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Headphone jack problems? My last Sansa Clip's headphone jack started to malfunction after 3 months of use and I've heard many similar stories from users of other Sansa mp3 players.

Is the Sansa Clip Plus' headphone jack any more sturdy? I guess it might be hard to tell unless you've owned the product already for several months.
asked by Lewis Murdoc on November 9, 2009
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Actually, I discovered that the problem wasn't that the jack was going in to far, but that it needed to be inserted all the way. You have to use some force to get the plug in all the way and it seems like you might break something, but it should be totally flush with the case in order to get stereo sound. If you look on the male plug you will see two rings, both of which need to be nested inside the outlet/connector. It seems unnatural to need that much force to plug in a headphone jack. Give it a try.
Jogger answered on April 24, 2010
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I've tried two different Sansa MP3 players in the last month. Both had problems with the headphone jack right out of the box. The headphones only worked when pushed part way in and while running would shake out and wouldn't work. I'm wondering why so many people say this is a great device. Could I have possibly gotten two defective players in a row or are they all defective?
Jogger answered on January 16, 2010
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I had exactly the same problem with the Sansa Fuse which is otherwise a great little player. However, this is not a small problem. I was able to cure it by putting a tiny strip of electrical tape next to the jack which kept the maleplug from going in too far. Obviously this is an unsatisfying gerry-rig of a fix even if it does work. I am considering buying the Sansa Clip but now I read these coments and wonder about the wisdom of that. This seems like it should be electronics 101. COME ON SANSA!! Stop screwing up an otherwise great product!!
Jonathan D. Newcomb answered on April 24, 2010
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It makes no difference what type of headphone you plug into the Clip. The weakness is in the connection. The more you plug and unplug your phones, the quicker it will deteriorate and eventually start breaking up. The only prevention is to leave the phones plugged in and avoid any strain on the jack.
mr.lotus74 answered on July 9, 2012
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I've had both a Clip and Clip+ for several years now. My Clip+ was starting to die so I ordered another one. I found that the headphones did not go into the jack all the way, though it felt snug, at which point was only emitted from one side of the headphones. If I pulled the headphones out slightly, I found that I got stereo sound but the plug was not snug and was prone to slipping out. I RMA'd it for a separate reason and the replacement also had a similar headphone jack fit issue. After some searching, one suggestion was to simply force it in so that the plastic on the plug is actually flush with the case.

It certainly feels like something is going to break, probably due to the cheap plastic-y feel of the product, but this actually works. I was apprehensive of doing this as I didn't remember my original Clip+ having such a tight fit on the headphone jack. Problem solved.

The Sansa Clip+ is a great product, one of the best for high-impact and high-motion activities like running and martial arts. Remember, really push the plug in all the way!
teedub answered on June 21, 2012
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Thank you teedub, I was going to send the clip+ back until I saw your advice. Just to confirm what teedub said (and to assuage any fears of damaging the device!) you do need to push the headphones very firmly into the device until you hear a click.
J. Wood answered on June 30, 2012
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I sent back my first Clip because of the sloppy fit of the headp hone jack. Replacement wasequally as bad. I have put up with problem but cannot use it when walking. Would not reccomend it.

Forcing the plug might totally destroy use. If so I would not Buy Sansa. All other functions are fine as is sound.
Edward F. Damp answered on July 29, 2010
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I tried pushing the plug in further, something gave, now it won't stay in at all. Totally UNSAT.
How long is their warranty? I have the original paperwork and can't see the length of the warranty.
bobby j answered on May 3, 2011
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I just bought a Sansa clip. If I push the earphone jack in all the way, I do not get any sound. It is 'touchy' and have to fiddle with it to hear anything out of it. I am headed back to the store to try another one.
Tigger answered on August 9, 2011
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No its not. Mine is faulty from new. You have to press so hard when inserting headphone plug that it triggers the on/off switch. Second Sansa clip + returned.
shopper answered on March 30, 2012
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