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on February 21, 2012
What's to say? Honestly the review should be very short. If you like the Castle TV series (which I of my favorite shows) then this book should be right up your alley..

I've said it in previous 'Richard Castle' reviews I've written that this is really a brilliant tie in idea on ABC's part..

Fictitious writer Rick Castle is to Jameson Rook as Kate Beckett is to Nikki Heat and 'Castle' does a great job of using his 'experiences' from his ride alongs with the 12th precinct in NYC to write fun and fast paced thrillers. Some threads from the TV series are used, hinted at and fleshed out in the books but it doesn't feel as if you're reading the TV series, although the characters are very familiar to their TV is expected..but Castle uses good creative license to weave a new story that leave you guessing..

The 'roguishly handsome' Rook and Heat work well together and their banter is fun when it needs to be, playful when it should be and serious when it must be.

A local parish priest is found dead in a S&M torture chamber in NYC. Heat is tasked with the case but it seems as if Captain Montrose is hamstringing her investigation at every corner. It also doesn't help that Montrose is under scrutiny from the upper brass and hasn't been acting himself lately. There's much more to this story than a priest who lost his way though. This is actually a pretty complex mystery using come of Castle's 'experiences' from his time with Beckett and company and well as introducing new characters and many red herrings..all from the brilliant mind of master wordsmith Rick Castle ;) And the ending..the ending was well crafted, had a big impact and wasn't telegraphed at all..very well done..

So, as long as Castle keeps writing books based on his working relationship with Kate Beckett, I'll keep reading his Nikki Heat series. Kudos to the cast and creative team at ABC for a very fun literary tie in to a great TV series
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on February 18, 2012
Every time we watch a few episodes of Castle, I experience the irresistible urge to read another one of the Nikki Heat books. It's a compulsion, I can't help myself. I know there's another potato chip in that bag, and it's calling my name.

The third Nikki Heat book is Heat Rises, and so far, they are maintaining the illusion that the books are written by Richard Castle. What can I say? So far, it's working for me. As a matter of fact, it's working pretty darn well. The Nikki Heat books may be mind candy, but they are very tasty mind candy.

Heat Rises starts out with Heat and Rook enduring a separation in their slightly undefined relationship. However, the lack of definition in their relationship is more a question of whether their heated fling has turned into an exclusive relationship that involves four-letter words like "love". All Nikki knows is that she misses Rook pretty badly while he is undercover in South America doing research on one of his dangerous in-depth articles, this time on illegal arms trafficking. He's out of reach and she's starting to want to know where they stand.

And it's the middle of a very cold winter in New York City, and she's also missing the warm body to sleep with at night. And not just for sleep.

Then the dead body turns up. In a dominatrix' dungeon, strapped to a piece of bondage equipment. Unfortunately for the victim, where he was found is the last place he should have been seen, dead or alive. The homicide victim turns out to have been a Catholic priest.

The situation goes from bad, to worse, to crazy.

Her captain investigates the victim's residence, alone. Then Internal Affairs starts breathing down his neck. Captain Montrose hasn't been himself since his wife died a year previously, but something about this case sends him totally off the rails. He boxes Nikki in, hamstringing her investigation.

Meanwhile, Rook returns, and screws up. He has dinner with his editor, and gets his picture splashed all over the gossip columns, before he comes to see Nikki. The future for their relationship starts looking none too hot.

Last but certainly not least, the results of Nikki's Lieutenant's exam come in. Well, the rumors of those results leak out, all over the place. Nikki Heat scored higher than anyone in decades. Suddenly there are administrators from 1PP courting her as a rising star, while her Captain's star is falling through the floor of his office, along with his entire career.

Suddenly her world collapses. She takes her investigation of the priest's death out of the box the Captain has imposed. A professional hit squad guns for her. The Captain eats his gun. And Internal Affairs takes her shiny new, almost there promotion and doesn't just whisk it away, but suspends Nikki Heat from the NYPD.

So who does she turn to? Jamison Rook.

Escape Rating B+/A-: If you're looking for a few hours of pure escape, it's all here. There's a murder to solve, there's a relationship to figure out, and there's absolutely wonderful cop shop banter to chuckle over. I couldn't put this one down.

I knew it had to parallel the third season of Castle, so I was looking for that, but at the same time, there are definitely differences. The case that brings Captain Montrose down, and why, is not the same one that brings Montgomery down. It does have to do with something from his past, but that's the only similarity. And that's part of why Heat Rises was so good. It used the story from the show as a jumping-off point, but didn't slavishly follow events.

The dedication of the book to Montgomery is excellently done. I love the way that the books refuse to break the fourth wall. I'm looking forward to Nikki Heat's next case, Frozen Heat, in September.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 17, 2012
Since there are so many glowing reviews I won't bother to write a long winded version. I started this series on a whim because I liked the Castle TV show, I was more than surprised to find that these books were actually well written (ghost writer should get an award). I had read the first 2 books and they were very entertaining and worth the money but months later I could not tell you too much about the plot of either book. That usually means that they were in the category of "you remember it was a good book but not much else" which may be overly simplified but close enough to true. Then I started Heat Rises (Nikki Heat 3) and after taking me a chapter or two to get involved I was hooked and by the end I had been mad, glad, frustrated, overjoyed, sad, and completely entertained. This was a book I will remember, the writing was exceptional and the story kept knocking you back on your heels because every time you thought you knew who did what ...... you were wrong. I can only hope that the next book Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat, Book 4) will be as good, but this was a great piece of reading in any world even if you never watched Castle, for me it was 5 Star reading but I would still recommend starting from the beginning at Heat Wave (Nikki Heat).
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on January 3, 2015
This will be an all-purpose review for the various Nikki Heat novels that have come my way from Amazon since Nikki appeared several years ago, a clever device of publishers and entrepreneurs and "idea guys" from TV and film surrounding the development of "Castle," now a premier serial and space filler for a TV station near you.
Stana Katic, who has the role of Lt. Kate Beckett NYPD, the gutsy, sexy, clever homicide detective and heroine of the "Castle" series, pairs with the actor Nathan Fillion, who plays the brilliant, infuriating rich boy hero. It took several years of episodes to get their romance moving in the right direction as the cast and writers developed their own skiils and objectives. Enter the idea guys to tangle up everything!
Somebody realized that the their now successful TV series has a hero who is an author. Ergo, why not "write" some of his novels and see who would buy them. And make their heroine Nikki Heat, a NYPD detective modeled on the fictitious Kate Beckett of the TV show. Suddenly these fake novels (crime and sex cliffhangers, easy-reading but with gripping plots and plenty of plot-shocks) became real-life best sellers, NYTimes-level best selllers! Now Nikki Heat, a fictional character, is "real" enough to sell novels based on the fictional Kate Beckett of the TV show, played by the real actress Stana Katic!
I suspect there are "Nikki Heat fans" who are unaware of the layers of cleverness in the process of writing the novels. and take as Gospel that the Nikki Heat novels are "real" novels--the NYTimes says so, and Stana Katic and Kate Beckett smile their enigmatic smiles as Nikki Heat joins them in this delightful fictional charade. Here's to the trio of the ladies of "Castle"--long may they seduce us as Stana or Kate or Nikki!
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on September 29, 2011
Heat Rises has more layers, fast-paced action, mystery, tension and fun pop culture references - Malcolm Reynolds - than the previous books in the Nikki Haeat series. I was a little worried that it wouldn't come together at the end but the writer did a good job connecting up the dots. Overall, it was a fun, easy read and undoubtedly the best book in the series. I do realize that these books are meant to be an extension of the show, little nuggets that add a layer of enjoyment for the regular fan. But I wish they weren't so PG-13. I'm still a fan though and looking forward to the next one!
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on October 3, 2011
I have enjoyed all the Castle books, I like the show and really hear the "voices" of the different characters as I read, this book is no different BUT...

(Kindle edition) The formatting is horrible. Maybe this is because I changed the default size to something less than Mr. Magoo fonts but I have never noted such a difference before. Two different fonts and sizes on the same page, first letter of a chapter in a much lager font size, words broken apart for no apparent reason, where do I stop? I would and do expect much better from a major publisher, I've read indie books that appear more polished. A big "boo" from me! Since the mainstream publishing industry is going to charge a premium for their content at least make it worthy of the price of admission.

Bottom line, great story but very poor execution on the part of the publisher (BTW, the previous 2 books did not have the same formatting issues).
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on November 13, 2011
I love the show and these books are icing on the literary cupcake. You can almost inmagine that Castle is real and writing the books. I have all three on my kindle and read the latest book in one setting. I do not want to know who the real author is, want to go one pretending it is Castle.
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on October 15, 2011
Richard Castle delivers again with Heat Rises, the third book in his New York Times bestselling Nicki Heat series.

Okay, I had to say that. As a dedicated Castle fan, I just couldn't resist. In reality, Heat Rises is the third book in the tie-series to ABC's Castle, a lighthearted crime drama where writer Richard Castle helps the NYPD solve crimes. And this series, originally launched to bank off the TV show, has evolved from a somewhat cheesy extension of the series into a fun, action-packed (though still somewhat cheesy) series that has taken on something of a its own life outside of the series.

In Heat Rises, NYPD detective Nicki Heat is back at work with reporter Jameson Rook, this time investigating the murder or a local parish priest that may be more than it seems, including bondage clubs, drug lords and deep-reaching conspiracies. And, of course, when everything comes crashing down for Nicki, Jameson is there to take care of her.

Not only do things in this book heat up for Nicki and Jameson, but the overall writing quality and storytelling also heat up here. I'm not sure if this is the same ghost writer or a different one, but it really feels like Nicki Heat's story was finally able to take off, somewhat independent of Castle, but still drawing on the established style of previous Heat novels and Castle.

I especially liked the utterly shameless promotion of Heat Rises in the season premiere of Castle, where Richard himself was shown signing copies of the newly released Heat Rises.

The best Heat book yet, Heat Rises delivers on everything that Castle fans love about these books -and about the show.
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on February 19, 2012
Sorry, there was really no way to link Nikki Heat with Knick sensation Jeremy Lin. But I have just finished the third book in the Nikki Heat series. I sincerely hope there will be more in the book series even if the TV series goes away. It did help to view the actors from the series in their comparable roles in the book. I also liked that it was more Nikki Heat than Jameson Rook. A great twist near the end of the series would be if Richard Castle were one of Jameson Rook's non-de-plumes.

The book was tightly plotted and although I had a sneaking suspicion earlier in the book as to who the culprit was, I had forgotten the reasoning for it. It was a very comfortable cast of characters that we were introduced to and it was a little disheartening that some characters were sacrificed to mirror the TV show. Overall, the book was worthy enough in hardcover for the feeling it gave of really reading a book. I love my Kindle but this book deserved hardcover.

The plot was deep but not so deep that I got lost. The characters were tightly sketched but perhaps a few too many. The scenes between Rook and Heat were standard and welcomed. Overall, a job well done Richard Castle. HEAT RISES was worth my time and money.

Perhaps the next could be titled, HEAT SEEKER.
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on September 24, 2011
Being a huge fan of Castle, I would have read this book no matter what. But I really loved it. All the nods to the show, the humor, the suspense. It's all really great. Now I'm just hoping for the Derrick Storm novels to be published. PLEASE.
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