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on September 14, 2007
I didn't read the subtitle closely enough. I was expecting this book to expand upon what he saw when he went to heaven, but as I started reading it I noticed that that was not the purpose of this book. This one talks about how his life has changed since his 90 minutes in heaven. The issues he brings up help you to examine your own life.

The bridge is the analogy he uses throughout the book, i.e., in his case his life changed forever once he crossed a bridge that led to his accident. Even small choices affect our lives he points out. One of the themes he keeps coming back to is that touching other people's lives is validating in that God intends for us to serve other people. We need other people and they need us. Piper said it was easier for him to serve than be served, but a hard lesson he accepted in regaining meaning to his life was in learning to let other people serve him.

For people going through difficult times that permanently change who they are, Piper offers well-thought out advice. He encourages them to accept the new realities and not try to go back to a past that will never exist again.

He tells a story about a commencement speaker who asked the graduates "Do you want to be remembered for what you did for yourself--how much money you made, the kind of car you drove, the size of the house you lived in? Or do you want people to remember what you did for others--your kindness and compassion; your generosity of time, money, and spirit; the testimony you freely shared to bring others to Christ?"

This book accomplishes its goal of helping readers to reflect on what their time on this earth is really about. Building a spiritual legacy is the life well-lived.
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on September 28, 2007
I picked this book up before a long cross-country flight. I could not stop reading it. I actually finished it between Phoenix and Charlotte!

The best description I can give you of this book is that the author puts you there - in the scenes with him. Not many writers can pull that off effectively.

When he describes the accident scene where he is covered in a sheet, and his friend is pleading with the officer to uncover him because he is alive - you feel as though you are right there, wanting to tap the officer on the shoulder and say - "Give him a chance."

When he describes the physical beauty of heaven and the streets literally of translucent gold, you just feel like you are surrounded by the brilliance of the moment.

Christians will be very touched by the "realness" of this perspective. That Heaven does exist, that our loved ones will welcome us, and that the peace and happiness you feel is beyond all human understanding.

Be prepared to be touched, laugh a little, get choked up a couple of times, and generally enjoy this unique and fascinating walk we will all take someday.

Well done.
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on August 9, 2007
On February 13, 2003, I almost died, during brain tumor surgery. An operation that was supposed to take four hours, took 8 ½ hours, due to bleeding in my brain. I am blessed, and feel I was saved, for a reason. Any time I have an opportunity, to talk with anyone that is going to be going through brain surgery, I go out of my way, to share my experience, with the patient, and their family. I firmly believe, that no Doctor can get a brain tumor patient, prepared, for what they are going to go through, better than I can. NOTE 1: If you read my prior review on Don's earlier book "90 Minutes In Heaven." I have written the same personal biography as above. The reason I have done this, is to establish my credibility, as a "witness" to my comments regarding this book. Just as important as offering my experience before surgery, my tutelage, as to what to expect after surgery, is even more important. That phase of life on earth; the after, is what the heart of Don's story is about.

After losing a loved one. After losing physical, or mental capabilities, that is where Don's experience is most helpful, and he encourages people who have lived through experiences like mine, to make their time and experience available, to ease the suffering of patients, and their family members. But! Only Don, can give the comfort of what heaven is like for the departed. NOTE 2. I strongly recommend that you read Don's book: "90 Minutes In Heaven." before this book. The impact, of this book, will be greater for the reader, when you see the tremendous growth in Don himself, due to his acceptance, of why he was brought back to earth.

Perhaps the most important statement made in this book, is about accepting the "NEW NORMAL". You can't dwell on the way things used to be. You have to do everything you can to accept, and regroup, to what you're left with. And one last thing: Make sure you let your loved ones help you! They've been traumatized also, and the only way they can feel as if they're heeling is by helping you.
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on September 11, 2007
Piper, the author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, offers a glimpse into his personal life after his debilitating accident where he was pronounced dead for 90 minutes. Emails, letters and personal conversations with individuals who have problems moving forward, have lost faith in God, or are simply at wit's end, pepper every chapter. Biblical passages also give credence to Piper's advice.

Analysis of people's circumstances and how to live a full life is the primary goal of this book. As Piper says, "I find that the people who seem to be most content in life are those who find and maintain an eternal perspective." This means that if people realize where they are now, but always keep in mind that heaven is real and God gives us a little bit of heaven on earth, He's essentially preparing us for the end.

A new way to look at your life after a crisis is as "the new normal," which implies looking at what normal is to you now. "That's the message of this book: I want to help others find their way, regain their balance, and learn to enjoy their new normal to the fullest-even after their life has dramatically and unalterably changed." Milestones for how to look at life and find some joy while you're still here is Piper's ultimate goal.

Armchair Interviews says: Christian therapy in a book, especially if you like reading about other people's problems.
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on September 26, 2007
After reading 90 Minutes in Heaven, I turned immediately to Heaven is Real as I needed more reassuring knowledge to rebuild my belief in Heaven. In my review of Don Piper's 90 Minutes in Heaven, I explained how my world had been turned upside down by my husband's taking his own life last March. I first heard about both books a month or so ago when a local TV station's morning show anchor did an audio interview with Pastor Piper. I watch little TV, and the morning show is on more for company than anything else as I prepare for either my parttime job or for a day at home. However, as I was walking through the livingroom on that day, something made me stop to pay close attention to the interview. When it was over, I yelled and cried simultaneously in front of my husband's picture, "Heaven IS real! We will be together again after all. Wait for me!" Just Piper's words were overwhelmingly inspiring, so I went on line and ordered both books right then. After reading them, I can honestly say that my faith and belief in Heaven has been restored. Oh, I still have my "down" days, much as Pastor Piper has had his since his return to earth, but I am finally beginning to search for my "new normal" as he calls the life I am left with. The old life with my husband is gone for now, but someday he'll be waiting at those golden, pearly gates to hold my hand in love once again.
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on February 26, 2011
The author, gives his account of his 90 minutes in heaven during the first chapter. The episode lasts only about 4/5 pages. The rest of the book is focused on his accident and the recovery period. The title suggets that for the most part, the book would discuss more of the afterlife, but in reality, it just discusses how painful and agnoizing his recovery was. This is all too true and I do sympathize with the author but if I wanted a book on recuperation and recovery, I would not have purchased this book. I was looking for answers about the hereafter so while I am deeply sympathic to his plight, I was disappointed with the book.
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on August 16, 2007
Piper doesn't bother making arguments with doubters. He died. He spent 90 minutes in heaven. He came back, even though he wanted to stay there.

His body was damaged severely. He has learned to live with it. His experience has made him think. A lot. People with troubles are drawn to Piper and he has some great advice. While coming from a very Christian perspective, he's not too preachy. He says; don't blame God for your problems. The bad things that happen to us are obstacles along the road. We can't return to the past. Get over it. Do good. A very insightful, helpful book.
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on November 4, 2007
Heaven is Real.

This is the title of the book, and I believe it has clearly delivered that message to the readers.

Some may complain that the book only briefly mention about Mr. Piper's experience in Heaven. This might actually disappoint some readers' intention of buying this book.

However, even you go to heaven for 10 minutes right now and come back, you will write not much differ from Mr. Piper's story.

Heaven is beautiful place, it's a place where God is pleased to see everyday. Heaven cannot be described in our words, there's no words that can describe how heaven feels and looks alike. Even the single ray of color in Heaven cannot be described in our words because there's no color of Heaven in this world that we can see.

There were few people who saw a glimpse of Heaven in the Bible, but they did not fully describe in detail because it's not possible for us to comprehend.

If anyone can describe Heaven to the fullest detail, avoid him for he is not telling the truth.

What Mr. Piper tried to achieve this goal is Heaven is real; it's not about 'let's tour Heaven with Mr. Piper in 90 minutes' kinda book.

This book is a book of conviction, and declaration that Heaven is real. And the only way to go to this Heaven is through Jesus Christ.

I hope you understand this, and you will appreciate this book more.

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VINE VOICEon September 1, 2007
"Heaven is Real" is somewhat of a sequel to the hugely successful "90 Minutes in Heaven." In the later book, author Don Piper recounts his horrific car crash that rendered him clinically dead, his after life experience and his ministry inspired by that experience.

In this book, he uses very effectively the metaphor of bridges. Piper was crossing a bridge when a tractor-trailer smashed into him. We all cross bridges in our lives. Some are fraught with danger; other are opportunities tinged with pain.

Piper avoids a preachy tone and does not pretend to have all the answers. He is willing to wrestle with the tough questions about why human suffering happens, a question as old as Job. This is an inspiring tale of a man who turned adversity into a powerful ministry to help others deal with setbacks in their lives.
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on October 16, 2015
I met Don before he became famous for his books, we were then, and still are strangers to one another. I feel uniquely qualified to comment on his works since I can attest to his authenticity, as well as his understanding of his experiences and how he relays them to others through his books. Don approached me in a crowded, public forum, in front of my staff, he was not invited, nor introduced. But he had a message for me, and it was personal. He blurted out the message, and I knew what he was talking about immediately. Nearly 20 years had passed since my life changing experience, but all of the emotions I'd had from it, as well as my shock that an absolute stranger knew anything so private about me, shook me to my core. I've seen other remarks from those who call him a fraud on the web, but I will voluntarily, without being asked, nor paid in any form, put forth my testimony to affirm that he does have knowledge of those things held secret by others. He told me my message didn't come from him, and I know he was being truthful, as I don't believe humans are supernaturally endowed without assistance. I cannot verify from where any man obtains information regarding another's unspoken secrets, but I can tell you Don Piper's intentions are to help others, as he did me. I know from personal experience he is trying to explain truths which defy words to portray them. Read his books, I have, and while not a power himself, he certainly has encountered them, and regardless of what we want to hear or believe, he is trying his best to explain that part of the truth to which he has been witness. There is always something to be learned.
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