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on November 5, 2012
Monopoly Millionaire is similar to Monopoly in a lot of ways - you move pieces around the board, buy property, collect rent, etc. However Monopoly Millionaire adds some new game elements that make the game a little more strategic and a little more fun. If you land on a property it must either be bought (by you) or go up for auction. Whenever a property goes up for auction, some bidding strategy can come into play - you can bid up the price, you can get a property for cheap, etc. Also, every property has a Fortune card at the beginning. Fortune cards throw in such curveballs as being able to steal another player's property, get a free house, and other twists and turns.

The goal of Monopoly Millionaire is to get to a million dollars first. I like that there's a set goal (so that the game doesn't last forever) and it definitely alters game play strategy. I found myself planning a property take-over and house expansion based on my Fortune cards. Another player would bid up the price of a property for auction "just because."

Overall, I really had a lot of fun playing Monopoly Millionaire. I think the new features give it a bit more "suspense" and a little more player interaction. I thought the changes were enough to make the game more interesting but not so much that I forgot this was a game of Monopoly.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.
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on August 18, 2012
Chances are you've either heard of or have played the original game of Monopoly. For those few who possibly know or don't know better of it, it is a roll and move game which involves acquiring portions of the board in a bid to financially strangle others off it.

This edition of the Monopoly formula however is an attempt to adjust the game in which to address one of the ever present issues with a game of Monopoly, its game length. Immediately notable is the board which has done away with the railroads, the utilities, and the tax spaces. The next difference is during preparation of the board when cards are placed over each property. With exception of the occasional tile that forces you to auction off that property, most are there to make more purchases, steal properties to complete sets, and speed up building houses. The third difference is the money scale. Though it all looks like large lumps, relatively everyone actually starts with small amounts. The original game started you with $1500 whereas this one has you start with $372. The money differences are noticed further throughout play as properties aren't that comparatively cheaper which means properties on the high end are more likely to be auctioned off and the equivalent Boardwalk set is unlikely to be directly purchased in the first lap. The last difference in the game can be considered a rather significant one. The game has a set end goal, reach a Million (or $1000 in equivalent currency) to win. What this means is not everyone may have to endure the inevitable wealth vacuum that signals the end game in a regular Monopoly game for there to be a winner.

So it could be a shorter game of Monopoly. However, everything else that makes the game what it is for the last several decades the vanilla iteration of the game has been around. Buying, selling, trading, building, and bankrupting are all there. It can be a distilled experience depending how the game progresses though which seems to be the aim of this version. Whether or not you consider this game for you would be whether or not you thought Monopoly is worth playing. It may be a shorter drink but it still tastes the same and sometimes to some, it's how much exposure that matters.
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on August 6, 2014
Interesting new take on the old game, however, I really don't like that everything is written in both, English and French; Split the markets or split the items, make one side of the board English and the other French, c'mon!

Also, the game ends quickly. The rule where "1st to a million wins!" took about 5 rotations; this should be set higher - maybe 3 or 5 million - since we're trading in 100s-of-thousands. Either that or the rule should be ignored entirely.

I did like the think cardboard money stacks instead of the paper though.
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on January 1, 2014
Monopoly Millionaire: 2-4 Players, Ages 8+, Average Play Time = 60 Minutes

I must say, I was extremely disappointed with the components. They’re cheap, flimsy, and clearly designed to save money during the manufacturing process. The Chance and Millionaire Lifestyle cards don’t even have any color to them…it’s just black text on a white background. The mover pieces are plastic instead of metal, and the Fortune cards may as well have been made out of parchment paper. The money wasn’t made of paper, but cardboard tiles…I’m not sure what the developers were going for. For as luxurious as this game attempts to make players, it does a really crappy job immersing the player in the role. If I were to look up irony in the dictionary, I’d find a picture of this game right beside the definition. Seriously guys, try harder…

In the gameplay department, the game misses some obvious strategic avenues…at least they are obvious to me. At present, there is no reason NOT to upgrade your mover. The faster you upgrade your mover, the faster you’ll reach the million. There’s no penalty for being more luxurious or for holding onto a particular tier of lifestyle. Like with “Monopoly Empire”, the rich tend to get richer at an exponential rate without penalty. It wouldn’t have been that hard to include tax cards within the two decks to penalize those on the richer tiers of lifestyle…yet the game barely touches on that. There’s a Chance card or two that knocks the player down a lifestyle tier, but there’s simply not enough of those types of cards in these decks to make a difference.

The kids and I played a four player game that lasted roughly ninety minutes. It didn’t take us long to level up to the highest lifestyle mover piece. Once there, it was just a matter of who passed GO the most, as you earn 250k each time. The properties, when upgraded with a few houses, only rewarded the owner a little over 100k when someone else paid rent for them. It seemed more cost-efficient to simply save your money and pass GO as opposed to investing in your properties. The rent values, even with houses, didn’t pay out enough to really make up for the investment…not to mention that there was no guarantee that folks would land on your properties in the first place. While I was tempted to amass some expensive real estate, I simply held onto my money and opted to lap the board as quickly as possible…it paid off and I ended up winning the game.

In conclusion, “Monopoly Millionaire” is all flash and no substance, and even some of the flash can be called to question. At best, it would appeal to casual gamer families who just want to roll dice and move pieces around a board…a lifestyle that I’m not knocking, mind you. There are MANY nights were I prefer the simpler games, especially when the day’s number crunching duties haven’t been kind to me. With that being said, I’d be hard pressed to recommend this even to casual gamer families as there are other games on the market that observe a higher level of quality. My advice is to avoid “Monopoly Millionaire” like the plague, if you know what’s good for you. A few of the components do look pretty, but beyond that, there’s really no reason to get invested in this particular “Monopoly” variant.
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on June 13, 2015
I am a huge fan of the original Monopoly game, I own multiple different game versions, so I figured I'd step a bit out of the box and try out this new one. I was very disappointed. I understood it would not be like the original, but it didn't even seem like a Monopoly game at all. The game goes super fast, and with a short board you are able to make money to upgrade your pieces within only a few turns. It seemed pointless and completely unchallenging. I have played this game twice, and I will not be playing it anymore. Maybe my daughter or nieces/nephews will enjoy it down the road.
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on December 27, 2012
We rarely play Monopoly because it takes so long. With just two of us to play it and one of us a child - which I think it's a great learning game (specially with the money) it takes us a couple days to finish a game! My son saw this on a commercial so I purchased it for Christmas. We played it right away and it was so much faster! You could make it longer. It's still the basic concept, with properties, houses, hotels, collecting a salary on passing go, chance and jail. However the first one to $1 million wins the game. It may have been a bit too fast for his liking. I reached a million pretty early into it so not all the properties were sold and definately no houses were bought. I honestly went around the board about 4 times and I won. So either we played it wrong or it's really quick - with really no incentive to buy properties to bankrupt a player - you can just keep going around the board collecting money and pretty fast. He didn't like that the paper money was replaced by thick cardboard money. While it's more durable - the regular play money is so much more fun. Also - due to the bank being setup in the middle of the board - it doesn't leave much room for dice to roll. While the 7 year old loves it - I'm myself am down the middle on this one. However, I do like that I dont' have to spend 8+ hours playing it!!
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on March 27, 2014
Our family has a Monopoly addiction, well, really just our 14-year-old daughter. Of all of the Monopoly games, we REALLY LIKED THIS ONE! The game has an actual, attainable end! The game does not go on for hours or days! Also, it is made to make you play by the really Monopoly rules (buy or auction the property you land on! - a rule so many have forgotten through the years!). I may use the fortune cards with other Monopolpy games that we own to see if those games move faster, as well!

Great game! We really got into it and we had a REAL winner in under an hour of play!
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on February 10, 2015
The best part about this version of Monopoly is that it takes approximately 20min to play a complete game! I love playing games with the kids but I often do not have hours to sit down at a time and play board games.
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on May 2, 2015
This version of Monopoly is really fun. There are some great new twists that can change the course of the game quickly. Instead of taking days to finish one game, with this version, a game can be completed in 15-30 min.

A few things. I would like it if more money was included. There definitely isn't enough.
There also need to be more houses. In addition, the houses get stuck inside the hotels and it's difficult to get them out. .

However, I 100% recommend.
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on May 6, 2014
I bought it for my nephew as a birthday gift, and it has clear instructions, and it's attractive. It's not like the original game at all, so if that's what you're looking for, you will be disappointed.
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