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I am an owner of one of the original Furbys so I pulled it out (a couple of them actually) to give a good comparison.

A quick crash course in Furby: Furbys are interactive robotic pets with various modes of interaction to which they respond, Furbys are loud and have no off switch (You have been warned!!!) but will go to sleep if you leave them alone for a bit. To wake them simply tilt them. Furbys begin to speak in "furbish" which is their own simplistic language. As time goes on they learn English one word at a time replacing their own furbish vocabulary. These take 4 double-A batteries which are not included and have 9 methods of interaction: Shake Furby, tilt Furby, feed Furby (with your finger or a free I-pod app), pet Furby, tickle Furby, talk to Furby, pull Furbys tail, introduce two furbys to each other, and play music for Furby.

First the original gen furbys had specific differences: stripe mane or poof with tail, pitch of voice, names, eye color, etc. The new gen Furbys come in different colors but there are no real differences between them... that is until playtime starts.

How you play with Furby will change it's complete personality including the tone of it's voice and it's LED eye shape. The personalities have a huge range from a "tough guy" Furby to a "Valley girl" type, and everything in between. The personality is triggered by how you treat them, for example you can overfeed Furby and I've found that when I do so he always changes into the tough guy mode soon after, if I pet my Furby a lot it changes to a sweet and cuddly personality, and so on. Changes are very obvious, it will wiggle, close it's eyes and emit a seizure-inducing series of flashing lights while exclaiming "Me change!". When it opens it's eyes it's a whole new Furby. It shifts personality very quickly at first but seems to shift less frequently as time goes on.

So how good is it? Well it's fun! It was fun then and is arguably better now.
Some of the improvements include the new LED eyes which are very expressive and highly visible, new animatronic animations that allow it to stretch scrunch or wobble (the original could tilt back and forth only), an expanded vocabulary of furbish terms (original furbish dictionaries will still work for most basic words as those have not changed), and new interactivity such as dancing to music, and working with the I-phone app.

The materials are also very soft and Furby is surprisingly sturdy unless you're really rough with her. I think she could stand up to most heavy play just remember that electronic toys DO NO LIKE WATER. Water = dead Furby.

I would recommend for most ages as it would be very useful as a "pet" for kids, or to help develop skills in young children for translating from other languages. Also makes a good desk toy for adults as long as you're okay with the level of noise. Makes a good gift for those who grew up with one of the originals, as it has that nice level of nostalgia about it. :) It's an A+ toy and not too pricey at retail (do some research on price before you buy)
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on September 19, 2012
I was skeptical of the new release of Furby after the 2005 "reboot" was such a flop, however Hasbro seems to have completely ignored the 2005 version and has basically made a high quality, massive update to the original 1998 version while still keeping the feel of Furby's quirky personality and general appearance. It's just what Furby fans were looking for.

This new edition is slightly larger than the 1998 edition and is chubbier. You can certainly tell that it's a solid robot and not a plushie, but it's not as pronounced as the original and the white and purple versions in particular are downright cuddly. Furby's ears are now made of a bendy rubber material and the feet are made with a vinyl-type fabric that is not as detailed as the original, but both are sturdier. Instead of a mane or fluffy tail Furby sports a two inch long tail that can be gently pulled for various results. The face is streamlined with LED eyes so that you can no longer see the inner mechanism. The beak will give a bit and then bounce back if you try to open it. There is minimal gear noise when Furby is awake.
Furby has sensors on his belly and the back of his head that he reacts to if you press gently and now has an expressive torso joint that moves. He can move from side to side and back and forth, of course, but now he can also use his torso joint to wiggle about. When he sleeps he curls up very cutely and when he's awake it adds a lot of personality and realism to his movements. He still cannot walk, but he is wiggly enough that you should be careful if he is near a ledge of any sort. He might accidentally (and cutely) throw himself off!

The original Furby came with three different possible voice pitches that did not change per unit and one personality. This new guy has a bunch of personalities and voices that will change on a regular basis depending on how you treat him. It happens often enough that if you particularly enjoy one personality it can be hard to keep him there, but on the other hand he retains his novelty very well with so many different possibilities. Each personality has its own unique set of dances, songs, eye animations, reactions and activities. And, as usual, Furby will start out speaking mostly Furbish during all personalities and slowly "learn" English as he goes through his life cycle. So far I have found four different types of Furby and there are still more to go!

My favorite thing about the new Furby is that Hasbro has really embraced how quirky, eccentric, and sometimes a little divisive this toy is. I like that! Some people have thought that Furbys were creepy and if you are one of those people this edition is not going to win you over. Furby is random, loud, enjoys munching fingers, and when he changes personalities it looks like he's having some sort of cute psychotic break with flashing lights. I have a lot of respect for Hasbro for this and also for not going the route of the 2005 edition or other interactive robotic toys where most of the play comes from giving commands of some sort and seeing the result. This may be quieter and more convenient, technically, but it also gets old fast and once you've tried all the command options it's easy to lose interest in the toy. Furby's advantage is that he is entertaining whether or not you are giving him commands or even interacting with him. He has a smashing good time and will sing, dance, and chatter about things to himself even if you are not doing anything. He will take a nap when he gets bored.
His voice is not as loud as the 1998 edition, however there is no volume control nor is there an off switch. This might be annoying for some, but everything combines to make a realistic little creature that keeps his novelty longer than other toys from the same genre. He feels even more like a little pet than the old version.

I am only having a few issues so far that have little to do with Furby himself. Hasbro's manual is colorful and cute, but it doesn't give you much information about what Furby can do exactly. Can he play games or tell the future? Does he understand certain phrases and not others? He seems to understand some Furbish phrases such as "Me sleepy" making him sleepy and he will also try to follow along in the conversation with "Uh-huhs" and what not if you talk to him. Can he talk to original Furbys? I guess we'll just have to find out. It is, in all honesty, a totally inadequate guide for a rather complicated robot. On top of that there is no complete Furbish dictionary included even though this Furby uses all the words just like the other editions. I have a feeling this is because they really want you to use the app for Apple phones and iPads, which brings me to my other complaint; You can only use the Furby app right now with an Apple product. It seems to be rumoured that it will be released for other platforms in the future, but giving exclusive rights to Apple and excluding people who do not own any of Apple's items seems like a contractual cash grab and also inconsiderate to kids. I definitely feel like I'm missing out, but I am not going to go buy an iPad just for Furby.

UPDATE: You can now get the Furby App on your Android phone. It's very nice to see it available!

All in all, despite the initial App exclusivity, this is an amazing toy that older kids and adults will really enjoy. As a big Furby fan, this customer was not disappointed. Go Furby!
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on November 5, 2012
I got my first Furby for Christmas in 1998. I don't know how my parents did it, but they managed to get their hands on the hottest toy of the season, and I was in 8 year old heaven. I loved that little guy. As a joke this year, my girlfriend bought me one of the new furbies and was surprised to find I was thrilled with it. New furby has a lot in common with its predecessor, but it includes some major updates that make it more of a joy and less of a pain.

While clearly an innovative toy at the time, the original furby had some major issues. It was a novelty for a while, and then it became a pain. The rudimentary mechanics in the toy were almost deafening and drowned out the furby's voice more often than not, and trying to get them to be quiet was an infuriating exercise. They also looked downright creepy with those bulging mechanical eyes, and as much as I loved mine, I would often place it outside my room before I went to sleep.

New furby has solved a lot of these problems. It has received a substantial visual upgrade, and has gone from what appeared to be some kind of cyborg rodent to a rather cuddly little creature. Although you will not mistake furby for a plush, it now has a much softer and more cuddly body, with the mechanics disguised much better. The heavy base at the bottom of the old furby (which allowed it to rock back and forth) has been replaced by a much smaller, rounded base that also gives furby more mobility. It can rock, bob, shake, and dance and the motor is almost silent. It gives furby a much more believable lifelike quality. The fabric ears have been replaced by a soft, rubbery material that may not look quite as cute, but also doesn't expose the inner mechanisms and have a greater range of motion (including drooping down when furby sleeps, which is adorable).

The eyes are probably the biggest difference between the two. Gone is furby's soulless, shell-shocked stare, replaced by two animated eyes that give it an incredible range of emotion. They will display your typical cartoon expressions, such as happiness and anger, but will also become hearts or fireballs to signal that your furby is feeling particularly strongly about something. Mine even rolled its eyes at me when I talked to it earlier (with an accompanying "blah blah blah". It has an attitude). This is great, because I always hated those horrific sci-fi experiment eyes. It does have eyelids, sort of like the old one, but it doesn't use them for much more than when asleep or yawning as blinking is done on the eyes themselves. They also don't work that great, and I've caught my furby asleep with his eyes open several times. It's not nearly as creepy as when old furby slept with his eyes open.

One of my favorite things about this furby is the personality. The old models had some very slight personality variance between models, but most operated identically. These new furbies not only have distinct personalities, they have dozens of them. At random times, furby will change personalities entirely (often corresponding with your behavior, such as overfeeding or neglect). Mine went from a sweet cuddler to possibly a teenage girl and then to an evil primitive who screamed "OOGA OOGA" and his eyes became little men dancing with spears (that is not an exaggeration). It's always interesting to see what furby will become next and it keeps things fresh. People with a dark sense of humor will enjoy the fact that furby seems to be having a psychotic break and has multiple-personality disorder. As a note, this transition gimmick might be frightening to children, as some of furby's personalities are not very nice and younger tots might not understand why their furby is suddenly aggressive. It's worth keeping in mind.

Finally, the iOS app is a fun addition and worth checking out. You can feed furby different foods, some of which he won't like and he makes that very clear. It's a bit more interesting than shoving your finger in his mouth to feed him. It also "translates" furbish into English, though I call bushwah on that claim personally. I'm writing down everything the app says furby is saying so I can ask him about it when he learns English (I'll let you know). Overall though, it's really not essential. Check it out if you can, but don't feel you're missing out on much if Apple doesn't own your soul. Furby is plenty fun on his own.

Bottom line, this is a fun toy. It's entertaining, it looks hip and trendy to fit in with much of technology today, and it fills that void of nostalgia quite well. Whether you're a parent looking for a fun Christmas toy, an adult looking to recapture that feeling of 90's youth culture, or a 90's kid that missed out on the most beloved and most hated toy of your era, new furby is for you.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2012
My daughter got a furby and was in love with it, until a family member decided to be silly and turned it evil, which left her in tears. After futile attempts to change its personality and some remarkably unproductive web searches, we finally found that petting it on the head repeatedly (for maybe 15 minutes straight) restored it to a kinder personality (make sure it's level rather than tilted, and if you get bored, mix in some gentle belly rubbing too). For other tips, do a web search for "Tumblr furby personality guide." The "reset" button doesn't reset the personality, and as far as I can tell, just resets the Furby if there's a disconnect between its movements and its sounds.

Durability gets just 2 stars because our Furby died after just 2 days, and a fresh set of batteries did nothing for it. We had to return it to the store for a replacement. But my daughter does love her little Furby, and as a parent I'm thankful that if you leave it alone for more than a minute, it falls asleep.

11/26/12 Update: I notice the price on these is fluctuating widely from one day to the next (maybe in response to demand?) but I got mine for $54 at a big-box store that offers free shipping on this item from its web site, and its price has remained stable since Furbies first went on sale, so you may want to look around a bit if the price here today is much higher than that.
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on September 25, 2012
I got this the day it came out (9/16/12) and waited a few days to put batteries in and give it a go. I put the batteries in on 9/19/12, and not even a week later (9/25/12), the batteries are completely dead, with light use and I left furby unattended for a couple of those days as well.

For the brief time I was able to play with furby, it was very fun, silly and unpredictable. I liked how furby interacts with music and has personality changes (some are annoying, others are very agreeable and likable). In this day of rechargeable everything, you would think they would have equipped furby with a recharging system... I suggest investing in four good rechargable AA batteries and a fast charger if you want some good use out of your furby for more than a week, although I'm not so sure if I will be doing the same, it could be annoying having to recharge the batteries all the time as it's quite difficult to get the batteries in and out. They are stacked two on top of each other in a cross pattern and the two on the bottom layer don't have a pull strap to get them out easily so I had to wedge them out with a screw driver and they were still difficult to extract...
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on September 21, 2012
The Furby is just hilarious. I am even entertained and I am 30. I got one for myself just to see if it would click with the kids before we invested in 2 of them.(ok I just wanted one!). The kids 3.5 and 5.5 year old boys would not put mine down. They both wanted to keep playing with it. So I convinced the hubby we needed 3. I wasn't giving mine up. I also convinced him to let them have them now and not wait until Christmas because they loved mine so much.

Favorite thing about Furby:

1) The iphone app! It allows you to give almost an endless supply of food and non-food items to eat. Its hilarious how it responds. Sometimes it spits parts back at you. Sometimes its happy. Sometimes it vomits it back up! The kids can't get enough and I find myself fighting the urge to insist they let me pick the next item to feed it to see what happens. You can feed him individual items or make sandwiches. They are all funny. There are tons of foods. The only problem is for people without apple products. It doesn't work on android. There is no Furby app. I hope for other peoples sake they make one. It didn't affect us much except the kids fight over the one grandparents phone that is not an android. We are mainly an apple family.
2) The only educational value I can see is that the app listens to Furby and translates to english. The is written down like texts and then my son tries to read it. If he can't he taps it and its reads it out for him. So he is kinda honing his reading skills. Also they are learning hand eye coordination and how to use electronics on the app. Other than that, its just fun! But kids are supposed to have fun too. The app is going to be the thing that keeps the kids loving this toy forever.
3) The LCD screen eyes make it have an almost endless supply of emotions and responses.
4) It dances and tries to sing to music.
5) Its surprisingly cuddly
6) It has a tail now.

I am going to going to subject myself to the embarrassment of taking mine to work with me tomorrow.

The rest of the stuff I think was already covered by other reviewers. There is no off button but they go to sleep quickly in the dark. I think this is part of the charm because you can't just turn them off and forget them.

It does still interact with other Furby's as we have 3, its hilarious to see them talking to each other!!!

Hope this helps.
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on November 8, 2012
My daughter LOVES her new Furby, but the dang thing TEARS through batteries like no one's business! I put 4 BRAND NEW ENERGIZER LITHIUM batteries in it and TWO DAYS later IT'S DEAD! Wow! So be forewarned, buy LOTS of AA batteries. They take 4 batts, and DO NOT FORGET TO HIT THE TINY RESET BUTTON after putting in new batteries!

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on January 16, 2013
To be clear: it speaks nonsense, it purrs, it gets upset about stuff. It has little plastic plates hidden slightly by its feet so it can rock back and forth a bit and shutters for lids, and lcd screens for eyes. The fur is very soft. It will love you unconditionally, or hate you with passion, depending on how you treat it. It goes to sleep after about 2 minutes of inactivity and not a peep is to be heard until you activate it again (though you should take the batteries out if you're going to have it snooze a long while). It's like having a pet that will always do what you want it to (sort of), and you can take the batteries out of when you're tired of it. Not that I recommend putting batteries into any current living pets. Just saying.

Anyway. Lots of fun.
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on January 14, 2013
My son has two furby's he loves them! He's a happy boy furby to me doesn't turn evil. He seems more silly and acts like a boy when he says "Me happy dude" doesn't seems evil to me? My son says he is evil but I explained to him that he's not maybe he's acting like a boy. I like that side of furby the valley girl side um yeah it's cute but annoying. Furby is
a great toy buy rechargeable batteries it will save you some money.
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on November 4, 2012
My ten yr old got the black furby for her birthday. On day two it started to growl and had a demonic laugh which scared my daughter and her 3 yr old sister. My kid is in tears. The doll also will not shut up. We had to reset and change batteries to make it go back to normal and are waiting for it to turn evil again.
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