Customer Reviews: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders
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on April 15, 2007
Dr. Bock has done a FANTASTIC job of explaining why the rates of these 4 diseases have gone up and how we can help to heal our kids who have them. Since we're all focused on helping our kids, here are the 4 parts of his healing program: 1) Nutritional Therapy, 2) Supplementation Therapy, 3) Detoxification, 4) Medication, and Putting these 4 therapies together. The 4 changes that he feels strongly have caused these diseases to now effect 1 in every 3 kids are: 1) Toxins Proliferated (in the air, oceans, foods, etc.), 2) Nutrition Deteriorated (fast foods and processed foods), 3) Vaccinations Increased (doubled since 1991), 4) Ability to Detoxify dwindled (methylation and sulfation damage or not working properly).

This is a great book for those who are just starting down the road of Autism, ADHD, Asthma or Allergies. It is NOT however, the book that old timers who have been doing Biomedical for years will get much from. It is similar to Jacqueline McCandless' book "Children with Starving Brains" but with much more explanation and details behind it and a great approach that goes beyond just one of the four epidemics.

If you have to choose just one book for a new parent to read to get them off the ground and jumping towards Biomedical approaches for their child's A-disease, this is it.
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on June 12, 2007
My 3 year old son was diagnosed with autism at 20 months and has been Dr. Bock's patient for 1 1/2 years. His book is a miracle for all parents with children on the autism spectrum or related diagnoses. His treatment is simple yet extraordinary in bringing about changes and recovery in children. My son was mute, violent, refused to eat or sleep before Dr. Bock's treatment- now, 1 1/2 years later, he's ready to be mainstreamed into preschool. He has performed miracles with my son, simply by recognizing the root causes of my son's condition and treating it simply through diet, supplement therapy and removing metals. He makes no promises, but I can tell you from our experience that he has truly worked miracles for my son and our family!
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on March 14, 2008
We have been working with Dr. Bock for about four years and our son (now 18 years old) who is considered to be "on the spectrum" (most said Asperger's; some said PDD-NOS)has made tremendous strides.
When I went to my first DAN! Conference in 2004 what immediately surprised me was how the doctors who spoke said it was the parents--not the doctors--who need to take charge of their children's treatment and healing programs. Highly effective doctors like Dr. Bock are very much in demand. Appointments are made months in advance and then you have only so much time with the doctor--not that he doesn't want to give you more time but so many other patients are waiting! Therefore a parent needs to get as much understanding of what the problems are, what the treatments are supposed to do and how they work. Fortunately there are books like this as well as the internet that can provide this vitally needed education. It is clear that there is no one single cause of autism and as a result, no two autistic children are exactly alike.
When it comes to autism there are some treatments that aim at treating the effect while others aim at treating the cause. However, it is only the latter that truly promote healing. Healing a child's autism is not like treating an infection with antibiotics. Using natural treatments--vitamin mineral, herbal, enzyme, and nutritional supplements as well as dietary changes and hyperbaric oxygen can result in significant progress but the natural healing process, unlike treating with drugs, is painstakingly slow. Our son's digestion was also helped by another doctor, who gave him a homeopathic remedy.
We know that over time all cells in the body are replaced by new ones and my aim and hope is always that any defective cells in the brain or elsewhere be replace by new, healthy ones. This cell replacement process continues throughout life and so I believe there is hope for older people as well. In addition, we try to eat a natural diet and avoid nutritionally useless junk food. It's all been costly and we've pretty much have had to pay out of pocket for everything. But the fact that our son now has friends and is looking forward to going to college next year is for us priceless.
I know parents of autistic children who are either demanding that the government do something for them or else they sit around feeling sorry for themselves. There are always things WE can and should do. As for the government, it takes a lot more than it gives and makes us into a nation of guinea pigs by allowing all kinds of toxins into our foods and our environment in general. We all know a spoonful of arsenic can kill you, yet the government allows small quantities of arsenic in chicken feed. Is that going to do anyone any good? As for vaccinations, Americans should know that the government of Japan, the country with the world's highest life expectancy (unlike the U.S., which is around No. 48), banned the MMR vaccine in 1994.
In conclusion, this is an excellent book for families of children affected by any of the new childhood epidemics, as Dr. Bock refers to them. Also all couples who are expecting or planning to have children in the future should at least read the part about vaccines.
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on June 22, 2009
With all the five-star reviews on this book, I set my expectations too high. On the plus side, Dr. Bock's after-the-fact suggestions are undoubtedly helpful, although he handicaps the advice by common myths.

Firstly, he repeatedly attacks saturated fats (e.g., Page 178, "Similarly, it's important to avoid foods that are pro-inflammatory, such as the trans-fatty acids found in margarine and other saturated fats" and, Page 182, "Food. It is often a major contributor to inflammation, specifically if is is high in saturated fat"). Per Julie Matthews, a renowned expert on autism nutrition, "Clinical research shows that both saturated fat and cholesterol are essential for growth in babies, especially for healthy brain development" and "[There have been] decades of incorrect nutrition information on fats fed to the public by almost all mainstream nutrition sources".

Dr. Bock is one of sources of disinformation. This disinformation leads inevitably to mothers on bagel and fruit fat-free diets; then, made unable to breastfeed, with the blessings of their pediatricians, they give harmful omega-6 loaded soy based formulas to their infants; and finally they ween their children to cereal and fruit juice centric diets. (Dr. Bock missed the fact that the increasing levels of gluten in today's popular wheat varieties contribute to the timing of these epidemics. And, he missed the fact that the excess omega-6 fats in soy-based formula are often harmful to the liver and thus impair digestion.)

Anyhow, the saturated fat scare that Dr. Bock repeats (although not hysterically himself) is a significant root cause of the autism epidemic. Firstly, the necessary fats are mostly absent, and secondly the grains wreck the gut, making the children particularly vulnerable to toxins that healthy guts easily chelate. (And the high blood glucose and insulin levels caused by the carbohydrate intensive diet are damaging as well).

While Bock correctly accuses Food Inc (as so well depicted in Food Inc.: A Participant Guide: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer-And What You Can Do About It) of being a primary cause of autism (p. 18), Bock attacks sugar lightly. Sugar is the flagship ingredient of manufactured food, and sugar is indisputably harmful for everyone in any quantity.

Another missed factor is massive vitamin D deficiency from these poor sources of vitamin D (i.e., grains, fruit, and juices) coupled with the doctor supported sun scare (see the Vitamin D Council's papers on autism to understand the connection). And, the vitamin D deficiency contributes to the chelation problem, as well. While Dr. Bock gives a little attention to vitamin D, his recommended dosage is one tenth of being adequate to remedy the deficiency, per the best experts on Vitamin D.

Instead of recognizing the saturated fat scare and the sun scare as significant causes of the autism (and other immune system disorders), Dr. Bock propagates myths about mercury levels (Page 18, "Our oceans are so full of poison, especially mercury, that it is now unsafe to eat more than one can of tuna per week.") From other sources, the reality is "there's considerable evidence that the amount of mercury in fish has remained the same (or even decreased) during the past 100 years." [...]. The mercury myth not only helps create an omega-3 fat deficit, but it has helped create the self-chelation problem by contributing to a widespread iodine deficiency; iodine/iodide is a critical nutrient (particularly nearly absent in a low seafood diet) that goes entirely unmentioned in this book.

When the root causes of autism are somewhat misunderstood and instead blamed on (exaggerated) factors we largely cannot control (e.g., ocean pollution), it dilutes its benefits, as well as the partly flawed dietary advice.

Read this book for mostly credible information on supplements and drugs, but get your nutrition advice from the few trained nutritionists that actually understand nutrition, such as Julie Matthews, author of Nourishing Hope for Autism: Nutrition Intervention for Healing Our Children, (or perhaps doctors such as Michael R. Eades or John Briffa or Barry Groves). And read Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health (Vintage) for the foundation to distinguish nutritional fact from fiction.
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on October 24, 2012
My four year old daughter was having some severe health problems including recurrent hives, eczema, urinary problems, as well as behavioral problems. She also had intense "itchiness" all of the time. I took her to multiple pediatricians and a pediatric urologist. These "doctors" all told me that she was fine, there was nothing wrong with her, and that her immune system just needed some help. What was their recommendation? Prescription medication, of course, including steroids. No way was I going to cover up my daughter's illness with steroids. I wanted to find out what the underlying cause of her problems was. This book makes so much sense and he addresses the immune system dysfunction and how it relates to so many common childhood illnesses such as the 4A's. My daughter's problems were all reactions to severe allergies. In May 2012, my husband and I took her to Dr. Bock. She had a lot of testing done, and he has been treating her since then with dietary changes and supplementation. She has improved so much and I am so thankful. She has not had anymore hives or urinary problems, and her eczema is about 75% improved. Her behavior has improved a lot as well. Please don't just accept that your child's severe allergies, asthma, autism, or ADHD is something they have to live with forever. Western medicine has many great things to offer, but when it comes to chronic illnesses - traditional physicians are way off. There is so much healing that the body can achieve if you give it what it needs to heal.
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on December 7, 2013
Dr Bocks book has some misinformation but much good information.
SUGAR AND CARBS are the greatest causes of these childhood epidemic diseases but as other reviewers have mentioned Dr Bock does not emphasize their role in ill health. The 4A Epidemic by Dr Cannizzaro is full of details on treatment methods and does a better job of how to cut back on the most dangerous carbs making it a better book.
SATURATED FATS. Man made saturated fats are deadly. But natural saturated fats from meat, eggs, and coconut oil are the best fats to eat. Dr Bock does not differentiate between the different kinds of saturated fats.
FISH OIL Molecular distillation damages the omega 3. Krill oil is not distilled/heat damaged and is a better product. Super critical CO2 extracted is better than molecular distillation because it doesn't use heat.
OMEGA 6 fatty acids. All Americans have too many heat damaged omega 6 from expeller pressed oils. But they may be deficient in undamaged omega 6. Fresh avocados and organic olive oil are the best sources of undamaged omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 are even more sensitive to damage from heat than the omega 6. If you over cook your fish it may not be giving you what you need. Poaching in water is the best cooking method.

MERCURY DETOX Dr Bock emphasizes mercury detox but his methods are old fashioned and damaging to the body.
CHELATION with DMSA for toxic metals damages the kidneys and depletes the essential trace minerals. DMSA is approved for the detoxification of lead but not mercury by the FDA. Using it for mercury detoxification is using an experimental drug. Do you want your child to be experimented on? has the stories of the people who are causalities of drug chelators. Call DAMS International (Dental Truth) 8003116265 and ask Leo Cashman about how many people call him every day because of adverse reactions to DMSA. Leo Cashman thinks it is in the order of 40% of the people who are given it. There are natural chelators like NDF sold by Amazon that are non toxic and strengthen the kidneys and liver as they detoxify the body. The book NATURAL MERCURY DETOXIFICATION discusses their use.

ASTHMA is an inflammatory condition. The most common causes of inflammation are high glycemic carbs and polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Fried foods and margarine can set the stage for a minor allergen to trigger an asthmatic attack. The only safe oils for an asthmatic are organic coconut oil and organic olive oil. Most extra virgin imported olive oil is diluted /adulterated with canola or soy oil. Because the FDA does not consider this adulteration a health hazard nothing is done about the miss labeling. You have to buy organic or $30 a bottle gourmet olive oil to get the pure stuff.
INFLAMMATION Omega 6 fatty acids from polyunsaturated oils are pro inflammatory. Omega 3 fatty acids from animal meat and fish are anti-inflammatory. Since most people are eating ten times more omega 6 than omega 3, the only cost effective solution is cut out all omega 6 sources (Nut, seed, and vegetable oils). See the Inflammation Zone by Barry Sears.
PARASYMPATHETIC Every asthmatic has excessive activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes them to have hyper-insulinism and adrenal exhaustion as a result. It is the exhausted adrenals that make it necessary to take corticosteroids from inhalers because the adrenals are so exhausted they cannot make the corticosteroids that are needed to control the inflammation. The only way to correct the weakened adrenals is to get off the high glycemic carbs to stop the hyper-insulism hormonal roller coaster. Fruits and honey are very high glycemic because their sugars need no digestion to be absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized by the body. Cooked grains and cooked root vegetables are also problematic high glycemic foods. About 75% of asthmatics can have drug free control of asthma with a super low glycemic diet.
HYPER-INSULINISM is characterized by the dumping of large amounts of insulin into the bloodstream rather than time released secretions as is normal. It is hard for parents to realize that a slice of apple can cause more insulin to be dumped into the bloodstream than eating a whole scoop of ice cream. The fat in the ice cream slows the absorption of the sugar enough that the body does not over react. In addition if a food is eaten that they are allergic to there can be insulin dumping regardless of its glucemic index. For instance if they are allergic to dairy the eating of cheese can cause an insulin dump despite cheese having a super low glycemic index. When there is an insulin dump the person can feel worse within 30 minutes of eating the food. See for more information on diet and supplements to correct a parasympathetic excess.
PH IMBALANCES Most parasympathetics will have an alkaline blood pH denoted by a respiration rate of less than 13 breaths per minute. A table spoon of vinegar in a glass of water will have a temporary corrective effect. There is rice, wine, and apple cider vinegar available. The best is the one the person is not allergic to.
VITAMIN C in high doses has a strong anti inflammatory effect. !0,000 mg for an 150 lb adult is a daily dose used by some nutritionists. Magnesium glycinate is also anti inflammatory. Magnesium oxide is only 10% absorbed.
BREATHING EXERCISES are very effective in reducing the severity of asthma in many children. The breathing exercises sedate the parasympathetic nervous system. ASTHMA FREE NATURALLY teaches how to do the Buteyko breathing method.

AUTISM. In my experience defective detoxification is the major cause of Autistic spectrum disorder. Br Bock mentions many causes but he does not mention all of them. In all fairness this book discusses the basics and is not a clinical manual that list every possible toxin.
VACCINATIONS Aluminum has been substituted for mercury in many of the new vaccines but it is just if not more damaging to the brain. Fortunately the natural chelators like NDF can remove significant quantities of aluminum in several days. Some autistic children will show a 50% improvement within a week of going on these natural chelators when vaccine injury was the cause of their autism. You can't get a significant amount of Mercury out of a child in this short length of time so it must be from removal of some other toxin like aluminum. All the nut and seed dairy milk substitutes are full of aluminum. When Lyme disease is the cause of Autism, which can be as much as 25% of the cases its very difficult to get improvement.

METHANOL All fruits and vegetables contain methanol bonded to pectin. But pasteurizing breaks the methanol pectin bond. While science maintains that all the bottled and canned fruits, juices, and vegetables have large amounts of free methanol that is converted by the body into formaldehyde. I believe that it is this formaldehyde that is responsible for much of the toxicity problems that autistic children have. Since many autistic children wont drink plain water it behooves one to see if an herb teas sweetened with non-bitter NuStevia or LoHan can be substituted. Or cut up fresh fruit and soak in a quart of water to make an infusion that would be tasty but lower in sugar than juice. It would take about a week to notice an improvement in mental functioning when canned and bottled juices are avoided.

EMOTIONAL TRAUMA When there has been emotional trauma due to divorce of parents or any other source of emotional upset for the child you need to have their meridians checked by a Jin Shin Jytsu acupresurist or acupuncturist. I have found several children who had one or more meridians shut down as a result of a vaccination. Treatment by these practitioners is necessary to correct any imbalance.

GMO FOODS are a major source of intestinal tract malfunctioning. Corn, soy, and commercial animal products which are fed these grains are the major sources of GMO's.
SOY has a low quality incomplete amino acid profile because of the binding of lysine in the presence of sugars (Millard reaction).

But DrBock's book recognizes diet as the major factor in these diseases and so I gave it three stars despite its omissions and lack of do it yourself treatment guidance.
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on March 22, 2012
As a parent of a child with High-functioning Autism, previous ADHD, and allergies, I have read dozens of books on these subjects. I can tell you that Dr. Bock is exactly right with his research and suggestions. This is one of the first books parents should reach for when they receive an Autism and/or ADHD diagnosis.
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on December 16, 2007
I bought this book because I have asthma and severe airborne allergies myself and want to prevent both of my sons from having them if at all possible. Both of my boys have food intolerances and some suspected allergies as well. After reading this book and just being AMAZED at the information and looking back into my family history and realizing how far back this can go, I started modifying my own diet. I had already eliminated dairy from my diet and my oldest son's as we are both lactose intolerant, but I also eliminated gluten from our diets. Guess what, 2 months into a gluten-free diet, I stopped my asthma steroid that I have been taking for years and I now get a better number on my peak flow meter than I did when I was on medication!!!

This book also provided great information on vaccines and as a result, I will be modifying my 10 month old's vaccination schedule. I am going to be consulting a local biomedical clinic at the first of the year for the care of both of my sons and hope that Dr. Bock's message continues to get out because it is truly enlightening information.
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on June 8, 2014
I read it twice! I don't feel like I would want to try everything in this book, but it was so informative and so encouraging to read. There is a huge focus on parents who felt like people told them they were crazy, and I have gotten that response from a lot of people. I have found it incredibly hard to get people to entertain questions I have like; My son is allergic to eggs. The MMR shot has egg in it. Is this a problem? I get really uncomfortable answers like: It's only trace amounts. It's not a problem. This book empowers me to look for answers and people who will answer my questions.
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on October 23, 2010
I have 4 children. One with Aspergers, one with ADD and one with Allergies, the other one shows no signs of these things. I saw my friend's son go from not talking and sitting alone to running, talking and playing. She told me it was because of following the things she learned in this book and loaned it to me. After reading it I was amazed. How could I have been so blind? I started implementing what was in this book and within 2 weeks were were able to take my daughter with the high functioning Autism off of one of her meds for the first time in 4 years. Then my daughter with Allergies stopped needing meds and stopped needing to carry a box of tissues around. My son with ADD and some signs of Aspergers broke the diet with a cheeseburger one night and the next day the school called and asked what had happened to him. He was dazed, spinning, couldn't listen or follow the class and was totally out of it. Being a skeptic myself I was shocked that gluten could have this much of effect on him. after 3 or 4 days my son started to do well again. The vits. they suggest, the diet they suggest, we have only followed about 5% of it and I can say that my kids are 50% recovered. You must read this book. It is not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I am about to upload a show about it on youtube to share the knowledge I have gained. [...] If you have a child or person in your family with any of these problems and you have tried everything and nothing works, try this. I have been researching and trying things for YEARS and this is the first thing that actually helped my children in a life changing way.
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