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on March 30, 2008
This powerful documentary contains vital information and perspective that you are unlikely to see otherwise in such a condensed form. It will help you scrutinize standard representations of effectiveness and side effects. It should inspire you to study the studies before starting any chemo treatment or radiation.

The key premise about conventional treatments is that they are not as effective as commonly represented. The success statistics are scrutinized by many prominent people in science and medicine, raising important questions.

The key diet premise is that our immune system is very good at killing cancer, if it is strong and healthy. Our western diseases correlate highly with the big shift in our diets over the last 100 years, from 5% animal products plus 96 whole-plant foods, to our current diet of 42% animal products plus 51% refined foods plus only 7% whole plant foods.

I lost my life partner of 11 years after a three-year battle with breast cancer. I wish we'd known this information in time to help her. I only found out about it five months after she died.

I've started collecting similar information on this web page:

A couple caveats about the documentary. It presents things in a relatively black & white manner, with significant moralizing about greed in the medical industry. True or not, I fear that the tone may turn off some moderates and medical professionals so that they don't hear the bigger powerful messages. While future videos may be edited to reach a broader audience, I encourage you to look past things that may bother you and be open to the bigger message. I also encourage you to explore some of the studies and quotes by very reputable people that question the degree of progress in the war of cancer.

This documentary is very important for patients, families, medical professionals, and policy makers. I bought six copies to loan to others. Get it. Watch it. Pass it on.
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on February 16, 2008
Another WINNER, from Michael Anderson (Eating-Plus 3rd Edition). 1.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer, this year! Another 550,500 will die, from it. This extraordinary DVD is timely, well researched and riveting. It will shake the CANCER industry $$$ to it's very foundation! "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" will put everything into perspective. You will never fear CANCER again. This is a very powerful and empowering documentary. Find out why 8 out of 10 Oncologists will neither use nor recommend Chemo therapy (a derivative of mustard gas) to family or friends and why many opt for Alternative therapies! Learn how millions are spent annually to suppress alternative therapies and how potential cures were taken off the market. One example is Lane Laboratories. They developed a very effective immune boosting mushroom complex (MGN3). Yet, they were put out of business, by the FDA, when they dared to advertise to the Cancer community! This DVD should be required viewing, by every American man, woman and child. It's an absolute MUST, for every CANCER patient! View it, apply it's wisdom and then share it with family and friends. This DVD is a life saver! Donate a copy to your local library or church organization and help spread the word! CANCER does not have to be a death sentence, ANYMORE! This DVD is proof positive that CANCER is a preventable and reversible disease. There has always been a very powerful and effective cure for's our immune system! Yet, ALL Cancer therapies suppress the immune system and cause secondary Cancers! Mammograms CAUSE breast Cancer! Shocked? I'm not! Radiation causes Cancer! Before you Walk for the cure, watch this DVD. Get the facts. Cancer is a Multi Billion dollar industry, that relies on fear mongering, toxic drugs, propaganda, spin, counter spin, lies, false hope, misinformation, tons of advertising, skewed studies, celebrity endorsements, government subsidies and the FDA, to enforce its will. At the top of this industry there are the obscenely huge salaries, corporate jets and fancy office towers. At the bottom, there are the well intentioned, good hearted and hard working volunteers. Sadly, there are more organizations PROFITING from this disease, than there are patients! I also recommend: "A Cancer Battle Plan", "Beyond Treason"(DVD) and "In Lies We Trust"(DVD). Learn how live Cancer viruses are added to common childhood vaccines and how "AIDs" was an immune destroying weapon, 15 years in the making, specifically designed for the military and unleashed on the world. Yes! WE literally gave the world......AIDs! There are currently over 800,000 organizations profiting from the AIDSs "epidemic". Find a cure? NEVER. For, it's ALL about PROFIT & unmitigated corporate greed!!! It's up to us, to seek the truth, to empower ourselves, to act and to become a positive force for change! Let's take the profit out of Cancer! Let's practice PREVENTION. Let's get healthy, NOW!
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on February 27, 2008
Very powerful movie/documentary!! EVERYONE NEEDS to watch this along with his previous doc "Eating!" Much of this info is available if you have the time and energy to read, research, read, research, read... the internet and certain books out there, but most people do not have that luxury these days and this documentary puts much, scattered-in-many-different-areas, information into a very well done video. I am one of those voracious readers and researchers, but even some of the information he presented was new to me. Fantastic movie! Cannot recommend highly enough!!!! Do yourself a favor and watch both of his movies!!!
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on September 6, 2008
Healing Cancer from Inside Out is a follow-up to Eating, Mike Anderson's pioneering production that showed the standard American diet as the "biggest cause of disease, disabilities, and death in the U.S. today." In this film he is highly critical of the medical profession and its arsenal of toxic chemical treatments for cancer that are doing more harm than good. All the while, doctors are ignoring and even suppressing alternative practices featuring diet and lifestyle changes that have benefited many people.

Sadly, changes will come slowly, if at all, because it is not financially rewarding for doctors to prescribe diet and lifestyle changes to cancer patients. So much money is invested in current chemical and surgical treatments that a large audience for this documentary would create a financial threat to the medical industry, the cancer industry, and the pharmaceutical companies. If people turned to dietary and lifestyle changes instead of the expensive treatments offered today, those industries would be devastated.

Mike Anderson deserves special kudos for his extensive research and his impressive packaging of information. In Healing Cancer from Inside Out he introduces ideas and information that are not welcome on mainstream media but need to be presented to the America public. He has created an enlightening film that will benefit anyone who views it. This film needs NEEDS to be seen.
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on January 12, 2009
The only reason I rate it 4 stars is due to the poor filming quality. The information is truly enlightening yet as a medical professional, very disturbing. I can't believe I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education that is obsolete. Anyone searching for hope and direction to overcome the cancer diagnosis should watch it...prevention is the answer.
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on January 31, 2009
FABULOUS VIDEO ABOUT HEALING CANCER NATURALLY>>> A MUST SEE !!! Please be advised.. this is the exact same DVD video as another listed by Amazon with a different cover.. HEALING CANCER. They are the same, and in fact the words " From The Inside Out " are shown on that cover.. only they're tiny and hard to see ( look closely ) and are not shown in the Amazon listing. Don't order both or you'll end up with 2 of the same.
I do advise ordering another Mike Anderson video EATING to go with this one...
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on February 13, 2009
I received this dvd a few days ago, and I have to say that as I sat and watched alone in my room, I had to scream out several times in both shock and as they used to say in church, testifying! I literally yelled at different times because the things the author revealed were so true, so shocking, so revealing. While researching cancer information, I had encountered so many roadblocks, misinformation, just downright lies, and it rocked me to my core to hear my experiences validated in this extraordinary work. For a while, I wanted to curl up in my bed under the covers and not leave my room, because its so SCARY what is going on in our world, the conspiracies, the greed, the deceptions - but then I became energized and was ready to take action and move forward with not only saving my own life, but saving others. But people aren't ready to hear the truth, and its sad. We've become so ingrained with the lies and its hard to pull people into the light, to make them realize that what we've been taught is WRONG, and we CAN indeed not only prevent cancer but CURE cancer ourselves.

I have watched this dvd over and over in the last few days, and now I'm ready to share it with someone else, but I really don't want to let go of my copy! I can't recommend it enough, not only for anyone you know facing cancer, but it is a powerful educational tool for everyone seeking knowledge and understanding about "the machine".
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on August 16, 2009
Having watched the DVD today the feeling I'm left with is that this is a
disturbing premise. Mike is basically saying that we all have cancer and
that it becomes a problem when our immune system stops identifying and killing
the cancer cells we all have. Further he is saying that 98% of all cancer
chemo and radiation is worse than no treatment at all because it kills the
immune system, which is our only defense in fighting the uncontrolled spread and
mutation of the cancer. Then he is saying that of all the environmental
and genetic factors that contribute to the spreading cancer, the worst and most
significant is the eating of animal protein and dairy, because it enables
the cancer (it's the fertilizer). He is also saying that early detection is
a scam, it doesn't make us live any longer if we get cancer, it just lets us
live with the knowledge of the cancer longer. Finally he is saying that if
we adopt a RAID diet (no refined or processed foods, no animal or dairy products,
no vegetable oils, and regular exercise) we have a shot at - but not a guarantee of -
helping our immune system prevent or kill off a potentially killer cancer.
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on July 7, 2008
Several of my relatives have died from "cancer". This video has given me the courage and determination to find and to apply wiser ways of living. The suggestions found in this video are very practical and have a direct and positive impact on both mind and body (as I have personally experienced).

This is a video that I highly recommend for people from all backgrounds and ages.
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on April 5, 2014
The best point this documentary provides is, cancer has a protein layer over it that works like camouflage to the immune system. When the pancreas is too busy digesting animal protein consumption, it can't digest the protein coating over the cancer cells. But when you stop consuming animal protein, the pancreas protein digestive enzymes can digest the protein coating over the cancer cells and by exposing the cancer cells, the immune system can go to work killing, digesting and eleliminating the cancer cells. That was an turning point for me.
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