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on June 13, 2010
I bought the HeatMax EverCool set of three, as well as the MiraCool set of four, both on the same day. I did not realize it when I purchased them here at Amazon that both were sold by the same vendor, Meyers Custom Supply. A day or two after ordering, I received an email from them that one of the patterns in the MiraCool set was not currently available. They gave me the option of choosing a substitute pattern from their website. I made a first and second choice, just in case my first choice was also unavailable. To my surprise and delight, when I received the shipment, they had included BOTH of my choices, sending a free fifth bandanna with the set. This was great customer service and I would not hesitate to order from this vendor again.

There are minor differences between the two brands. I also own one of a third brand, Kerchiller, which I purchased earlier directly from the Kerchiller website. The Kerchiller is almost twice as expensive as the HeatMax and MiraCool brands. All appear to be equally effective at what they do. All three brands are about the same length, 34 inches. The biggest difference between the Kerchiller and the other two is that the Kerchiller has a longer area for holding the polymer beads, thereby making the ends that you tie in front of your neck shorter than HeatMax and Miracool. This presents both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on how you like to use the product.

The longer puffed up ("inflated") area of the Kerchiller makes it easy to wear that one around your neck without tying it. It is not as easy to do with the other two brands because most of the weight is behind your neck (not that these things are heavy or anything). The Kerchiller is balanced better with more weight hanging in the front than the others, so it stays around your neck without being tied.

On the other hand, the HeatMax and MiraCool look nicer when they are tied because of the longer ties. Untied, they don't hug the sides of your neck as well as the Kerchiller, and initially felt like they wouldn't stay on unless they were tied. Depending on the size of your neck, this may well be the case. But I think the Kerchiller looks a little dorky when it's tied because of the shorter tie straps. So, pros and cons for each.

Now for the other differences. Between the MiraCool and the HeatMax, the MiraCool inflated faster, but not enough to make a big difference. You'll want to leave them in the cold water at least 30 minutes, no matter which one you have. Forty to 45 minutes is more my experience for the beads to swell up and fill the tube properly. I find a large diameter serving bowl to be good to use for soaking them in, with the ties draped over the edge of the bowl so they don't get wet. Soaking them directly in the sink would work great, too, but it might be harder to keep the tie ends dry. In the larger bowl or basin, the beads expand without any crimps or folds in the bandanna tube, allowing expansion throughout the length of the tube.

The MiraCool and the Kerchiller are about the same width of fabric (and same diameter when expanded). The EverCool is narrower and doesn't get as big around as the other two. However, this might be more comfortable and more desirable for smaller necks.

Finally, we also have a fourth brand, but I don't know what the brand name is, except that it was made in Australia. It is similar to the Kerchiller, but the tie ends of the fabric were not doubled and sewn together, so it is basically just a one-sided fabric. It does not look as "finished." Works just fine, though.

If you've been wearing it for awhile and don't think that it feels as cool as it was, simply rotate it on your neck (like a rolling pin) so that a different part of the fabric is contacting your skin and it will feel cool again. If you wear it tied, you'll have to untie it to do this. It does last an amazing long time.

Ladies, these are a Godsend for hot flashes. When I use it only in the house, taking it on and off as needed for hot flashes, it lasts three or four days. If you put it in the refrigerator when not using it (I put it in a plastic bag first), it will last even longer before needing to be "re-puffed" in water, and be icy cold, too! I also carry it with me, in a plastic bag or Ziploc, in my purse when I go anyplace. If I'm walking around a store, sitting in a restaurant, or at church, and I get a hot flash, out comes my cool bandanna! They are great.

Who would have thought one person could have so much to say about pieces of bandanna material stuffed with polymer beads!
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on August 23, 2007
We purchased a 3-pack for $10. We used it on our recent trip to Disney World (Florida) where the temp. was in the low 90's & humidity was 75%+ daily. We were amazed at how well this item worked. We soaked them in water, inside a zip-loc, inside our room refrigerator overnight & the next day they kept us cool over 10+ hours in the parks.

The only downside was the green one bled onto my white shirt, but it kept me comfortable. If I had known I would have hand-washed before using.
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on July 14, 2006
I got these not really knowing how well they would work but they are awesome! I love them and they really do stay cool for days especially if you put them in the fridge for a bit. Let me tell you that trying to sleep while 9 months pregnant in the dead of California's summer is not easy because it gets really hot at night, but now I put one of these around my neck and wear it to bed and it is an awesome relief! I can actually sleep at night now! I wear them in the day too and they really help. Thank you for such a great product and for making a very pregnant woman very happy!
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on June 17, 2010
I work outside, driving airboats in the Everglades all day long. In the summer time, this can be horrendous as the sun boils down on us. We have no air conditioning to escape to and basically suffer for four months straight. What we have done is take small towels, soak them in water and stick them in the freezer. Once they were frozen we would take them out, wrap them around our necks and enjoy the cold for about 5 minutes before the towels were almost completely dried out.

This is my fourth summer out here and it is by far the hottest. The insane temperatures have started early this year and the humidity is unreal. I suffered a heat illness earlier this month and that was when I decided I had to either find a way to give myself extended relief or I would have to quit the job.

I came upon these cooling bandannas and read the reviews. One review stated that they were being used by an individual in Miami and that they worked so I thought I would give them a try.

The package arrived a mere two days after I ordered and I plunged the bandannas in water for a half an hour. I brought them to work and stuck them in the refrigerator for about two hours until the heat started to become stifling. I took one of the bandannas out, wrapped it around my neck and instantly felt relief.

So how long would they last out here, on the surface of the sun known as South Florida, in the summer time? I was extremely surprised. Granted, the intense cold from the refrigerator doesn't last too long but the cooling effects of the bandanna continue.

I had one of them wrapped/tied around my neck for a good 2 1/2 hours while taking tour after tour after tour. Even though the bandanna did not feel as if it had come out of the refrigerator any longer, I still felt like I had something cool pressed against the back of my neck. I still sweated a little but nothing like I normally do on these broiling hot days.

Although the cooling effect of the bandanna was still working, I decided to switch it out for a fresh one from the refrigerator. I went another 2 1/2 hours before deciding to switch one last time just for the extra coolness. In this heat and humidity down here, I don't know if they would last the entire day, cooling, (all 9 hours), but they certainly do last a long time and offer constant relief. In fact, yesterday was almost 100 degrees and while my co-workers suffered and wanted to die, I felt rather good.

However, the main thing that convinced me these were definitely a good buy? Every single summer, every single day that I work out in this intense heat, I will get a heat headache. I can't even begin to tell you the money I've spent on Ibuprofen just to kill that headache so I can go to sleep at night.

With these bandannas? There is no head ache, not even a slight one. That right there is worth far more than the cost of the bandannas and frankly, it's the reason that I'm about to get some more.

My co-workers know that I don't do well in the heat. What they've seen since I've had these bandannas has convinced them that they work. And they've asked me to order some for them-which I'm about to do.

Listen, if you live somewhere hot and humid and can't take the heat-get these. I and the sun do not get along well at all. Now, though, I can definitely tolerate it. These. Work. Get them.
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on July 17, 2007
I ordered these as part of a Father's Day gift for my step-dad and he's raving about it now. He's always out fixing this and that around the ranch in East Texas and these things are giving him a second wind in the stifling summer heat. I got some for myself and they take some (not all!) of the dread of driving around Los Angeles in traffic and doing walking errands during the day.
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on September 10, 2009
I love my cooling bandanas. I bought all three of mine as the blue ones. You need to soak them longer than the 30 minutes they say. I soak mine for an hour or two. I also put them in the fridge to make them even cooler. They do not drip. They stay wet and cool for many hours, at least five hours. If I could give more than five stars I would. And if mine ever wear out, I will buy more of these!
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on July 14, 2008
These bandanas sure help to combat the heat. My husband is out in the heat all day and takes one with him daily. We store it in the fridge overnight so it is cool for the morning. WORKS GREAT!
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on October 27, 2007
After a trip to Africa, I was looking for this kind of product that could help keep me cool. The EverCool Bandanas are just what I was looking for. They soak up a lot of water and then last for a long time (after wearing it one afternoon, I put it in a sunny location and it took 2 days to lose all its moisture). Guess I now need to go back to Africa and really put them to the test.
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on November 18, 2008
I purchased these items because I thought it would be easy to stay cool when I get hot flashes. They are portable, stay cool for a long time and saves on electricity. They work wonderfully and I would recommend this to others in the same menopausal state.
I received the item extrememly quickly and had no problems with the ordering process. It was very easy.
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on July 28, 2007
I have problems with heat, but this product has been helping me to stay cooler. It is especially wonderful when I have to help bale hay, because it means I can cut back on the amount of times I have to stop to cool off. I can get it good and wet, then put it in the fridge so it's nice and cold when I put it on. You can wear it for hours without trouble.
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