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on June 21, 2015
I have purchased TWO of these blenders in the past three years and they BOTH still work wonderfully. (I only purchased the second because the first was in storage two states away and I didn't have time for a road trip to fetch it.)

I dig the speed options which are basically: 1. low blend 2. high blend 3. low pulse (manual control) 4. high pulse
(The fifth button is "off") These 4 options are all I ever need and both low and high are powerful enough to handle frozen fruit or ice.

There is a special "wave technology" that sort of variates the blend pattern so ice/solid items doesn't avoid getting sucked down into the blending cutters. This doesn't seem to avoid the classic "air bubble" issue I've had with every blender I've ever used; you know the one where an air bubble gets sucked to the bottom and then the blender is just blending air until you stop it and let the air bubble rise to the top. I HAVE discovered this can be avoided by using the "pulse" feature carefully.

Pros: handles daily smoothies (frozen fruit, yogurt, powders, juice, spinach) with ease, easy clean up, great price compared to other similar blenders (probably the best one you can get under $100, imho), solid glass construction, good large size, attractive contemporary design

Cons: I don't really like the small openings in the lid (I always take the lid off to add ingredients), cord is appx 2' (not a problem for me, but maybe for you?).

I really can't think of too many bad things to say about this blender, it is used regularly at my house as smoothies is the breakfast of choice here so I would say very durable and long lasting. I would also add I did a lot of research before I bought my first one and this is a top performer in its class, from other reviews I read, as well as the specifications on wattage/blending power.
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on January 28, 2014
- Low price
- Good blending performance
- Good looking
- Container has good quality
- Relatively small

- Noisy
- Cap is made of low quality plastic
- Cap fitting mechanism is stupid and not easy to perform
- No safety mechanisms. The engine works as long as it is plugged in.
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on March 10, 2014
I hate this blender. I've tried it for a few months now and I have to make a review for it. It is nearly impossible to get frozen fruit and ice to turn into a smoothie. That is what I primarily use it for. Sometimes milkshakes which are also a challenge to get mixed up. You have to add a TON of liquid. I also wish it had a spout because trying to pour out the top is difficult without spilling all over. I usually scoop with a spoon. The blender I had before this was cheap and 10 years old- but I wish I had kept it!
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on April 9, 2014
I've tried to blend stewed apricots, chimichurri sauce, smoothies, and cooked vegetables. Each time this machine was a colossal failure. I tried to modify my approach by dicing or chopping the ingredients into finer and smaller pieces each time, but to no avail. Surely it has to be able to blend SOMETHING, but as of yet I haven't discovered what that something is.

After every attempt I made to sure to completely dismantle the machine and clean it thoroughly, but this never solved the underlying issue--which is that this is clutter on my countertop masquerading as a blender.
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on March 31, 2014
I needed to replace my sixteen year old blender after accidentally burning the plastic cover on the heating element of the dishwasher. At first I thought I would just replace the cover. However, I soon discovered that ordering a new cover would cost me around seventeen dollars for parts and shipping. So I checked out Amazon's prices to replace the whole blender. When I found this Hamilton Beach model for only $24.99, I thought this may be a better way to go. I found some of the negative reviews discouraging, but my sixteen year old blender was also a Hamilton Beach product and had performed very well. My old blender had cost me $29.99 at Sears in 1998 (I saved the receipt). It had 350 watts for power and this new one has 750 watts. Hmmm... I thought it might be too good a deal to be true, but as an Amazon Prime member I decided to give it a try

I have been using my new blender since it arrived last week. I couldn't possibly be more pleased with its performance.
I've used it daily for making smoothies by starting with 1 to 2 cups of liquid (I use kefir milk, which is quite frothy) and have added ingredients such as: chunks of fresh fruit, frozen fruits, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. Lastly I add some ice cubes and use the pulsar to crush the ice. It works great! Everything gets sucked down into the whirlpool (Wave blades) and gets blended up into a thickshake consistency. Yum!

Yes, the cover does fit tightly, which some reviewers complained about. I found the tight fit to be an advantage.I don't have to stand there holding down the cover as I did with my old blender, otherwise the ingredients might come whipping out all over the place.
I also have arthritis in my fingers and putting the cover on and off this blender has been no problem at all for me. The cover has two thick tabs, one on either side, to make pushing or pulling the cover on or off quite easy.

Furthermore, I have not noticed any strange odors when the blender is operating and it runs a bit quieter than my old blender.
Also, everything comes apart easily for cleaning.

For a basic kitchen blender, this product really "gets the job done!" I highly recommend it.
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on March 22, 2014
Most of the reviews are caught up on the value. I have to say it's a good price, but it has some really annoying cons.

-Price. I agree for a blender it is a a good price, especially if you need to replace in a hurry.
-Sturdy: It's a good solid glass blending cup. The actual cup it's it the best part.

-Non-closing lip at top of blender lid results in overflow: Rather than having the traditional twist on top for people who want to inject fruit into smoothies, they have this dumb lip that never closes correctly. For the size of my shakes it doesn't matter. However, when I have it pretty full or try to clean with soap, it overflows through the lip and all over the counter. Just a stupid design. A few tests would have seen this - who let this go forward? I'd rather just have to pop the top off. The lip should have a much more solid way of closing tight.

-Mixed job with ice: Sometimes ice gets blended nicely. Sometimes I'm left with big chunks. To ensure it gets completely blended sometimes, I need to let it go for a while, which in turn makes the drink quite warm...which defeats the purposes...

-Lid hard to get off: Especially when cold. It can be annoying in the morning to try and pry the lid off after the cup is cold and expanded.

In short: Probably compared to some of these devices like the magic bullet, for single serve it's a pretty good value - mind-boggling engineering errors aside. However, if you run it pretty full, or have to crush a lot of ice, you will be disappointed. If you have the resources, spend a little more and get something with a good lid. I miss my old blender :(.
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on May 2, 2014
I make smoothies about twice a week. Usually, I put a chopped up apple, banana, orange, and strawberries into it. I switch up my recipe sometimes, of course, but whatever I put in there is always chopped up into half inch cubes. Then I put a half a cup to a cup of water in and blend, and this blender almost never works on its own. Every time, I have to stop it, take the pitcher offer, shake it around, then put it back and blend again. But I usually have to do this 3 or 4 times before I starts working. It's an annoyance in my life, so I'm definitely getting a different blender.
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on April 7, 2014
It arrived with the label peeling off around the buttons. Seems to struggle with frozen fruits, but does just fine with everything else. It did get really hot and start to emit a hot motor smell during the first use, so I am a little concerned for the longevity of this product, but 3 shakes made so far and I don't regret the purchase at all. Seems to be a good budget blender. Will update this review when I try a few more things out in it.
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on January 4, 2014
I was really excited about this blender from the reviews. I tried making a simple smoothie (no ice) with the blender and after about 2 mins there was a horrible burning smell (I didn't see any smoke). I again tried using it later in the evening to see if that was just a one off thing and the invisible fumes are so bad they gave me a horrible headache. I guess thats what I got for getting a 25$ blender. I'm going back to my earlier black and decker and returning this one.
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on April 10, 2014
Just to blend tomatoes or any kind of fruit you need to cut it very small, otherwise it doesn't blend at all. Also the spout of the jar is awfull half of the liquid goes out. This blender is a piece of junk!
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