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on September 28, 2009
Happy Days the 5th Season (1977-1978), is where Scott Baio joins the cast as Charles "Chachi" Arcola, Fonzie jumps the shark, Richie, Ralph, and Postie go through collecge, where Richie meets his girlfriend and future wife, Lori Beth!

And let's not forget "My Favorite Orkan", the episode that introduced Mork, and leaded to the creatration of Mork and Mindy (1978-1982)!

The Cast
Ron Howard as Richard "Richie" Cunningham
Henry Winkler as Arthur "Fonzie" / "The Fonz" Fonzarelli
Marion Ross as Marion "Mrs. C." Cunningham
Anson Williams as Warren "Postie" Weber
Donny Most as Ralph Malph
Erin Moran as Joanie Cunningham
Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio
Scott Baio as Charles "Chachi" Arcola
Tom Bosley as Howard "Mr. C" Cunningham
Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth Allen

I hope CBS/Paramount makes plans to release Happy Days The 5th Season (1977-1978), sometime next year.

Please release this Season!
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on March 21, 2010
Happy Days Season 5 needs a dvd release!! It's really a shame they stopped releasing these cause there are tons of people who want to finish their Happy Days collection. I really hope we get this dvd soon!
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on December 28, 2012
Oh now come on are these excutives dumb or something..Don't they know if they release a show onto dvd or blu-ray they will make more money..Any fool can tell them that..Same with the tv series of Batman (Adam West) as well..People like us a lot out there got seasons 1 to 4 and been stuck in season 5 limbo..We need to be freed..Doesn't what the fans want mean anything at all?? of course Devilgate Drive in my title is based on the Suzi Quatro song that is in this season..We all need this..We want all of happy days..We grew up with it part of our childhood..Needs to be perserved and saved for us and future note coz there is no forum for batman..they say same thing why no batman on dvd..coz of tv and comic book rights..other batmans are out,superman is hey who are they trying to fool..Please bring out Happy days and adam west's batman tv series for the fans who very much want to enjoy them as they were intended to be..UPDATE it is now 5/23/2014 3 days ago the WAY TOO LONG wait is FINALLY over..FINALLY got it on release day..Never been soooooo relieved for the release of anything..I mean how many years since season 4 came out..Update # 2 : They took out Suzi Quatro's vocal on already rare song "believe" in episode of "Richie Almost Dies"..what is up with that..this ticked us off..but note Devilgate Drive by Suzi is left the way it is supposed to be thankfully..this is a huge disappointment..we waited all these years then they butchered it..these suits that run these companies are complete idiots..they need to fix this and give all of us that bought this set a free updated one..
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on April 29, 2012
Once again the studios release a few seasons of a long running series, only to leave us hanging. Only today's garbage gets released in it's entirety. Get with it CBS/Paramount!
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on May 9, 2011
We Happy Days Fans need to ban togather and demand the release of the rest of the Happy Days Series. They have told us right after the death of Tom Bosley aka Mr. C that they would be speeding up production of releasing the rest of the series. Well that has been about a year ago. Theh studio where the seires was made, needs to wrote to and really push them to get the rest of the seires out on DVD now and quit dragging there feet about it. And have their video distributors put into high production speed about getting the rest of the series onto the shelves within 2 months. They have the equipment to do it that fast. So let's cheer up all of us Happy Days Fans to encourage the slow-pokes from Hollywood and get the rest of our series of Happy Days on DVD and onto the shelves and on Amazon so we all can own the rest of the series fo the show we all love. BIGTEX
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on July 4, 2014
If you didn't grow up in the Fifties, then you definitely wouldn't appreciate what CBS/Paramount did to this latest release of one of the most highly rated shows about teens and Rock and Roll. The reason we enjoyed it so much was because it was nostalgic, the Fonz was sort of like a plagiarized copy of Elvis Presley, as he looked in his early movies, leather jacket, strut and attitude, also similar to James Dean and Marlon Brando. But with this latest version, all of the original music is gone, except for the karoake singing of Anson Williams and a few songs by Suzi Quatro, So then most fans of the series would rate this season quite highly because they did not grow up with this music, so it wouldn't matter to them that it is all gone, replaced with the most awful generic noise that is barely audible in most episodes.

Ron Howard is the best character in the series, he looks and acts like Archie in the popular comics. In fact, most of these plots are like comic book stories, with characters that are more or less one dimensional, Ralph Malph the clown, Potsie kinda bland but part of the band with Ritchie - they sure seem a lot like the Archies without Betty and Veronica, I guess that's one reason to get Suzi Quatro into the group. Joanie, originally good as the smaller sister, as she grew into a teenager, the producers tried to put her into romantic roles, but she never did have the charm of a Sally Field as Gidget, A Patty Duke , an Annette Funicello, a Cherly Holdridge as Wally's girlfriend in Leave It To Beaver, but maybe that's just the way I see it.

So the music is gone, making most of these episodes meaningless for the older generation, but as I mentioned before, younger fans will probably not notice. Almost all of the stories center around the Fonz, unlike the earlier years, so basically for me it was too much overkill, I prefer Wonder Years which had stories about all the characters and it was recently announced that the full series, 5 seasons, will be released later this year, so we 'boomers' now have something better to look forward to.
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on March 7, 2011
I'm sorry to say that Happy Days Season 5 may never be released. The sticking point with many fans is the original music. Songwriters own the rights for sales profit as compared to TV re-runs. In season 5, Suzi Quatro performs many of her own songs and cover remakes. Actors also may have to paid based on their contract. This is disappointing because the Ron Howard/Donny Most years made for good TV. "Mr. C" was a great dad because he never tried to be Andy Griffith. He watched the T.V. football game then helped solve the inner family and friends problems at his own pace. Tom Bosley as "Mr. Cunningham" recently passed away. He was funny and very 1950's. Season 5 also was the year the trio (Richie, Potsie and Ralph) moved on to college. Besides rocker Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, joining the cast was poster boy Scott Baio (Cha Chi) and attractive Lynda Goodfriend ( Lori Beth). Fonzie (Henry Winkler) made even the weak episodes worth watching. It's time for those involved to iron out their differences for us fans who followed this show. Same for the reunion special..... 7-27-2014 Update: I'm happy the show finally came out. Since there are changes in some of the songs in the DVD it's important to hold onto the old re-runs, commercials and all if fan still has them. It obvious future seasons will never come out again in original form. Too much litigation and red tape.
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on January 30, 2014
I have been looking forward to this for a long time, its been about 5 years since season 4 was released, can't wait til May!
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on January 30, 2014
Its about time that Paramount release more seasons of Happy Days!They should start to rerlease seasons of My Three Sons!
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on August 3, 2012
I would like for them to release season 5, I have the other four season. My 11 year old son couldn't figure out why I loved Happy Days until he watched one episode on my dvd. After that he has watched them continously, and aggravates me constantly to check about season 5.
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