Customer Reviews: Hart to Hart Season 2
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2006
For five wonderful seasons, "Hart to Hart" was about the most fun you could have in an hour without getting into any trouble. Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers were simply perfect as the rich couple with nothing to do but solve murders. They were Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, living the fun life we all wished we had. The chemistry between Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner was natural and you could always tell, especially with Wagner, that they were having a ball.

Sidney Sheldon created the characters but it was really a stroke of genius to cast Wagner and Powers. Wagner took his cool Alexander Munday persona from "It Takes a Thief" and just made him richer and happier, with a lovely companion he got to keep. Stefanie Powers always had a certain something but had never really found the right part, until Hart to Hart. Jennifer Hart came so naturally that you couldn't help thinking she wasn't really acting at all. Come to think of it, the same could be said of Robert Wagner's seemingly effortless turn as Jonathan Hart.

This was heaven for light mystery fans. There was always plenty of fun banter between Jonathan and "Mrs. H" and enough humorous situations mixed in with the latest week's adventure to keep everyone tickled pink. Not to be undervalued as the reason the show was such a big hit, was Lionel Stander's role as their butler, Max. Max was much more like family than hired help, and in the show's opening every week, you knew right away Max was an important part of the proceedings. After introducing the self-made millionaire, Jonathan, and his other boss, Mrs. H, Max always stated that he had trouble taking care of them, because their hobby was murder!

Not to be forgotten, of course, was their lovable dog, Freeway, who sometimes forgot who was the owner and who was the pet. The stories were frivilous fun, as this wasn't real danger, just TV danger, and we always new our favorite husband and wife would solve the mystery and uncork some champagne at the end.

Fans of the show were delighted when the first season of this fun show finally got a DVD release and are once again made happy by the release of season two. A lot happened in the second season as the show just kept getting better. Jonathan had amnesia after an accident and forgot a murder in one episode. In another, Jennifer was kidnapped. Max's ex-wife showed up and caused tons of trouble. And Jennifer was stalked by a mummy when a not so ancient body was found in an Egyptian sarcophagus! "Hart to Hart" was delightful escapist fare. Mark Snow's "Hart to Hart" theme at the opening of the show was light and breezy, and fans looked forward to hearing it every week. Snow would finally become famous for his moody theme for "The X-Files."

The episodes for season two are as follows: Murder, Murder On The Wall, What Murder?, This Lady is Murder, Murder is Man's Best Friend, 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered, Murder Wrap, Murder In Paradise, Ex-Wives Can Be Murder, Murder is a Drag, Hart-Shaped Murder, Slow Boat to Murder, Murder in the Saddle, Homemade Murder, Solid Gold Murder, Getting Aweigh with Murder, The Murder of Jonathan Hart, The Latest In High Fashion Murder, Operation Murder, Murder Takes A Bow, Blue Chip Murder

The domestic and mystery adventures of the self-made man, Jonathan, and his ex-journalist wife, Jennifer, made for a charming and breezy hour of pleasure. The adventures of the spohisticated couple, who it turned out were just like us, only rich, was a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, and still is. Every TV mystery fan will want to pick this one up. So pop the cork from the champagne in the limo, call ahead to make sure the private jet is waiting, and jot off to TV land, where rich and attractive couples delight us by solving murders while living the life of leisure for a second season. Great fun!
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on July 25, 2006
I was just a kid when this show was on... and I loved every episode of it. Back then, it looked sleek, chic, exciting, everything you could ask for from a tv show...

just like Charlie's Angels... or Vega$... I remember them all...

Almost 30 years later, it looks so dated... so different from today's fast paced, violent, end-twisting, loud, in-your-face TV.

STILL we love it. The stories are so simple... and Wagner and Powers had so much charm... so much style.

Let me add that today I guess I still secretly dream about having a 1978 Mercedes-Benz yellow wagon with that big telephone (laughs). It used to be so super cool!!!

Wathing those episodes made me feel again like a 6 year-old kid just being introduced to late 70's television - the jokes, the kitchens, the hairdos, the telephones, VCRs, big cars, disco...

Oh, and I loved Mark Snow's theme. I recognized it instantly...

And Max's introduction to Mr. and Mrs. H... whose hobby is murder!!!

Do you want to know what were the dreams of the middle class' during the late 70's? Watch Hart to Hart. Everything was great. Everything was ideal!

What a great show!

Thanks for the memory.

PS... someday, someone will write a History of american society through the 20th century's TV shows' point of view. I'm sure Hart to Hart, Charlie's Angels, Moonlighting, Magnum PI (and many many others)will all have a lot to say.

A classic!!!!!
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on September 1, 2006
I remember the the 70's well. This show was my absolute favorite show. I loved the chemistry between Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. It came so naturally that they didn't have to work at it. You just knew they were having fun doing the show!! Who doesn't dream of having more money than they could ever spend, and also having the choice of whether to work or not!! Let's not forget Max, who took care of them - he sure had his hands full! He was more family than servant - and we loved him just as much. He just added to the show's charm. TV these days has become so much more serious and reality based. What fun to lose yourself in a show that was full of fun, charm, and bit of crime solving too! The show may seem dated nowadays but who cares! It's still a lot of fun to watch. My favorite episodes from this season were the one where Jonathon lost his memory and the one where he played his own uncle, Fritz Von Hart. What fun!! I can't wait to get this DVD set. Hopefully it won't be another year before Season 3 is released.
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on September 29, 2006
At last, the eagerly awaited second series of Hart to Hart has hit the shelves. This series contains one of the classic episodes of the show, 'What Murder' where Jonathan loses his memory, forgets that he witnessed a murder and even forgets his precious Jennifer. Fabulous stuff.

The quality of the transfers is good, not quite as clear as series one but an awful lot better than what most of us fans are used to!

The two greatest disappointments are the appalling cover image and the lack of commentaries or featurettes. The covers of the 3 individual cases inside the box are much better, one in particular is a series two shot that should have been used for the box. But hey, it's the contents that counts and you don't get much better than this!

Roll on series three and please Sony, we need a commentary on 'Hart of Darkness'!
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on July 2, 2007
My husband and I watch this show each evening before bed. With not much on TV these days other than horendous violence and reality "crap", this is such a nice change. No swearing, no sex and the violence is such a step down. Our teenage children can't help but stop to watch this show with us, along with others from the 70's and they enjoy them all...Rockford Files, Hardcastle & McCormick, Family, St. Elsewhere etc. We love to see the all the favorite guest stars on these shows. Looking forward to the next 3 seasons of Hart to Hart. Hope they are out soon.
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on January 11, 2007
I love this series. I was an avid fan when it was originally on. I was

so thrilled to see it come to DVD! It may be a bit corny at times but it

is still a great series. In this day and age with divorce and couples

splitting up, it is nice to have the Harts. Two beautiful, rich and dedicated people who love mysteries as much as each other!!
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on November 7, 2007
I love Hart to Hart and have the first two seasons but Sony needs to get the rest of the seasons out. It has been way too long. If Sony doesn't want to do it, they need to pass it on to someone who will. So Sony, please a lot of us are waiting for the rest of the seasons. PLEASE bring them to us!
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on January 9, 2007
This is the best tv show ever, I have no doubt about it! Jonathan and Jennifer Hart are better than never in this season, and the romantic scenes... oh, dear!!! I wish I have a Jonathan Hart!!!

I hope Sony releases the third season as soon as possibile; and the fourth, and the fifth... this show NEEDS to be released completely, all seasons!
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on January 17, 2007
Classic TV. I have been enjoying the Season 1 and 2 DVDs. I agree with other posters....I wish that Sony would release Season 3 soon. I would also like to see more interviews and "behind the scenes" with the cast.
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on December 17, 2006
Who says being married can't be sexy or be fun. Hart to Hart breaks all of modern tv's standards. The main characters are a passionate (and well liked) married couple just short of middle aged. In the long running series, they end up in adventure after adventure, dealing with murders, mistaken identity, and generalized mayhem. Throughout it all, they keep their good humor and sense of joie de vrie. The scripts are written with a great deal of wit, not to mention a large helping of double-entendres. Families members of all ages can enjoy this light-hearted series.
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