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5.0 out of 5 stars No-brainer purchase for anyone inclined
Although I am writing from the UK, I have recorded a fair number of the season 5 episodes from TV transmission on VHS some years ago, and in any case remember much of the series from the original broadcasts in the 70s.
Season 5 is one of the three best seasons of Hawaii Five-O (the other two are to come, including the very best ever).
I understand viewer...
Published on October 10, 2008 by M. Lindsell

3.0 out of 5 stars broken DVD cases
Show 5 stars..packaging 0 stars. Watched a couple of the episodes but all the DVD holders were broken and all the DVDs fell out. Should have contacted amazon but with the holidays and work forgot about it. Replaced cases with cases I had ordered for other DVDs.
Published 12 months ago by AppStateFan

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53 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No-brainer purchase for anyone inclined, October 10, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
Although I am writing from the UK, I have recorded a fair number of the season 5 episodes from TV transmission on VHS some years ago, and in any case remember much of the series from the original broadcasts in the 70s.
Season 5 is one of the three best seasons of Hawaii Five-O (the other two are to come, including the very best ever).
I understand viewer frustration when publishers needlessly edit these releases, but apart from the omission of the season 2 episode, I have personally not been aware of any such editing.
Season 4 was released with cheaper packaging and downbeat motifs on the discs themselves, and along with other comments here, I am scared silly that the publishers may not release all 12 seasons (I have the first four on DVD now and would buy the other 8 at the drop of a hat if given the chance). However the content and transfer is first rate at least for teh first 4 seasons.
Reasons why Hawaii Five-O is -great- on DVD:
- The wonderful locations really come across like they never did on VHS or original broadcast - e.g. the background sounds of the waves breaking on the beach or the wind in the trees, or the bright vivid colours on a sun-soaked clear day. Some episodes make me feel a little bit like I'm on holiday/vacation.
- In today's world of moral uncertainty, Jack Lord is a breath of fresh air with his clear values, integrity, and respect for the law. You may not agree with how he handles every situation - but he makes you think.
- As we advance through the seasons, the plots get quite sufficiently clever to make it worth watching for these alone.
- Good plots + strong characters + wonderful locations = a heady mix.
- The series is also respectful of cultures, and deals with many colourful issues.
So my suggestion is that you can't make a mistake by buying this one (S5), and since there is so much great material yet to come, let's keep the sales up, so we might have a chance at getting all 12 seasons?
. . . plus - when can we have this one in the UK please? . . the seasons are being released sooo slowly!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Book 'em Danno!, November 24, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
Possibly the finest season in the show's twelve year run, at last, season five is here in all it remastered glory! Quality of the actual DVDs themselves is, in the main, very good - superb in some episodes; if you take into consideration the print quality of other shows from this era - colours are generally vibrant and rich. The soundtrack is intact and as broadcast - so any fears over tinkering similar to that of "The Fugitive" can be laid to rest. Subsequent seasons never bettered this one, but some tried and season 6 came close. Seasons 7 & 8 weren't too bad either and of course, "Nine Dragons" - the opening episode to season 9 is rightly regarded as classic. Highly recommended - roll on the next release and let us relive one of the very best 5-0 episodes - "Hookman".
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hawaii Five-O - No music changes, November 28, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
For all of the people who were flipping out ahead of the release of Hawaii Five-O season 5 based on what CBS did to The Fugitive - relax! I've watched most of my new season 5 episodes (thank God for DVD releases!) and all the original music seems to be intact.
Picture quality is great, as in each of the previous 4 seasons, and the show itself is better than ever - this is my favorite season so far. Great writing, interesting stories, top-notch acting from pretty much everyone, including most of the guest stars, and of course the beautiful scenery, funky '70's clothes, and the awesome, unflappable Steve McGarrett, which all combine to make this one of the most iconic cop shows in TV history.
I just hope CBS releases ALL 12 seasons! They've done a great job so far.
5 stars - book 'em, Danno!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, December 5, 2008
Waldorf (St. Paul, MN) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)

This whole set - season 5 - is the best so far; I have the first four seasons, and this one has some of the better episodes I've seen. As others have previously stated, the "V for Vashon" episodes by themselves make the entire set worth it; that trilogy, along with some of the Wo Fat episodes, were the best that Five-0 had to offer.

I think this is the first set I've seen that doesn't seem really dated. Mind you, I actually sometimes enjoy the dated quality of some of these classic TV shows, which is why I bother to buy them in the first place - they're time capsules. But it just seems that season 5 stands the test of time and is a bit "grittier" than the early Five-0 seasons, IMO. Not necessarily better, just different - and very interesting.

I was also pleased to discover that I'd never before seen quite a few of the episodes on this set. For some reason quite a few of these shows got skipped over the years in syndication (at least in my viewing area), and I've watched a ton of Five-0 reruns.

Some of my favorite episodes in this set include:

"Death is a Company Policy" (I got quite a kick seeing George Chakiris in the lead, and I rediscovered that Herman "Squirmin' Herman" Wedemeyer can really act!)
"Pig in a Blanket" (Danno shoots another kid!)
"The Jinn Who Clears the Way" (a very good Wo Fat episode)
"V for Vashon" trilogy (classic stuff)
"The Odd Lot Caper" (gotta love armed robbery on Five-0!)
"Percentage" (a good ol' fashioned gambling-murder drama)
"Engaged to be Buried" (Chin Ho has problems)

Really, with just a few exceptions, all of the episodes are really good.


While I wouldn't say that there is really anything exceptionally bad about this set, some of the episodes, well, I'm not sure what they were thinking.

For instance, the episode "Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain" misses the mark. It stars Ricardo Montalban in the lead, and although it's not nearly as good as another episode he starred in - "Samurai" in season 1 - at least he isn't made up to look Japanese. Poorly developed characters, really bad musical score, and no real edge to the script. Some of the acting is good, particularly the final scene with Ricardo's son. But overall the show just seems really cheesy. I don't know - maybe it's me.

Although I liked the episode "Here Today...Gone Tonight" (starring Five-0 regular guest star Monte Markham), I felt that the helicopter twist was far-fetched and not very creative; they could have done a better job of making that believable, because the rest of the show was very strong.

And I have no idea why they wanted to rehash another sniper saga in the same bunker we saw in "And I Want Some Candy, and a Gun That Shoots" in season 4. "Litte Girl Blue" has poorly developed characters, sketchy plot, lots of exposition, and Jackie Coogan just mails in his performance - which is understandable since he isn't required to do anything except get chest pains.

Also, although I thought the encoding was good throughout the series, some episodes contain scenes that don't appear to be properly color-corrected. I just chalked this up to some of the original masters being damaged/faded, and it appears that could be the case. Still, these glitches are few and far between.


Good Lord (no pun intended), who dressed McGarrett in "V for Vashon: The Patriarch"!! That Tyrolean hat, with the white suit and ascot, was just absurd. Even in 1972 that outfit would have been a big stretch. I think Marie Lord may have had more influence on Jack's wardrobe than we may want to believe...LOL!


All in all, this is an excellent DVD set, and I'm really bummed because I just finished watching all 24 episodes and want to keep going! I can't wait for season 6, so I hope CBS sees the demand and gets cracking.

I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of Five-0 episodes that I found particularly creepy, and although I'm not sure in which season(s) they appear, I know they're coming soon. One of them stars Danny Goldman as a copycat psycho killer who mocks McGarrett by recreating murders. Another great episode stars Slim Pickens as the father in a redneck family that just goes off in Hawaii, murdering tourists - complete sociopaths, deranged characters even by today's TV standards. I'm really pumped to see those episodes again.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Woah, "Fugitive" people..., September 16, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
This is in regards to those reviewers leaving a single star rating before the actual release of season five. I understand the heartbreak and outrage over the mutilation of The Fugitive TV show by Paramount Video but, so far, the handling of Hawaii Five O has been respectful.

The bad: other than episode promos, there have been no special features since season 1. There is the continued ominous fine-print warning that "Some episodes may be edited from their original network versions". Worst of all was the decision not to include the lost episode "Bored, She Hung Herself" from season 2. We were ALL waiting for that episode (and would STILL like to see it)!

The good: so far, the print conversions have been stunning, with beautiful color and sharp grain structure. The sound is excellent and, most importantly, all the original music seems to have been left intact. They're also being released as full season sets, instead of the frustrating half-season-at-a-time rip off scheme. As for any new editing, I personally have not noticed anything radical, or any premature digital fades to hurry the end of a scene (as with TV reruns of this show when they insert extra commercials). I hate the idea that anything is being left out from these and I would MUCH prefer they remain totally intact!

I understand giving a defective product a one star rating, and I've even done so politically in the past, but this sort of preemptive strike, Amazon-activism, against Paramount, on behalf of ANOTHER SHOW that they screwed up, is really only hurting the chances of any future "Hawaii Five O" releases. I think chances are extremely slim that we will see all 12 seasons released (Mary Tyler Moore only got 4 of its 7 seasons, and that was a popular show) so I was VERY happy to see the announcement of season 5 of Hawaii Five O. If it arrives seriously altered I will be the first to cry murder, but lets please wait until it arrives before we derail the whole train.

I realize it's totally hypocritical for me to now leave a star-rating, but you can't post without doing so. I'm leaving 4 stars based fairly on the last 4 seasons I've seen (THIS WOULD ABSOLUTELY BE FIVE STARS IF NOT FOR ANY EDITING!). If I feel differently with season 5, I will delete this review. And NO, to the conspiracy theorists, I don't work for Paramount (see my other reviews).
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Keeps Getting Better and Better, December 8, 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
The Five-0 team is settling in and meshing well, now. Starting in the 4th season, McGarrett, while still not above taking the palace steps two at a time, has seemed more like a lead investigator/detective lieutenant. Most of all, the stories are becoming more challenging. It really takes McGarrett's cunning to outfox the Vashons. Danno and Ben outfox criminal minds, as well.

We are seeing a shift away from the star format and toward an ensemble format. I do wish that Kono were in the ensemble. I miss him, although I like Ben, who is one sharp cookie. Duke, who is on loan from the HPD, while quiet and unassuming, is sharp and one of my favorite characters.

The only down side, as I see it, is that the Hollywood editors just can't seem to comprehend that, from the palace, one does not drive past Dillingham Fountain to get to Pier 39. Those stock photos must have made Len Freeman and Jack Lord furious!

Let me not close without remarking on the scenery we are seeing this season. We venture beyond Honolulu and are on Tantalus Mountain and high above Makapu`u Point, looking down on the lighthouse. Are these roads open to the public? If so, they don't appear on typical tourist maps, at least not the ones I've seen. Very interesting and enlightening, to say nothing of awesomely beautiful.

Yes, Season 5 is a winner! Bring on Season 6!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great classic tv show S1-S4 , please fugitive childern get a grip, November 8, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
Look fugitive kids Im sorryy CBS screwup the release, but the fugitive was a cult show that never was re ran so very few peeps remember it or even give a rats arse it was released or damaged by cbs. Look S1-S4 of Five-0 have been great. Yes everyone would like some more extras but very few of the orginal stars and production company are still alive so extras are hard to come by and my experance usually not worth the time to watch (mostly self indulant and borish patting one self on the back excises). What I want is a set with good clear colorful captures, good sound and hopeful miminal editing. So Far Five-0 stands that test and the show is loads of fun to watch. Yes the was one episde missing, but it was a lousy one episode (saw it on the web and nothing was lost)and the music has been left untouched so far. Please Fugitve childern get a grip your going to kill more classic tv dvd releases if you dont knock off. Yes cbs made some bad decesions on fugitive s1 vol 2 but most people dont care I dont I bought fugetive s1 vol 1 and I was honest bord by it and am mystified why there such the cult following for the show? Its another one of Q martins stiffly acted shows that really did nothing for me and alot of others. All you come off as fugitive childern when you bash other cbs releases not related to the furgitive as spoiled wierdos who need to get a life. Im looking forward to season 5 of hawaii five -0 and I know its going to be fun cool classic tv that why I give it five stars.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Want more Hawaii Five-0, December 4, 2008
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
Loved the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0, as well as the first four seasons! I pre-ordered this season, and our family is already watching the fifth season for the second time since we received it. The quality of the DVDs is very good.

People should wait until DVDs have been released and they've seen them before giving negative reviews; it just doesn't make sense to pan a show before it has been released based on editing of a different series.

My family has immensely enjoyed the DVD releases. The scenery is gorgeous, the stories are excellent, and the Five-0 team stands for moral integrity as well as taking responsibility for your decisions.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Vashon trilogy in season 5; the thought of Steve McGarrett in jail is too hard to fathom. Al Harrington joins the Five-0 team in the fifth season, and James MacArthur takes a more active role as boss in the field.

Just wish CBS would release the remaining seasons and do it quickly. One or two seasons a year is just way too slow!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars This was the Season that began my Interest, February 23, 2009
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
I loved Hawaii Five O. However This is the season when I began being interested in the show when it firat aired on television.

I blame my father for this interest. in 1972, He and I watched the three part arc V for Vashon. We were discussing it. We discuss family bonds and ties. We also discussed what was morally right.

Steve McGarrett and his team did not break the law, nor did they take into their own hands. Long before CSIs and Law & Orders, this crime show had me spellbound. I would use the term classic TV, but the term is over used

In rewatching these shows, I miss my father (who passed away in 2001) but I enjoy watching these shows as if he was still here. This show may be almost 40 years old, but these shows are timeless. Isn't that what great Tv is all about

Bennet pomerantz Audioworld
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good, Solid, Entertaining - One of The Best Seasons, November 13, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 (DVD)
Season 5 is the first season featuring Al Harrington as Ben Kokua, replacing Zulu, who starred as Kono. This has always been one of my favorite seasons of this show, especially the Vashon Trilogy and the episodes featuring guest stars such as Ricardo Montalban, William Shatner, Erik Estrada, Patty Duke, Andy Griffith and Meg Foster. Some good gangster episodes and some good "social issue" episodes along with a few below average episodes. Mostly good solid, entertainment with lots of action and drama.

Death is a Company Policy -
Gangster Johnny Resko is double crossed and killed. A letter detailing evidence on his assassin finds its way to HPD. Unfortunately, there is a link to someone inside H5O. One of the best episodes ever and a great start to season 5.
I like the storyline about the gangster getting even from beyond the grave in the form of a letter sent to McGarrett.
A security leak however renders most of the evidence sent to H50 as useless so the main storyline has McGarrett, the DA and the governor trying to find the rat in their own pack.

Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain -
After a mechanic employed by a daredevil race car driver (Ricardo Montalban) is killed, H50 investigates and suspects the mechanic's employer may have been the intended victim. McGarrett clashes with Alex Pareno (Montalban) over security matters and the possible cancellation of future racing events. This makes H50's job that much tougher when and some intense moments between the two before the finale. This episode has one of those eccentric celebrities and families and gives several possible suspects before we find out how the real killer is.

You Don't Have to Kill To Get Rich - But It Helps
William Shatner guest stars as Texas PI investigating a blackmail case for an army buddy in this tale of high tech identity theft, invasion of privacy and computer technology. This is another favorite as the computer technology seems to me a bit ahead of it's time. It would be easy to imagine this sounding far-fetched in 1972 but not so these days. The shots of the dead girl tied to a cement block are genuinely creepy as well as the bell chime effect. The story has the PI (Shatner) becoming sidetracked from his original goal and trying to muscle in on the action.
The scam is to take rich, family oriented businessmen (if there actually is such a thing) set them up with a couple of local girls, have photos taken and then blackmail them for fear of the photos being sent to family friends, clergy and co-workers. A high-tech system of contacts is used to collect personal and business data to be used for the blackmail scam. Shatner is a PI who starts out to help his buddy Wally Schuster, who falls victim to this scam, but Shatner (as PI Sam Tolliver) gets greedy and decides he wants a piece of the action for himself. Invasion of privacy and business fraud and or of course...murder one.

Pig in a Blanket
Another storyline with the issue of police vengeance is brought to light. This is somewhat similar to "And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin" from season one. Danny shoots a young man who appears to be armed but no gun is found.
Danny's friend on the force is gunned down by a doper. When off-duty Danny assists in a robbery in progress call, he chases the suspect to the suspect's home. The boy who appears to be kneeling pulling a gun on Danno suddenly appears unarmed. It is never explained why the unarmed boy was kneeling and pointing a soldiering iron at Danno which in the dimly-lit drive way looked like a gun and why no one bothers to explain this as it would've made sense that the boy didn't surrender as order to, was fleeing the scene of a crime and did in fact point an object at a cop that looked like a gun. All Hell breaks loose when accusations of police brutality begin to surface. The search for the missing gun is the key to the story. Danno threatens to resign much to McGarret's disgust who at one point has to order Danno not to talk to reporters who are looking for a story.

The Jinn Who Clears The Way
McGarrett's arch rival Wo Fat returns in this episode about a missing top secret missile guidance device.

Fools Die Twice
Confusing episode about a planned hit which is just a decoy to throw McGarrett off the track as well as the target of the hit. I watched this episode several time but I still didn't get it.

Chain of Events
Controversial issue time - the murder of a health department official whose specialty is sexually transmitted diseases leads to a string of suspects which seems to end at a budding political candidate who has been active with one of the (underage)victims and is also having marital problems for the same reason. The same politician is saved from certain death by a certain irate father who would like to take matters into his own hands. An above average episode that keeps the viewer guessing up until the end. The political candidate looks guilty almost up until the very end and the subject of sexually transmitted diseases is dealt with without becoming preachy. Mary Fran, who had been considered for the part of Sue Ellen on "Dallas" (at least according to Linda Gray), has a small but important role as a suspect.

Journey Out of Limbo
Danny turns up in the back of a dump truck beaten and bloody and covered with dirt but is unable to recall how he got there. This episode is a bit tedious and far fetched as Danny regains his memory he also uncovers some sort of assassination plan. A weaker episode if you ask me. Keenan Wynn, who played the role of "Digger" Barnes during season three of "Dallas" (Who Shot Who?) guest stars.

"V" For Vashon: The Son (Part 1)
An old "family custom" leads McGarrett to suspect the youngest member of the Vashon family in a series of pet hotel robberies. The boy's father also suspects likewise. The suspicions of both prove to be correct. Interesting story line about the rebellious youth who points out the sins of his father while he is no better himself. This episode gives more time to personal side of the villains than usual.

"V" For Vashon: The Father (Part 2)
The Vashons put a contract out on McGarrett. The story centers mainly on the hit man tailing McGarrett and Five-0 tailing him. A good episode but somewhat predictable when H50 discover the identity of the hired hit man.
Spoiler Alert:
For what this is worth, a minor complaint is the hitman making his hideout directly across the street from H50 HQ (the governor's office?) seems a little dim. All that planning and he chooses the most obvious place to shoot from ??? This has always bothered me but only a minor complaint.

"V" For Vashon: The Patriarch (Part 3)
The grandfather of the Vashons plans to frame McGarrett for murder. An above average episode with a story line that has a little twist to it. Don't want to give it away if there are any who haven't seen this episode or just don't remember.
Part three of this recalls much of the first 2 parts at length and involves a clever attempt not to kill McGarrett but to kill is reputation and frame him for the murder of an unarmed man. (Where have we seen this before?) It almost works but someone in McGarret's circle is the key.

The Clock Strikes Twelve
H50 appear to be running through some kind of drills in preparation for bomb threats received after the arrest of some sort of militant group. The drills and the actual threats seems a little to difficult to separate from one another in my book. The story is kind of slow and uninteresting if you ask me.

I'm A Family Crook - Don't Shoot
Andy Griffith and Joyce Van Patten as the Lovejoys, a husband and wife and daughter flim flam team. The couple end up with a briefcase full of money and two rival gangs hot on their heels. This is Andy Griffith going against character and would have made a decent comedy film. This has to be one of the best guest star episodes and is almost laugh out loud funny in places.

The Child Stealers
A far more serious episode has Meg Foster (in her first appearance) as the female half of a duo of kidnappers. The two kidnap newborn infants and then sell them through an agency in Los Angeles. Lots of dramatic scenes and intense chases herein. An above average episode and one of my favorites.
BTW Meg Foster is not blind - she has very pale blue eyes which almost seem to have no retina. I checked this out on Wikipedia and she has played the part of blind characters on other shows.

Thanks For The Honeymoon
Patty Duke guest stars as a hippie girl who makes a deal with McGarrett to testify regarding a well-known crimelord in exchange for a 24 hour wedding/honeymoon leave from prison (henceforth the title). The whole thing seems a bit ridiculous when it is revealed that her boyfriend shot a cop and this would make him a flight risk unworhty of such favor. How many times have we heard McGarrett say: "I don't make deals"? Patty Duke is convincing in the role (another going against type) but the storyline seems awkward. At one point in the show Duke uses the term "mother-jumping", coming close to one of the seven dirty words you can't say on television. This was before HBO.

The Listener
A truly creepy character with expertise in listening devices torments a psychiatrist, and his patients and wife in exchange for blackmail money. The listeners' identity is not revealed until the end after a series of tragic events caused by his harassing the doctors' patients. A good episode and genuinely creepy villaine.

Here Today Gone Tonight
A businessman is murdered and the prime suspect has an alibi so that the main question is: 'How can somebody be two places at once?' Disappointing resolution which I won't mention.

The Odd Lot Caper
A so-so episode involving the theft of securities. One of the thieves gets greedy and foils the scheme or something. This is just sort of ok in my book. Not really one of my favorites. This seems to be slow moving and uninteresting.

Will The Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
I've seen this episode before but the most interesting thing here is the tile of this one. Maybe I'll watch it again and get something more out of it. This is one of those episodes involving government in which everyone is a spy and nobody is who they say they are and it only makes you wonder if the government is really run this way or not. Reminds me of Colonel Flagg on MASH. The general confusion here just makes this kind of dull.

Little Girl Blue
A straight ahead kidnapping storyline - somewhat predictable - in fact if I say anymore I'll give it away. So you watch and you decide.

A travel agent who sets up high stakes gambling junkets is murdered and McGarret is convinced the agent's partner is the guilty party. I'm paraphrasing this based on the synopsis on the DVD cover. I personally didn't get much out of this one.

Engaged To Be Buried
Erik Estrada guest stars as the youngest son of a crime lord who is engaged to Alia Kelly, daughter of Chin Ho Kelly. A little variation "Romeo and Juliet" is apparent here. Not too much suspense here but some very dramatic scenes.
Rono Vadalgo of the Vadalgo crime family, known for it's shakedown tactics and extortion rackets, seems an unlikely choice for the daughter of Chin Ho Kelly. Shako Vadalgo and Chin Ho don't have much in common either, but both agree that their kids don't belong together. Naturally this leads to both kids feuding with their fathers, although for different reasons. Chin Ho warns Alia about what she is "mixed up with" but Alia swears her undying love regardless. Meanwhile, Shako Vadalgo, similarly reminds Rono that he has a "cop's bullet" in him and can't walk and considers any relationship to the HPD as a betrayal. Things are made worse when the owner of a new coin operated bowling alley turns out to be a retired Chicago cop who won't give in to the Vadalgos' threats. A car bomb (intended to shakedown the owner of the bowling alley) results in the death of Alia's best friend, Pam. This begins the chain of events that lead to the end of the Vadalgos and reunion between father and daughter.

The Diamond That Nobody Stole
I gather that this one has to with the theft of a diamond and murder but it has always been one of my least favorites here during season 5. It seems to lack something for me - maybe I'll give it another look. Usually, the episodes which become favorites have become so upon there first viewing and don't require repeated viewing to appreciate. As much a like this show there are just certain episodes that seemed to have just sailed right by me over my head and beneath my feet.

Jury of One
Another straight ahead story of jury tampering and kidnapping. Pretty good though - actually some of the best episodes are the simpler, straight ahead stories. (Tell that to the writers of "Dallas") A heartfelt story of jurors' young daughter kidnapped in exchange for his vote. The little kid is cute and plus there are a few other twists and turns here before the final rescue.
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