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on November 7, 2012
Should of done this to help the people and the seller/product out long ago.

1. It Works!

I bought a slim a couple years ago, didn't want to buy a huge hard drive because they were expensive. I googled if I could use the original Xbox 360 20Gig HD and somehow fit it to the slim. Answer popped up in 10 secs; remove the casing then slowly and perfectly fit it in the big slot in the slim. Was told to use electrical tape so that it wouldn't move worked a few times then stopped. That kept happening so I just removed it and played without a Hard drive for about a year, until this gem found its way to my screen.

Decided to buy it and try it. I placed the Hard Drive in the case and just snapped it together, I then slid it in the slim and abrakadabra it works perfectly. It fits perfectly which is probably the reason why it wasn't working all the time before.

Some people may not need a case, but I like how mine is in a case just like the $99 hard drives out there, and I can pull it out anytime for whatever reason.

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on April 25, 2013
My old Xbox Elite died so I replaced it with a new slim model. I really wanted to keep my old hard drive, but it didn't fit in the new model so I got this enclosure. It's got some problems but it definitely got the job done.

Once I had the hard drive installed in the enclosure it slipped into the slim perfectly and the Xbox recognized it immediately after I turned it on again. Unfortunately getting the hard drive into the enclosure was an uphill battle.

The box says "Easy DIY Clip & Lock". There was nothing easy about this thing. Rather than screwing together the two halves of the enclosure, it all clips together, which definitely seems like it would be easier...IF the halves fit. It really took some finagling to get the clips of the cover to fit into the other half. They don't seem to have their measurements quite right. But eventually you'll get it lined up just right and the clips will start popping in.

This is where things went horribly wrong for me. The last clip bent outward instead of inward and got stuck in the gap between the halves. All the other clips were in and doing their job a little too well, so prying it open enough to push the bent clip back in proved to be almost impossible without breaking the whole thing. Thankfully the bent clip finally broke off and I was able to get everything fitted together without it.

That said, don't ever plan on changing the hard drive once its in. If you want to put a new hard drive in your Xbox using one of these enclosures just buy a new one. I guarantee you will never be able to get this back apart without breaking it completely.

Luckily these things are cheap. If this had been expensive I would have been seriously angry.
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on May 22, 2013
This is a very good solution to upgrade the Xbox's hard drive. However, I give it only 4 stars because once the enclosure is closed is nearly impossible to get the hard drive out without breaking the case.

I still highly recommend it however. Just make sure you do everything you're supposed to do before putting the case together.
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on March 7, 2014
Perfect fit. No trouble at all inserting SATA drive in case and installing case in 360 slim.

Used a salvaged 300GB SATA 2.5" drive from laptop
Flashed firmware with Xbox360 code using HDDHACKR.exe from Balder FreeDOS .iso on USB boot flash.
inserted drive in case.
inserted case in 360.
Formatted drive from 360 menus.

removed case from 360.
restored Xbox360 Partition2 from online source (for Xbox Original game compatibility) with XPLORER360
and reinstalled case in Xbox360.
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on July 3, 2014
Great solution for those of us with prior generation Xbox 360 consoles with built in hard drives which suffered the "Red Ring of Death." Purchased a 4GB Xbox 360E and disassembled the old 360 hard drive case to remove the drive, mounted it in this case with no tools required, and slid it into the 360E. Saved a great deal of money this way and retained all my save games.
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on September 12, 2013
I had an original model 360 that red-ringed and I didn't want to get it fixed just to have the same issue again later on, so I bought a 4GB 360 E for GTA V(which will require a mandatory 8GB of installation space) and wanted to re-use my old 120GB drive.

Easiest swap ever, took me literally about 5 minutes. The original 360 drive enclosure has just 4 screws on the outside, and 4 on the inside holding the hard drive cage to the panel, and then the old hard drive unhooks from the cable and slides out. This voids the warranty but I bought mine from China off a popular auction site so I doubt it had one anyway, another bonus is I didn't need to use anything other than a regular Phillips head screwdriver, though I have read that the official ones require a Torx T10 for the outside screws and T6 for the inside screws. Installation into this new enclosure is just dropping the hard drive in with the label side facing up and then clicking the top cover shut on all sides. From there just open up your 360 S or E's hard drive slot and push it until it clicks all the way in and the 360 will instantly recognize the drive and everything on it when you start it up.

This is an absolute bargain over me buying the 250GB 360 E and a hard drive transfer kit. My 120GB still had 80GB free(in addition to having all my old savegames right there on it of course) and I really don't plan to play anything else on the 360 other than GTA V at this point with the Xbox One being right around the corner. It would've been an excessive amount money for an excessive amount of of space.

The only thing that bothers me is that the pull tab on the back says 250GB on it while a 120GB drive sits in the enclosure but it's not like I'll ever look at it again and for the convenience and the money this saved me, it's worth that minor OCD tax.
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on May 16, 2013
Item shipped and was delivered fast. Thought it would arrive on the 21st, but received it on the 16th.
as for the Item itself.... its perfect, don't let the price scare you because its cheaper than the rest. the hard drive fit perfectly in the case and the case fits perfect in the xbox.popped my 2 drives into the 2 cases and both xbox's see the drives perfectly.
packaging was very professional and the plastic even had that sticky clear stuff on it to avoid any potential scratches.
I would definitly recommend this to anyone adding a drive on their own. matter of fact if i buy a third, i will definitly get another one of these, seller is bookmarked!!!
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on May 1, 2014
It does exactly what it's suppose to, allows you to install a MS 360 HDD into this case to be used with a 360S. I've upgraded my Original 360 a few times, and so I had the old HDD laying around. I now have 3 360S systems in my house mainly for Media Center Extender use. You really don't need a HDD to stream Media Center content, but It can be used for other things and I had these drives just sitting around here. Why not use them. Before I just had a Rubber bumper on the back in the the HDD and plugged in with no case. This does work, but you have to make sure you support the back of the HDD and not just let it hang down as it could damage the connector port. If you move your 360S around it could also unplug it's self. So using this case, it's centered in the HDD bay and locked in from popping out. That's what that black tag sticking out the front is for. Pulling on that releases the lock on the bottom of the case to pull the drive back out. It's almost a clone of MS version.

The only down side and why I knocked off 1 star is because once you snap that case closed, it's pretty much locked into it. You're going to have to break it open again to get the drive out. Why you would need to?!?! Buy another one of these cases, they're cheap enough at the current $5.75 price point!
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on June 9, 2013
I was able to use an old laptop 500gb western digital hd (formatted to a smaller size using a freeware xbox 360 formatting utility). Case fit inside the 360-slim perfectly. I would recommend not snapping the case shut until you verify your hard drive is formatted and working properly. It was a little difficult to pry the case apart.
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on June 9, 2014
This all came together perfectly:

*I bought the 4gig Xbox 360 E model.

*I already had an original Xbox 360 with a 120gig Hard Drive installed on top

*I took that hard drive apart after watching some YouTube videos

*That hard drive, which is basically a laptop hard drive, installed easily into this case.

*This case w/hard drive slid right into the new Xbox 360 E unit I bought.

*I now have a brand new Xbox 360 with 120gig that cost way less that the bigger E model AND all of my old apps, saved games, etc are available to me without a lame transfer process.

Great "hack" that allows you to install a hard drive into the newer models. This was glossy black, has the spring loaded pull tab, and even a label to put on so it looks authentic.

Nice product, enjoy!
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