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on March 12, 2007
I'm at a point in my life with way too many "been there, done that's" - a return to simpler times and ideas is very appealing. We live in the age of pharmaceutical companies who won't pursue a medicine unless they can see big bucks in a patentented drug at the end of their research. Think about it - they really have no interest in seeing us healthy - they want us dependent upon them . . . for life, and that is exactly often what happens. I recently read a statistic that shocked me. A person put on medications for High Blood Pressure, lives - on average - an extra 7 days because of being on those meds for life! The truth is, the side effects of the drugs effect the person's health in detrimental ways. All man-made, manufactured drugs have side effects. This statistic for high blood pressure, I'm sure is just the tip of the iceberg! Argh!

God created Adam and Eve and put them in the middle of a garden. Can you close your eyes and just imagine what that must have smelled like. Doesn't your body just feel cleaner and relaxed just imagining what that must have been like. Essential oils are mentioned over 1000 times in the Bible - God put them in our environment and then told us to take dominion over them. I think He had something more in mind than pesticides!

This book causes you to take a look at your Bible in new ways with new appreciation for words you probably read over many times discounting them as antiquated and not for our day. No so, suggests this author. You'll learn such things as the oils used to be burned as incense on altars in the temple also possessed antiseptic and anti-viral properties. Hummm . . . a place where animals were slaughted and people congregated for worship being a place which was regularly treated against bacteria and viruses to deter health situations which might otherwise arise. Do you suppose that was just happenstance? I think not.

The author was pretty thorough in the information presented in this book - you will find it fascinating if you are interested in such things.
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on October 18, 2003
I loved this book. It was just what I needed to get me started with essential oils. The biblical foundation presented here was very important to me in considering such a radical departure from allopathic treatment methods. This book brought a new understanding of healing through essential oils and an awareness of another dimension between God and man that serves me still. It has helped me as a reference guide as I've continued my study of essential oils, as well. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about essential oils or wanting to understand more about the Bible. You can't find this information in other reference sources; and it shouldn't be missed.
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on January 19, 2009
I have not yet read this book, so I cannot comment on its quality. However, having read the reviews, I would like to point out to prospective buyers that almost all of the one-star reviews appear to be written by the same person, "A Customer". Four of them were written on the same day, one on the next.

Furthermore, to claim that no oil distillation took place before 1 AD is simply false. The Babylonians, Egyptians, and likely other cultures in the Middle East (including Pakistan) were distilling oils as far back as 2000 BC. Please see this paper for one reference: Martin Levey (1956). "Babylonian Chemistry: A Study of Arabic and Second Millennium B.C. Perfumery", Osiris 12, p. 376-389. Furthermore, the ancient Greeks had developed sophisitcated mechanical computers by 100 BC (e.g. the Antikythera mechanism), so what makes it so hard to believe that a very SIMPLE process such as essential oil distillation (child's play compared to many other far more ancient intellectual feats) could not have taken place until much later?

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on August 25, 2006
This is a great book. The explanation of the oils, how they are used, and biblically based. It takes us back to God's plan for healing. It also has a Bible study and shows how to present the information to others. For those interested in natural healing, it is a must!
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on October 25, 2003
This book was totally un-put-downable !!! I am fascinated by the correlation between ancient beliefs/modern science and impressed by the research that has gone into this book - but most of all I am impressed by the easy, gentle way in which the Author guides us through what could be a potentially confusing subject without being pompous or arrogant.
I am not a particularly "religious" person and chose to allow the Author his perspective on the spirituality concepts as he believes them and found that this did not detract from the quality of the content of the book.
I was somewhat suprised by some of the vitriole that has been slung in this forum and in particular would like to respond to the concept one detractor of the book theorised.... "that there were no biblical oils because there were no complex, mechanical distilleries in ancient times....." absolutley correct ... and I would go futher there were no TV sets or DVD players there obviously was no recreational relaxation in ancient times... and as there were no SUV's or sports cars obviously there was no mobility.... and of course because there was no chemical factories there was no medication and therefore no-one was ever "healed" .....
As to the allegation of "peddling" I must have been reading a different book??? I could not see anywhere in the book where Dr Stewart compromised his morals or ethics in fact it appears he has gone to lengths to encourage others to do their own research and if they choose to use Essential Oils that they do so with forethought, consideration and as an informed decision rather than blythly accepting whatever is told to them. His section on sharing the oils in church groups is obviously not for everyone - so those that aren't interested...skip that chapter..for those that are .... it will probably be a good basis for them to start sharing the knowledge they have gained with others that are interested in learning more but were to cheap to buy the book...
In summary Congratulations on an excellent book - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! and I look forward to the next one whenever that is....
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on October 17, 2003
I have read this book more than one time. Not only have I found it fascinating but helpful in understanding the difference between the use of essential oils and the synthetic "modern" medicine of today. As a user of many essential oils and the belief that it is original medicine not alternative medicine, I found that the references to scripture made these oils all the more special to me. I have actually performed the Oils of the Bible presentation more than once using the outline in the book. Those present felt relaxed because of the inhalation of the oils and we enjoyed reading the scriptures together. I highly suggest reading this book if you want to know that the oils are indeed of divine origin.
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on January 9, 2007
This is an excellent book, one of the best on taking care of our temple God's way. I enjoyed the book so much that I purchased several copies for fiends and relatives to give as gifts. I can't think of a better gift to give someone than the gift of health. For years I have understood that essential oils distilled from plants are the perfect medicine, but many people I shared it with did not understand and may have thought I was into something "new age". This book uses scriptural as well as scientific references to explain why annointing with oil is God's perfect plan for healing and without the dangerous side effects like there are with drugs.
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on October 9, 2003
Dr. David Stewart Ph.D., has gone to great lengths, to explain the history and chemistry of the oils in this wonderful book. It is well known, despite what some may believe that Essential Oils have existed for thousands of years. They are mentioned in the Holy Bible Old and New Testament over 200 times. The early Egyptians, were the first to write down their recipes to treat illness, well before the birth of Christ.
Why did the 3 Wise Men bring Frankincense and Myrrh to the Christ Child? It was common practice within royal families to anoint the newborn on the crown of the head with Frankincense to stave off infection and place Myrrh on the umbilical cord cut also to protect the child from infection. Myrrh was also used on the mother prior to birth to prevent tearing of the perineum.
Essential Oils have been regarded more precious than gold, and over 350 liters were found in the burial chamber of King Tuts's tomb when it was opened. Why was he buried with more oils than gold?
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on January 11, 2010
This book is not rocket science, nor do you need to be a brain to grasp its principles. Before starting to read it, I looked up all references to The Plague and learned of an oil blend called "Thieves". I heard the author mentioned that in a podcast interview.

From that information, I made up my own blend of Thieves. I figured that if it could fight off the plague, I was willing to see what else it could fight off. After a month, my allergies have subsided drastically, and I also have noticed that I have almost no body odor.

Really reading the book is like a fresh breeze of information. Dr. Stewart backs up his claims with Bible references. Even that being said, I didn't feel "preached at". IF, however, you are a strong believer, supporter, or worker in the medical field, some of your feelings might get bruised - especially if you're not a Christian.

Even though heavy strokes are made against the medical industry, DOCTOR Stewart presents statistical data to support his claims. If you question that, simply listen to all of the side-effects listed on pharmaceutical drug commercials. They basically tell you what you can expect, albeit in a very calm and soothing voice.

For the Christian, even if you are trying to be a devoted follower of Christ, this book will cause you to look at yourself and look for weak links in your armor. I was apprehensive about reading a section called "Why Prayer Doesn't Always Work", but later found Stewart to be completely on target. It was like I had walked out of a dark cave on a bright sunny day.

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on March 4, 2005
When I was first introduced to oils for healing I had no idea that they were so closely realted to biblical principles. I used them anyway, with amazing results. I had gone to a chiropractor for years for tight muscles which caused an aching back. When I was offered lemongrass essential oil, the pain went away immediately. I have never been to a chriopractor again. (Obviously, there are conditions much worse than mine which require medical care.)

After reading this book and realizing all the references to the healing properties of plant materials, I feel more confident about adding these oils to my own spiritual /prayer practices.

Don't believe any of these reviews. Take out your bible and make your own, informed decision. Or, if you don't believe in the bible, just take one. In the meantime, try just one, pray, and see how it will transform you.

Sadly, I imagine that the people who use horrible words like "toilet paper" and "garbage" to describe any books, are probably judgmental in many other facets of their lives as well. I sincerely pray for them and their churches for churning out these sad, unloving souls.
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