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on May 8, 2013
It works on everything I've tested it on: Antique Dell 370 with XP, Raspberry Pi with Openelec, and a new HTPC with Win 7 HP. If my toaster was web-enabled, I believe I could control that, too.

1) It just works!
2) Excellent battery life.
3) Comfortable, rounded edges.
4) Very light-weight.
5) Excellent RF range.
6) Multi-mode operation (once you figure it out).
7) Firm (almost too loud) button clicks.

1) The touchpad has a grainy, almost sand-papery texture. You'll either llike it or you won't.
2) The LEDs are too bright.
3) Extremely sparse documentation.
4) Automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to conserve power (I keep my left thumb on the Fn key). With the battery life this has, it's really unnecessary. Also makes the Charge LED rather pointless.

Other thoughts:
Obviously, it's not perfect. If you're have RF range problems, think I-Phone. The most difficult media for RF to penetrate is water. Your body is predominantly water. Try holding it differently. If I cup it with both hands, the range falls off drastically and the keyboard gets squirrelly. But while I was giving it an initial charge, it paired up with the dongle from 60-odd feet away through a brick wall. I'm looking for the firmware. If/when I find it, I'll post a link here. If someone else finds it first, I'd appreciate the same. Just a few tweaks and this thing would be a five star item.

EDIT: I just couldn't resist, so I took it apart. It uses a trace antenna that's on the extreme upper-left as you're looking at the keyboard. I wanted to know what the pinhole in the lower-left was for. Some similar models must come with a microphone. There's a place molded into the plastic for one, but no microphone.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this over the candy-bar style. Unless you just want a laser...
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on March 21, 2013
So I did a little research online on the wireless mini keyboards and saw that a few of them offer the same features, bla blah being skeptical, I decided to go with the Hausbell, 14.99 you cant go wrong...if its a bad product, I just lost 15 bucks, if its good, I will buy it for my other systems at home...the other mini keyboards go for around $25-$45 dollars so from the get go, I was not expecting much from this...I received the order in about 1 week with free shipping and tested out the first day I got it. I was shocked how well it works. I haven't tried the other mini keyboards, but I dont care for it as:

1)the price is half of what the others cost
2)its does the job...It does all that I want a mini wireless keyboard to do.

That is all...I dont write much reviews...but this is a steal for the price. XP and Windows 7 is just plug and play , no driver installation needed. The key baord is big enough so you can type with minimal mistakes. There is a reason why this product is getting all 5 works works really well for the price.

I especailly like the pad...on the let side, you can navigate the mouse, on the immediate right, is a cool scroll feature...Any issues, I will try to update here.
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on April 22, 2014
Considering the other reviews, my experience may not be completely typical...but I'll try to give a factual/non-baised review:

I received mine last night and plugged it in. After the plug-n-play drivers installed, it an extent. I could get a response from the touchpad and from the buttons, but only if I was in direct sight of the usb receiver and only from within about 2-4 feet. The touchpad moved the mouse, but to get across the screen required at least 3-5 swipes of the finger going horizontally and 7-10 swipes vertically. After right at about 10 minutes, it stopped working. All lights still worked when pressing buttons or the touchpad, but there was no longer a connection to the computer. I tried 3 other ports on that computer and 3 of the usb ports on another computer, but no connection - full power & lights, but no connectivity. I also removed the battery and reinstalled it, pushed the "RF" function button on the keyboard, and tried a number of the other function keys on the unit...but nothing. Plugged it in and fully charged it several times...but never got another connection. So, anyway, mine is on its way back to Amazon today.

I was considering getting another to replace it and try again, but this is what swayed my opinion toward going with something else (probably the Logitech K400r): there is no way of finding out what functions it has or how things are supposed to work! The manual only shows how to turn on/off and in very broken English. The front of the box claims that it has the ability to adjust dpi settings to work with different sizes of screens...but how? And what do the [many] function buttons do? Take a look at the manufacturer website & this may give you better understanding of what I mean: www.hausbell(dot)com

So, anyway, I truly wanted to like it - great look, great concept, great size, great shape...but mine didn't work well, even for the short time that it did actually work. But my main concern is that there's no way to find out how anything on it is supposed to work!
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on March 8, 2013
I needed something smaller than a wireless keyboard and mouse for the couch and my newly constructed pc theater. for the price and the features this is the best deal. It comes with a receiver the size of a thumb nail and a cord to charge the device. If you want the maximum range be sure the receiver is plugged into a front usb port. The red transmit LED (that lights up everytime a key is pressed or the touchpad is used) should be either dimmed or moved to the top\side\back of the device. I don't need to see it light up this often it is annoying. Other than that the clicking sound of each key press isn't to bad it's actually quite comforting. I would not get this device if you're going to be doing anything other than adding convenience for light use but that doesn't mean this device doesn't do everything a normal wireless kb and mouse does. It has custom buttons and media buttons. With Windows xp and 7 it required no additional software downloads. Plug and go. Thanks for the awesome product.

******UPDATE DEC 2013********
After about 10 months, this device is starting to repeat keystrokes and randomly resets itself while in use. I will type sentenc without paying attention to i resetttinng itself and as you can see it skips type and repeats. Again after about ten months this device is useless and the plastic is very cheap but totally qorth the money I paid for it for almost a year of normal use. Just won't be wrotong any novels with it since it misses and repeats keystrokes while I am 5 feet away from the receiver.
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on June 5, 2013
I usually try to be fair and objective, but honestly this is a horrible product. I understand that you get what you pay for, but if a product doesn't do what it's supposed to reasonably well, then it is a waste of everyone's money. And of course it's inexpensive enough that it's almost not worth the hassle of sending it back.

First of all, the keyboard layout is atrocious. I sometimes wonder if the people who design these mini keyboards ever try using them. It would be nice if someone could design one of these things with a more typical layout and which includes all of the standard keys. Having to use the Fn key to access keys like Home/End is inconvenient and annoying. I understand that when designing a small keyboard economizing space is a consideration, but let's face it, a keyboard this size is never going to be very useful for extended typing anyway so either make the keys smaller or make the keyboard larger to allow for a more standard layout. At least in my opinion, control is the primary use for a mini keyboard, not typing so having more of the standard keys available would be useful. Some of the above I might be willing to overlook since it is typical for these types of keyboards, but on top of that, half of the time you have to hit the keys two or three times before they do anything. The USB dongle is small which is nice, but as other reviewers have stated, it is a very tight fit and a struggle to insert or remove. The build feels sturdy enough, although I don't really care for the clicking keys.

So in conclusion, like most mini keyboards, it is a great idea which is poorly implemented.

Continuing my search for a mini keyboard I can live with, I purchased the Esky® Mini i8 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad.
Well, I didn't realize this when I purchased it, but it turns out that the Hausbell and the Esky® are almost exactly the same keyboard. I'm not sure which one of them is the original manufacturer or if it is manufactured by a third-party, but there are definitely some differences. If I had to guess between the two though, I would say that the Esky® is the original build of this product based on the higher quality. The Esky® does not feel as cheaply made. It is a much more sturdy build. On the Esky®, the group of multimedia keys on the top left are a single circular piece which feels firmly seated in the case. On the Hausbell, these keys are also a single piece, but with cutouts between the keys so that it feels cheap and like it might come loose at some point. Yet another difference is the two keys on the left hand side of the keyboard. On the Hausbell, these two keys are assigned to produce www. and .com for prefixing and suffixing a URL. Not the most useful feature in the world. However on the Esky®, these two keys are additional left/right click mouse buttons which I suspect many people will find much more useful and convenient. The Esky® also seems to have better connectivity with the adapter so that you don't always have to press keys several times for them to register. Finally, the Esky® has a dongle that fits into the USB port without a struggle. I still stand by some of my original complaints about this design, but the Esky® is at least somewhat easier to live with.
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on August 20, 2013
I purchased this after my Rii mini usb wireless keyboard's on/off switch started to pull off the circuit board thus not allowing it to turn on or wake it from sleep mode. This keyboard feels like a really thin xbox 360 remote. My only complaints and this is nitpicking are as follows:
1. Keyboard isn't backlit. Disclaimer I did not look to see if this was a feature when ordering. My last keyboard had it and not having it now after approx 2 yrs of having it is a little annoying, but I should have thought about that when comparing models to replace my last one.
2. When I hook it up to let it charge it wakes up my HTPC even when the power switch on the remote is set to off. Again my last remote didn't do this but these are little things, but definitely not reasons not to buy this.

I paid a little over $50 for my previous Rii KB (Rii Wireless Keyboard Xbox360 Removable the summer of 2011. It was amazing until the on off switch started to act strange and I took it apart to see that it was pulling off the board. Even now I paid about half of what my previous keyboard goes for currently and after about 2 months of use i'm perfectly content with this keyboard and the extra money in my pocket.
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on June 28, 2013
I bought this to go with the G-Box Midnight MX2 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Dual Core XBMC Streaming Mini HTPC TV Box Player.
At first I didn't think it was working until I realized the little usb transmitter (stored in the battery compartment when you get it)was not fully plugged in. It's a very tight fit and slides easily on a bit making you think it's fully seated when it's not...

Key clicks are nice and clicky.
Range and signal seems fine at 10 feet from the G-box with the transmitter inserted into the side usb port.
Comes with it's own battery (already inserted) and a usb charge cord (appears to be mini-b connection on the minikeyboard. Standard usb on the other end)
Touchpad works fine.
Power switch on top to turn the keyboard off and save power.
ergo friendly design.

Often suffers from the double key showing up (getting kk instead of just one k) when you are typing.(This is occuring less after receiving a replacement G-Box)
Backspace doesn't seem to do anything with the G-Box so I've been using the return button on the G-Box remote to delete characters.(This is resolved with the replacement G-Box I received. It was likely the software on the G-Box)
The housing is a bit cheap and flimsy feeling.. I'm sure you could break this very easily if you sit on it by accident. Being a "couch remote" of sorts, it could be just a little more durable.

There is no key backlighing on these. That may be a con for many.
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on December 31, 2014
12/31/2014 - I seem to have received a knockoff. Even better, it was defective.
The item listing is for a Riitek product. The Rii RT-MWK08

What arrived came in a generic box without any proper branding. There was an "authenticity" sticker on it though supposedly indicating it was an official Rii product.
The item inside looked very similar if not identical to the pictured Rii product but the touchpad and battery cover had branding for some mystery company called "HausBell." Photos of received item:

This isn't completely atypical. There seem to quite a few identically designed products with different branding on Amazon. I figured as long as it lived up to the positive reviews, I'd swallow the brand annoyance and keep it.

I'll never know if it worked though. The USB receiver was defective. It wouldn't even slightly fit any of the standard sized USB ports I tried it on. Were I to have pushed it any harder I would have damaged said USB ports badly.

I'm not sure what to think now. I am returning the defective product and may purchase another one in future. Should this future purchase live up to expectations, I'll change my review accordingly.
review image review image
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on April 21, 2013
i not typing quicckly and i am not correcting the erorss thts are a rresult of tthe teriblee ttransmission of keyystrokes. i am les than 3 fee frm the reccievr and its horrrible. lost leetter and double letters make this thing a hoo no. that was horrrrroor no ""hyhoo" god what a ppieecce of garbage.
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on June 30, 2013
First off, my tech level is pretty high. I would say 8-9 out of 10.
When looking for a new remote to replace my standard WMC remote, I wanted one with a full keyboard, and specialty button designed for ease of use on a HTPC. This remote seemed to meet my requirements, though I was left a little worried about other user's reviews.

Ease of Use
I use UbuntuXBMC for my HTPC in the livingroom (I am a Linux guy). This was as simple as plug and play. No need to install drivers, luckily, as the package did not come with any. And I personally hate scouring the Internet for the correct drivers.

A lot of people have complained about the range of this thing. My couch is about 15 feet away from my TV, and as long as it is pointed in the general vicinity of the box, it appears to work. I have even used it in the dining room, which is about another 5-8 feet away, and it seems to work. This isn't even on a full charge. Although, if you point it in the opposite direction, it some times gets a little sporadic.

I have had this remote for about 1 month now, and I have never charged it. It came charged, I don't know how full, and it is still working. I do not turn it off when I am done with it, however it does go into a sleep mode. Side note, people often fall under the spell that you must charge you batteries completely prior to using them or they won't get a full charge; this was meant for only NiCad batteries.

Sleep Mode
If you leave the remote for a minute, it automatically falls asleep. Sometimes I like this, come times I don't. When you press any button it wakes up. The good part about this is if you are laying down with the remote, you don't have to worry about touching the mouse portion on accident. The bad part about this is that anytime you want to do something, you have to hit an extra button. Meh...

HTPC Buttons
The specialty buttons, that make this remote designed for HTPC use, kind of suck. First off, there is no stop button. Why?.. You can, and will have to, resort to pressing the skip to end button, in the upper left (by the play), to get to the end of a video to exit from it. One of the nice things about XBMC is that you can exit a movie by pressing stop, and when you play it again, it gives you the option to resume it. The remote kind of voids that feature. Most of the buttons you can hold and it will execute that button over and over until you release the button. Most because that does not include the volume button. You want to turn the volume way up, or way down, you have to click that button like 25 times.. Annoying.. There is no information button. The home button does not bring you to home, but to the menu after that. So if you are in Videos >> Add ons >> whatever and you press the home button, it brings you to Videos. There is no back button, just a backspace button that works pretty much the same. But its not easy to find without looking at the remote, so that sucks.

This remote isn't heavy duty, but it's also not heavy. It isn't flimsy either. My old WMC remote weigh more, and was a little more heavy duty. That said, I am not scared to drop this, or toss it across the couch to someone else. The lightness is actually a pro, as there is no strain in holding this thing for long periods of time.

The light... ARGHH.. So whenever you press a button, this light flashes. When its dark, and your watching a movie, having a light flash in your face whenever you turn up or down the volume, or anything else, is EXTREMELY annoying. I am probably going to take it apart and bypass the light. The light is quite bright..
When I first got this remote, I thought mine came without the USB receiver part. They actually send it tucked into the back of the remote in the battery compartment. There is tons of space in the box, but I guess they didn't want to waste that space??.. And wanted to try and confuse me. Lol.

I think this remote tries real hard to be something it just isn't. Everything works fine, it is just that the remote isn't set up intelligently. It needs a back button. It needs a stop button. The layout (looks great) but feels odd in the hand. I give it 4 stars because it works better then I thought it would in all the areas I was worried about (range, quality, ease of use), however I will be buying something else as you have to resort to looking at the remote to use all the functions, and you shouldn't have too.
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