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on August 10, 2012
I love this mixer. A lot of the reviews I read made me feel a bit hesitant to purchase this, but so glad I did. I had a cheap had mixer for years that was difficult to use always wanted the luxury of a stand mixer that could also double as a hand mixer. This fits this bill perfectly. I'm not a fancy baker, I like making box cakes or mixing simple recipe items, it works great. If you are someone who loves making bread, not sure that this would be heavy duty enough for you. I never tried it although it comes with the attachments to make it, possibly a small batch would work. It looks great on my counter with all my other stainless steel and I didn't have to spend all that money on a big fancy model that I really didn't need. This was an excellent value for the price.
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on December 6, 2015
I bought this for the sole purpose of shredding chicken. I didn't want to spend $250+ on a kitchen aid mixer. Reviewers said they wouldn't try to shred chicken with this mixer, but I did and it turned out awesome. Looks great, doesn't take up too much space. So happy to spend $24 instead of 10x that much!
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on December 17, 2008
I bought this mixer more than three months ago and hoped I would find something a few levels above what's typical at outlet stores, something of a high quality. Its not perfect but definitely the quality you'd want in a mixer. I've made four cakes and two pies to date with this mixer and can tell you there is nothing "flimsy" about it. Getting down to the business of it: the bowl you receive is designed to fit perfectly on the movable stand but does not give your beaters the best access to the bottom sides of the bowl due to an odd ridge in the bowl itself. Simple fix: use a spatula. Problem solved, seriously. The six speeds feel more like 3 with the "high" "medium" and "low" each having a step-up before its speed. You really don't even need six speeds but its nice to have that control. Because the stand rotates the bowl can turn by itself. Its hard to say why it does this but you won't find it as a huge issue. I've heard someone else complain about gaps in the grate of the mixer or it being hard to go from the stand to your hand or this, that, and the other. I'm no food gadget geek, just a guy who needs to bake a cake once or twice every couple of months, and I used this thing with little difficulty (just takes a little getting used to).

Bottom line: you want a mixer that can do it all? Have $300 ready. Want a mixer that looks nice in the kitchen, looks professional, has a nice amount of power, won't give you an issue while making a cake, and simply gets the job done? Then this mixer shouldn't do too badly. There's a slight learning curve but I'm never deterred from making my favorite recipes with this mixer. There's nothing wrong with it, it won't fall apart as you take it out of the box, no right-off-the-bat noticeable flaws, nothing that'll make you feel like you just wasted your money. I've really come to enjoy it and would only consider buying a heavy duty one as my next mixer.

Buyer's note: there appears to be the exact same mixer on the "hamilton beach mixer" page for only [...] bucks. $[...] is fair but you'd practically HAVE to buy it at $[...] (if that's not some sort of typo).
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on November 27, 2015
I purchased this mixer at regular retail price, ($24.58 before taxes) and I have to say, I'm satisfied with my purchase. I have always wanted a mixer in my kitchen, but they all seem so expensive, and after researching products and reading reviews and product information, I was at a loss on what to do, and never decided on one, until this Hamilton Beach mixer came across my sights.

Now, Don't get me wrong, it's definitely no Kitchen-Aid mixer, but for the price of this product, I am satisfied! I'm sure I am not the only person out there who would love to be able to afford the luxury of a Kitchen-aid mixer, but just can't financially afford to purchase one.

With that being said, this mixer works way better than I thought it would before it had arrived. There is 6 different speeds, the lowest setting is extremely powerful. The mixer part actually comes apart from the stand, making it a hand mixer, which is extremely convenient. The bowl and attachments are of good quality, and there is an attachment on the bottom to make the bowl spin when mixing, and also adjust the width that the mixers hit bowl at. (meaning more towards the edge or more towards the middle.) The product is over-all easy to clean up. I have come across a small issue with this mixer, which is, when adding dry ingredients in your bowl, they tend to stick to the bottom of the bowl. I just use my spatula and run it along the edges and bottom of the bowl, while the bowl is spinning on the and it eventually mixes everything together. I used this for a sugar cookie recipe that I had found online, and also to make a homemade cake for my boyfriend's birthday and both required me to use the spatula to get everything evenly mixed, which I don't mind doing, because its better than what I was doing, which was beating cake batter until my arm wanted to fall off, or the ol' fashioned mixing cookie dough with your hands.

I think there are better mixers out there, but not for this price, if this is your price range and you don't mind having to use the spatula on the bottom of the mixer for dry ingredients, then I think this would be a great option. I paid the full price for this mixer, and I'm happy with my purchase.
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on April 1, 2015
Watch those ware house "deals"

Mine was supposed to be a damaged box. Instead, I got someone's used, dirty mixer, no one even bothered rolling the cord up. Crumbs in it, pink icing remnant, water spots and finger prints. Fit for a yard sale not a "damaged box" deal.... very impressive......not
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on January 2, 2009
I received this as a gift and had my suspicions from the beginning. It mixes adequately with the regular paddles. The dough hooks do not work well. Even when following the mixer's directions to a T, I couldn't get cookie dough or bread dough to mix evenly. Two dough hooks doesn't make sense to me in the first place. I haven't used the whisk, but I'm sure it's fine. It's hard to mess that up. I do like that the top is removable. However, it isn't needed since you can pretty much use any bowl with the stand. There is no locking mechanism. This also causes spinning if you don't hold the bowl still. I also think that the speed starts out too fast. I like a slower speed when adding dry ingredients, so they don't poof everywhere. I'm sure you would get the same effect, except a slosh, when making whipped cream. My advice is to either buy a cheap hand mixer, which is exactly what this is, or buy a real mixer.
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on May 15, 2015
The moment it was delivered
We mixed up a batch of homemade CHOC chip cookies!!!
Having a mixer with a stand is Definetly a Plus. I really was hoping the machine would do All of the work but no such luck!!
I still had to use my big spoon and integrated ingredients from sides of bowl into the center and the bottom.
Other then that it's great so far. Only had it for 2hrs and I have flour all over my kitchen!!! Wish it had a cover!!!
Ps. Don't use the dough hook it doesn't mix cookie dough and only makes a mess!!!
In the booklet that came with mixer shows a *Twisted wire beater or a *Straignt wire beater that is for thick dough or cookie dough. Now I'm back on Amazon trying to find out how to buy this attachment for next time!!
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on November 24, 2013
I have used all the attachments that came with the mixer. they work great, I love the steel bowl as well.
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on February 9, 2016
This seems to be a pretty good mixer. I had a Kitchen Aid mixer for 30 years and it died right before Christmas. I do a good bit of baking so I had to have another mixer. I wanted something light enough that I could keep it in the cabinet when I wasn't using it. This works great for that. I've only made a couple of recipes of cookies so far but it worked fine. You do have to use your baking skills. You can't just throw everything in and let the mixer do the work. If you cream your sugar and butter and then slowly add your dry and wet ingredients, you won't have any problems. Some have complained about the size of the bowl and not being able to mix thick batter. I haven't had problems with either. I made a recipe of oatmeal cookies that makes over 200 small cookies and it worked fine. I think it's all in using your baking skills.
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on September 15, 2014
For the price, you can't beat this (pun unintended but totally staying). I love that it comes with dough hooks and a whisk (although I read in someone else's review that you should only use one dough hook at a time). The lowest speed is a bit faster than is maybe ideal, but it's not really an issue. This thing does send up a cloud of white that coats it whenever you mix a big pile of dry ingredients, but just wipe it down after you're done and it's no big deal. The only thing about this mixer that I actually wish were better is that the base doesn't spin by itself, except occasionally when the beaters can grab the dough just right. Oh, and the beaters stand a half-inch above the bottom of the bowl. But, again, that's not a big deal. The motor is nice and strong and makes a satisfying whirrrrrrrr noise when it runs, and overall it feels well-made and powerful. It will mix things that you put in the bowl.
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