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About six months ago I purchased my first sandwich maker as an impulse buy. I'm a bit of a gadget guy so i succumbed to the impulse. My usual weekly routine was to stop by the McD's on my way to work and buy a McMuffin with egg or sausage each day. The coffee comes with me from home, so its a single purchase stop.

My first attempt at making a sausage sandwich at home was mediocre at best when compared to my drive through experience. The issues were;

1. The muffin was too small and did not contain the egg and sausage properly.

2. The egg stuck to the maker leaving a mess to clean up.

3. The egg leaked a bit around the sliding plate making a small mess.

4. The precooked sausage and Canadian bacon was not heated properly.

5. The egg was tough from over cooking.

After a bit of experimenting all the issues were solved and I have been enjoying breakfast sandwiches each morning, and know whats in them. Here is what I learned.

The first problem of too small a muffin was solved by carefully selecting which brand you buy. From my experience, the cheaper the muffin, the smaller it is. You want a full size muffin that will fill the makers cooking chamber. Since I live down the street from a restaurant supply company, I buy my muffins there. They are full size and come in 10 packs. Surprisingly, they are cheaper per muffin than my local grocery store.

The next problem was solved by giving the egg cooking chamber a spritz of cooking spray after preheating the maker. This means the sliding plate as well as the sides of the ring. I use an olive oil based spray I get at the local Wally World. No more sticking and torn eggs.

The leaking was solved by first preheating the maker a little longer. I plug it in first and then go get my ingredients. The extra minute or two of preheat after the green light turns on makes a difference. Another thing that helped was the cooking spray. I apply it when the maker is hot. This seems to make a seal between the plate and ring.

The sausage not being hot enough was solved by not using a frozen patty or bacon slice. I now keep the ingredients in the refrigerator so they are cold, but not frozen. This change eliminated the issue completely. Again I have found the best deal on the ingredients at my local restaurant supply, but the Wally World sometimes beats them. If you buy a big package, just take a weeks worth and put them a plastic bag in the refrigerator and keep the rest in the freezer.

Finally the tough egg. This issue was a show stopper for me. I hate tough eggs and not solving the problem meant the maker was getting returned. It turns out the solution was rather simple. Preheat the maker a bit longer as mentioned earlier and shorten the cooking time to 3 minutes. The result is a perfect egg (for me) with the rest of the sandwich thoroughly heated.

Clean up was a breeze after using the cooking spray. I remove the cooking rings and wipe down with a damp cloth or place in the dishwasher. The maker body gets a quick wipe down and that it.

If you are a bit adventurous, try making lunch or dinner sandwiches by substituting the breakfast meat with corned beef or pastrami from the deli. In the egg chamber place a thin slice of onion and a bit of swiss cheese.

After six months, I am thoroughly satisfied. In fact I have bought a second so I have one at home and one to take with me for my regular extended hotel stays required by my job. The cost savings was amazing. This product paid for itself after two weeks just in drive through savings.

Good Job Hamilton Beach.

Since my initial review, I have found one more trick to using this product. If you load the maker as recommended, you will have the cheese against the egg. This makes the egg want to slide around on the meat especially just after cooking. I now place the cheese between the bottom muffin and meat. Problem solved.

Another tip for those using it in a hotel room or at work, I have found that Wally World sells small bags of pre diced onions, bell Peppers and jalapenos. I keep some in my hotel room fridge and instead of a plain egg, I will scramble and add some veggies. Either zap the veggies for a moment to defrost first or just not keep them in the freezer.

To mix things up a bit, I have been using sour dough, wheat, and cinnamon raisin breads instead of English muffins. The rings make a great "cookie cutter" when pressed into the bread slice. After shaping the bread I spread a small amount of butter on the side of the bread contacting the heating surfaces. The result is a nice crunch! Try spreading a bit of pesto on the other side for a savory treat. Use little to no butter when using pesto otherwise it gets a bit soggy. My favorite is sour dough, pesto, havarti cheese, sliced roast beef, and shaved onions. Heavenly lunch/dinner sandwich!

Have had a few questions on my comment regarding the size differences in english muffins. In my experience the ones I buy at a restaurant supply are larger and usually cost less per muffin than those I get at the grocery. To compare, I have uploaded a photo of each loaded into the maker. Note how differently they fill the cooking chamber. Hope this helps.

Made an interesting discovery during my last trip to the restaurant supply for English muffins. Garlic flavored cooking spray. Another simple way to easily bring flavor to the sandwich maker. Made by Vegalene, it brings a lot of flavor to my more savory creations. It is available on Amazon if you search on the name. The price per can before shipping is identical to our local restaurant supply house.

Another discovery which was obvious after thinking about it, was to vary the size of the egg. My local grocery stocks small through extra large eggs. Having tried them all, I vary between small and medium. Mostly to cut calories, but also have found the smaller the egg the shorter the cooking time.

Did a bit of an experiment recently which I want to share. While at our local Wally World I noticed some real bacon bits. Not the hard crunchy imitation kind, but the real thing. Bought a bag and gave them a try this week. On the bottom muffin, I sprinkled on a layer before putting on the cheese. The egg and top muffin was as usual. The result was excellent! A great change from my usual turkey sausage patty. Also a lot easier than fitting in strips of bacon. Have also tried them on the slide plate prior to adding the egg. Used a medium egg because of space. The bacon cooks into the egg which is actually better from a structural standpoint. Also added about 30 seconds to the cook time for best results. Have found the bits at very reasonable large package price at the restaurant supply. Just break down the lot into smaller bags and freeze. Keep just enough in the fridge for daily use.

Hello again, the sandwich makers are faithfully doing their jobs with no breakdowns or complaints after almost a year of use. I recently found myself with a bunch of bbq'd Italian sausages in the fridge. The idea arrived to cut them into rounds about 1/4 inch thick and use them in lunch and dinner sandwiches. They worked great!! Just layer them on the bottom muffin and sprinkle with some grated mozzarella cheese. For an extra kick, I threw in a few fresh basil leaves. Depending on your mood, the egg is optional. A real treat for a light dinner. One variation I really like is to first spread some spaghetti or pizza sauce on the lower muffin before adding the sausage and cheese. Cook for a bit longer to warm thoroughly before dropping the top muffin. The result reminds you of a meatball sandwich from the Italian deli.

Good morning. Ended up last weekend with a couple of extra hamburger patties from Sundays BBQ. While packing for Mondays road trip for work, I decided to do a bit of an experiment by putting them in the cooler along with a few slices of onion. That night in the hotel I broke out the sandwich maker and warmed it up thoroughly. In the upper chamber went the hamburger patty. I hand form mine for the BBQ so it was smaller in diameter and about twice as thick. It fully fills the upper chamber nicely. About three minutes in I placed both parts of the muffin along with a folded slice of American cheese in the lower chamber. After around six minutes, the muffin was removed, separated and burger and onion installed. Excellent in room meal. Repeated again the next night by eliminating the muffin heating time and putting the assembled cold muffin, cheese, and heated meat into the heating chamber with the plate slid out. I actually liked it better this way, and seemed the overall time was shorter.

An update on the hamburger post. One of my complaints has been that the outside of the muffin gets toasted excessively hard. Think I have found a way around this. After first thoroughly heating the machine, I split the muffin in half and reverse the slices so the cut sides form the top and bottom surfaces. They both then go into the bottom chamber minus any cheese. The meat goes into the top chamber and the lid closed. After about 1 to 2 minutes, or when you flip the meat, open the lid and lift the entire ring assembly out leaving the muffin exposed. Now flip the muffin over. You will see the surface that was resting on the heating plate is a toasty golden brown. Return the ring assembly and close the lid. After another 1 to 2 minutes, assemble your hamburger adding the cheese if desired. Note the bread is soft on the outside and toasted on the inside. An added benefit is that the moisture driven from the muffin during toasting is contained in the chamber making the muffin soft beyond the toasted surfaces.

I think this is a technique that can be extended beyond hamburgers with a bit of experimentation. Will keep you posted.

Was able to try this technique with some precooked Italian sausages for lunch today. Had a few left over from yesterday's BBQ, so here is what I did. Starting with a hot sandwich maker, I split and reversed the muffin as previously described. In the top chamber, I layered in about a half a sausages worth of slices straight from the fridge. Next the maker was plugged in. About the
time the green light cam on, the sausage just began to sizzle. Then as described above I removed the entire ring assembly and flipped the toasted muffin also removing the upper muffin. After replacing the rings, a whole slice of provolone went on top of the sausages along with the un-toasted muffin. The lid would not close fully, but did after the cheese melted. Alter the green light turned on again, I opened the slide allowing the sausage, provolone, and top muffin to drop down. Heating for another minute or two resulted in a cheesy, sausage sandwich. The cheese melts down into the lower muffin tying the whole thing together. Next time I plan on adding some thin onion slices. Very hot and tasty

Discovered how to make a quick hot pastrami sandwich today. Using the removable rings like a cookie cutter, I cut two circles of rye bread from a single large slice. Placed them both in the bottom compartment and turned on the sandwich maker. When the green light came on, the bread rounds were flipped to toast the other side. The top compartment was loaded with a bunch of slices of pastrami and a slice of provolone. Once the meat was hot and cheese melted, the slide plate was opened and the rings removed. Placing the now toasted round on the top completed the assembly.

Another variation on the breakfast sandwich without any meat. Using the previously described toasting method, the maker was loaded with an English muffin. After preheating and flipping the bread, two small eggs were placed in the upper compartment along with some garlic salt and a few dashes of hot sauce. Surprisingly they both fit and don't overflow the space. Cooking time is a bit longer but the combination of egg, salt garlic and heat makes for a great sandwich.

There are times when I want just an egg. I like mine as an omelette so I mix in some crumbled bacon and diced onions. They are tho ones previously described in this review. Normally I use two small eggs and they fill the upper chamber nicely. After about three minutes, just take out the rings by the handle and open the slide over your plate. Delicious!

One comment on the durability of the device. In my experience it is good. Over a year of everyday use, and nothing has gone wrong. Even the nonstick coating is in good shape. Will keep you posted.

Good morning! Did a bit of an experiment this morning. Having a bunch of thinly sliced pastrami in the fridge along with equally thin sliced onions, I tried a pastrami breakfast sandwich. In the bottom chamber went the lower muffin half, some thinly sliced onions and finally enough thin pastrami to fill up the remaining space. In the upper chamber went my usual egg, garlic salt, and muffin top. Three minutes later out came a bit of heaven. The egg was just a little bit soft bordering on runny. The soft egg with the hot pastrami was a tremendous combo and made me glad there was no cheese to get in the way of the flavor. This may become one of my regulars it was so good.

A quick note on durability, it's excellent. After almost daily use for a few years, it's still going strong. There is a slight bit of wear of the nonstick coating where the slide plate contact the rings, but that's it. Normally I wipe clean with a damp cloth and the rings into the dishwasher twice a week.

When I thought that I had tried all possible combinations, another was found. A can of corned beef was opened in our house by accident a few days ago. It was one of the rectangular cans similarly sized to a Spam can. By slicing the corned beef lengthwise with a sharp knife, I ended up with three slices, just slightly larger than an English muffin. After trimming off the corners they fit perfectly in the Sandwich Maker.

After thoroughly warming up the maker, a slice went into the bottom chamber and the whole English muffin went into the upper. In a few minutes, of sizzling one of the corned beef was nicely browned and crispy. Next the corned beef was flipped over and an egg went into the upper chamber after removing the now warmed muffin. By the time the egg was done, the other side of the corned beef was browned. Assembling the muffin, egg & corned beef made for a unique very tasty sandwich loaded with protein.
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on March 21, 2013
I bought one of these from the manufacturer's website on the day of its release because Amazon wasn't yet selling it. I love it!

I've found that English muffins work the best. I tried one full-sized bagel and made a mess, but I will try again to see if I can get it right. I imagine the Bagel thins would work very well.

Once you plug it in, it takes about 5 minutes to heat up. Add your bread, cheese, meats, veggies, and egg, close it up, and set a timer for 5 minutes. The sandwiches come out hot with the muffin nicely crisped, the egg well cooked, the meat/veggies nicely warmed and the cheese melted.

Clean up is really easy, too. Remove the center section, clean it off with a brush or scrubbie pad in the sink, then wipe down the other part with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Highly recommended!
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52 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2013
I purchased this because I want to start eating breakfast. When I did have breakfast (rarely) it would be a breakfast sandwich at one of the fast food places.

My big issue with those are that they are really greasy and salty.

I saw the good reviews on this so I'd thought I would try it. I did find some fault (fixed with a tip from another reviewer) but overall it works great.

In the lower portion I put the top of the English Muffin and 1/2 a slice of black forest ham that is folded or trimmed to fit in the bottom ring, an egg in the next part, and the bottom of the English Muffin on top of the egg.

Here are some tips:

1.) (Most important) To prevent leaking I took two regular rubber bands and doubled them up and put them around the two black plastic handles to prevent leaking. ( I have added a picture)

2.) After every use I wipe down the ring assembly and heat plates with olive oil after cleaning. This leaves it ready and easy to clean for the next use. If you don't the egg will stick and make it harder to clean.

3.) Be sure it is fully pre-heated before putting anything in.

4.) It will over cook any cheese you put in it at the beginning. So I would wait till the 3.5-4 minute mark before adding the cheese. I use half a slice so it doesn't run over or I fold it in half.
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62 of 73 people found the following review helpful
April 13, A Few Weeks Later: I was actually hesitant to use it once I received it. I thought of sending it back because it just does one thing, and it seems kind of small. But many breakfast sandwiches later I am a very satisfied customer.

One thing they don't highlight is that you don't need to use any butter or oil when cooking with this. It's truly non-stick. Of course egg gets cooked on the surface but it's easy to clean up, which brings me to my other main point.

I didn't realize until I was cleaning it up the first time that the entire middle section between the upper and lower hot plates comes out, so you can hand wash it just like a frying pan.

Another concern was that egg and cheese would go oozing all over the place and it would be a big mess. This actually hasn't happened at all.

I want to make a video of using this, but until then here is how nice and easy it has been using this appliance:

* Plug it in and wait for the light to come on showing it has fully heated up. This light will go on and off on its own, which just means the unit is at its full cooking temperature.
* I have my ingredients at the ready, including breaking one egg into a custard cup and piercing the yolk with a toothpick.
* In the bottom ring I put one half of an English muffin, Cabot cheddar cheese, and two Jones sausage medallions (one broken in two to fit), then close the next ring over it. Alternately I used Jones Canadian Bacon. Note that it's OK if it doesn't close down tight when you lower the second section.
* The second section is for poaching the egg. You can scramble it or just lay it in there sunny side up. Don't worry about it being perfectly flat or not, just put in the egg, place the top piece of bread or English muffin on top of that, and close the upper plate on top of that.
* Wait five minutes then slide out the middle plate which divides the egg from the lower part of the sandwich.
* Open the top and use a spatula to separate the cooked egg from the sides of the ring it was cooking in, then raise the ring off the sandwich.
* Raise the other ring (note that you can do this with your bare hands on the handles. So long as you don't touch hot metal it's perfectly safe). Then remove the sandwich from the lower hot plate with your spatula and you're done.

Perfect breakfast sandwich every time. I'm really glad I ordered this and kept it. Even my wife uses it, and she's an absolute master cook.

March 25, Day of Purchase: My wife found this on Amazon, and she knew immediately that I had to have this. I could brainlessly make myself a delicious, early morning, pre bike ride sandwich.

I must have it.
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41 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2013
I received this little guy a few days ago, and it has been AMAZING! I'm so glad I followed the great reviews on here because I would've missed out on a wonderful product. Reading these 1- and 2-star reviews are actually making my head hurt, and can be summed up in two words: User. Error.

People have complained about eggs leaking, food sticking, etc. The fact of the matter is, a simple glance at the instructions would have prevented this from happening. Did you preheat the unit completely? Is the cooking plate pushed all the way into place? Are you using only large eggs or smaller? If you said 'no' to any of these, you've already got problems.

It also CLEARLY states to NOT use store-bought egg whites, overfill the sandwich maker, and please please please, do NOT push down on the unit! The lid will "float" when the egg cooks and gets puffy....pushing down will cause it to leak all over the place!

And are you spraying the unit with cooking spray at all? Again, common sense should prevail here if literacy doesn't. I've had ZERO problems with anything sticking (along with clean-up that takes 8-10 seconds with a damp paper towel). I usually wipe mine down *carefully* after my sandwich is ready and cooling down (and the unit is unplugged. Again, common sense FTW!).

$24 is an amazing deal for a fun gadget that you'll use again and again in your kitchen. Maybe some of you will luck out and pick this baby up at the Goodwill where some have brought there's for an even BETTER deal! ;) I used some of my gift card balance on this, so getting this for FREE made this the purchase of the year!
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222 of 277 people found the following review helpful
on May 1, 2013
There is no better counter-top appliance out there - yes, that's my opinion! We are a busy family of 5 and before we head out the door we each make a sandwich nearly every morning. Put the ingredients in, set the timer, brush your hair, brush your teeth, gather homework, tie shoes, feed the dog... and bam - it's ready when you are! I won't bother sharing all the little tips and tricks, many other reviewers have taken the time to do that and I won't bore you by doing it again!

Here's what I will tell you: it doesn't have to have an egg to be prepared in the sandwich maker nor does it have to be for breakfast! Surprised huh?!

Get creative
* Cream cheese, turkey and cranberry with a whole wheat bagel
* Apple slices, cheddar cheese and bacon with a cinnamon raisin English muffin
* Left over meatloaf, cheese and tomato on a hamburger bun
* Pastrami and all the fixin's for a Reuben! Cut your bread in a circle, lightly butter outsides, pile it in and you have a grilled sandwich!
* Beef & cheddar, my favorite Arby's sandwich is now available in my kitchen!

Basically, if you like a warm sandwich, put ANYTHING between two slices of ANY bread and this sandwich maker will have it ready for you in about 3.5 min!

I have recommended this appliance to ALL my friends!
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2013
I live a low carb lifestyle, so that means I don't buy sandwiches from any fast food places. All my breads are homemade with low carb flours. I thought this little sandwich maker might work to turn out hot sandwiches using these less sturdy breads and I have to say, it has worked beautifully. I've used homemade English muffins, crumpets, biscuits and muffins to make various sandwiches and they have all come out great. I've not had any problems with leaky eggs, except when I didn't quite have the middle plate all the way to the right. I do spray the plates with cooking spray every time I make a sandwich to avoid any sticking problems. Like someone else suggested, I let the egg cook for 2 minutes before I add the top bread and cook it two minutes more. Clean up is very easy and I haven't had to do more than run a sponge over the plates to clean.
review image review image
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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on March 30, 2013
I saw this gadget on Right This Minute a show that features the newest video's and gadgets on the planet- The staff on the show were really excited, really excited! They all wanted one. I thought it was just me who really loved McMuffins. About a week later the show's staff announced they had bought one and were ready to show everyone how and if it worked. They made a rookie mistake and slightly lifted a ring up after pouring a jumbo egg (or two) and it was an instant mess- but the finished product was a very well made McMuffin.

I just got my Breakfast Sandwich maker, and made my first McMuffin. And made my rookie mistake! On the bottom level I put my english muffin in, my pre-cooked Canadian bacon, closed it, went up to the next level, put my egg in, then realized I forgot to put cheese in the bottom, so though I'll just lift the arm up a bit and slide the cheese in- WRONG! Raw egg everywhere. The ring is not attached to the bottom surface where the egg gets cooked, DUH.

Clean up was a chore. But now that I had made my first one, on to the second. PERFECT. The English muffin was TOASTED, egg cooked, cheese melted, bacon warmed up. In fact so hot you have to wait a bit to eat it-

Two things to remember #1 use non stick spray on the center section plate where the egg gets cooked, (or bit of oil) DO NOT lift any LOWER parts of the rings after you have poured your egg in.

Hamliton Beach put out a great kitchen gadget, it's a first generation so I'll assume some features and improvements will be added. Two that I'd like to see is a built in timer, and a two or three attached unit so you can make more then one sandwich at a time-

Bottom line? This fixes my egg McMuffin cravings to a T, and Im buying another one so we can make two at a time.
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231 of 290 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2013
I was anxious to try this sandwich maker. I had visions of assembling a few items from the fridge, leaving the kitchen to apply my makeup, then grabbing a hot, delicious on-the-go breakfast on those busy week-day mornings. The reality was somewhat different (go figure.)

I've discovered after a half-dozen or so tries that there's nothing one can do to avoid raw egg dribbling out around the edges, which is difficult to clean up after the appliance cools off and the egg has baked in the cracks and crevices.

The top and bottom heating plates must be hot enough to cook the egg, but the bread burns easily, and since there's no timer on the appliance, one has to be fairly diligent about cooking time, because there's very little room for error. Croissants can be split and used, but I've burned them both times I've used them. Last time I lined the bottom plate with foil first, and waited to put the top on until cooking was almost done, but they still burned. At least the foil caught the dripping egg before it reached the counter.

There are some good things: the center section slips out easily for scrubbing all the dried egg drips off with a dish brush. The size is compact, and I think it's sort of cute.


I just discovered if I use regular bread cut into a circle, and don't put the top bread in the machine until the egg is mostly set, the egg did not dribble out. Apparently the combination of pressure on top of the raw egg and thick bread (english muffin, croissant)made the egg ooze. Still, three stars is all it gets from me.

I'm glad I tried it myself before buying extra as gifts for all the busy people I know. I probably won't use my sandwich maker often, which is disappointing, because it was such a good idea.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on August 15, 2013
First of all it's not JUST an Egg McMuffin machine. I use it to make pancakes too; see my photos. It cooks in half the time because it heats from below and above and to a lesser degree from the middle too.

It cooks eggs too for eggs on toast if you don't like English Muffins. I also use it to make English Crumpets. For Egg and Sausage McMuffins, you have to use precooked meat. And you would be smart to use oven mitts too - the machine gets very hot. Clean up is a breeze. This is perfect for seniors or college students! It's less than a quarter the size of a small toaster oven. Highly recommended.

And to round out a perfect meal, a good cup of coffee. Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker, Stainless Steel It's more than a programmable espresso machine - I also use it to make single cup regular coffee with the manual button and even a good cup of tea with the hot water dispenser that doubles as a steam wand.

The photos were taken with the Fujifilm camera here: Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD
review image review image review image
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