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on July 8, 2007
The Haunted Forest was a low-budgeted film which used Japanese Horror techniques to scare the viewer. I have to say it was better than I was expecting, but I consider it only as a rental film.

The film begins with a photograper being mysteriously taken by an unseen force in the forest. Later, three male friends go into the forest to find a particular tree which was recovered from the photographers camera. It shows a human like shape reaching out of a tree. They and two female characters become hunted by the forest spirit Santika and a crazy hunter who is being controlled by the spirit. Santika begins her attacks by marking the victims with a twig enbedded into their skin. THis causes the victim to become ill. Then the hunter tracks and traps them so Santika can drag them off to her underground layer where they become live soil for the forest. As some of the characters disappear, we discover that one of them was a native american who was Santika's lover in a past life. We also discover that the tree spirit has been collecting victims to use as soil for a new set of trees for the forest which was burned down by three humans in the past. Santika origianlly went into the spirit tree to get cover from the fire. But the tree decided to use her to capture victims for it's new forest. I'll leave the rest of the film for you to see for yourself.

The Haunted Forest was a little confusing at times, but the J-Horror stlye really helped to make it creepy. By J-Horror I mean their were definately horror filming elements that can be seen in The Grudge movies and other more popular Japanese horror films. The film did jump me a few times, and the acting was above average for a low budgeted film.

There are really no special features with this film, and it will most likely be all fizzled out as far as scare factor after a couple of viewings. My suggestion is to rent it if you like J-Horror style films. Buying it will probally just lead to you re-selling it at some point to a used DVD store. I gave the film 3 stars due to the fact that it actually had an original idea, and it actually jumps the viewer like it was meant to. An ok rental at best.
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on January 12, 2008
what is it called when people go into a beautiful forest and never come out? no one is found, no one escapes, and no one can see what is lurking deep in the woods. why it's haunted forest...a pretty nice low budget horror flick. there's some bad ones out there, and some really bad ones, but this one was okay. i liked the plot, the whole native american legend, the vengeful spirit, and all the JUMPY moments. there were quite a few, and that made it a bit chilly, you know. a nice forest, good on the eyes, is home to the evil spirit of a girl named satinka. her story began long ago when the forest, her life, and her love were threatened. she found refuge, but at a high price. along come a few people who wander into the woods for one reason or another, and little by little start uncovering what hides in the woods, and that some legends are very real. will anyone survive or understand the secrets of the haunted forest? oh yea, and some do first hand. satinka, is spooky lookin, reminds me of another vengeful ghost hmm...anyway, the acting was okay, and the shots were good, but no doubt satinka stole the show. the ending was nicely done as well. good film.
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on May 17, 2011
This movie has a really interesting idea, a spooky start, and great atmosphere. Then it gets bogged down by morals. It feels to me like this movie was going one direction, then someone else came along and said, 'Hey, let's give this an environmental message.'

Like most J-Horror it has a slow build and much anticipation. It does that well. The monster, Satinka, has the usual slow reveal and dramatic build up. The camera work is good and the background lovely. But the movie just... falls flat.

Someone stated this is a good rental movie. I used it as a breather movie between two honestly scary movies at a horror movie party. Then it was passed around friends until someone truely loved it, and he kept it. So I did get a lot of use and enjoyment from this movie, so one star.

One star for atmosphere, and one more for creep factor, making this 1.5 star movie a 3.
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on December 18, 2007
I was surprised at how well done, and how interesting, this movie was. It kept my attention throughout. The final scene in the tree was classic and also top notch--suspense wise.
The acting was superb for an indie flick. There were plenty of BOO! moments as well!
Five Stars
I bought this one!

Mocha Movies
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If you just can't get enough of people walking around in the forest, Haunted Forest is your movie. If you're looking for a good horror movie, though, you might want to just pass this one by. Sometimes I just watch a movie online based on a whim, and this is one of those cases. The title made me think of Japan's Suicide Forest, and so I decided purely on impulse to just watch the film without even taking a look at the plot summary. Many times I've been pleased by these whim-based choices of mine - but not this time. This is just a weird and, unfortunately, pretty boring little film. The spirit haunting the forest is Native American, yet she has the appearance of your typical long-haired Asian ghost. It appears to me that the filmmakers attempted to make an Asian horror movie out of a distinctly American story. Naturally, since it lacks all of the cultural substance of Asian horror, the movie just doesn't work.

As the legend goes, a young Indian maiden named Satinka was given protection by the spirit of a large tree when white settlers killed the man she loved and attempted to burn down the forest a century or so ago. Woe to anyone who ventures forth into those woods ever since, as each visitor is inevitably marked by Satinka with a thorn and done away with in some fashion. Enter Sean, whose Native American grandfather wrote and illustrated a journal all about Satinka and the Haunted Forest, his friend Josh, an annoying foreigner who somehow sees the whole thing as a business opportunity, and some loser who spends most of his time smoking pot. They have come in search of a hidden graveyard said to lie beneath Satinka's tree. Such a find would help Sean get his grandfather's manuscript published, but I don't for the life of me see how this whole business is going to translate into much of a profit for anyone. And then there's this: Sean, a man of Native American descent, is trying to honor his Native American grandfather by finding and disturbing an old burial site. That's something you don't see every day. Apparently, this guy has never learned that disturbing any burial site associated with Native Americans is really not a good idea. And if Sean believes his grandfather's story - which he seems to do except for those times when he doesn't - shouldn't he know that he's walking directly into danger? I must say I really have a few problems with this particular character.

The writers did throw in an attractive female scientist exploring the woods' plant life, and there's a little more going on in these woods than I'm telling you about here, but the story proceeds in a fairly mundane fashion. In the film's favor, the story is rather unusual, but what little believability it has in the beginning is pretty much lost by the time the final drama plays out. Personally, I was never drawn into the movie enough to even engage my suspension of disbelief engine. Much like Satinka's tree itself, Haunted Forest is pretty much hollow inside.
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on November 14, 2013
at first it starts out ok, then it starts to get confusing & boring, in the middle it tells how an indian girl gave her soul to this wicked tree to take revenge on the ones who killed her boyfriend & who was hurting the forest, at the end it really sucks because you think, ok the guy saves the day & gets out of the tree but i guess he was dreaming.
the movie is dull i had to watch at least 4 time because i was falling asleep everytime. i paid $2 for the movie else where other amazon, i'm glad that i paid that much, if i had paid over $5 or $10 for it i really would've been highly upset.
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on August 13, 2007
I love horror and thrillers. I had a little trouble through this one. It had the B humor. Some twists and of course the gruesome effects. It's about an old family curse to keep ones love forever. But of course the curse is not what you would call love. If you get an splinter from the tree you will become part of the tree, never breaking free. It is one to enjoy on a rainy day or boring friday night. not for kids though. So with that said, Enjoy! Haunted Forest
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on May 7, 2015
pretty good
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on January 24, 2009
This movie is just another rendition of an old native american mother earth tale, however, it does have a great twist in the plot to keep you entertained and enthralled. The casting and acting are subpar, but if you can put up with it, you will find this movie to be better than average and a great "B" moive.
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on August 4, 2009
Movie was not good, it needed more work. I felt it could not be truly considered a horror film. It took me 3 times to watch it before I finished the film.
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