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on December 5, 2012
While the Harry Potter phenomenon at large is a property with almost an unlimited reach, the audience for a pricy collector set like this can only be a limited one. But when I set my eyes on it I knew I was one of those people. While not a devotee of the books, as a filmmaker I recognize the incredible scope of the work that went into each film. I bought the Harry Potter Page to Screen book immediately upon its release, figuring anything that weighed in at 531 pages would be comprehensive enough for my tastes. But to condense a decade worth of filmmaking into one tome risks merely skimming the surface of topics like costuming, props, and set design. I believe that the limited-run Collector's Edition expands upon these topics admirably (if not exactly comprehensively).

At nearly 40 pounds, the set arrived nestled in a series of cardboard boxes and was an epic unveiling, packed between black molded polystyrene bumpers like a hefty computer printer. The replica Monster Book of Monsters was the first out of the box, and is a nice collector-quality piece which seems to be made of heavy resin and fake fur, with well-done hand painted details. The numerous, tiny eyes are particularly good. The art portfolio is an incredibly sturdy piece, cloth-bound and gilded. The art they chose to print are not the most striking items seen in the vast catalog of production design generated for the film but are nice standalone items, representing a good range of subjects suitable for display, and are printed on a heavy, matte stock.

Each of the books gets a different "textbook-style" treatment in line with the series design, with attractive bindings and great quality paper and printing. Tons of spot varnish and classy presentation throughout -- though made in China like most print work these days. Most of them weigh in at 130 pages or so, with some as many as 150 pages in length. Of particular beauty is the Guide to the Graphic Arts Department, which showcases all of the incredible paper ephemera created for the series.

Is it worth the cost? When my wife heard the price, she nearly did a petrificus totalus. This is not for everyone. A wealthy Potter Completist will find an excuse to purchase it, but I would only recommend the set if you both are a Potter Fan AND a film design fan. If you are in the filmmaking and production design business, this is quite possibly a required set, as it must closely approximate being in proximity to the actual art department itself.

While most of the world is content seeing the final film product, those interested in the accumulation of detail and design that goes into the film's environments will not be disappointed by the wealth of concept work and photography that chronicles the series stunning and spot-on design work. Production designer Stuart Craig and company crafted a vast, beautiful visual world for these films, and it takes a package like this to do it justice.
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on June 12, 2013
I got this during while the Cyber Monday type deals were going on on Amazon. I remember it clearly: Amazon gave a little snippet before the product was actually unveiled, something like "for every true Harry Potter fan." Of course, I sat at my computer and waited until the allotted time to see what it was. And when it was finally released, I jumped on it.

I won't lie, I handled each of the books with a hint of reverence; not something I'm proud of admitting, but true all the same. I don't regret buying it at all. Maybe that would be a different story if I had paid the whole $1000, but since I only paid $480 I could justify it to myself. It was totally worth it. The amount of detail is astounding, and I feel like I got a piece of the phenomenon that isn't available for everyone. The Page to Screen book in particular is already pretty in depth, but the added bonus are the others. Each of the other books has a specific focus: the sets, the costuming, etc.

Honestly I still haven't gotten all the way through the collection. I'm trying to take my time and enjoy each piece as I get to it. My loved ones are rather annoyed with me; I keep hollering out to them details about the Harry Potter universe. I don't regret the purchase at all, and I would do it again. While my allegiance is more to the books than the movies, I can't deny that I waited for the midnight showing on all of them when they were released in theaters. The amount of work that went into even the smallest of details--a wizarding advertisement during the Quidditch Cup, for example--are shown in these books, and it is magnificent.

It's a hefty price tag, but if you want to know as much as you can about the HP world, it's worth it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 13, 2014
As a big fan of the Harry Potter novels and films, I think this book this a fantastic one to own. "Page to Screen" chronicles the entire 10-year production of the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Everything about the movies is discussed -- including in-depth looks at the characters, locations, and various stories of the making of the movies. Author Bob McCabe does a great job highlighting the challenges of the production, the technical and creative innovations, and the visual/artistic achievements. I would say that my appreciation for the films increased after reading this book. In particular, the visual elements (costumes, props, set design, creature makeup, etc) of the movies are discussed in detail. It also helps that the book contains tons of high-resolution color images - including photos from the set.

For those wondering if the collector's edition set is worth owning, my answer is YES. In addition to the main book, you also get seven ancillary books. Where the "Page to Screen" book is more informational, these other books are more focused on imagery - they contain photographs, design sketches, concept art, etc.

Each book focuses on a visual aspect of the movies -- "Wizard Wear" focuses on costuming; "Movie Magic" focuses on props and visual effects; "Creature Shop Compendium" showcases the many creatures that appear in the films; and there is even "The Paintings of Hogwarts", a book dedicated to the portraits that line the halls of Hogwarts school.

One valuable bonus in the Collector's Edition set is a nice replica of the Monster Books of Monsters. It's the best-looking version of that prop that I have seen.

** This set is very expensive, but even if it is not affordable at it's current price I would encourage you to add it to your Wish List and check back often. I purchased mine for under $150 during an Amazon lightning deal, so they do put it on sale from time to time.
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on May 10, 2013
As a photographer I have been awed by the sheer unprecedented complete production behind the movies and have been to both the Florida and just recently the London Leavesden Studio Tour. One of the things that impacted me the most I did not expect was the art department renderings, scale drawings, artwork and models. This set BEAUTIFULLY captures so much more of the amazing art and details behind the movies of sets, locations, concept art, creatures, costumes, other artwork NOT included in other books or collector sets (yes, I have them!) and the Monster Book of Monsters alone is incredible. The set, while extremely heavy, is sheer quality. The books are texture fabric covered, each with a silk ribbon bookmark attached, including the thick "Journey" book which includes the same star shaped photo, is fabric covered but does not include lettering on the cover but the spine only. If you truly appreciate the in-depth detail and unprecedented artistry and creativity, you will love this!
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on December 25, 2012
I received this set from my friends and family as a group gift this Christmas and am still in shock! First off, the set comes well packaged - the books are all in the shelf with a foam piece on top to keep them from moving around and getting damaged. TheMonster Book of Monsters also comes packed in its own styrofoam container so it arrives in 1 piece. There are two boxes - an outer that has all of the shipping/production information and then an inner which is decorated to be more of an item from Diagon Alley. The books are very well made - each having different types of binding/covers - leather, cloth, etc. - and each book has a ribbon book mark inside. The books have so much information and great photos included in them that it will take many hours to get through them all! The prints included are absolutely gorgeous. I can definitely see why the pice tag is so high but for the quality and packaging I would definitely recommend this to those who are truly Harry Potter film fans and want to learn more about how the films were made.
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on December 1, 2013
If I could, I would have given it 10 stars!! This set is so amazing!! I was honestly worried about the monster book of monsters, because of its structure, I wasn't sure how well it was going to hold up, but it has surpassed my expectations! All the books really are wonderful and bring you that much closer to the wonderful, magical world of Harry Potter. It was also very well packaged; there was really no extra space, everything was surrounded by padding of some kind, which helped keep it in pristine condition. There is a very neat surprise in the picture folder, that I didn't happily discover until 3 days after I received it. Any Harry Potter fan would do well to have this in their collection, because it is simply magical.
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on November 28, 2014
Do not pay more than $130 + tax/shipping for this set!

This collector's item is obviously not selling very well at the steep $600 pricepoint, however after reading all the reviews for this product I've noted that this set has gone on sale for $130 at least 3 times in the past 6 months.

Today is Black Friday so I set my alarm and snagged a set as soon as the Lightning Deal went live, which turned out to be, predictably, $130. I have not received the product yet and will not be able to open it myself for a long time as it is a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, but honestly I have no doubt the quality is there for the set to be worthy of $130 when certain reviewers paid between $500 and $600 and are still pleased with their purchases.

Just wanted anyone to know that that outrageous cost does not have to be a reality anymore. Just check back often. Keep an eye on Amazon Lightning Deals, and you could get this for almost 90% off that insane retail price of $1000.

Also a quick tip, put it in your cart as SOON as the deal goes live. (You'll then have 15 minutes to talk yourself into the purchase before you lose the deal/your spot in line if you need the time to make a decision). This deal was 100% claimed within 15 minutes. Be quick! =)
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on April 23, 2013
This is an amazing collection, and very well constructed. The Monster Book of Monsters looks just like the movie prop. I was afraid it would look cheap. They even included a bit of foam so that the Monster Book would be displayed the book perfectly. Everything in it is fantastic.
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on April 21, 2013
After thoroughly going over the entire set, I've come to the conclusion that it is indeed worth $600.00. Every book is beautifully designed and rendered. Every book is extremely thorough about its particular subject. The Monster Book of Monsters is almost worth the price of admission by itself. Perfectly executed. In short, if you have an extra $600.00 lying around, you couldn't find a better collectible to blow it on. I suggest buying one before they're gone. With only 3000 in existence, how long can they last? Well done!
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on December 1, 2014
I got the first Harry Potter book for my 10th birthday in 1998 and it was a day that lead to over a decade of memories and wonderful times. It has been my biggest passion. Needless to say I have collected countless Harry Potter memorabilia from limited edition books and films, boxed sets and prop replicas, down to candy, playing cards, and even Silly Bandz.

This is by far the most stunning, gorgeous collection of books dedicated to the HP films. There is anything you can imagine from set designs and costumes, art prints and even an entire book full of the portraits hung about Hogwarts Castle. Even if you, like me, already bought a copy of the standard edition of Page to Screen, you will love the beautiful cloth bound book.

The Monster Book of Monsters prop replica is gorgeous as well and comes packaged separately from the rest of the set, and is seriously fine quality. Although I did notice, at least with my set, the fur does come off easily but if you are careful it's not like it just falls off and shouldn't be a problem.

The set is, as expected, very heavy so be careful when carrying it. But if you love Harry Potter, and can afford the hefty price, do not hesitate and pick this up. There's only 3,000 copies!! It's one hundred percent worth it.
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