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on July 26, 2011
I suppose if you're only using this with Hasbro's apps, you're fine. However, Hasbro is ignoring/angering another whole potential market for this device: 3D photographers and photo enthusiasts. The My3D seems like the ideal device to look at parallel pairs of stereo (3D) photos, whether from cameras like the Fujifilm W3, scanned old stereo photos/slides, the countless online galleries of 3D pairs online, etc. However, for no reason that I can possibly think of, Hasbro has made one side of the viewer considerably wider than the other, so if you look at a perfectly-divided screen which doesn't have a huge wide black bar in the middle, you see part of the photo overlapping. The divider is off from the center of the screen by multiple millimeters. This seems totally unnecessary and plain-old strange. I don't see how it could be an accident - these products have to be designed, after all. What purpose could this serve? The only solutions I can see are to 1) physically saw out the divider and glue it back in properly, 2) make all your 3D images with a big black bar in the middle between the images, or 3) do what I've done so far and ignore the caddy altogether and just hold your phone up to the device, which lets you slide it into the proper registration. None of these solutions are very good, and I really wonder why Hasbro would go to the trouble to make this item and NOT divide the screen cleanly in half like EVERY OTHER 3D/STEREO PHOTO VIEWER IN HISTORY! Goofy. Anyway, for $20, if you're a stereo enthusiast, it's probably worth it, but try it just holding your phone up to the back...seems to work fairly well, and you also don't have to take the case off.

**Update - apparently Stereo Photo Maker (search it if you're unfamiliar) now makes stereo pairs that add a wide black border to account for this device's uneven dividing plane. So, looks like that's the best solution. I still don't get why they did it...seems unnecessary (and since you can't look at the many many stereo pairs available online or that you may have previously made yourself without the previously-mentioned problems, I'll leave the review as-is except for this update).
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on August 21, 2011
Keeping in mind that 3D viewing is a very subjective experience, here is my review in my own use (which is mostly viewing Fuji W3 photos):
1. So far, this is the most elegant and usable solution for digitally viewing W3 pics I have seen. Using the latest version of Stereo Photomaker to automatically format your pictures to my3D specs, you couldn't ask for a quicker turnaround time between taking a picture and viewing it stereoscopically! You format it, save it to your sync'd photos folder, sync your ipod/iphone, and you're done! (Cropping them in Stereo Photomaker couldn't be easier, and it's totally worth the extra screen size and picture detail you get in return).
2. I wear glasses, but I do NOT need to wear them in order to enjoy the my3D! The lens setting fits my vision, so even if you wear glasses you may not need to wear them. But even if you do, the my3D is designed so that glasses do not get in the way. Very well thought out!
3. The off-center septum is inexplicable. You lose a couple of good millimeters of potential picture width. Also, half of the included trailers on the free my3D Presents app are not formatted properly and are stretched vertically, like what happens on a lot of youtube videos. The trailers that are formatted properly, however, look absolutely stunning!

I should give this thing 4 out of 5 stars because of the septum, but the fact is I'm so happy with how easy and beautiful my W3 pictures look now, that I'm compelled to give it a perfect score! As a 3D picture taker and enjoyer, this is an answered prayer: an elegant digital stereoscope! Forget that it's a Hasbro toy. This is a serious little viewer for those who want to view their 3D pics.
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on September 30, 2011
I just picked one of these things up. Having shot 3d images for over 20 years and recently an Ipod touch, it was a no brainer.

Here is a link to my first set of images. [...]
These images pairs were shot with a conventional DSLR. They were shot from the prospective of one's left and right eye. In other words offset by several inches. I use a Hasbro My3d viewer and an Ipod touch to view these images. The templete I use is 640x960. Each image is cropped to 453x640 and pasted into the template.

These viewers are cheap, but lots of fun.

I hope to write us a complete set of instructions soon.
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on November 7, 2013
I bought this item for little money as a test to see if i can play 3d videos on my nexus 4. works fine !
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on April 9, 2012
As a 3D photography enthusiast, I was really curious how well this would work. The viewer is surdy, with good fit and finish. The optics are pretty good for the price, and the interior is a nice mat black. They obviously spent some time on the design, to allow fingers into the space to flip though photos and an open area at the side to allow recharging. How they managed to waste so much valuable screen real estate with an off-center image divider is hard to fathom.

It's fun and it doesn't cost much.
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on May 21, 2011
As stated elsewhere, the centerline is a little off. However, I use this as a viewer for my pictures taken with a Fuji W3 3d camera, movies taken with a Sony 3D Bloggie, and have converted many 2D movies to 3D using cheap software (not perfect, but getting there).

A great and cheap toy if you enjoy playing with 3D.

Hasbro missed a beat by not providing links to things like MPO file converters, converting movies other sources to MP4 for the viewer, etc.

A next release I would really like to see for a premium a variable focal length for those of us who wear glasses. Works with my glasses, just that there are several video headsets with this as a built in feature. Considering this is a simple plastic device, that addition should not cost much.
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on September 19, 2012
I rated it a 2, because Hasbro discontinued it this summer, after only one year, and the Apps were not that great, and left everyone hanging. NOT HAPPY about that.

Now comes the interesting part, for a All Weather viewer, that prevents sun glare on your iPhone LCD screen, plus a great holder for your iPhone,and you can take pictures in all kind of weather, and the phone is protected,which Apple, Samsung hasn't figured out to make or design yet,there is nothing like it. You got it in your My 3D viewer.

All you have to do, is just cut out everything inside, even the lenses where you just have a tube, or a 2D viewer. With the 4 backs which fit iPhone4, 4S, iPod 2 &3, it works great. I used a high speed Dremel drill to cut it out. When I bought my iPhone4, I bought it really for the camera, and when I found out I couldn't see the screen, as the Sun glare just blocked everything out, and I paid over 600 dollars for this.

WOW! now with the MY 3D converted viewer,Blocking out the sun, I get fantastic pictures,and videos,as the viewer prevents any shaking of the camera, kids can take great pictures, and even seniors.

iPhone 4 / 4S Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint - Matte Finishing Screen Protector On the iPhone you can also take pictures or videos by pushing the + button on the bottom you use for sound.
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on September 15, 2011
The Hasbro MY3D is a well-designed product that serves its intended use almost perfectly. I bought one with a new iPod Touch at Target not long after the MY3D came out. I accidentally purchased the 3rd generation iPod Touch, and after using it and being disappointed with the screen resolution, I realized my mistake and returned it to get a 4th generation iPod Touch with retina display. It makes a huge'll definitely want the higher resolution display!

The MY3D itself is light-weight but sturdy plastic construction. As you can probably tell from the pictures, it is sleek and streamlined. The 4 interchangeable cradles which hold the iPod/iPhone are attached with a clever spring-loaded pin that acts as a hinge, holding the device firmly in place but allowing for an easy one-handed release to change to a different cradle (not that you'll ever need to) when the unit is open. There is also a spring-loaded slider that the cradle snaps to in order to close up the unit for viewing. It is easy to open, but not too likely that it would open accidentally. I have my iPod in a Philips protective case, which fits perfectly into one of the cradles.

While the design is aesthetically pleasing and pretty well thought out, there are a few problems. First, as others have noted, the center divider is not actually centered, resulting in about a 40 pixel-wide portion of the left image showing up in the right-eye view when viewing normal (unpadded) parallel 3D stereo imagery. Not a deal-breaker, but it is distracting and I can't think of a good reason why they did this. To get around this, the left & right images must be padded or spaced apart in the center for optimal viewing on a MY3D. StereoPhoto Maker is a great piece of freeware with a built-in preset for exporting stereo images to the MY3D viewer with the proper spacing in the center. It's Windows-native software, but I've used it without any problems on Intel Macs with emulation software (I use Crossover to emulate Windows). I would hope that future versions of the MY3D have the center divider in the true center where it belongs, so that this kind of workaround wouldn't be needed.

The second problem is the optics. For plastic lenses, they seem to be decent quality, but I do need to wear my eyeglasses in order to see things in this viewer in focus. I have this same problem with most View-Master viewers, too, so maybe this is to be expected. It would be great to see an adjustable focus available on a future version of the MY3D. While this isn't a major issue, it would be a more immersive and comfortable experience I didn't need to wear my glasses. Because the lenses are plastic, I'd recommend storing your MY3D in a zip-loc bag to protect the lenses from dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

The third problem is one of form-factor, and this one really cannot be considered a design flaw. Because of the aspect ratio of the iPod's screen, when it is divided in half, what results are two images that are better suited to portrait-orientation photos. However, chances are most of your 3D stereo images & movies are shot using a landscape orientation. So, this means you're either going to be underutilizing the available screen space in order to view smaller landscape oriented photos & videos in their original aspect ratios, or you're going to have to crop those landscape oriented images in order to view them larger and utilize all the available screen space. Personally, I have adopted a hybrid approach. I have StereoPhoto Maker batch process smaller images in landscape orientation, so that I can view the entire image in its original aspect ratio (approximately 452x258 viewable area for landscape 16x9 photos & videos). Then I also have it automatically batch process 3 sets of each image, cropping them left, center, and right so that I can view the images at maximum screen size in the MY3D (resulting in a 452x640 viewable area). When viewed in a slideshow, this has the effect of panning across the scene. I set up 3 separate albums that contain the smaller uncropped images, the larger cropped images, and both types, so I can easily view a slideshow in whatever format I prefer later.

The IOS apps that came out from Hasbro for the MY3D are fine, but there's an obvious omission: dedicated stereo slide show and/or video players for users who would like to view their own content (saved as standard *unpadded* parallel 3D stereo views). While it is, of course, possible to display parallel 3D stereo images & videos using Apple's built-in IOS Photos & Videos apps, it would be nice to have apps that could pan & scale the views on the fly while retaining the 3D stereo effect (as can be done with the Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3), and also automatically add the necessary space between the left and right images to compensate for the asymmetrical center divider (although a redesign of the MY3D would better address that problem). My favorite MY3D app is probably Teleport L.A., which has some very good content, including some impressive interactive 360' panoramic stereo 3D movies shot from a helicopter. The 360' Sharks app is also a bit of a visual treat, even though it may not keep you engaged for very long. There are also some third-party IOS apps springing up in the iTunes store offering parallel 3D stereo viewing modes, which work acceptably with the MY3D (again, if you can overlook the mis-aligned center divider).

I initially was deciding between a combination of the MY3D + 64 GB iPod Touch or the Nintendo 3DS. I spent quite a bit of time examining a 3DS store display model. Although the Nintendo 3DS's autostereoscopic screen is definitely high-quality and cost lest than a 64 GB iPod Touch, I ultimately went with the MY3D + iPod for the following reasons:

1. Cheaper/free/many more apps on IOS...I've got thousands of IOS games & apps now, but have spent less on them than the cost of one 3DS game! When you've got an 8-year-old son who devours games, that's pretty important.
2. I already had the Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3 camera (which I love), so I really didn't need a second autostereoscopic screen
3. The media handling capabilities & browsing interface on the Nintendo 3DS seemed pretty inelegant...they are fantastic on the iPod
4. I love View-Masters, and the MY3D provides that same sort of immersive "darkened theater" feeling

If you have a 4th generation iPod Touch or iPhone and an interest in stereography, the Hasbro MY3D cannot be beat for the price.
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on July 14, 2014
Looking to use this to make your own VR headset? Then this is for you. Not only can you remove the lenses with a few screws (four to access the lenses & 2 each lens). But the lenses are designed to be screwed in, so they have two tabs on the outside, which make mounting on your DIY device super simple.

If you aren't buying to hack your own VR headset, then it's probably a wast of money. Only a few MY3d games, some don't work, some cost extra money--none were really impressive. I've read Hasbro isn't making any more.

Update: as someone else noted, there's 4 rubber covers over the screws, these look like they are for padding when you sit it down, but actaully hide the 4 screws.
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on August 6, 2012
First, to get something big out of the way. Almost every other review complains about the off-center divider between the halves of the device. The reasoning is simple. The divider is off center because the device is intended for use with a wide range of iPhone/iPods. While our modern iPhone 4 and iPod 4th gens have centered screens, the iPhone 3GS and 3G had screens that were not vertically centered within the device. Hence, off-center divider. I'm surprised that nobody else noticed this.

As to the device itself? It's a well designed, cheap piece of hardware that does what it is supposed to. The major problem with it is that Hasbro's meager selection of software available for download to use with it is universally horrible. Of the roughly ten apps available, there is a single instance within a single app that is impressive. The menu system within Sector 17 is fantastic. It gives you a fully 3D rendered room that you can sit in your office chair and spin around while it tracks your motion perfectly in rotation and vertical look. The effect leaves a lasting impression of having seen the future. Unfortunately, the rest of the game is terrible.

That leaves us with the largest problem with my3D, the app store community has largely ignored the device. Aside from a handful of poor tech demos and overpriced 3D slideshows, there is no support from developers. my3D has been on the market for more than a year, plenty of time for support to manifest if it was ever going to. This simple reality puts my3D firmly in to the "cool idea, not worth owning" category. I can't help but feel that if Hasbro had launched it at $10 instead of $30, and with wider presence than a Target exclusive, it may have actually had a chance at reaching a critical mass of support.
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