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on July 30, 2013
The box includes the cooktop, quick start guide, owner's manual & cookbook book, instructional DVD and a 9" Duralon ceramic frying pan.

It appears to be of good quality. The control are easy to use. The feature that may prove the most useful is the ability to accurately control the temperature with the digital readout.

The claims of boiling water quickly are exaggerated. I used a measured amount (3 cups) of cold tap water in the same induction rated pan and brought it to a rolling boil on both an electric range and on the Nuwave2 PIC.

It took 6 minutes 30 seconds on the electric range on High
It took 4 minutes 50 seconds on the Nuwave2 PIC on High (425°)
It took 4 minutes 24 seconds on the Nuwave2 PIC on Max/Sear (575°)

The Nuwave2 PIC has a warning on it's top surface "COOKING SURFACE CAN REMAIN HOT EVEN AFTER COOKING"

One thing that I forgot to consider was where I was going to place it when using it. It won't fit on the top of my electric range where it would be under the vent hood. If placed anywhere else in the kitchen any smoke or grease would not vent properly.

Update: I love this cooktop. I just increased my rating from 4 to 5 stars.
When I make hard boiled eggs I start heating the water on Max/Sear and when it comes to a rolling boil I reduce the temp setting to Med (275°) and it maintains a rolling boil. If I use the minus botton to reduce the temp to 270° it immediately comes off the rolling boil. Uping the temp back to 275° it immediately comes back to the rolling boil. Fantastic temperature control.
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on July 15, 2013
If you look at the photos here or at you will see a series of circles on the surface of the appliance.

The small red circle in the center must be in contact with the compatible pot for it to cook at all.

The larger (white) circle is the measure of the magnetic heating element, about 5 inches in diameter. If you place a pot or pan that is as wide the large red circle you will see that the "cooking" is only happening in that 5 inch circle... The area between the 5" and 9" is not heating at all.

Of course if you stir and mind it things will work out, but I would recommend this only for pots and pans that are no more than 5 or 6 inches in diameter.

Good luck.
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on April 2, 2014
I have purchased four of these as gifts. When they work, it is a good product. However, if you need support because the Cooktop fails you are in serious trouble. My daughter was literally told to "just buy a new one" when the one I gave her as a gift stopped working after just a few uses. It was not registered because the paperwork that comes with the Cooktop requests that you use it for 4 months before you register it. Interesting.
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on November 18, 2013
Buyer Beware! I rated this a "1" primarily due to not only misleading advertisement and ordering complications, but lack of customer service. Please read all of the reviews before investing in this product.

Upon ordering the advertised product, the online prompts asked did I want the extra cookware, for the cost of shipping and handling, I answered "yes". Additional prompts asked about each item that was supposed to be included as part of the advertised package to which I answered "yes". When I got to the final order, the order came to well over $200 and showed duplicated items being ordered. There was no option to remove or change any of the items being ordered. I had to abort and start over. So, I tried again answering "no" to all the prompts. The total bill was $141 (this included the carrying case which I knew was at the extra cost).

A few days later, I received the PIC Stove Top, but there was no cookware included. I contacted PIC's customer service. I was told that I had to pay $59 plus S/H which would come to about $90. This was the item that was suppose to be free and included in the original order. I asked to speak with a supervisor. They told me someone would call me. A few hours later a supervisor called and I explained the problem again to her. She asked me to email her a copy of the invoice. After emailing her the invoice, I get a response stating that they received a copy of the invoice and asked if she could help me. I responded again explaining the problem. I never received a reply even after two follow-ups. I had no choice but to return the product.

I was charged with the task of ordering, evaluating and demonstrating this product to our seniors group and their caregivers because of the interest our group had primarily due to the advertised safety and ease of use. Too many products are advertised that catches the interest of seniors only to find they have invested there limited funds on products that did not live up to their expectations. Based on the lack of customer service, our committee has had to discourage these seniors and caregivers from this product or to at least beware. It does cost a little more than $99, the shipping and handling charge is outrages, the ordering process is baiting and confusing, and if there is a problem, you cannot depend on customer support in handling complaints. Despite the cost and ordering process, had customer service handled this issue, I'm confident had I had the cookware to demonstrate this product to our seniors, PIC would have potentially received 20 to 30 orders provided it passed the cook test.

November 25, 2013 Note: I had placed this same review with the Nuwave Induction Cooktop reviews. I noticed that they will only publish good reviews and suppress any negative reviews. To me, this displays their true integrity.
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on November 18, 2014
The PIC is shear crap. It's poorly designed to fail and made with inferior materials. The plastic inside the case around the screw holes is too thin to withstand the heat cycles of normal use. It will get brittle and crack. The case halves then separate and in my case the heating coil fell out in my hands! Additionally, the plastic membrane used over the controls is too thin. With daily use it cracks where you push it most. Now I have to use a setting control one step lower and use the "PLUS" button to get to the heat I want, because the "MINUS" button fell into the case!
Like I said, It's shear crap. Another really great idea with piss poor design and engineering.
As far as the costs that Nuwave will try to hook you with, don't get me started, but see:
There's a review of the true costs better than I want to take the time to create.
Buy a quality product. These bozos just want to keep you on the hook buying more of their crap when it breaks.
I just posted the above review to the Nuwave website. Any one believe my review will never be seen there? I believe!
Furthermore, when I looked at the Nuwave website just now I noticed, low and behold, all the reviews are favorable! DUH! Do they really think people don't communicate around them?
Somebody Stop Them!
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on July 31, 2014
We bought everything from the commercial with the BOGO offer so I wanted to make sure that people know that the product is not very good quality. The skillets were presented as non-stick with a hardness of 9 (10 being a diamond) -- Not true on both points. The coating was easily scratched so we no longer use any metal with the pans (one small scratch from slicing into chicken to make sure it was done proved to be our indicator -- not so tough and the chicken never cooked thoroughly). The non-stick coating -- just is not true. These pans are very difficult to clean - very difficult. I've asked the company if there is a special cleaner we should try as we have oil build up and fear using any type of scrubbing device like steel wool which is what I use on my Signature Series cookware from Costco. I've received no direction or information on how to safely clean these so they are just sitting off to the side in our kitchen. Further, the cook tops do not come up to proper temperature for frying -- Beware!!! I tried both of the cook tops and my chicken continually came out raw. I pulled out a kitchen thermometer and although the system was reading 425 the oil never got over 250 on the kitchen thermometer. Scary!!! Our counters and stove tops are completely level and we were not receiving any error codes to indicate there was a problem. We contacted the company last year for replacements -- never resolved. So disappointed in the NuWave company and our purchase. I don't usually write reviews but thought people should know -- the products are NOT what is presented on the commercials. ):
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on September 9, 2013
We bought this cooktop because our electric stove burners don't heat a pan evenly; only the center section browns and simmers and boils. It seems to us that the infomercial emphasized that the burner is great for searing. That might be true if you're searing 2 pieces of chicken/meat/fish in its CENTER, but the entire periphery gets no action at all. We're sending it back. It's not right that we have to pay for shipping it back.
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on September 30, 2013
I love fried food and purchased a deep fryer years ago. It worked great, but the clean up was AWFUL. So I bought an electric frying pan. IT wouldn't hold the temperature and made soggy, greasy fried food. Then I saw this on TV. I read reviews on line and decided on this model because of its size and reviews. I had to buy new cookware, but it worked GREAT for making chicken fingers and French fries, except the oil was way too high! I DO have to learn how to cook with it. I made rice and almost destroyed the new pan because it was too hot. There is an instruction booklet, which had recipes. Since I didn't want recipes, just the basics, I didn't like it. It also came with a CD, which I haven't had time to check out. As advertised, it DID heat up quickly, and the surface was only hot because the pan heated up.

Update: the temperature settings are WAY off. My French Fries cooked extremely fast, so I bought a thermometer. I had set the heat for 375 degrees. The thermometer was pinned at the very top. High above 400 degrees. So, I suggest getting a good cooking thermometer for using this.

Update 2: I contacted NuWave and they sent me a replacement. It, too, has a poor thermostat. The last one ran over 50 degrees hotter than its setting. This time it's the opposite. I have to set it to 450 to get my oil to 375. Very poor thermostats!

NuWave, are you listening?
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on April 30, 2014
I've been using Induction for over 10 years now, I have my own Catering business. While this is a nice looking unit, it's has several issues with it.
#1 it only heats the middle of the pan. Anyone that's used Induction knows the Beauty of it, is that it heats the pan evenly. With my old plates I could set a temperature and not worry about the Middle burning or the sides not being as hot, it warmed and cooked evenly.

#2 The LED never goes OFF!!!!!! It's annoying as heck to have a light that is always on

#3 The unit goes off as soon as you lift a pan. My old ones gave you 30seconds, so you could actually Sautee and flip your food.

#4 Lastly, it's not heavy duty. I am used to doing an 18quart pot full of Ox-tails, I would be weary this unit would Crack or outright break.

Now the good, this unit is Perfect for breakfast (bacon and eggs) and the pot that comes with it, suits it properly. While it's ok for Sautee I wouldn't do a Steak on it, even Liver is cooked more in the middle while the sides are still Jelly like. I like it, it's cute, I wouldn't buy another though..
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on December 12, 2013
Nuwave PIC, the rip-off of the year. First if you must try one of these, go buy it from Wal-Mart for $98 and save the $29.00 shipping charge from the company. If you order from the company, they charge $29 shipping on the first unit, $29 shipping on the second (free) unit and $29 shipping on the cookware. Plus if you buy from Wal-Mart you can do as I did and take the piece of junk back for a full refund after you have tried it. What I found out about the item: The fact that it holds exact temperatures as described in the TV ads is pure bunk. I tested the fried chicken at home like they show on TV. The temperature on the unit read 375 F but checking the oil with a infrared thermometer showed much different. The temperature read 376 when I added one piece of room temperature meat. The temperature dropped to 289 F immediately and during the next seven minutes of frying never got back up to over 323 F. I can maintain much better temp control on my gas stove. Write this thing off as “as seen on TV junk”, buy you an infrared thermometer ($15) and fry on your present stove .
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