Help is this free all you need is an internet cord & you plug it up & it works?
asked by Jada McCarty on December 5, 2011
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Need help with router and question about D-Link 600 and 601.

Hi, please, I have two questions here to anybody who can help me:

1) Does anybody know the differences between model 601 and 600 of this D-Link N 150 router? In my country (Venezuela) I see only model 600 in the stores, and from the reviews here I'm not able to distinguish the real differences. I want to replace my old MSI 54 kbps router with a new one, so if model 601 is better than 600 I could buy it here in Amazon.

2) My MSI router works very well in my room where my PC is attached to the ADSL modem (connected to the telephone line), but in the living room the Wifi signal drops at least twice frequently (we found it changes alone from TKIP to AES!). We reconfigure it and it works again but it's very disgusting to have to do it many times. Is the router the reason for this? or some neighbours' signal is more strong than mine and interferes with it?

L. CROCE answered on May 14, 2012

You do need an Internet connection through an Internet provider in order to connect to the internet, the router is for using with your laptop, if you have one, or for multiple PC's....
Amazon Customer answered on November 26, 2012
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