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2,507 of 2,532 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2008
I read the reviews on this juicer and wondered why some gave rave reviews and others gave this juicer rotten reviews. Since most of the reviews were positive, I decided to take a chance and buy it. I'm glad I did.

The Decision - Out of all the top reviewed juicers on Amazon, Epinion, Best-Juicer-Reviews, and ConsumerSearch, this had the longest warranty (1 yr), highest horsepower motor (1.1 hp) and lowest price ($69). All of the top rated juicers have wide mouths (3+ in) and are dishwasher safe. This is why I bought it. The juicers I looked at were Breville BJE 200XL, 800 JEXL, BJE 510XL, Jack Lalanne power juicer and Hamilton Beach 67650.

The Good - It juices fast, it is easy to clean (5 min by hand, no dishwasher), and is inexpensive. Most of all, it saves me time. I could eat fast food (no more cooking and cleaning as this is dishwasher safe) without having to eat fattening drive-thru food. It is fast and nutritious.

The Bad - It is not cheap to operate because you waste a lot of food in the pulp, especially if you make juice from soft fruits and vegetables. If you are making juice from hard stuff, it will be very efficient. The pulp will be a fine, moist dust. There is very little waste. However, if you are making juice from soft fruit, it will make a lot of soft, mushy wasted pulp. This juicer is perfect for hard stuff like carrots and broccoli stems. For soft stuff like watermelon and spinach leaves, I'll use my blender instead. Or, you could try re-juicing the pulp to extract more juice out of it. Or you could do what I do to avoid wasting the juicy pulp: I feed my dog the pulp.

The Conclusion - The faults with this juicer are not faults with this particular model, but a fault with all centrifugal juicers (spinning knife blade used to juice). A masticulating juicer would produce less waste but would be much slower to operate. It takes a much longer time to make a cup of juice with a masticulating (grinding gears) juicer. A citrus juicer makes citrus juice only.

A perfectionist or very frugal person would probably opt for less wet pulp waste by buying a masticulating juicer such as an Omega 8005. A person with a busy lifestyle would probably prefer a fast juicer that is easy to clean like this one. A person who drinks citrus juice a lot would probably buy a citrus juicer. If you are making wheat grass juice, then buy a wheat grass juicer.

Depending on what you need, you may get a different juicer. However, for the price, it is impossible to get a better general purpose juicer. I will re-review this juicer in a year to give a report on it's durability.

6 months after the purchase, a friend of mine "borrowed" it and never returned it. I haven't visited this friend in a while so I don't know how it's holding up. For what it's worth, it can stand up to at least 6 months of daily use.
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774 of 798 people found the following review helpful
on September 2, 2008
I just recently purchased two juicers: the Bigmouth Chrome and the Breville Compact Juice Fountain. As they are both in the same price/performance category, I thought I'd briefly compare the two for those interested in the differences-as I see it. For the record, both of these juicers are my first go at juicing and was recommended to us by our Nutritionist.
First, both are winners and perform flawlessly the task of extracting juice from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Both have strong motors that easily do the job at hand. Both are easy to use and clean. Both are well designed and are easily taken apart and put back together.
In all honesty, the Breville Compact Juice Fountain which costs about 40 dollars more than this Bigmouth Chrome does have a few benefits which make it worth the extra cost if price is not an object. The Breville motor seems to be a touch more powerful and a touch quieter. The Breville's juice container comes with a froth reducer (I, personally, don't mind the froth). The Breville doesn't drip juice from the spout while emptying the juicing container (just a minor annoyance). The Breville can chew up whole carrots without causing the machine to slightly "jump." The Breville has a larger juice container and doesn't fill up nearly as fast. This is not really a big deal as the juice can be transferred to a different container. The Bigmouth does have a larger pulp container that seems like a bottemless pit while the Breville's fills up it's a draw really. The Breville is easier to clean due to its clean design and lack of grooves and indentations (except, oddly, the stainless steel screen which is finer in the Bigmouth and makes a slightly smoother drink).
All in all, both are amazing bargains for the price each cost. Owning both, I don't think that I would regret having only one or the other. I use the Bigmouth and my wife uses the Breville (it is just that much easier to ensemble for use). While, in my opinion, the Breville's slightly higher cost can be justified by the slight benefits it offers, the Bigmouth Chrome is an awesome machine that cranks out delicious juices no matter what I shove down its throat :-)
I love mine!
Hope that helps,
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696 of 740 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2008
It's great in every way. Get this one, not the one with plastic latches.

I have a video review here if you are interested:
HB 67600

Veggies that don't work for me in this juicer:

- too much bitter pulp included

- too much like a puree

Fruits that work really really well:
Mangoes, Kiwis, watermelon, pomegranates (seeds only), strawberries (extra yummy and no seeds!),
carrots (zapow!), celery and so on.

Get this one, not the one with plastic latches:
Hamilton Beach 67600 Big Mouth Juice Extractor, White
They break.
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394 of 421 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2007
I did quite a bit of research before I bought this juicer. This is my first juicer & I must say I'm pretty happy with it. Here are my quick list of pros & cons -

1.) Very easy to assemble out of the box & even easier to operate
2.) Get very good quantities of juice
3.) Powerful motor & easy to handle, where I am able to shove in whole apples, carrots, oranges etc
4.) Not too much hassle to clean the juicer.

1.) Would have liked if the juice collector jar was bigger
2.) Taking out the blade from the juicer takes a li'l practice - not very easy.

All in all - i think i would have given this 5 stars if I didn't have the 2 minor cons as listed above. I love fresh juice & thats why I love this juicer. Does its job well !!
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253 of 270 people found the following review helpful
on April 23, 2011
This is my first juicer. The first glass of juice that I made was delicious, but I made a couple of rookie mistakes when I made it. I put the carrots through it first and it partially clogged the screen, and I was pushing the fruits and veggies through it really fast. I still got juice, but not as much as I should have.

After a few days of research on juicing in general, I came here and read some more reviews and saw that alot of people were having issues with too much waste. I had it in my mind that this juicer just wastes way around it. I went cheap and what was that. Not true though. I now know, after some testing of my own, that this is not true and this juicer puts out alot of juice if you do it right.

On my second attempt at making a glass of juice, and the start of my first juice fast, I remembered reading on here that the slower you go the more juice and less waste you get. With that in mind I put each fruit and vegetable into the feed chute by itself and didn't push down on it at all. I just let the weight of the fruit or vegetable do the work. The rusult was that out of the same amount of fruit that I had used for the first glass of juice, I now had almost too much juice! I filled the cup that comes with the juicer and had to empty it into a big glass to finish off with the carrots that I wanted in my juice.

There were a couple of times when things got stuck and I had to coax them through with the pusher(not sure what to call it). Otherwise all I did was put the veggie or fruit into the chute and let it go and I covered the top of the feeder tube with my hand to keep things from coming out. That's it. If you do that you should get alot more juice out of this juicer.

*Update* 5/4/11

Well after using this juicer for almost two weeks I started getting plastic pieces in my juice. I don't know where they were coming from but they are the color of the inside plastic piece where the grinding mechanism is seated. I have contacted Amazon to return it and will not be getting another one of these. I may go with a more expensive one this time.
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219 of 236 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2006
As there are no other reviews and selecting juicers can be confusing, I thought I'd offer some feedback. My 1.1 HP Hamilton Beach 67650 just arrived and I'm thrilled. It even juices ginger, which isn't an easy job for any juicer. My budget was very limited for this purchase, but I didn't want to compromise on quality. With this machine, I feel I got the equivalent of a juicer priced several times the price. More power than the $200 and up machines I was considering.
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117 of 128 people found the following review helpful
on March 21, 2007
This is my first experience with a juicer, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It actually produces more juice than I expected. Just as the instructions suggest, it's easy to clean up, except for the strainer basket, which requires the use of a brush, which is thoughtfully included in the package. It fits nicely among the other appliances on my kitchen countertop, and so far seems to be standing up well to daily use.
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100 of 109 people found the following review helpful
on October 25, 2007
My mother had a juicer from 30 years ago but it was starting to wear down. I decided to look around on and found this little juicing honey. The strainer is extra fine so you never get any fruit or vegetable pieces. Not that bad to clean either. I stuck in 3 carrots at a time and 3 celerys and it made juice like nothing. The juice was surprisingly smooth. Then I tried the ultimate test. I stuck in a whole apple, a pear, and grapes all at once and it devored it like nothing. The juice was wonderful and smooth once again. If you're looking for a gift for yourself, replacing an old one, or a gift for someone else, this is the best juicer I've ever seen. The motor is super powerful. You can stuff it with several fruits and/or vegetables at a time. The juice is very smooth and frothy. It's easy to make smoothies with. I highly recommend this juicer! My mother loves it!
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91 of 99 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2011
Decided to try juicing due to recent dietary restrictions. Researched consumer and nutrition guru reviews on different types of juicers as well as different brands. Deciding that a centrifugal juicer was good enough for a novice, I went with the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro due to the good reviews this product line gets.

It's amazing: easy to use/clean, no problems handling any of the veggies. Of course, since my energy level improved immediately after the first glass of juice, there was no way this product was going to earn a bad review. The pulp is nearly sawdust-dry, something I did not expect with a product this inexpensive. It really does a great job extracting juice.

It really disturbed me to face giving up my favorite foods (salads, whole fresh fruit, fried foods), but now that I'm working with this product, I look forward to meals!
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77 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on April 13, 2007
This was my first juicer and I felt it was a good buy.

I do not know if this model comes in appliance white yet, but the black is attractive and it can be left out on a counter if you have all black appliances without detracting from the look of your kitchen.

The juicer was easy to set up and use even without reading the manual. Very similar to food processor. It comes well packed.

When running the juicer, the noise level is quieter than a dishwasher or blender. Perhaps not as quiet as a Krups ice cream maker, but certainly acceptable middle ground.

It comes with a cleaning brush that works well to scrub the metal inner piece that strains the juice. I do wish it came with a smaller one to get in the spout of the juicer to clean that area. A baby bottle nipple brush will have to do. This is the only part I wash by hand. The rest can be rinsed and put through the dishwasher.

If you line the pulp container with a grocery bag, clean up is easy. Just take the bag out! The pulp it makes is relatively fine and moist. You can use this in baking or add it to your compost.

The juice container holds 2 cups, but it could be improved by adding measure lines to it.

I bought this primarily to juice for my 3 year old daughter to help keep her palate open to produce tastes. She enjoys putting things in the chute and turning it on. Our first combo was equal parts carrot and apple.

Citrus seems to get a little messier than other items, but it is still easy to clean up.

I would reccommend this to a friend.
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