Customer Reviews: Hello from Heaven: A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal
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on December 8, 2000
Have you ever wondered if we will be able to talk to our friends and family when we die? Judy and Bill Guggenheim answer this question from the point of view of people who assert that their loved ones have died and then contacted them after death. The Guggenheims present an amazingly convincing case that consciousness continues after death, and that such communications happen frequently. HELLO FROM HEAVEN is packed with amazing stories of ordinary people who have received unmistakable messages from their deceased loved ones, sometimes many years after death.
Bill and Judy have done a superlative job of compiling the most comprehensive and organized collection of After Death Communications (ADCs) that I have ever seen in one book. After collecting more than 3,300 first-hand accounts of ADCs, the Guggenheims discovered that the dead can contact us with fragrances, touch, appearances, visions, dreams, rainbows, butterflies, and even the occasional phone call. These communications often contain reassurances that the deceased are doing very well, and need not be worried about. They can also provide help to the living, such as averting suicides.
HELLO FROM HEAVEN provides great solace to those who have lost loved ones or have concerns about dying, since it is brimming with real-life, first-hand accounts of communications between the living and dead. For anyone who has seen or heard the dead and thought, "I must be imagining things - that couldn't have happened", this book also provides reassurance that you're not going crazy. Love is eternal.
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on June 8, 2005
Several years ago I became extremely interested in the topic of after death communication. Since then, I've read many, many books on the topic - and I must say that "Hello from Heaven" is one of the most comprehensive books on ADC's that I've read to date.

If you like reading about loved ones who found hope & solace through ADC's, then you'll love this book - as it's just filled to the brim with such great accounts! Plus, by reading the many different stories, one can see all the wonderfully various ways that those in spirit attempt to contact us.

It appears that ADC's happen quite frequently, and I believe that they happen much more frequently than many of us are aware - as most people don't know what to look for - if they don't see an actual apparition, they don't realize that any communication is being attempted.

This is one of those books that can bring hope & solace even to those who've not yet experienced an ADC - just by showing that our spirit does go on, and that we retain our individuality is such a comfort.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in ADC's and/or spirituality in general. It is definitely an excellent, compelling read!
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on December 10, 1999
This book proves out unequivocally that our loved ones and the love they have for us continues on beyond this life, beyond this place. Ms. Guggenheim reports that the spirit of the departed person and the love that it has for those who still remain, grows and flourishes upon the spiritual realms. This is made abundantly clear as one reads of the documented stories within this wonderful book of those who have been contacted in some way by their deceased loved ones.
What a blessing and a comfort this book is! To know that our loved ones not only live on but that they desire to communicate this to us is a true joy and a balm to the heart.
Congratulations to the Guggenheims for having the heart and soul to undertake a project of this magnitude during a time when after death communications (ADC's) were barely understood or talked about openly at all. Kudos to Judy and Bill!
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on December 16, 1998
A must read for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. A great companion book to Dr. Raymond Moody's Life After Life, etc. books. This book is written with honesty, candor, empathy and sincerity. The interviews conducted by Judy and Bill Guggenheim with real and ordinary people, like you and me, will convince you to believe in love and life eternal. Love never dies. Life never really ends, life on Earth ends, but it seems that is truly also a new beginning, and a beautiful beginning. After losing both parents and over half of my other family members, this book explained many experiences I have had with deceased loved ones. Now these extraordinary and beautiful happenings have a name: After Death Communications! I salute Judy and Bill, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough! If you have ever lost anyone, or know someone who has, do yourself a great favor and read this book.
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on April 5, 2004
I purchased this book last year after losing my father. I had gone to a website about life after death to find some answers. This book was on their recommended reading list, so I bought it. Each chapter describes different accounts of ADC's or after death communications, such as feeling a touch, hearing a voice, or smelling a fragrance. Each account is fascinating, and the most comforting fact I learned is that no matter what condition a person was in when they passed away-whether it be disease, if they were crippled or whatever-they are completely restored and appear to be in the prime of their lives. Our loved ones are happy, content and whole. The subject of suicide is also powerful here. It definitely has negative connotations on the other side. Believe me, this is a wonderful book; I just bought it for my sister-in-law who lost her mother 3 months before my father died. She can't put it down, either. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for answers and needs to know that their loved one is o.k.
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on November 3, 2001
This is a terribly written book. There were times when I wanted to throw it across the room because it was so simplistic and repetitious. (Every single chapter ends exactly the same way. "That explains such-and-such and in the next chapter we'll discuss such-and-such")
And yet it was a book I couldn't put down. It grabbed me in the very first chapter when it described that a lot of after-death encounters occur in a car on dark roads. It so vividly, word for word, described my first experience with after-death contact. I was never a believer that this was possible, but the death of my friend and the experiences I had convinced me that it was indeed possible. However, I never shared with people a lot of the ways I felt there had been contact. Yet here it was, in black and white. All of my experiences explained in very careful detail.
I can't recommend this book as literature or as good writing, but for anybody who feels they have had an after-death contact, this book will be very comforting and affirming.
I have had 3 painful losses in my life and only contact with one of them. But I truly believe there was contact--and reading Guggenheim's book was very comforting.
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on June 7, 2006
I have read several books on Near Death Experiences, and I came across this book while reading "Lessons From The Light." This is an excellent book. It is filled with so many great accounts of After Death Communications. If you have ever been interested in ADCs, then you need to read will really make you stop and think. It helps you to realize that some things aren't simply "dreams" but actual ADCs!! I have had one, and it made me excited to learn that so many others have had the same experience.

There is an awesome chapter on suicide. If you have ever known someone that committed suicide, this book will give you much hope!

My favorite chapter was the last one. It gives a great description of what Heaven/Hell truly was so imformative, I read this chapter 3 times! People need to read this and have a clear, open-minded understanding about eternity, and God's grace. People have this mythological image of heaven and hell....and this will help you to understand what heaven/hell REALLY are.

This book will give you so much hope!

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on May 10, 2006
My 22 year old son past away unexpectedly, leaving his 5 month old daughter. My pain was so unbearable, I just wanted to die. Reading this book three weeks after his death gave me comfort, strength, understanding and hope to survive such a horrible loss. I am forever grateful to this book for helping me in my deepest pain. This book has helped me to gain such strength to live again. I could not have done it without reading "Hello from Heaven".
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on May 9, 2003
As a Christian / Catholic missioner, I am frequently called in to counsel bereaved family members and associates of someone who has recently died, and I used to be at a loss as to what to give them.... what to place in their hands.... for when they are once again alone.
The only gift that I give since having discovered "Hello From Heaven!" is a copy of this book. It is warm, compassionate, and crosses virtually all religious lines.
Right now I am at ordering another ten copies for future use.
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on September 7, 2001
I have read this book numerous times...usually when a loved one has died or when a friend or loved one is dealing with terminal illness. It has brought many, including myself, so much peace of mind. (I have had similar experiences as those described in the book). It has become a mission in life for me to share this book with others and ask them to share as well. It is not a religious or "psychic-type" book, just truly beautiful stories written by real people, not offensive to anyone. It answers a lot of questions as to Heaven and afterlife. I always tell the person about it and ask if they would like a copy. I have given out approximately 25 books so far - in many different circumstances - and am ordering another 10 tonight. No one who reads the book can ever fear death or dying again. Grief and anger for loss of a loved one is lessened. I HIGHLY recommend that you start your own "mission" with this book! Bill & about that sequel!?
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