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Season 6
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11. Happily Ever After TV-14 CC

Desmond wakes up and realizes he's back on the island.

Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell
44 minutes
Original air date:
April 6, 2010

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Season 6

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145 of 167 people found the following review helpful By JakelovesLOST on January 23, 2012
Format: DVD
Why the end of LOST not only worked, but was truthfully the most fitting conclusion the writer's could have given us...

LOST is one of the most important television programs in the history of syndicated story telling. Period. Genre-bending, ground-breaking, budget-busting, gloriously epic both in terms of character development and the scope of it's intricately-woven, mystery-laced narrative, LOST is the most unique television show ever produced. This note is me finally attempting to put down in words what the end of LOST really meant, and why it is the most satisfying ending fans could have ever hoped for.
It has been 1 year and 7 months to the day since LOST ended its six-year run on ABC. During that time-period I have watched the entire show over, and had time to really let my thoughts and feelings sink in. I have moved past the point where I believed the show was perfect in every way, and have achieved a new, and even deeper appreciation for what was done right.
To understand what the end of LOST was really about, we need to understand what the whole show was about. The title `'LOST'' proved to be a loaded one. During the first two seasons of the show we are introduced to the lives of all 14 major characters prior to their crashing on the Island. These first two seasons let us know what the show is focused on: the characters. Each and every one of these characters is geographically lost on this island, yes. However, They are also `'lost'' spiritually, emotionally, and in almost every philosophical way you could think of. Jack is a broken man, eaten up by regret and anger stemming from his complicated and often turbulent relationship with his father.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful By FEZZ on May 26, 2011
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
Well, I'm not gonna debate about the ending of the series, I think it was heavily misunderstood, as a hardcore fan I think it was satisfactory, "what happened happened" and we get to FINALLY see Jack doing what we were waiting for, the faith of most of the characters was satisfactory (with a few exceptions) and we got most answers, not all, which I think was a good move from the writers.

Certainly my problem is with the whole season's flash-sideways, which after seeing the season finale, seems pointless and a little bit of a joke, I wish the season had been way shorter or that we got less flashes and more Island. Also even tough we get a lot of answers, some of them are shown in a very simple or even boring way, the final 4 or 5 episodes are gold, the others, seem like filler to me.

Now, there are no complaints for the Bluray edition of this season, the picture and sound quality it's superb, I tought I was gonna have a hard time watching the episodes which I didn't enjoy on TV, but the Bluray experience certainly makes them worth watching again. There are cool extras included here, the usual behind the scenes, spoofs and cast interview's stuff and "making of" of the season, but best of all, there is an epilogue included here, on the "The New Man In Charge" we get to see some of the after-finale timeline, and in a very clever way we are given more answers, more than I expected actually, it was so awesome to watch, I wish they had made more epilogues, but this one's just 'Lost' gold.

Even if you didn't like this season or the ending, I think it's worth getting to complete your collection, and specially because of the Epilogue.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful By R. Long on September 22, 2014
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
What a load of confusion this show was. I watched this show from season one to the final and boring conclusion and I'm not even sure at the end of it all what was supposed to be real and what may have been a dream.

So Oceanic flight 815 crashed on an island. On the island there was a smoke monster, voices, other people, Jacob, Polar Bears, Dharma Initiative people and lookout stations. So the people struggled to survive, sort of that is until they found a boat load of Dharma Initiative food.

Then there were the mysterious numbers that helped Hugo win the Lottery. Those numbers also had to be entered into a computer to keep some scientific event, a time shift, or something from happening.

Well, fast forward to season five and time shifts are happening over and over. At the end of season five an exploding nuclear bomb was detonated.

Season 6 finds people still on the island. Meanwhile the people are also off of the island living their lives.

The writers give us a background on who Jacob was.

The smoke monster became John Locke after the real one died.

Jacob was killed.

The smoke monster wanted off of the island.

Most of the characters get killed on the island or trying to leave it in season 6.

The end has characters in the church. It turns out they were dead?

What the Hell was this show about. What was it supposed to mean? Was the smoke monster the Devil? Was Jacob like God or Christ? Was the Island Hell? Was the world off the Island NOT Hell?

Were the characters killed on IMPACT at the Island. Was the entire story just about characters who died tragically and then couldn't pass on as in the case of Micheal?
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