Revolutionary Girl Utena 1 Season 1997

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Season 1
(83) IMDb 8.4/10

31. Her Tragedy TV-14

Nanami's growing irritation with the girls that flock to her brother is put into a strange context when she uncovers a horrifying revelation regarding their relationship.

Leah Applebaum, Roxanne Beck
24 minutes
Original air date:
April 2, 1997

Her Tragedy

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Season 1

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Genres Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Director Kunihiko Ikuhara
Starring Leah Applebaum, Roxanne Beck
Supporting actors Sharon Becker, Mandy Bonhomme, Crispin Freeman, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Aya Hisakawa, Yuka Imai, Tomoko Kawakami, Satomi Koorogi, Takehito Koyasu, Takeshi Kusao, Rachael Lillis, Kotono Mitsuishi, Yuri Shiratori, Jack Taylor, Jimmy Zoppi, Maria Kawamura, Hiroko Takemasa, Rei Nakagawa
Season year 1997
Network Starz
Producers Shin'ichi Ikeda, Kyôko Kobayashi
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I will say, do the sub.
Amazon Customer
She was visited by a Prince when she was a very young girl and he gave her a rose signet ring.
Very deep story line, well put together.
John - Atlantic City

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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful By A Customer on March 25, 1999
Format: VHS Tape
One of the most intricately written animes I've ever watched; one of the most fun comedies I've ever enjoyed; one of the most intriguing horror stories I've ever experienced; one of the most captivating depictions of evil I've ever seen! By the time the hidden truth behind the plot is revealed, the story has grown to almost epic proportions. It's not just about good or evil *people* ... it's about Good or Evil itself!
A Junior High girl finds herself being drawn ever deeper into a strange series of ritual Duels for possession of the mysterious "Rose Bride." Whoever is engaged to the Bride, it is said, will inherit "The Power Of Miracles, the Power To Revolutionize the World." Motivated by a dimly remembered childhood meeting of fate with a strange Prince, Utena fights to protect the Bride from those who would use (abuse) her for their own pleasure or goals. But Utena doesn't accurately remember what really happened between her and her Prince, and some of the Student Council know more than they pretend...
One of the challenges of watching this show is trying to figure out what it's all about. The writers string the viewer along, tantalyzing the audience with a wonderfully surreal fantasy-like Academic Academy where the rules are never quite explained, but everything is just like the modern world ... almost.
From floating castles and magical swords to swirling roses and burning coffins, from secret societies and mysterious benefactors to forbidden forests and lost loves, nothing is what it seems, and the list of who you think you can trust grows shorter, and shorter, and shorter...
The questions continue to mount, almost relentlessly, while the writers refuse to give away any information.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful By Steven Myers VINE VOICE on November 5, 2000
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Utena is a strange, strange story. At its simplest, it is a fairy tale set on its head: the heroine, Utena, is a girl who wants to be the prince after being rescued by a prince when she was a little girl. Her goal leads her to Ohtori Academy, where she finds herself drawn into a series of sword duels for possession of the Rose Bride, another girl at the school. If that sounds odd, it is, but it's really the least bid of weirdness. For example, the wonderful soundtrack shifts between light classical and rock opera (for the duels). A castle hangs upside down from inside a building. Wild animals pop up unexpectedly all over the place. The whole thing is surreal; even the characters' eyes are drawn in a style which, by anime conventions, suggests they are dreaming or hallucinating.
This first disc contains 7 episodes (out of a total of 39, of which 13 are translated into English as of November, 2000). The stories introduce the characters and establish the initial paths of the conflicts between them--the basic question being, why do these people want possession of the Rose Bride? The characters are interesting, the stories are unusual and fresh, and the English voice acting (if you're watching the dub) is well-done for all the major characters. One thing to watch out for: the disc proclaims "From the director of Sailor Moon." In Japan, the audience for Utena and Sailor Moon might overlap; such is probably not the case in the US. The themes in Utena are much more adult than most would want to have pre-teen girls watching, including domestic violence and hints (at least in this disc) of homosexuality. There is no nudity here, but there are some rather suggestive scenes.
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful By Mark Q Jee on March 19, 2000
Format: DVD
When I saw the first volume at the video store, I was skeptical, but I'm glad I tried it. All though it seems marketed towards girls (with the pink boxes and all) it's good and interesting material no matter who you are. The plot is wonderful and strange, in fact, it's unlike anything I've ever seen. Anime has become a collection of cliches, with the most successful anime those which put those cliches together the best rather than being original (aka Escaflowne).
While a lot of the standard anime conventions are in here, there is a lot of new stuff, too. Most of the characters are based around personalities rather than a single character trait & a contrived tragic past (like we have in most anime). You won't find the "spiky-haired, blonde & boisterous martial-artist" or the "bouncy, big-busted, schoolgirl-packing-heavy-weaponry" here. Although many of the male characters have the stereotypical long-haired, slender, Girl's Anime appearance, they're all much more deeply characterized, and the heroine does not bubble over them like in most girl's anime-in fact, they seem to be the anathema of her tastes. Utena's character is almost an ideal-she's strong, smart, tough, and righteous, but without being preachy or melodramatic, and is not bubble-headed or overly-effiminate as most anime heroines tend to be. She's a true tomboy (again, not the contrived idea of a tomboy present in most anime),and she is presented in a matter-of-fact way that makes her much more real than most "perfect" heroes. Unlike most supposedly strong anime heroines, she does not slobber over the various pretty-boys, or act as though having a boyfriend for the big dance is a matter of life or death.
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