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on February 16, 2013
What I like:
-Aesthetics: presentation, packaging, beautiful and unique sophisticated design, nice pleather carrying case
-Option of 2 sizes (small vs large) of metallic headbands
-Magnetic leather earpads are easily removable and thus replaced
-Balanced sound, more than capable (though not booming) bass. Suitable for movie-watching and all sorts of music (instrumental soundtracks, vocals, hip-hop, pop, haven't tried rock yet)
-Easily driven by Galaxy Nexus using PowerAmp app with slight boosting of the treble, no amp necessary
-On-ear design makes music more vivid than around-the-ear design of other headphones. It also does a fair job of passively isolating noise (good enough to drown out 70% of engine noise during air travel)
-Minimal sound leakage
-More premium sound and design than direct competitor B&W P3. $100 cheaper than B&W P5, and after a quick test I could not tell the difference, probably only a very discerning audiophile could

What I don't like:
-Unlocking mechanism for earpieces may disengage them from the headband if you rotate them 360 degrees inadvertently
-Comfortable for half an hour but then clamping pressure on ears causes them to start throbbing
-Cable is proprietary. It also has a straight end rather than an L-shape to connect to device
-A little bit of noise when you move around, whether from squeaky leather or rubbing the metal headband

Sound and comfort when compared to Klipsch Image One, Harman Kardon CL, B&W P5, Bose QC15, Sennheiser Momentum:
-Klipsch Image One is too bass-heavy. Comfort is merely OK because the cushions are so small they straddle the line between circum-aural and on-ear
-UE6000 will have more prominent bass with active noise cancellation function turned on with better clarity in the mids and highs with noise cancellation turned off. It is very comfortable, superior to CL due to plush memory foam. However the UE6000's earpads cannot be replaced at all, and it is somewhat heavy/bulky especially with 2 AAA batteries installed. Plus you may noticed a "hiss" due to the noise cancellation
-B&W P5: Although this was by far the best-looking out of all the headphones, I found it to have a somewhat hollow sound especially when compared to the Harman Kardon CL. A very tight (and unadjustable) clamping force made listening very uncomfortable even for brief periods. That, plus the questionable durability (just go into any apple store and see how beat up the leather pads get over time), made me feel this was overpriced at $300
-Bose QC15 have best active noise-cancelling effect (and does not generate any hiss/white noise). In terms of sound quality, however, it is the worst of the bunch as bass is one-tone and highs sound shrill and hurt my ears. Its plush ear cushions make it the most comfortable around-ear headphones I have ever used
-Sennheiser Momentum has crisper highs and has less bass. Comfort is superior as long as your ears fit into the plush cushions, and overall weight is a barely-there 190g

For sound quality I would rank Sennheiser Momentum>Logitech UE6000=Harman Kardon CL>B&W P5>Klipsch One=Bose QC15
For comfort Bose QC15>Sennheiser Momentum>Logitech UE6000>Harman Kardon CL=Klipsch One=B&W P5
For noise isolation Bose QC15>Logitech UE6000 (active mode)>Harman Kardon CL>Sennheiser Momentum>B&W P5=Klipsch One

What you should do if you buy this product:
-For 90% of users, switch out the pre-installed small size metal headband for the larger size, it'll fit better
-Stretch out the metal headband a bit with your hands, it will reduce the clamping pressure
-If you wear glasses, put the headphones on then put your glasses so the earpieces are sitting on top of the headphones. This will further alleviate clamping pressure
-Buy AudioEquip's NEW! Replacement Upgrade Headband Comfort Cushion Pad in Leatherette with snap locks. Universal fit most Headphone models; Grado SR SRi-series, Sennheiser HD-series, Beyerdynamic and more. for more comfort as the included elastic band is somewhat hard when resting on your head. In fact, I've found this particular headband cushion very useful for the UE6000's, Monoprice 8323's, and HK CL's
-No need for an amp, just tune up your treble through an EQ
-Best for listening at home, on the train, on an airplane. Not while working out or moving a lot
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on December 22, 2012
I love Amazon; i buy almost everything here. But I went to Best Buy to buy another pair of headsets because you can try them out and listen to them--something you can't do on Amazon. I specifically was interested if the Beats (by Dr Dre) were worth the $250-300 they ask for. Well, to my ear, they're good, but not worth the $300--these headsets (which I got on sale at $160) were by far better in quality. I tried every pair headphones they had there--Beats, Skulls, Monster, Sennheiser, Sony, Panasonic, and some off brands. (For reference, I would say these were clearly the best, then the $200 Monster set, then the $250 Beat mixr sets were third (but better than the $300 Beats "professional" pair. Also, the $300 Bose 15 with noise reduction were great, if you want noise reduction. But didn't sound as good as these three based only on the quality of the sound.)

These don't have the volume of the Monster or Beats mixr, but they were the only pair of headphones that were clear and could handle bass. The Monster and Beats have great bass, but if you play folk or classical they don't have the clarity (you can hear a pin drop on these), whereas the Sennheiser and Panasonic were clear, but if you also listen to hiphop, sound flat (these sound fat).

So if you want a pair of headphones that can handle both extremes, also look great, fold flat and come with a case and detachable sound cord, and also have "passive" noise reduction (the cans cover your ears and you can't hear much outside noise) these are the ones you want (at least for the under $300).
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on March 20, 2014
I normally don't care what headphones look like - but these are UGLY when you have the large headband on (which everyone recommends for comfort), and they are very uncomfortable (even with the large headband).

Mine also were delivered defective, where the black mesh covering on one of the headphones wasn't affixed properly, so I could see the inner parts of the earpiece. I'm returning for a refund - I purchased them because of the deal price of $65 - but they hurt, and are embarrassing to wear - since they look like a weird angel halo gone bad!
review image review image
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on February 10, 2013
I love these headphones. The sound quality is good enough that I was impressed after shelling out $200, which is saying something. 3 months later, I am still impressed.

So let's start out with the sound - it probably isn't for everybody. There's a little emphasis on bass and mids, and by that I mean these have more bass slam than a purely neutral set. The mids are also slightly forward, which is one of the reasons I love these things. Treble is...treble. They have enough to be exciting, but not enough to ever sound shrill or sibilant.

But these are all subjective things, let's get into specific examples.

"Bleed" by Cold: Probably sounds better on this set of headphones than any other setup I've ever heard. It's an acoustic guitar and vocal piece, and it's beautiful. The acoustic guitar sounds phenomenal on these, and the male vocals have excellent weight and sound superb. It's a beautiful song regardless, but that beauty is doubled on this set.

"Cheers Darlin'" - by Damien Rice: Another acoustic-type track that sounds incredible on these. Vocals of all sorts just sound "right" on these, and they have enough detail that little sounds here-and-there are audible and add to the enjoyment.

"Welcome Home" - Coheed and Cambria: Exciting. Once again, guitars sound phenomenal. They are crunchy and visceral. The bass drum hits are exciting, and the cymbals sound metallic. This is a song with a lot going on, and you can hear it all with these. Not once does any instrument start to make the others less enjoyable.

"Suburban Me" - In Flames: Another rock song, a little busier than the last one. Once again, an exciting sound. Lots going on, and these headphones keep it all under perfect control. You never lose track of vocals, but are well aware of everything else going on in the song. The treble here really adds to the song for me, making it *that* much more exciting.

The few rap songs I listened to all sounded tremendous - these have plenty of bass energy and presence, hitting hard and hitting low while never sounding over-exaggerated to my ears. Acoustic music in general just sounds incredible, rock sounds exciting. I haven't heard these lose their composure once, and I'm hearing things with these that I've not heard before.

Build-quality is very good. You have metal and leather, which is a good combination. Stylistically, these are a little "retro" looking and some will love it some will hate it. I've gotten used to putting them on my head on a plane or train and no longer worry how I look.

Comfort wise, these are a mixed bag for me. Initially, they're very comfortable and soft. After a half-hour, there's some discomfort in my ears from having the earpads on them. Sometimes it's worse than others, but overall this is the biggest downside for me.

These are very portable, and fold relatively flat which makes them easy to squeeze into a laptop bag or briefcase. Super convenient.

Overall, I'd highly recommend checking these out. The sound is just about perfect for me, with a realistic sound that never becomes fatiguing. Seriously - everything I listen to on these sounds incredibly good. My one knock for these is in the comfort department, as they hurt my ears after 30/45 minutes. It's not enough to get me to take them off, but it's enough that I think "I wish these were more comfortable."

I own both these and the Sennheiser Momentums, and would put these slightly above the Momentums in terms of enjoying the sound for me. Both sets have more bass then a neutral set would, but the Momentums have a much broader range of "extra" bass while these are more limited in scope to lower frequencies, translating to more bass "slam". Treble energy on these is also higher, which I enjoy. Both sets are very detailed, but I feel like I have an easier time hearing extra little details in the music on this set vs the Momentums. The *only* reason I would opt for the Momentums over these is because of comfort.

You shouldn't take this as me saying that the H/K set is sonically superior to the Momentum, I would not make that claim. Both sets sound great, it just boils down to preference and I happen to prefer these for the reasons I outlined above.
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on March 17, 2014
I'm not an audiophile, but I'm a devoted techie and musician, so sorry if I don't used audiophilic lingo in this :D
I got these while they were on sale for $70ish as Deal of the Day. At that price point, it was definitely worth it. At $140, what it's going for now, though, you might be better off with Audio Technica M50x's.
Listened to a variety of classical tracks with these on, not sure what they sound like with pop music.
SOUND: beautiful, warmish, not particularly warm, but decent if you want warm sound. Not bright at all, so if you're looking for bright headphones, try something else. Very open sound; I feel like I'm in a performance hall sometimes, the music rings :D
CLARITY: refer to below
TREBLE/BASS: these pack a nice oomph, although they may still sound a little thin if you are really big on bass heavy music. If you're only interested in bass, these might NOT be the headphones for you, despite the great sound quality and balance. The bass is great and pretty clear, not like that muddied sound you might get with other headphones (*cough cough* Beats)
BALANCE: pretty well balanced headphones. There is a lot of bass, but it generally doesn't tend to overshadow the trebles; treble still rings loud and clear over the bass.
COMFORT and DESIGN: meh. A little tight on my ears, will probably get uncomfortable after a while. I had to switch to the larger band to wear comfortably, and even the large band is almost too small for my head. Detachable cable is nice to have; personally I think if you take care of the cable, it's less liable to break if it's detachable. Also, cables are gold tipped (I would expect them to be at this price point), so no worries about the audio quality. :D
Note: DON'T TWIST THE HEADPHONES. I didn't see this instruction and tried to get the headphones off by twisting them. Hasn't damaged my set, but be careful. To remove the band, use your nails and bend the pin out, then pull straight off. Same for inserting.
REMOTE: doesn't work with my PC. Haven't tried on my Android, but suspect it won't work.
NOISE CANCELLING: these are very open headphones, no noise cancelling to speak of. Not the best for public places unless you turn the sound up a lot, but don't really recommend it, although they are usable and hearable in loud environments.
LOOKS: I love the look of these headphones. Some people have told me they look a bit weird, being squarish, but I rather like the distinct, leather looks. Leather ear cups are nice and soft. :D
CASE: nice, soft leather case. However, it is secured by only a tightening band, which makes me worried the case could open at any moment, but it hasn't happened yet. It has a separate compartment for the cable, which just goes to show how thoughtful they are about their designs.

OVERALL, these are AWESOME, but I'd recommend you wait for a lower price point than $140 to buy. I think they were at $100ish a few months ago.
Personally, at $140ish, you're probably better off checking out the Audio Technica ATH-M50xs.

Note: comes with 2 year warranty.

The volume up/down buttons do NOT work on my Android (Samsung Galaxy Note III), but the pause/play button does. None of the buttons work on my PC. Alright, back to enjoying these headphones :)
Wore 'em for nearly an hour today, hasn't really hurt my ears. You just need to wear them properly, make sure they're not pressing your ears back, not placed too high, too low, etc.
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on January 24, 2014
I purchased these a few months ago after testing them out in person at the Apple Store. The sound was great, but I didn't realize that you can't wear them walking around without hearing a constant thumping sound. Another big downside is that if I wear them more than a half hour, the compression starts to give me a headache. This is even worse when I am wearing glasses. The design of these headphones just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Also, the volume controls on the cord have just stopped working altogether. I am pretty disappointed in these given the price I paid, and I am probably going to return these if I still can.
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on October 18, 2014
First off, I've been an audio engineer for well over 20 years. First tip, break the headphones in, believe it or not, 100 hours then decide. I have been keeping the headphones playing straight for a couple of days, and they sounds smoother and more balanced.

Great deal, best headphones I've purchased in a long time, both for listening, and for phone conversation. FINALLY! I've gone through about three pairs of headphones for this very purpose, including the famous so called Beats by Dre and the Monster (Nokia) headphones for my Lumia phone, and nothing compares to the headphones I've spent up to $220 on verses the $65 I paid for these. Audio "sounds great", not to bore the readers with technical analysis, but the basic three ranges are evenly delivered, lows, mids, and highs, unlike some of the other brands that are curved for more bass and or mids to fool the listeners into thinking their sound is great and loud. Sound isn't harsh even at high levels, where it matters.

Regarding phone conversations on my Windows Lumia ICON (929) phone, finally, no complaints. Even my Beats are useless for conversation, too many people tell me to call back, that they cannot understand me, so unacceptable for the money I've spent on the other three brands.

These headphones are fantastic for the money, and most importantly, better sounding than my $220 Beats by Dre headphones. This is first class all the way, I even feel badly about throwing away the box :-)
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on June 22, 2014
I noticed that Amazon had these on sale (at an almost-suspicious 75% off the normal price of $250). I go through headphones pretty regularly, so I'm not only a 'connoisseur' of-sorts but a budding audiophile as well. (Other reviewers have done much better and more thorough breakdowns in that department than I would here, so dig into those analyses for true tech comparisons...)

I did some research on these and the only thing suspect to me was the assumed comfort of the rectangular 'phones over my ears, which I've noticed become sensitive to virtually any over-ear or on-ear headphones after about forty-five minutes. However, I didn't read many complaining of that issue with the CL Precisions. With respect to Harman Kardon as a mid-to-intro-high-end brand, I've been a rather consistent consumer for the past six or seven years, purchasing satellite audio speakers (which last, even after knocking them over...repeatedly) and a terrific component receiver (that has also lasted...). However, when it's come to headphones, I've been all-over-the-map, jumping between Bose earbuds to Shures to Sennheisers to bulky noise-isolating 'cans,' to much more reasonably-priced things by the likes of Monster and (yes) even Urban Ears more recently. (Hey, they've stood the test of time...just not comfort.)

I'll just say this: having used the CL Precisions for about two hours now, I'd honestly have invested the full MSRP of $250, regardless of the discount. They're that good. The sound is crisp and true, the bass impressively reverberant. There's real depth here, almost dimension. Brightness is restored to MP3s of poorer quality. What I was most concerned about--the comfort of the fit over my ears--is a non-issue. In fact, it's in the Pro column; with two interchangeable headbands included, these will never 'squeeze' your head, nor will they slide (assuming you're not doing something too physical--they're not really those kind of headphones). They adjust expertly and isolate exterior noise much better than I would have expected, given their rather boxy design.

My single Con, thus far, is a small, small design quibble with the integrated Apple remote. While I am, admittedly, not among those that would even consider this an important inclusion, I do think that the remote's placement is very high on the wire (only inches from the left earphone). Granted, there are only three buttons to deal with, but they are virtually placed in a blind-spot where you must pay nearly as must attention fidgeting with the remote as you would just changing a track or answering a call on your phone itself.

But overall, these are truly chic (the look is even more 'mod' than suggested in the photos--they are stunning), the packaging is superb (everything you'd expect from HK), design both detail-oriented and overly pragmatic (the fact that they pivot and fold for travel and storage is ingenious), and the current price point is unmissable.

Bottom line: for under $70, this is, far-and-away, the best sound that I have ever experienced.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 22, 2014
I love Amazon; i buy almost everything here, look at my reviews, over 200 items this year and I'm not current on my reviews. But I went to Best Buy to buy another pair of headsets because you can try them out and listen to them--something you can't do on Amazon. Also I have two 50$ gift cards from a promotion they had to get old tablets in trade for a 50$ coupon for a samsung s tablet, and 50$ gift card. I thought I would get headphones.

At best buy you can listen to the different models they sell which are many-Beats, Skulls, Monster, Sennheiser, Sony, Panasonic, Bose,--and these. They also have some generic/off brand like magnavox, or bell and howell.

These headphones are not the loudest, like Monster or Beats mixr and are not 300$, but they were the only pair of headphones that were clear and could handle bass. The Monster and Beats have great bass, but classical or folk music/light rock, etc., they don't have the clarity--these are exceptional in that regard.and the others have bass and no clarity, or clarity and no bass, or neither.

So if you want a pair of headhpones that does a great job with almost everything--except the extremes---and the ones that handle the extremes well, don't handle what I consider to be more important, and that is the clarity --and you don't want to spend 300$, here you are. You cannot beat these. I was going to get some Bose once --a few months ago, but now after using these, there is no way I would pay the price that they want.

Under the left ear is a mic jack, so you can plug in a mic for use on phone calls, and other needs.

There are many good things, that I really really like, and some I don't.

What I like:
- very unique look, good design,
-Large or small--- metallic headbands
-Magnetic leather earpads are easily removable and can be replaced
-Balanced sound, Very good bass (as mentioned earlier) also very good for general music listening, movies, etc.
-On-ear design passively isolates and reduces noise by 70%
-As good or better sound than most costing substantially more, sure to please all but the most discerning music fan

What I don't like:
- Earpieces come off if not careful--twisting them unlocks them .
- Can be uncomfortable after some time due to squeezing of ears/head
- Cable is "proprietary" How can you make 3.5mm audio cable proprietary?
- These can be a bit "noisy"--not from electronics, but from the vinyl rubbing or the metal rubbing etc.


The sound is clear and crisp, they seem to be built exceptionally well. I have real concerns about the discomfort caused by the pressure (squeezing). (a one star deduction). I will have to gain more experience to know better and will update accordingly.
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on June 22, 2014
Got these few days back as they were on sale for $65 and as usual with Harman Kardon, there are no bad surprises.
Build quality is great, sound is fantastic even though I still did not finish the burnin period so I only expect it to get better.

The aluminium construction feels very premium and light weight.

The leather is all over the place and gives both good feeling and comfort to wear for extended periods of time.

Even though it is passive noise cancellation, there is not much that filters to your ears and sound leak is very minimal.

Well worth the money, for me the best headset I ever owned.
review image review image review image review image
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