Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker With Temperature Probe, 6-Quart (33967)
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on December 23, 2009
This slow cooker is great when it works. The problem I have with it is that occasionally it will randomly shut down. It's definitely not an outlet problem as I have it plugged in the same power bar as my computer and my computer is always on. One of the reasons I got this slow cooker was so I can load it up with food, set the timer, and leave home. It's really a let down when you come back home and find the food half cooked and the machine completely turned off. Thankfully this does not happen all of the time.
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on November 20, 2009
Just got this item after reading all the positive reviews. None of the reviews that I read alerted me to the miserably short cord. It would work fine for an outlet behind it on a counter. But if you have to reach further, forget it. It won't reach an outlet on the front of our kitchen island, even with the pot right up against the counter's front edge. So you need to resort to an ugly extension cord.
The Kitchenaid has a nice long 4 foot cord, with storage underneath, but it has many negative reviews about cracking pots.
One other negative: Many reviews highlight the positives of the locking lid, but few note how clumsy the clips are when you don't want to use them, and just wish they would get out of the way. As one review noted, a modest design change in the handles would have allowed the clips to drop safely out of the way of hands and pot-holders. Odd that Hamilton Beach would let minor design flaws cheapen a good product, especially since the competition costs far more!!
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on March 27, 2010
I bought this about a month ago and have used it many times. Some things have come out well and others not so well. The catch is this cooker cooks fast and hot even on the low setting. I am a full time home maker so I am able to keep an eye on it all day and change the settings up or down depending on what it seems to need. But if I had to leave it alone all day I would not trust it. If you use the probe make sure it is a big piece of meat so the probe can reach the center. Otherwise the cooker will switch to warm before the meat is done. I am still on a learning curve with this cooker because I have never owned a crock pot before. Once again this is an okay product if you are a stay at home person but for office workers I would find a different product.
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on August 18, 2009
Mixed experience. First, well thought out, and constructed. Ceramic Crock is heavy and holds heat, but removable for cleaning. Handles are riveted not glued so they are a bit stronger. Lid and lid handle are also riveted and solid. Has a nice lid lockdown feature that allows you to move it reliably without spilling. Controls are easy to understand without the instructions.

Next, I am moving from an old 1970's crock pot to this. The old crock pot gets far hotter, and faster. This new one is a SLOW cooker - your soup will never boil over, because in my experience it won't get hot enough. Things do get hot enough to cook, just not in anything less than at least a couple of hours. First thing I made was a potato soup - took three hours to work up to a low boil. That means I have found I have to microwave things like beef, chicken, etc. for a couple of minutes to make sure they will be completely cooked. The heater unit itself is not the problem. It seems to get quite hot. But the ceramic crock is quite thick and dense, and it seems to take quite a while for that to get hot enough. Nice if you are along for a long haul, bit a bother if you are looking at two hours or less.

Next, Program mode time won't allow anything longer than 12 hours. Program mode is also quite simple - it does a simple count down operation from the start, and it starts immediately, there's no delay mechanism that allows you to set it and have it kick off in the middle of the night for example. Also, you get n hours of High or n hours of Low, but no mixing/combining between modes. Probe temp cooking is also limited. Manual cooking shuts off after 4 hours; no override. Also, any power outage longer than 5 minutes and it reverts to 'warm' cycle. Notes in the instructions make me think the controller might be a little flighty when it comes to fluctuating power. You might have to run this on a surge protector.

Nice, convenient, but I'm still hanging on to my old crock pot and electric skillet.
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on November 28, 2009
I ended up buying this at Target on sale. Only used it once and took it back. A couple observations i made in the time i had it. It was simple to use but a little too simple for what i was looking for. I wanted to be able to delay the start time. It starts cooking as soon as you set it and will turn to a warm mode after it cooks for the allotted time you set. It is 12 hours before i get back home and i didn't want food sitting warming for that long. Also the probe worked well but not if you are cooking other things along with the meat. I cooked a roast with the probe and it cooked to the desired temperature and was done in about 4 hours. The carrots and potatoes were not even close to being done so i had to finish those in the Micorwave. Otherwise seemed like a nice unit but just did not meet my needs
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on June 29, 2011
this slow cooker is great when it works. we cooked a whole chicken in it a few times using temperature probe and it came out perfect every time.

after about two weeks however it started shutting off by itself before reaching proper temperature. if i had reason to believe this problem was rare i would have tried to get a replacement, but from what i gathered from other reviews it is a common problem so i returned it for a refund.

it's a shame, because we really liked it. maybe someday hamilton beach can fix it - but i doubt they will, because its a cheap made in china product from a company that makes cheap made in china products. a real shame - it came so close to being a great product.
review image
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on April 20, 2010
I bought this before seeing the reviews. I made a pork that takes about 16-20 hrs to cook and sometime in the early morning hours it shut off. So, I tried again this time cooking during the day to see at what point the thing will shut off on me. It shut off after 13 hours of cooking using manual setting. I don't know at what hour it shut off on everyone else or if I would be safe to make something with a more normal cooking range of 8-10 hours.
Its a nice slow cooker tho, The lid locks on for traveling and has nifty spoon rest on top and the price is okay.
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on July 11, 2013
This was a great crock pot while it lasted. I bought it about a year ago. I put a chicken in this morning, started it, checked a few minutes later and it was dead. For the price it should last longer.
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on December 31, 2012
I ordered this crock pot as a Christmas gift for my wife and I, and as soon as we took it out of the box we were disappointed.

First, the ceramic pot doesn't fit snug inside the base. Instead it fits loosely, leaving room for it to slide around. This isn't a major problem while cooking with it, however since the base is suppose to lock to the lid it makes for a huge problem getting the hooks latched properly.

Another problem with latching the hooks to the lid is the fact the lid doesn't fit on the ceramic pot either. The lid has a large rubber tube running around the bottom of it for a seal and this thick rubber insulation does nothing but make it impossible to actually seal the crock pot. Sure, it works if you force it down and while forcing the lid down struggle to get the clips on the base latched to the lid but for me that is a bit more work than I am willing to put in just to use the product.

Overall, I love the idea of this product (digital temperature display, thermal probe to help cook meat properly, and a locking lid) but the execution just didn't work to make a product that I'd want to actually use.
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on January 8, 2011
I bought this Hamilton Beach Serve and Go Crock pot a couple years ago and I am getting so frustrated with it. I will set it for 8 hours before I go to bed at 12 midnight. When I get up - it is "OFF" And the meat is raw. So I will re-set it for another 8 hours to cook all day - to have for supper instead of lunch. It cooks about 1 - 2 hours - then cuts off. Sometimes it will run the entire 8 hours - then flip to warm. So I NEVER KNOW when using it if it will stay on or not. So I'm starting to learn - you can't set it and forget it. YOU better check on it every hour - on the hour to make sure it is still on. Which is NOT what I bought a crock pot for. I bought it to cook over night - OR while I'm away all day shopping and have meals ready when I get home. I don't use it a lot - and I thought maybe the couple times over the last 2 years was something odd going on. Now I know it is just a usual thing with this pot.
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