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on November 11, 2011
I could not download my digital copy onto itunes, which prompted me to read the reviews here. I was so frustrated to learn it was not user error, and would not be able to download onto my chiilds itouch. This purchase was made for that specific reason. We immediately contacted Ultraviolet support. At first it did not look good as we were given a "ticket #" and told we would be contacted via email. Well, much to our surprise we received a response within the hour. They understood the issue and want to rectify the problem and make sure the customer is satisfied. They offered to send us an itunes code to download a digital copy immediately. We did have to first reply with our original redemption code found in the dvd insert. Upon doing so, we received a response back from them within 5 minutes, giving us our itunes code. I am not sure if this will solve everyines issues, but hopefully it will please a majority of those upset by this issue.
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on November 11, 2011
Well, seeing the numerous 1 star reviews here tells me that everybody is in the same boat and opinion as me. I just got this blu-ray today, and as usual, when I saw the word digital copy, I fired up iTunes, punched in the code for it to download the digital copy. iTunes doesn't recognize the code provided in this blu-ray. Apparently WB has decided to not support devices with the largest market share and went with its own "digital copy."

To get started, you have to sign up for a Flixster account, then sign up for an Ultraviolet account, then link them together. Are you still with me? Then punch in the code on the website and the movie will show up on your "digital locker." How do you watch the movie then? Well, there's a download button, but clicking that will reveal that you have to download and install an Adobe Air app for your computer. Yes, it doesn't support iTunes nor Apple TV. The website shows that it supports iDevices, which is misleading. iDevices are not supported natively. You have to download the flixster app for iOS, and stream the movie via that app, not via the built-in video player.

Now, who would want to go through all that just to watch the movie that you already paid for on your own devices? It's easier to just rip the DVD and make your own real digital copy, free from any hassles. This Ultraviolet method is a complete mess, and only confuses and punishes legitimate users. On the Ultraviolet website, they said there will be official Ultraviolet devices coming soon. Yeah, we'll see when that's going to happen.

I moved up my ratings from 1 star to 3. If you go to flixster support: support dot ultraviolet dot flixster dot com, request a support ticket explaining nicely how you cannot use this ultraviolet copy with iTunes, you will receive a quick response from WB that will give you an iTunes code (make sure you have your original UV redemption code). Now, don't bother asking support directly from ultraviolet (uvvu dot com), they will simply said it is what it is and ignored your plea. So, added 2 stars for prompt response from flixster and WB, and now I have an iTunes digital copy.

I moved the rating up to 4 stars. The iTunes code I obtained gave me the movie PLUS the iTunes extras! iTunes extras are bonus contents that you would get when you purchased the movie directly from iTunes. Usually on previous iTunes digital copy you get from purchasing blu-ray movies only get you the movie itself, not the iTunes extras. I'm happier now, and glad that WB did the right thing.
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on September 21, 2011
Movie-wise, the director wasn't that great. To my taste, he relied a little too much on Star Wars-esque flashiness and spell-shooting. Then toward the end, he wanted to cut short the important death scenes (Fred!) and lengthen the cheesy ones (Bellatrix!). But disc-wise, I'm thinking, "Really? This is the last movie of the entire series, and they wanna sell it on ONE disc?" I guess wait til the last minute and see if they release something a little more hefty to give it a proper send-off...? O.o
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on November 13, 2011
I love the Harry Potter movies but this new Ultraviolet Digital Copy is ruining my opinion of Warner Brothers. iTunes is much better and extremely user friendly from my experience - Ultraviolet will never match up. They say that it works on iPhone or iPad but not having the flexibility to put it on my iPad and take it off whenever I want is ridiculous. And with only 5 downloads, you better make sure you don't delete it too often or you won't be able to get it back on your portable device. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER!!! I wish I would have only purchased the Blu-ray and not spent the extra money to get the digital copy that I will never watch. Thanks WB - I'll be sure to never buy an Ultraviolet copy again.

UPDATE: I also contacted Flixster and asked for an iTunes Digital Copy and they provided me a code for a REAL digital copy. Thanks Flixster - I will continue to utilize your iPhone app!!! VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!
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on October 15, 2011
I have preordered this, and can't wait to get it, but -1 star for the UltraViolet Digital Copy. Please offer an iTunes option, or let's save a buck or two and drop the digital copy altogether.
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on November 3, 2011
Just pre-ordered the Region Free 3D Bluray from Amazon UK. With a 2D version blu ray , a DVD and a real Digital copy. It will be released on Dec. 2
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on November 16, 2011
The film itself is beautiful on Blu Ray and the special features are no disappointment. However, with that said, the so-called "digital copy" is not an actual copy at all. It's just an access code to stream the movie via the Flixster app, which means you have to have wifi to watch it. This could be incredibly problematic on a plane or anywhere where internet is not available. This is just slightly left of false advertising. Very disappointing. Comes with a DVD though. Tip - use HANDBRAKE for your digital copy;)
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on November 18, 2011
The movie was action-packed for the most part. It's the darkest in the series, and is appropriately manifested with drawn-out colors during most of the film. This makes special effects such as battle of the wands even more spectacular!

The 1080p picture for the most part are clear and detailed. There are some smearing but those are in the background. The audio (DTS-HD 5.1) is fabulous: voice and sound are clean and clear, and sound effects have directional sense.

Haven't tried the ultra-violet, but I am totally against it and hated it. I prefer to have copy that sit on my PC server or my smart phone or iPad, playable locally without external connections.

If it wasn't for the combo pack (3D/DVD), I would just get the single one or complete collection. 3D is exclusive to Best Buy so I returned this to Amazon in favor of the 3D combo pack.
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on October 27, 2011
I don't have the DVD yet but I am anxiously waiting. I have to say I had a lot of hopes for Part II and likely that's why I was disappointed. Twenty more minutes would have taken this movie from good to great. All that build-up for the end battle and then when it finally comes, pttthhh! it's over. What happened to the big show down taking place in front of the whole school? I'm sorry but for the climax of the film the death of our two most hated baddies was a huge disappointment for me. Honestly, don't blink or you'll miss it!

It would have been nice to have seen how one of the twins was killed, or other main characters who suddenly we see are dead. Killed by what? And where was Hagrid's brother the half-giant? We didn't see him in the battle at all. Or she wanted to fight and people kept trying to stop her. Nor did we see how Voldermort (sp?) uses his wand/power to flip Harry's limp body in the forest to incite laughs and jeers from his followers--which would have been painful to watch, but at the same time would have added to the darkness of this film.

So much in the books was not in the film, so once again the film does not do the story justice. However, this is a whole different medium...and with that in mind, they're wonderful and very visual films, still worth seeing many times as I do. I never thought I'd get into the Potter series--until I did. And the writing! I have tried to read the Twilight books. Couldn't do it. Maybe she gets better with practice but the first book was very simplistic. People compare that book series to this one--no comparison. Few know how to world-build like J.K. Rowling. Or make characters so multi-faceted as many we've gotten to know & love here.

What was great? Pretty much everything else. The old dragon was amazingly realistic. At one point I could see the slide of muscle under his skin. Very cool. Time to do the classic Pern series folks. We have the stuff now to do that series justice. Or at least the original first trilogy--I hated the later books. Back to Potter--kudos for doing justice to the flashbacks revealing Snape as the devoted (to Lilly) and secret protector of Harry all these years. For me reading that part of the story was very powerful and moving. I was afraid the film would skim through what was a very important scene--and it did not. It gave Snape the recognition he deserved--despite the fact the manner of his death was not quite right.

But I give this film four stars because of all the things we didn't get to see, that I wanted to see. So many things. Read the last book. Better yet, get the audio book--the narrator is excellent. So much more cool stuff happens you never see in this film.
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on November 14, 2011
I paid extra to get the Blu-Ray with digital copy, what a Scam.
I have purchased Warner Bros movies in the past with a digital copy and have been happy with them. I like being able to watch the movie from iTunes on AppleTV. With this junk they are trying to pass as a digital copy, you must have a Flixster app or some adobe software on you computer to view the downloaded movie. What a waste. I feel like I got ripped off by some scam artist, I guess I was, it was Warner Bros. To view the digital copy I am forced to give out more personal information to another company and then to click a release giving Flixster the rights to use any information about my viewing habit to whom ever they feel like selling the information to. I paid for this privilege?
Shame on you Warner Bros, you need to have some respect for your customers and put the real digital copy back, not this fake.

Update: After seeing another post, I emailed Flixster support asking for an iTunes store compatible redemption code. The response was very quick and I did receive a code to download an iOS compatible version of this movie.
While I am not happy that I had to go to these lengths to receive what I had expected at the time of purchase, I am pleased and impressed that Flixster and their customer service was able to solve this issue. Thank you.

I am upping my rating to 4 stars. The movie is excellent, I am only reducing it for the digital copy issues.
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