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on May 19, 2015
Every time I use these gloves not only am I reminded how much I hate them, but how frustrated I am about it. I should've bought a different brand a long time ago but I'm frugal and was hoping these would break in and become comfortable. I'm getting ahead of myself though. The reason I hate these gloves is that the first pair that I purchased in 2009 I absolutely loved. I used them every time I went to the gym and they were a lifesaver for my hands. I mostly do free weights. By the end of 2013 they were pretty worn out so I ordered a new pair of the exact same gloves. In the intervening years Harbinger redesigned them and now they are simply awful. I'm so stubborn I've been trying to make them work for me for a year and half. The seams press into my hands and fingers in incredibly uncomfortable ways. I frequently take the gloves off to rub my hands because of how badly they hurt and I marvel at the crazy indentations the gloves have made in my skin. Both pairs are size medium. It's like the 2009 design was perfectly suited to my hands and the current design is suited for, well, certainly not me. Today was my last attempt at wearing them. By writing this review I'm absolving myself of the burden. No more pain. Time to move on and buy another brand.
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on February 14, 2011
I work out 3 times a week were I do a mix of resistance training and cardio. I received these gloves early January and I was eager to try them out. They were okay at first and took some getting use to. The leather was pretty stiff but after a few weeks the gloves loosened up and thinned out in the thicker padded areas.

On Feb 14 2001, the stitching came undone on the right glove. So about 1.5 months of use and the gloves are now falling apart. Maybe you'll have better luck but I would be cautious of buying these again.
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on May 12, 2011
the glove is alright I guess , protects the palms from bruises, does what it is suppose to do, but not much padding when doing heavy bench press.
good thing I read the previous reviews in regards to size and ordered a size bigger than on the chart provided. my last harbinger was L size this one was XL and it is a tight fit , it is hard to take it off. so order 1 or 2 sizes bigger.
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on September 7, 2013
I have owned many weight gloves over the years. Many have lasted years and years of use. This pair is already loosing its threads and coming loose after only a month. I use many gloves and so I only used this one 1-2 a week max and it's already coming apart. I would not buy this again. Horrible product. Stay away. Company should check quality control on this product.
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on April 19, 2015
The picture when I ordered them looked like the Harbinger gloves I usually buy. When the cam they are much cheaper. The cuff is shorter and gives no support. the seam on the side rubs my wrist raw. They in no way measure up. attached is a picture with old glove on the right. the new glove is so short in the wrist it curls up. I guess I will have to eat the $50 and find them somewhere else. these are pretty much junk.
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on May 20, 2013
Gloves are great. Very padded, very comfy; much better than my old Nike pair. However, they really do run small. I usually use Medium to Large gloves. When I measured my hands with their size chart, it sounded like Large would be perfect for me, so I ordered them. When they came, the Larges were small enough to cut off circulation in my hands. I returned them (very easily, thanks Amazon!) And got the Extra Large. They fit perfectly. Bottom line, if you have normal sized-hands, get the XL. If you have big hands, get XXL or a different glove. If you're a woman with smaller hands, get a Large. No idea who could wear a small... little kids, maybe.

UPDATE: Been using my Extra Large gloves for three weeks now, normal gym lifting, 5 times a week. They're still very comfortable and well-made, but they seem a little stiff. Certain parts dig into my hands, and while I don't notice while lifing, it leaves nasty grooves in my skin. They're better than they were when I first used them, so I'm breaking them in, but they have a ways to go. I never did wash them when I got them. Maybe after a washing, they'll loosen up more. I'll post another update later.
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on December 7, 2015
The Harbinger 143 Men's Pro FlexClosure Gloves fit perfectly. Harbinger has a website with a Glove Size Chart. Just follow the directions on the chart. I measured just over 8” and got the Large. The gloves are snug, but they’re supposed to be snug.
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on September 25, 2014
A lot of shooters dislike wearing gloves when shooting. Some shooters feel it necessary to wear gloves for heavy-recoiling magnums. Some shooters prefer a full-fingered glove while other shooters prefer ½ finger glove.

Recently, I ordered a pair of Harbinger Pro gloves as a set second to my usual shooting gloves. I prefer ½ finger gloves and perused information about many gloves before settling on the Harbinger. I had used P.A.S.T gloves in the past (no pun intended) and they were fine gloves until they weren’t. The stitching finally gave out and I decided to no longer spend a fortune on shooting gloves.

I like the protection that shooting gloves provide to my hand. I had TCS (Tunnel-Carpal Syndrome) once. It seemed to come on from using a mouse while going about the tedious work of technical writing. I switched to a track-ball mouse and the CTS disappeared. Since that time, I have been concerned about nerve damage to the hand when shooting calibers above .22.

About a year ago, I started to wear a shooting glove. Actually intended for riding bicycles, the glove provided support in the thumb area and that is where most of the recoil heads when you shoot a handgun.

Some say that I won’t be wearing gloves in a defensive situation and I should practice in real-world condition. I know people that can no longer shoot a handgun because of various ailments, such as arthritis, because it is too painful to shoot. I fully understand that. I have, after a shooting session, suffered from hand cramps on occasion. Wearing shooting glove has eliminated that and I enjoy shooting more. Shooting more rounds and shooting more often makes for a pleasant day.

The Harbinger Pro glove is made from real leather. It has a double leather palm for durability and a fully-adjustable wrist closure. Additionally, it is comprised of open cell foam padding and finger cushioning. It is double stitched for durability. Most important to me, there is wrap-around thumb protection and it exist just where you will experience the push or snap of a handgun’s recoil.

The Harbinger Pro glove does add width to your gun-gripping technique. The padding, for me, is near perfect whether I am holding a Glock G21, a 1911-style pistol, or my favorite carry – the Springfield XDs 3.3 .45. The padding also help to hold the gun in place within my grip and helps me to get back on target faster after the gun fires. Even the Glock G26 feels at home within the open cell foam padding of the glove.

Although intended for lifting weights, the Harbinger Pro glove is perfectly at home at the shooting range.

The ½ finger design allows for that tactile feel of a trigger that we have come to know and love. Full-fingered gloves, even those very expensive tactical gloves don’t provide me with that feeling. I am person who loves the throaty exhaust of a well-tuned Harley Davidson with drag-pipes and the tune of a big V-8 motor cruising down the road. Why would I insulate myself from the feeling the pull of a trigger?

A shooting glove is part of my recoil management system and also aids me in controlling firearms other than handguns – like pistol-gripped shotguns and an AR10-based rifle. A shooting glove has helped me overcome flinching, as I no longer concern myself with it even after a long shooting session. This is a case of no pain is gain.

The gloves fit nicely and are not stiff when new; they get better as they get worn in. Give the Harbinger Pro gloves a try. It may take a while to become accustomed to them, but I believe that you will be calling them your shooting buddies in the long run. The Harbinger Pro gloves has really affected my shooting in a positive way. I am more than satisfied with them.
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on August 10, 2013
I picked up this pair of gloves because all the weights and handlebars in my gym have little metal spikes on their grips that rip the skin on my hands. These gloves were a great value. They're built well enough to stand the harsh abrasion that frequently occurs during my workouts.

However, I have one complaint: I wish the velcro strap on the gloves was longer by about 3/4 of an inch. My wrists aren't too thick, so I end up pulling the strap pretty long to make the gloves fit. As a result, about 3/4 inch of the velcro strap isn't secured, and is left hanging. I have some concern that this might cause the strap to loosen over time. I wish Harbinger would've thought of this when manufacturing these. But for now, it's working fine.
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on June 17, 2015
I had a pair or gloves, for which I forget the brand, for about 10 Yrs and was always amazed at how well they held up. Then they flew off the roof of my car....
I bought these the 2nd week of April and at exactly 2 months the stitching on both thumb pads is gone leaving partially attached pieces, the leather is separating from the stitching on the fingers etc....
Maybe 4 days week is too much usage for seems it maybe so.
Regardless I wish I had of been able to examine them prior to purchasing.
Prior to them falling apart they were good, B-.
The padding is just extremely thin foam with zero pressure absorption properties
I miss my old gloves and the quality that once was.....
And I'm beyond the return time by a month
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