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on October 2, 2013
Because it is time for me to renew my passport, my brother enlightened me to the whole RFID technology issue.

He freaked me out a little, and the more I researched on the internet, the more confused I became.

So by now, a third of what I've read says the data on the chip is encrypted, a third says it's not, and a third says it's crackable even though it IS encrypted.

Anyway, I came across a great press release about CARMick Products and this passport shield on the "Ultimate News" website, which sent me here.

Apparently, this company has been producing shielded holders for credit cards for some time now. I checked out their other product and read the reviews.

Between those reviews and the press release, I've decided to wait for the release of this product. Might as well protect my credit cards too.

It seems weird to assign "stars" to something I haven't purchased, so I'm going to go ahead and leave just four for now.

After I purchase these things and check them out, I'll come back and update this review as well as the number of stars I think it should have.

UPDATE as of 11/7/2013:


Here's what I did - I bought this set of sleeves. As expected Amazon quickly delivered them to my doorstep.

Then, I downloaded an app called NFCProxy. I read about it in Forbes. It can be used to hack credit card information if the card has an RFID chip in it.

Then I did a before / after test with my credit cards. And you know what, these sleeves worked GREAT!

Next, I tried to find a way to hack my passport. But so far, I can't seem to be able to find an app or a gadget that will do it.

Maybe it's too illegal for a publicly available method.

So for now, I am going to bump the "stars-rating" up to a 5, and assume that they are just as effective for passports as they are for credit cards. Maybe I'll keep looking for a way to test them, maybe I won't. But if I find one, I'll come back here and report.

As far as sleeves go. They're fine. Thin enough to allow the credit cards and passports to still fit in the wallet/bag I use for carrying them around. And they're made of a pretty tough material. It feels like it will last a while.

I wish they were a little more attractive, though. Maybe a cool design instead of a GINORMOUS logo.

The bottom line is this: As far as I can tell, they do what they are supposed to do. I'm no spy or hacker, but I tested this CARMick product and I'm satisfied.

I'm probably going to get a few more sets as gifts for people I feel "obligated" to buy presents for this Christmas (like clients). The way I see it, it's not that "cool" of a present, but they will remember me every time they use their credit card. LOL!
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on February 5, 2014
I performed limited tests on the credit card cases and they worked on the non-contact scanners on mass transit systems. The quality of both passport and credit card cases are very good compared to other less expensive brands. Also, the passport case is smaller compared to the Pacsafe passport case which makes it easier to fit into some neck pouches. Because of its smaller size, this passport case may be a bit too small for passport of some countries. For US passport, this passport case is an excellet fit. For larger passports, you may want to consider the PacSafe passport case which is more expensive. I am happy with the product so far and would recommend it to others.
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on June 17, 2014
I received the sleeves well before the promised date. I tested the sleeves at self- checkouts and gas pumps. They were not able to read the card while in the sleeve. The sleeve itself has endured almost a month of use in my wallet and shows minimal wear. I know that my cards and passport are safe. A great product that delivers on its promise.
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on November 14, 2013
I travel a LOT for business. I end up in a lot of places full of people I do not know and in situations that require my undivided attention. I often carry both my credit cards and my passport at all times. I did NOT want to change my wallet or carry an extra bag. I just do not need the hassle. When I learned I could use these sleeves to protect my information from scans I did not want, I got them ASAP.

I got a great product. They are very durable.

There is also great follow-up customer service from the seller, Carmick products!

I found these are also great to protect the mag stripe on my other cards. I highly recommend this product. Well worth the money!
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on November 7, 2013
I travel a lot, and with the rise in electronic data theft I'm always worried about my information and identity being at risk. I've worked hard to build good credit, and I don't want to have it destroyed by ID theft. Having these just give me that added peace of mind when traveling, and even when in public in general. One less thing to worry about is never a bad thing! Great product.
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on July 3, 2014
Sleeves arrived in a timely manner and appear to be as advertised. I have no way to test to see if they impact the RF signal or not so I can not really comment on that aspect. They seem sturdy and will protect the cards regardless. Everything appears to be on the up and up and CARMick has followed up with emails to me asking if I am satisfied with their product, that in itself gives me more confidence that they stand behind their product and that it works. I'm not sure how one would test the functionality of it unless you had a card scanner (?)

Follow up: So I have a security badge at work that also uses an RFID chip and I had the idea to test the CARMick sleeve on it. What I found was without the sleeve on my badge, the station would register my badge at about 8 inches away. With the sleeve on the badge I had to press the badge completely up against the reader for it to register. I wrapped my badge in 3 layers on each side of thicker paper. That had no effect on the distance the badge was detected.
Now here is the real kicker. I have a Global Entry ID Gov't ID card with a special sleeve the gov't sent with it to protect against identity theft. This thing looks brass colored on the inside and just looks like a fort knox of sleeves. IT DID NOT PERFORM AT ALL. The CARMick sleeve was the only thing that appeared to block the signal at all.

I am raising my rating to 5 stars and definitely be telling my coworkers about these sleeves. Tested to work as advertised. Thanks CARMick!
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on June 7, 2014
After receiving my order of RFID blocking sleeves I really wanted to test and verify that they do in fact work.
So I purchased a USB RFID reader and tested the sleeves. These sleeves absolutely blocked the cards from being read.
works great.
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on November 13, 2013
These are my new best friends !! Seriously. Don't do what I did and wait for your information to be compromised! I never thought it would happen to me but it did. Get this product NOW and give yourself a piece of mind knowing that your data is protected. Only 2 weeks ago information was taken from my card and someone went on a spending spree. $5k later, police conversations, wasted time, inconvenience. It was a nightmare. I wish I would have known about this product a month ago. What I like about this product is not only does it have credit card holders but it has passport ones too. Must have for anyone that travels. The quality of the product is great and the service from the seller was outstanding. I received an email from the seller after buying the product telling my all sorts of useful information. Take it from me, these are a must have. Keep your data save with you. No one is touching my data again.! Thank you CARMick. LOVE your product !!
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on February 3, 2014
item was exactly as described
shipping was as expected.
product is from age 30 and down all received to use with their cards and passports. They thought it was a great idea....had heard about them but never purchased.
Company followed through to make sure order was delivered and as expected.
Would definitely do business with again
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on May 29, 2014
I bought these for a planned overseas trip in the fall. They do fit my recently renewed US passport and my credit cards just fine.

I did do a test at work recently: we use an RFID badge to enter the office and to log into our printer/fax machine. I put my badge in one of the credit card sleeves and the RFID reader had a very difficult time reading the badge thru the sleeve - even when I set the card directly on the scanner, so I'm quite confident that the sleeve will protect my credit cards and passport, too.

Update 11/2/14
We just returned from a trip from the US to Europe. The first time my wife went thru the airport scanners with her passport in one of the CIP sleeves the scanner flagged her. The security personnel then checked her with a manual wand and found nothing on her person that would trigger the alarm. We finally figured out that the body scanner was picking up the CIP sleeve! It works!
We used the passport sleeves and the credit card sleeves on our trip. The cards fit snugly in the sleeves so it takes a few seconds to get them out to use them, but that minor inconvenience is worth it for the peace of mind. By the way, we use a permanent marker to note on each sleeve which card (or passport) is in that sleeve.
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