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on December 13, 2011
I have had this juicer now for 6 months, and overall, I am happy with my purchase. I am a beginner juicer, so please excuse any incorrect "lingo" I may use. There are 3 things I will cover-the foam residue, the cleaning, and the amounts of fruits juicer use.

Most of the fruits leave a lot of foamy residue on top of the glass.
I tend to use apples, oranges, grapefruits, clementines, & tomatos (Carrots have the least amount of foam). I find that trimming the fruit will do away with some of the foam, but it seems a bit much sometimes & it if it goes down at all, it is unnoticeable.

Cleaning is a cinch! I use my plastic grocery bags for the large plastic "pulp" catcher, and it works fine. I rinse off the compartments right away (if you wait, the pulp WILL stick, making it harder to clean).

I do not know if it is juicing or this particular juicer, but to make one full glass of juice takes a lot of fruit. My favorite juice is clementine juice, so I end up using an entire bag to make 2 tall glasses (16 oz) of juice. 3 apples for one glass, 2 large grapefruit for one glass (just so you get an idea).

I am satisfied with my purchase.
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on August 27, 2013
I had an old juicer (bought in the 70s or 80s) which worked but the capacity and performance was limited. I am not an avid juicer (I am an avid drinker of some brands of 'fresh' juice) but I hope to be someoone who juices more and more. I mainly wanted to make beet juice which is hard to find. When I do find it, it is not predominately beet but mixed with other juices . I like to make my own fresh mix and this juicer will definitely make this possible with maximum efficiency. I like the way the residue goes into a separate container. This feature was one my old juicer did not have and one that I was looking for. As for cleaning it comes apart easily and is intuitive. Cleaning a juicer is the same no matter which one you have. You need to clean the basket right away or you will be sorry!
I have always had good luck with HB products. It is powerful and quiet for all the performance it gives. It is easy to use and if I am careful to buy the right sized fruits/vegetables I do not have to cut them up. BEETS are hard to cut!! More juice is extracted than by my previous juicer. I am more than happy with the Hamilton Beach 67650A!
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on August 22, 2011
I got this juicer last week because I wanted a healthy easy way to get my husband and son to take in their fruits and vegetables as they weren't taking in any otherwise unless forced. The Hamilton Big Mouth has a big mouth, easy to assemble and easy to clean. Although a small apple would fit inside the mouth I don't recommend it. In fact the best way to get more bang for your juice is to cut the fruit ahead of time otherwise you'd end up with chunks of fruit and pulp in the pulp container making it seem like it wasn't fully juiced. Another downside to it is that it is very loud! As loud as a vacum. And from reading other reviews possibly because I did put in the whole apple instead of cutting it at least in half is that the pulp is kinda still juicy. I bought a variety of fruits and veggies to experiment with and carrot, apple, pear, cucumber, tomato, celery, and spinach are the most juiceable. I do NOT recommend Kale, banana, mango, oranges or lemons. It might be the fruit themselves did not have juice, but I think the pith on the citrus fruits were making it harder to juice. But for a starter juicer and only for $62 it's a great start to juicing!
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on August 13, 2011
I have had this juicer for almost a month, and I can't believe how great it is. I was skeptical at first, because this thing is so cheap compared to the 200+ priced juicers. So I went on Consumer, since I am a member, and this juicer was the ONLY one recommended, out of all of the juicers tested. Hmmm,, so I purchased this one. The pulp comes out very dry (that's exactly what you want). Absolutely no juice becomes wasted. Every fruit and vegetable I put in there, trust me, it goes into the garbage as dry as it can possibly get after already being wet. This thing separates very well. That other odd thing I found surprising, is how quiet it was compared to other juicers. I have heard juicers that sounded extremely loud, but this one sounds pretty low compared to them, and 800 watts no less. All I can say to convince anyone, is to try it. I wish I could show you this baby in person, and show you how better it is than those overpriced, rip-offs you will buy for twice or three times as much, but I can't on here. I will just say I don't make up stories. I don't amplify the truth either. I am, however, blown away by this juicer. I am so confident that I am buying one for my sister and my mother, who have been desiring to loose weight and go on juice diets.
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on July 30, 2011
I'll tell you what, I'm one of those odd balls that researched EVERYTHING before I make a purchasing decision. I looked at consumer reports, google and the internet and it boiled down to 3 Juicers: The Jack Lalaine, The breville, and this one. I finally made a decision on the HB Big Mouth seen here. The price was right on target as well as the wattage (800). After getting it and making some juice, I was more than impressed. I didn't even find it loud AT ALL and cleanup was a pinch. The mesh catcher/strainer is always going to be annoying to clean, that's just the nature of a juicer. Other than that it was easy. I figure if this thing last me a year or two, it will have been worth the 56 dollars with free shipping that I invested. DO you research and settle on this little beauty for daily juicing and you will be more than impressed.

To all other who rate things poorly because you got a lemon: Understand how production of machines work. NO THING is inherently perfect. If 1 out of 100 items is defective, that's a 99% success ratio. It just may be unfortunate that you were the 1 person who got the defective unit. Most quality product stay at the 97%-99% success range, which is quite high. NO company has 100% quality control.

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on November 29, 2013
I looked at Breville compact, Breville JE98L fountain plus, Omega J8004, multiple Hamilton beach big mouth juicers, Black & Decker JE2220B Jack Lalanne and a bunch more juicers and read a ton of reviews before I decided on Hamilton big mouth 67601A.

I haven't thought I needed a juicer before because I mix my freeze dried powdered juice (Green Vibrance, which has a ton of ingredients, more than I can buy for a reasonable price for one person for a week) with store bought organic carrot juice (Bolthouse farms). But after I moved, I found that the closest store did not carry organic carrot juice, only non-organic carrot juice for about $4 for 15.2 oz (also from Bolthouse farms), which was pretty expensive.

I decided to see if I could make my own juice and started reading about juicers. I got really excited about juicing after reading reviews and thought maybe I should upgrade to an omega masticating juicer to get the 15 year warranty and the full nutritional value from juicing greens. I came back to reality after realizing that I get way more ingredients than I can find in a normal store close to me from Green Vibrance (dandelion root, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina, kelp, alfalfa sprouts, etc.), and I have a Bullet to make fruit smoothies and own a citrus juicer already.

Breville Fountain plus was too big and ratings were similar to the Breville Compact in terms of # of stars. Breville Compact's negative ratings had many mentions of the wire mesh breaking (and not being covered by warranty, and costing $45). Since the Hamilton Big Mouth costs about $45, it seemed silly to just buy one filter for $45. I wasn't sure how often I'd use the masticating juicer since my friend has one and rarely uses it due to the prep work required (chopping and slimming vegetables to get them into the small 1.5" wide chute - same issue with Black & Decker). Also, I figured even though the Hamilton only had a 1 year warranty vs. the 15 year warranty, if it lasted me 3 years, I could buy 5 Hamiltons (at $45) for the $228 cost of an Omega J8004. I could even buy myself a $5 square trade warranty to make sure it lasted me 2 years (which is why I didn't go for the more expensive Hamilton Pro 67650A at $56.51)

Amazon had a pre-black Friday sale for the Hamilton 67601A for about $35 ($10 off the normal $45) price, so I decided that it was worth a try and bought a Hamilton.

First of all, the black color on the Hamilton is black all over the inside, and this works great at hiding the carrot juice stains everyone complains about for their non-black juicers. I've had the juicer for 3 days and have used it every day. I noticed I am going through vegetables much quicker than if I cook with them (I might normally put one celery stalk in a stir fry but 2 stalks in juice, and go through a little bit of spinach with a meal, but the same amount in the juice). Also, I used to mix the store bought carrot juice sparingly since it was pricy with my Green Vibrance, but now, I'm going through pounds of carrots (normally, one pound of carrots would last me at lease 2 weeks when I cook with carrots but I've already gone through more than a pound in 3 days of juicing for one person, once a day).

I don't notice the juice being warm or frothy, I never peel, just wash my vegetables (they're organic) so the preparation, setup, juicing and cleanup time is about 15 minutes for about 15.2 oz of juice. I do put a plastic bag from the vegetable aisle of grocery store in the container bin so clean up is faster.

I did notice the juice was a little pulpier than the smooth store bought one, but I'm ok with that. The left overs in the bin tend to be only slightly moist, but the remains that fly to the top sides of the juicer tend to be more moist. I have tried to squeeze the remains in my fingertips to squeeze more juice out, and while my fingers do get damp, no droplets emerge. I've also tried to take the remains and dump them back in the juicer. I got about a teaspoon for about 2 or 3 carrots, so not sure if it's worth the extra work. I've also tried dumping the remains of 4 carrots on the strainer and hand pressing it - no drops came out.

There is no cup that comes with the juicer, but I have found that my 15.2 oz. plastic bottle from Bolthouse Farms (cleaned and ready to recycle) fits under there well at a slight tilt (I put a bowl under it so it doesn't slip). The narrow mouth of the bottle fits right over the nub where the juice comes out, and thus, prevents splatters of the juice, which is also nice. Also, I can easily store the juice after I juice it by screwing on the lid.

The juicer juiced my carrots well, as well as ginger, spinach, celery and apple (organic apple fit well without having to be chopped. I did wonder if I should core it to get rid of seeds as other people mentioned there might be trace amounts of arsenic....). I think the amount of juicing works fine. 3 stalks of celery, 6 carrots, a 3 or so handfuls of spinach and 1 thumb sized bit of ginger mostly filled my 15.2 oz. bottle. As the bottle states it has about 11.5 carrots in it, I think I am getting a decent amount of juice out of my juicer. Other reviewers mentioned that pushing the veggies through produces less juice, so I don't use pressure on the veggies except to rest the pushing mechanism on the veggies (after the carrot and celery are short enough) and let the gravity of the veggies and pushing mechanism do the work (or unless something gets stuck - then a little nudge pushes the veggies through).

The juicer does have a vent hole at the top where carrot pieces sometimes come flying out, but I put a piece of tape over it as mentioned by another reviewer and that fix has worked well. I haven't noticed the bouncing on the countertop everyone else has mentioned, but I have a textured laminate top so maybe that makes a difference. The only time the product jumped was when I had a round piece of ginger in there and the ginger bounced around inside - the machine bounced with the ginger. Machine stopped bouncing when I put the pushing mechanism inside and it rested on the ginger, stopping it from bouncing.

I use the leftovers for soup or for Portuguese rice. I love pureed soup (you boil the vegetables until they're soft, stick in an immersion blender and puree everything), so I've started to add the leftover veggies into the soup (pureeing is done before I start!). After I finished juicing, I felt too lazy to shop garlic so I stuck that in the juicer so I could put the juice and grinds into the soup. That worked so I stuck in a whole onion to do the same (lazy me). I found out that wasn't as good an idea - the process worked fine and it saved me some time chopping and later pureeing. However, it made me tear up something fierce as the fumes from the onions wafted up. I tear up when I chop onions too, but this was instant - onion in, tears came out! I added the garlic and onion juice and remains from all the veggies into the hot boiling water with herbs and chicken bones and made soup. Yum. I've also thought that carrot remains look perfectly sized for carrot cake and for carrot pie (instead of pumpkin pie). It's orange, sweet - who would notice the substitution?

Portuguese rice also calls for carrots ground really fine. Instead of shredding it (which takes time), I just throw in the left over carrot from the juicing process with garlic, olive oil, onions chopped, some salt and pepper and stir until the smells drive you wild (or until slightly browned). Then, I add water and rice and boil until done. The rice is dyed yellow by the carrots and comes out soft and fluffy. I've had multiple rave reviews from many people but I rarely make it due to the time required. Now, I can make it more frequently.

Overall a good juicer, fast prep plus cleanup combination, remains are a little moist but can't squeeze more out of them by hand, juice isn't frothy or warm, good for my purposes and a great price. I would recommend.
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on January 2, 2014
I am an avid juicer, mainly using a Vitamix and hand - straining the juice myself. This got very messy and time consuming, so I broke down and bought this. For the price, it is a great juicer. It can handle beets and apples, but just to be safe, I would advise chopping up fruit and veggies to reduce strain on the machine.
The bad--it is cheaply made. I don't see the machine lasting for more than a year. As far as cleanup, I would not rate it as "easy". The pulp sticks to the top of the collection bin, and if you buy the white model, you will have a hard time cleaning up after beets. I put a plastic bag in the collection bin to help with cleanup.
The good---it makes excellent juice and the pulp is very dry--no waste! And, at under 50 dollars, it really is a good deal.
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on January 16, 2012
This Juicer didn't even last me one year! I ended up purchasing a higher quality Juicer. I would suggest spending 50 dollars more and purchasing a machine like the Lequip Mini that Amazon sells. My new Juicer is quieter, smoother and easier to clean. I noticed that this Hamilton beach model started to pit from citrus acid, thus causing the interior plastic components to haze & matte up. Once this occurred, it became extremely difficult to clean. I finally had to put this thing in the trash because the motor was making an unbelievable sound & the juice it was producing was overly pulpy & fibrous. I've gone ahead and compared the yield between this model & my new juicer and it's upsetting to see how much produce I wasted using this machine. Do not buy!


-It's loud and disruptive. Only use this in the morning if you want to wake people up.
-There is only one speed (on or off)
-The on/off knob sticks sometimes. (I shot mine with WD40)
-The juicer leaks a little from the waste basket. This may cause the knob sticking. It also causes a slight mess if you don't add a bag to the waste basket.
-Loud groan from the motor started within a month. (it operates fine but there's a weird sound)
-The plastic components pit from citrus juices.
-Motor failed under one year of usage
-This device is difficult to clean because oils and residue stick to the inside surface.
-The plastic around the bowl began to wear away (mostly due to the motor failing). This caused a crack to form in the plastic components.
-Poor yield. Check your waste basket & you will see how wet the waste is. A good quality juicer will expel mostly fibers so the waste will be relatively dry.
-Juice it produced was extremely pulpy and fibrous. This caused the juice to be extremely off-putting, especially when using leafy greens.
-Juice was also extremely slaggy and thick. A quality juicer will provide a smooth liquid product.
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on March 9, 2011
My son asked for a juicer for his birthday. I checked all the reviews and found that this was the best for him. I have had other Hamilton beach products in the past that have lasted a long time with constant use(3 times a day, 7 days a week, the blender lasted 11 years). My son says it is very easy to use and clean. (he uses it 2 or 3 times a day). I would highly recommend this juicer.
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on June 8, 2011
I have been using this juicer for a month now, and have enjoyed every minute. First, the Bigmouth extracts juice very well. The pulp is almost dry. Second, it is easy to use. Third, it is easy to clean up. The one downside, if you want to call it that, is that it has no container for the juice. I simply use a 1 quart plastic measuring cup. I have run virtually every fruit and vegetable through this juicer with great results. It works very well and is a great value over more expensive juicers. Highly recommended.
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