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on June 14, 2014
Hardline is a wonderful follow up from Hardpressed. We get to see Erica and Blake's relationship evolve more. I freaking loved it. While there was hardships and all kinds of drama and tension going on, it was a lighter read than Hardpressed. Which in my opinion, was needed! Wanted to throw my tablet numerous times in the second book. Not out of I hate this book frustration, but get your poo together already frustration.

So glad we got more Blake and Erica together from the start. I laughed and cried, and got all kinds of pissed off. I hate Max. Erica still struggling with letting Blake in all the way causing all kinds of consequences. While I can sympathize with her, I feel for Blake.

They're still dealing with jealousy with each other about Sophia and James. Blake is frustratingly annoying on this. Not just the way he is about James, but how he justifies it's different with Sophia...when it's not...it's actually worse! Anyways, I guess even our beautiful Blake Landon isn't perfect, all the time.

I think my only complaint is I wish it was longer! Can't get enough of Blake...mmm. But honestly I'd rather get a taste than have to wait a whole year for the next installment to come out and a longer book. So I guess my complaint really is futile. Thank you Meredith Wild, it keeps getting better.
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on June 17, 2014
Blake and Erica are back and better than ever! In the highly anticipated next installment of Meredith Wild's Hacked Series we pick up right where we left off in Blake and Erica's relationship.

Erica has had some difficulty with her business and because she is so independent her giving up control to Blake is one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. But living without Blake isn't even an option and when circumstances arise and the past comes back to haunt her will it be too late?

I fell in love with this series the second I picked it up. I was so excited to be able to read Hardline and I loved every minute of it. At times I was frustrated with Erica but in some ways I understood where she just didn't tell Blake pertinent information. While I felt like this book furthered the plot, Blake and Erica's story is by no means over. While some might find fault in this, I can't help but think that there is so much more to play out and between Erica and Blake and I can't wait to see what happens!

5 out of 5 STARS!
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on June 23, 2014
I absolutely disliked it with a passion - what a selfish **** Blake Landon was but the author committed the ultimate Cardinal sin and didn’t warn the reader that this goes onto a book 4! So now that I have got that off my chest let me focus on the review.

So we know that Blake Landon was a software mogul. He was also controlling - extremely- but he met his match with headstrong independent Erica Hathaway - or so we are led to believe.

So as per the norm with these kind of stories, both have pasts and secrets of course we find out about them.

Her past is in the form of Daniel Fitzgerald Politician but also her father and a murdering sociopath. Not a lot to say on this except he met her Mother, allegedly fell in love and then dumped her when she found out she was pregnant. We know that her Mother met and married Elliot who promptly sent her to boarding school once her mother died and that’s all we hear about Elliott ( up until now).

Blake Landon an intimidating dominating man with dark desires and who fought tooth and nail for what he wanted. He is portrayed as “perfection”. Beautiful, wildly successful, rich and charming to boot but then get to glimpse of what he is like in book 2 and then its unleashed in book 3 and that is where my Kindle hit the bedroom wall.

What didn’t I like - well most of it. All over the place in respect of the plot and I didn’t like the message that was coming out of this story . Meredith Wild leads us to believe that if you love someone so much you basically give them what they want.

Erica Hathaway exuded liquid charisma like a burst water main when it came to men. What she had I didn’t get. Each man she was involved with fell for her Blake, Mark, James, Max, Isaac. It was over the top.

Erica Hathaway was a poor character, a major procrastinator using every excuse in the book for his behaviour and hers. I don’t know why she was supposedly like a moth to a flame when it came to men but she clearly had poor judgement. Her continued grovelling to Blake really irritated me because that’s what he wanted, that’s what he needed, he loved her!. What happened to that independent feisty woman? She somehow got lost in this plot and whatever flame she had was completely snuffed out by Blake Landon.

Blake Landon is not dominant but more of a manipulator - he manipulates positions to the point where any decisions that were made were the ones he wanted.. He had too many double standards for my liking and he breached the boundary in their relationship when he dished out her punishment and then what about that ultimatum?

“you don’t want to be owned, is that it? You don’t want to belong to me as much as I want to belong to you, is that right?” she didn’t want to be owned and she very rarely answered to anyone. Blake knew this but kept trying to change her. His ultimatum? “if you marry me that is going to change. Permanently.” “I want control, Erica but I am not going to take it from you. You have to give it to me. You opened the door. Now you have to walk through it”

So there you have it people.
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on June 14, 2014
Blake and Erica!!! What more could you want. Meredith Wild has done it once more! Each book gets better and better in the Hacker Series!
Hardline is book #3 in the Hacker Series and by far the best. It starts with a bang and keeps going right up to the cliffhanger end.

Blake and Erica's love seems to be blossoming right before our eyes! It seems that nothing can tear them apart. But are they really indestructible? Maybe. Maybe not! Meredith's writing puts you in the moment. It makes you feel like you are right there in the book with them! You will laugh, cry, sigh, and cry a little more. Get your tissues ready! Your going to need them!

Congratulations Meredith Wild on another amazing book! Definitely my favorite of the Hacker Series! SO FAR!
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on November 12, 2015
The characters in this novel keep declaring their undying love for one another and their inability to live without each other--- but their relationship is shallow otherwise. They have three types of interactions- sex, talking of how they cannot live without each other, and arguing over who controls whom (which often occurs during the sex). Their dynamic only "works" because the woman is much younger and much less powerful than her boyfriend/fiancé. He controls her and actually makes her explicitly choose between him and her free will in every aspect of her life. At first, I thought she was going to be her own woman and dump him, but she decides she needs the sex too much and gives in. There is a sex scene that to me read as utter humiliation of the female character to punish her for allowing another man to make a pass at her. He states that he "owns" her.

I somewhat enjoyed the first two books in this series, but this one was the last one that I will read. I do not know how women can read a book where a man demands utter control of a woman's life and think it sounds romantic or desirable. I think that readers would have a different reaction if the same demands were made by residents of a trailer park-- the fact that this man is rich seems to make it all ok, I guess, in some reader's eyes. The fantasy of being taken care of bleeds into a world where the woman has voluntarily given up all free will and agrees to let her "man" make every decision for her. He humiliates her and punishes her for actions of which he disapproves. Take away the fact that he is rich and his obsession and desire to control would be seen as precursors to being an outright abuser. I see through it and it turns my stomach.
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on August 14, 2014
After the suffering my poor heart went through in book 2, this book was exactly what it needed to put it back together again. Erica and Blake’s relationship got a lot of attention in this book and the ways both of them have grown in their relationship was great to read. I have to admit that I was a little torn (okay, maybe a lot torn) with my dear Blake as he made demands of Erica to completely submit to his controlling ways, in more than just the bedroom. Like Erica I was feeling resentful that he wanted her to give up control of everything that made her who she was, but then everything that happened between them after that point made me rethink everything and I began to understand what Blake was really asking of her and it was clear that they were still very much a partnership and he was totally redeemed in my eyes. If possible, I ended up loving him even more by the end of the book.

This book was not without its angst and drama, but compared to Hardpressed it just seemed much more tolerable and I was confident they’d get through it. Some of the conflict was brought on by external factors (some that had me gasping and thinking “no! this can’t be happening!”) and some of it was brought on by internal factors as Blake learned of some of the events from the last book. His reaction was quite explosive but it also served as a turning point for them and their relationship. This book also delved much deeper into the dom/sub relationship and it was definitely a lot kinkier than the other two books! One thing that has been true throughout the series is that Blake and Erica’s chemistry and love for each other just leaps off the page and is scorching hot!

Now that Heath and Alli have moved back to Boston we got to see a lot more of them and I just love them as a couple, I’m really hoping they get a HEA. We also got to see more of Fiona as well as Blake’s parents which I loved because the Landon clan is so awesome and I love that Erica gets to be a part of that family. I also loved what happened with James in this book and she even makes progress with Daniel. The cast of secondary characters, even the villains, really rounds out the stories and are a great addition.

I was surprised to learn before starting this book that there were going to be more books in this series, and this book does end on a cliffhanger. But I am very eager for the next book to see how that reveal is going to shake out, I figured it out right before the reveal but I have no idea what this person’s motivations are and I am looking forward to finding out! And given the events of this book, I am super excited to see Erica and Blake take the next step in their relationship!
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on June 14, 2014
I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

First off just let me say HOLY SMOKES!!! This is by far the best of the series in my personal opinion. Meredith Wild has outdone herself this time and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the next one!

Hardline is more focused on Blake and Erica's relationship than the previous two. Blake is finally feeling more comfortable in the relationship now that Erica finally knows the truth. And Erica is finally starting realize a few things on her. Like the fact in order to be with Blake she has to make a few rough decisions if she truly wants to be with him. Not only that but a few secrets come out and it will push them to the limit and have to take a look within themselves. Now there was plenty of surprises in this book and it was constantly on the edge of my seat trying to read faster in order to see what would happen. I don't wanna give too much a way bc it will ruin the surprise but I will say you definitely won't be disappointed!
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on December 30, 2015
**spoiler alert** Overall, I do really enjoy the HACKER series, but this book frustrated me beyond belief at times. Though, I am still giving it 4 stars, because like I said, it's a great series with a fantastic plot and dynamic characters. Even so, reading HARDLINE left me with a roller coaster of emotions to deal with. This book's plot had so much potential. As usual, Wild had many great moments, but the few negatives are too annoying to see past.

First, Blake has become annoyingly possessive in this book. I can't deal with this 28 (27?) year old's temper tantrums. He discovers Erica kissed James while they were separated, and he becomes enraged. It's completely one-sided, though, as Blake ALSO did things just to frustrate Erica (Sophia, Risa, and so on). Plus, they weren't together. YOU WEREN'T TOGETHER, BLAKE. Jeez. And when he's mad, he's terrifying...

Next, and another huge spoiler alert, Erica is nearly raped (AGAIN...), and she refers to said rape as her attacker "attempting to have sex" with her. I've NEVER heard of a rape victim refer to that act as SEX. It's anything but. This was a huge disappointment for me.

Finally, Erica seriously lacks PTSD to the point where it's unrealistic. There is some there, so Wild did try, but I don't think she gave it enough. Pretty much every man Erica meets tries to rape her, which is already incredibly unrealistic. Unless all the rapists live in Boston... which I doubt. So in this book, she's drugged, sexually assaulted, and on the brink of rape. Yet, she overcomes this fairly quickly. This is her THIRD sexual attack (Mark, then Isaac, and now Max), as well as being physically, emotionally, and mentally abused (REPEATEDLY) by Daniel. Yet, she's a total trooper, as if this was the norm. (Though, it does seem to be HER norm...)

The lack of attention to detail in these instances was a major disappointment. Even so, Wild is a great writer who is penning incredibly difficult situations with (I can only assume to be) ease. And even with these three disappointments, I did go on to read the fourth book, which was by far the best in the series.

So even if these issues really bothered you, too. Don't give up. She makes up for it with book four!
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I gave this 5 stars because this book is hot, steamy and it is Blake Landon!!! This series is a must read! Erica and Blake took me to edge and back. I don't want to ruin any spoilers but hot dang!!! This book met all my expectations and more! I love all the characters and I can feel every emotion of Erica. If only I can find my own Blake!
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on October 1, 2015
Personally I don't care how many books it takes to get this story told. I don't care that there are cliffhangers...I'm addicted and completely sold out to this series, and the longer it takes for the story to be told (within reason)...well, it just makes the story-telling detailed, descriptive, proper and correct. This is a series..the story cannot be told in one or two installments. The details take time to lay out and it's the details that make it what it is. Brilliant!

Erica Hathaway's mother dies when she's 12. Her step-father sent her to boarding school soon afterward. She's been on her own practically all of her life. She's extremely independent, determined, stubborn and in control. She's a very intelligent Harvard graduate. She's a strong willed CEO of her own struggling business...her brainchild.. (a fashion social network). And now the love of her life...a domineering alpha male, demands that she submit to him in and out of the bedroom. He demands her trust; no more secrets; no more decisions made without him involved...something that comes hard for Erica to give. But Blake Landon is a dominant...a lifestyle he needs. And he needs this submission from Erica in order for their relationship to move forward.

This third installment is a monumental pivotal step for Erica. She's never had to answer to anyone before...never been dependent upon anyone before - - - never allowed anyone into her controlled life. She's like a little bulldog; determined to forge ahead and make things work out regardless of the challenges and do it alone, regardless how tough it gets. But Blake helps her realize that they're a team...she's no longer alone to meet her challenges. And relying upon him...trusting him completely is one of the hardest challenges for her.

This third installment was no less addicting and consuming as the first two installments. This is one of those fabulous roller coaster rides that gives a total "body grab"...the ride that causes your tummy to flip. It completely engulfed me making me incapable of putting the story down. Nothing got done...everything was neglected...and if I WAS able to set the story down briefly, my concentration was worthless...completely gone as I could think of nothing but getting back to my story. I loved this story and Ms. Wild hit that ball outta the park with this fabulous plot of romance and dramatic suspense. This author has the fantastic ability/talent (or at least this humble reader thinks so..), of portraying and unfolding each scene to its zenith with technicolor and brilliant clarity building to a fabulous ear splitting crescendo. Before the reader is even aware what has happened, this author has you captured and enthralled with the storyline as it deepens and the plot thickens. Character descriptions are spot on. Dialogue is original and well balanced with just enough narration told in first person. I love how Ms. Wild painstakingly draws the reader into a slightly mysterious, yet sweet and intriguing romantic plot and leads us, inch by wonderfully delicious slow inch, through each step and phase of progression of Erica and Blake's hawt connection. Ms. Wild so capably and thoroughly conveys the angst and drama that Erica finds herself in...as well as the wonderful progression and raw excitement of the newness of the beginning of a hawt mutual connection between two people. Outstanding. There's no rush and because Ms. Wilds' talented capabilities..because of her expert writing, the reader has no choice but to feel connected as one with the main characters...there is no other alternative than to fall into the emotional romantic excitement . The journey is absolutely exquisite and delightful throughout. It never loses momentum. I loved the attraction between Erica and Blake and how it quickly grows into a raging inferno. She's soft to his hard- - she's sunshine to his dark. She's innocence to his roughness. And they quickly become lost without the other. Blake becomes her reason to plan a tomorrow. And I absolutely LOVED how she unintentionally made mincemeat out of his best controlling intentions...only to realize how wrong she is to bind him; to tighten the reins on his control. Their relationship grows when she finally allows him in completely...to protect her and keep her safe. He not only becomes her reason for breathing...he becomes the very air itself. And she's the thrum of his pulse and every whisper of his conscience....and he is hers. Erica is just as consumed with him. Brilliant Ms. Wild. Absolutely brilliant writing.
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