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on May 24, 2012
I recently purchased the 450 SE V2. The package arrived in two days and I was impressed with the quality and overall assembly.

I had heard stories of the Allen screws being loose and I checked all of them. A couple needed to be tightened but they were on the frame...not on critical components. I'll lock tite them later.

The directions are not very good, but I did get a disc with set up procedures from Cermak in California and I checked them all out in case I want to make changes...However...

There really is nothing that one has to do other than the following:

Put 8 AA batteries in the radio.
Set Knobs at 12:00

Idle up switch (3D mode) is on left and is not programmed from the factory but needs be in the back position for safety anyway. Same goes with the switch on the right.

Charge battery(s) ( have spares!): My box came with a 12 volt plug and balance charger. I've heard others only get the charger? If you need a 12 volt supply....12 volt- 1500- 2000mah is good. You can also go up to 16 volts input to the charger or use what I like which is a nice Turnigy multi battery balance charger. It does lipo 2s-6s, NiCd, Lifo.

Remove blades for first spin up!!!! This is important unless you want to risk stripping out gears and damaging other stuff. Plus, this allows you to see if everything seems normal and elevator, trims and tail are functioning normally.

Turn on radio FIRST with throttle down and right stick centered and all trims at center.

Plug battery into'll hear beeps and see servo "twitch"

Heli is ready to go....Start with slow throttle up but only go to 60% max without blades. There's no need to over spin.
Re-Attach blades and get ready to fly.

On my first flight, the helicopter lifted off perfectly and I only needed to adjust the yaw left a tiny bit.

I hovered and then slowly made some nice circles and fast passes. A bad landing that caught the grass and crashed stripped out the main gear, bent the main shaft and cracked the blades. Plus a blade hit the tail boom and put a dent into it (didn't need to replace)

Luckily, I purchased critical parts including the complete rotor assembly with main shaft and gears.

1.5 hours later, it was ready to fly again. With helicopters this size and power you will crash and you will have to replace is something one has to accept when entering into the real helicopter realm.
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on August 23, 2012
The Hausler 450 SE V2 radio controlled helicopter rig is a great value for the money. You get a fully assembled electric 6 channel collective pitch 450 sized heli complete with installed receiver and 6 channel transmitter, a "rate/heading hold" gyro, digital tail servo, servos with metal gears, a quality LI-PO battery, a balance battery charger, a battery charger power supply, and a plastic canopy.

My Hausler could not fly when taken out of the box. During my initial pre-flight inspection I discovered that the right servo (aileron servo) was inoperative. I'm handy with a soldering iron so I disassembled the servo and found a wire had come loose from a small circuit board. I soldered the wire and reassembled the servo and it worked. I requested a replacement servo from ALPTECH. They said they sent one, but after three weeks I haven't received it. If I hadn't repaired the servo, my new Hausler 450 would be sitting gathering dust waiting for a part from ALPTECH that after a three week wait still hasn't arrived.

Screws were not treated with Loc-tite, a necessary step to prevent in-flight failure and potential safety hazards that result when parts become loose and fly off. Make sure you check each screw that has metal to metal contact and apply blue Loc-tite to prevent problems.

This is kind of the story with the Hausler (and possibly all radio controlled helis) - you will have do a lot of tweaking and adjusting just to get it to hover, but rest assured it will fly.

Understand that RTF - Ready To Fly - means that all parts necessary to fly the heli are included. You don't have to buy any additional electronics, batteries, chargers, etc. It DOES NOT mean that you can charge the battery and have success getting the bird into the air without instantly crashing. This is a serious toy that can cause serious physical injury, but don't blame the equipment if you as a pilot don't know what you're doing.

Ignore claims that "it's ready to fly right out of the box!" It's your $200 dollars that will be wasted if you don't take the time (we're talking at least an hour or two) to go over each part including the transmitter configuration and ensure your bird is ready for safe flight.

The included transmitter is basic but does the job. It's the popular T-6A that is included with a lot of Trex copies. This particular transmitter and servos are branded "ZD FLY". I installed the included driver and it works fine with XP PRO. Make sure you select the COM channel, then GET USER to avoid sending garbage info to the transmitter.

The power supply for the battery charger died during the first week after only a few charges. Any power supply with a 12v DC / 2A output / "N" sized positive tip will work.

I've ordered replacement parts specified for the "Align Trex 450SE V2" and each has fit perfectly. CERMARK also has a full line of Hausler specific replacement parts at great prices available on their website.

The original transmitter programming didn't allow easy flying. It had loads of negative pitch - the heli would struggle just to get light on the skids at full throttle. Only after a full heli setup which included centering the servo arms, leveling the swashplate, balancing and tracking the blades and programming a friendly throttle and pitch curve into the transmitter would the heli actually fly.

Bottom Line: This is a good deal financially if you are willing to check the heli out fully BEFORE trying to put it into the air and don't mind doing the research necessary to prepare it mechanically for flight. If you just charge the battery and let 'er rip you will certainly crash and burn.

If you're a newbie, buy the Hausler then subscribe to forums and watch online videos to learn how to set it up before trying to fly. Then you'll enjoy this little bird.

Hausler 450 SE V2 RTF Electric RC Helicopter
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on January 12, 2012
First, the helicopter arrived very quickly and was well packaged.
The helicopter is a very faithful clone of the AT 450.
It flew well with little trim needed, except for the tail rotor which was quite a ways off.
This is not a Toy. It is not for beginners. It is not easy to fly. But if you have looked into 450 class helicopters you know this. If you have not please do so before even considering buying this.

The biggest down side of this Helicopter is the manual. Previous reviews have called it abysmal, which it is. It is not even the manual that you want. Since this is an RTF model there should be a quickstart manual that gives the essential information. For example: How to bind the model to the radio, The meaning and direction of the switches, The meaning and direction of the Pots. Ideally there should be a guide on helicopter setup and tuning.

The next biggest problem of this product is the radio. It requires a PC to change many of the essential setting. The switches are not labeled. The potentiometers are not labeled. The low battery warning is not an audible warning so if you are not checking the power on light continually you will miss the light blinking just before you get your first glitch, which will then precipitate a crash. This happened to me. I was not happy.

Conclusion: If I were to rate the helicopter itself I would give it 4 stars. It was well assembled and reasonably adjusted for flight. The metal on metal screws seem to be thread locked properly and I found no loose screws. The wiring was done neatly and secured well. The servos and motors seem good for a clone. The ESC does not have slow start so you will chew up the main gear if you start in IdleUP/3D mode.
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on April 14, 2012
First, this helicopter is NOT a toy. It is a serious R/C flying machine. I bought mine from K&C Hobbies in Gilbert, AZ. The store staff are friendly, knowledgeable, willing to help the customer. This machine is my first collective pitch helicopter. I have been flying a Blade mQX quad copter and a Blade 120sr since January of this year. I had not flown RC for over 35 years when I got the mQX. To say I was scared of the Hausler is putting it mildly. I made some training wheels out of golf whiffle balls and dowel rods. The gear saved my butt. Once I got used to the TG and was able to hover and land I opted for Trex 500 skids, which are currently on the machine. I opted to have the shop install a Spektrum AR6100e receiver so I could bind the heli to my Spektrum DX6i transmitter. I think doing this really helped me along.

Now about the helicopter. It is WELL made and a very close clone of the Trex 450. All the metal to metal screws were tight and coated with blue thread locker. The parts look to be well machined and they have a nice blue anodized finish. The canopy paint job, while colorful does have a couple of blemishes. The machine was pretty well trimmed right out of the box. The head lock gyro does a nice job. It seems to be very well adjusted as there is no tail twitch and the tail responds to control input nicely.

I have had the heli for three weeks now and I am able to comfortably hover the machine at eye level and get it back on the ground in the same place that it lifted off from. I am also working on forward flight by flying a box pattern. I do keep myself behind the tail. I walk it forward, stop turn, walk it forward again, stop turn...etc. So far I have only had to replace the main shaft collar lock. The set screws stripped out. And I had to replace the main rotor blades. The Tail Rotor kicked up a rock into the leading edge of one main blade. Big ding in the leading edge. Certainly not the fault of the machine.

I am VERY pleased with this 450 clone heli. I would not hesitate to recommend this heli to anyone wanting to get into collective pitch helicopter. It is in my estimation the best bang for the buck out there in the CP world.
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on December 26, 2012
This Heli is a 450 size. It can do 3d flights. the 3 elevator servos has metal gears and the tail servo is digital, matched to a good quality programmable giro. The motor is a 4000/v and the ESC (electronic control system) is 40 amps. It has more than 16 ball bearings and most of the links and arms at the main and tail rotor are cnc aluminum. The main blade is fiberglass and the tail rotor is made out of hard flexible plastic. The canopy is plastic, not fiberglass as stated. It did not fly out of the box. I had to correct deviations at the servos and controller programing. I had to contact the supplier for some parts and the service was excellent, I received the parts in three days, no charge. The only upgrade I recommend is replacing the main rotor blades for a carbon fiber set and you you have a 450 3D helicopter for one third of the price. You can use any parts for the power train from ALIGN T-REX.
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on September 6, 2012
I don't know why I'm being asked about my "toy". This is NOT a toy and should not be given to a child without adult supervision. These blades can cause serious injury.

First off there is an incredible amount of machining and assembly that goes into this helicopter and really all R/C helicopters. This happens to be a clone (or knock-off as you will) of the T-Rex 450 SE V2 which costs lots more money. All the rotor head parts and 99% of the other parts are interchangeable with the Align T-Rex 450 SE V2 so obtaining parts is as easy as going to the local hobby shop. My helicopter did come with a bad ZD Fly S0009M servo but the manufacturer, Cermark, and especially AlpTech where I bought it both have been great getting that situation rectified. When flying, this is a beautiful and graceful machine and can also be an all out 3D aerobatic performer. Since I plan to enclose this helicopter in one of the scale fuselages made for 450 sized helicopters I plan on gentle and graceful... :-) This is a great buy and highly recommended because both the seller and the manufacturer really stand behind the product...!
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on January 7, 2013
Ready to fly ? NOT EVEN CLOSE !!! I opened the box, everything looks good , turned on the x-mitter, swash plate looks level , everything looks good , first slow spool up. Picked it up a few times, spins ccw and pitches right, can't even get it off the ground good. Go to the t6 program , THIS THING IS ALL JACKED UP .. NO WONDER IT WON'T GET OFF THE GROUND ! Nothing is centered or level. NO WAY this one was test flown !!! I start from scratch , zero everything, leveled swash plate , try again ! Bird picks up NICE ! For about 15 seconds , waiting on $80 in parts to arrive for repair, then this things going up for bid on Ebay !!!!
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on January 27, 2012
High quality parts at 1/10 the price of a trex. You can find the full manual online. Much of the trex's parts cross over! I bought some 2650 11.1 40c Lipos that work with the stock esc. Its important to set your trims via laptop and tighten all screws before your first flight. Also I would install carbon fiber 325 blades to increase sensitivity.
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on January 8, 2012
I bought this item and I'm impressed with how close it resembles the real thing. I got one of the little indoor twin rotor helicopters a few months ago, and they're easy to fly and it's still in one piece. I can't say the same for this little beauty. These are supposed to be ready to fly, but this one wasn't trimmed very well. It kept wanting to roll over after getting three feet off the ground even with no input on the ailerons or elevator. I bought an extra battery, but I should have also bought the training kit so I could get used to flying it and at least get it properly trimmed. A small crash can do quite a bit of damage. After 5 minutes total flight time and three roll over crashes, I had to order a new rear stabilizer, flybar, and skid assembly. Along with those parts is also the training kit that I was too proud to use... I'm still excited about this heli, and looking forward to actually flying it.
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on July 15, 2013
I had rated this helicopter lower but it deserves a higher rating. If you are looking to move up to a 6 channel heli it would be a good choice for the price. You will need some experience with helicopters and how they work though. I had some problems but they have been resolved. For the money it would be a good entry level for 6 channel.
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