in good condition. I bought this for my dad because we love to play this together. I have to buy them each time they come out....when I have the money. Now my dad kicks my butt every time we play but I still love to play it. The graphics and details keep getting better with each game!!

Thank you and I hope you found this review helpful.
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on March 21, 2014
this a great comeback from halo the fall of reach,master chief is back and better then ever the graphics are fantastic,this game is so good it draws you in makes you feel for cortana and chief so much i nearly cried at the end that is how much it affected me i love this game and everything about the halo universe
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on December 12, 2012
The story was amazing, multiplayer is as good as it was in Halo 2. I think nothing more needs to be said but I will anyway.

Graphics are steller, Some games get good scores on graphics and I never understand why. This is not the case. The cut scenes are like watching a movie!

Gameplay is perfect and selecting a higher difficulty is very rewarding. I found no glitches while playing through on heroic the first time. Love the changes spartan ops missions and the level design of multiplayer. I won't miss the spawn killing, no scoping of COD ever again.
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