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on February 11, 2004
A great season of Hercules. I agree with another reviewer that the Golden Hind episodes are well worth watching.
I looked around to see what I could find out about this DVD set. Anchor Bay Entertainment does a nice job on their website of describing their products. Here is what they had to say. According to their website, the length is 1080 Mins. There was no mention of how many discs are included, but it claims "hours" of special bonus features.
According to Anchor Bay's website, the special features include:
* Audio and Video Commentary From Kevin Sorbo & Michael Hurst
* Hercules Chronicles and Mythology
* Direct Access Scenes
* Series Trivia
* Behind-the-Scenes Interviews with Cast & Crew
* Photo Gallery
* Actor and Director Bios
* Hercules Screen Saver
Here's an episode guide, with a tiny description.
1. Mercenary: Hercules battles pirates and monsters to bring a mercernary to trial.
2. Doomsday: King Nikolaus uses Daedalus, father of the deceased Icarus, to invent terrible weapons.
3. Love Takes A Holiday: Aphrodite resigns as the Goddess of Love. The God of Fire is in love. If he can't have Aphrodite, then Leandra will do.
4. Mummy Dearest: A Halloween episode where a mummy in Salmoneus' House of Horrors comes to life.
5. Not Fade Away: Iolaus is killed by Hera's new Enforcer.
6. Monster Child In the Promised Land: Hera wants the new baby that has been born to a giant and the mother of all monsters.
7. The Green-Eyed Monster: Cupid falls in love with Psyche, and he literally becomes a green-eyed monster when jealous.
8. Prince Hercules: While suffering amnesia, Hercules is tricked into thinking he is Queen Parnassa's dead son.
9. A Star To Guide Them: A Christmas episode. The king and queen round up the male children so their own child will become king.
10. The Lady and the Dragon: A young dragon bent on revenge is convinced that Hercules and Iolaus killed his mother.
11. Long Live the King: Iolaus's look-alike cousin King Orestes is killed.
12. Surprise!: At Hercules's surprise birthday party, his family and friends are poisoned. Only a bite of the apple of the tree of life can save them.
13. Encounter: Nestor wants to use the blood of the last Golden Hind, Serena, to kill Hercules.
14. When A Man Loves A Woman: Hercules must become mortal to marry.
15. Judgement Day: Xena and Gabrielle come to Hercules's aid when he is accused of murder.
16. The Lost City: Salmoneus discovers an underground city that appears Utopian.
17. Les Contemptibles: During the French Revolution, a man pretending to be the Chartreuse Fox and two of his friends try to con a noblewoman.
18. Reign of Terror: Delusional King Augeas believes himself to be Zeus. Hera offers him god powers if he kills Hercules.
19. End Of the Beginning: Hercules and Autolycus go back five years in time. Hercules tries to alter a past tragedy.
20. War Bride: A dying King Tolus tries to end a war by betrothing his daughter to a prince of a neighboring kingdom.
21. A Rock And a Hard Place: A cave-in crushes an accused murderer, slowly killing him.
22. Atlantis: Hercules is shipwrecked on the island of Atlantis, where he meets Cassandra.
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on January 9, 2004
Once again, Hercules goes out on its third season romp. This is the season when it realized its full potential, and ranks second only to season 5. The shows put out in the third season range from comedy to romance to intense drama. The Golden Hind trilogy included in this season is worth the price of admission alone.
More new characters appear, including the first of many fine performances by Kevin Smith as Ares; Karl Urban starts his role as Cupid; Sam Jenkins-Sorbo appears as Hercules' second lost love, Serena; and Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), and Joxer (Ted Raimi) cross-over from "Xena: Warrior Princess" for the very first time.
Take hold of this set, as it will take until the fifth season for the show to regain the glory it gained this season.
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on April 7, 2004
I love this show. Finally after almost a two month wait it's here. Hercules Season 3 was a great year for the show. Some of the most popular episodes they made were on it.
Kevin Sorbo aka Hercules favortie episode is included in this season. "Mercenary" is that episode. It's a great episoe where Hercules and a mercenary must defend themselves from Tremor like Worms and a bunch of pirates. It's a great episode and I can see why it's Kevins favorite.
There are two episodes with the goddess of love Aprhodite. "Love Takes a Holiday" and "Reign of Terror" both have her in it played by the lovely Alexandra Tydings. She is so hot in all her episodes. All her episodes are real good and are full of laughs. Sam Rami(Ex Pro) always made sure all the episodes with Aphrodite were great.
"Love Takes a Holiday" is great in a way in that Kevin Sorbo isn't in it. Iolaus(Michael Hurst) stars as the lone hero in this one. He teams up with Aprhrodite to save a town from Aphestus the god of fire.
There are a ton of good episodes in this season. The christmas tribute one is here in "A Star to Guide Them." Hercules fights a mystic mummy in "Mummy Dearest." Hercules also gets sent back to 18 century France in "Les Contemptibles." He finds a new wife, battles his brother Ares and does much more in this legendary season.
Season 3 is awesome. It's better than 2 and I'd say equal to 1. The extras on this one are the best yet, and the DVDs just keep getting better. Fans of the show won't want to miss out on this one.
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on March 30, 2004
"This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend..." Do u remember the times when you heard it so often that you've learnt it by heart?.. "Hercules" carved out a place for itself on television with a unique and clever take on Greek Mythology. The series has been inventive and well produced. It has mixed sword and sorcery with the '90s in a fun and exciting way, and Kevin Sorbo is the perfect star. Now you have a unique opportunity to relive the legendary adventures together with your favourite hero, as Hercules Season 3 DVD is finally released!! Just think about it... It's amazing! The epic adventure through the mythic world of Greek Gods, Goddesses and otherworldly beasts continues! Plus entertaining bonus - cast and crew interviews!
Be sure your boots are laced because now it's time to continue the travells. Get ready to experience 22 unforgetable adventures that would take your breath away! Off we go, right away!.. To Sparta, with a Mercenary to be delivered there, and with pirates haunting you. By the way, do you remember the last time you've seen Daedalus? It's time to meet your old friend now and prevent the Doomsday. Well... God's work is really exhausting, so Aphrodite will Take a Holiday... And how do you feel about Egyptian Mummies? Be ready to meet one! Don't you think Hera would forget her hatred? Keep an eye on Iolaus, as he can Fade Away... Then The Monster Child must be taken to The Promissed Land. And a Green Eyed Monster will literally awake in Cupid. Try to live like a Prince, you'll be Surprised, and face with a real Dragon. Let the King Live Long... but are you sure that his similarity with Iolaus is accidental? :)) Have an Encounter with a beautiful Golden Hind and experience what happens When A Man Loves A Woman... Beware of the Judgement Day to come soon and even giving away your demidevine powers, will not change the matter. But as a real hero you'll get them back and with increased energy will fight the Reign Of Terror. You will find Salmoneus in The Lost City, because there will be A Star To Guide you. Be ready for your life to throw you in 1789 France! What do you know about the ancient Greeks? They liked olives... and they are all dead! Only Les Contemptibles could answer like that! But be sure to get much much fun! You think your adventures would end at this point? Yes, this is the End... Of The Beginning! Ahead are time-travels with Autolycus and meeting with princess Melissa - the War Bride. Many questions need to be answered... For example, was Cassus's confession in murder forced by A Rock And A Hard Place?.. In the end you'll visit the mythological Atlantis and escape right before it will be gone forever. History changed into legend, legend into myth... Had this island ever existed for real? Now you know it had!
And only now you can take little break! Enjoy the life in its fulness and wait for season 4 release to continue your adventures that would never end!
..."and wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent would suffer, there would be Hercules!"
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on October 22, 2012
I had received season one of Hercules as a gift and immediately became nostalgic for the happy times and memories when this TV program was on Saturday's and we made sure not to miss one episode. I wanted to add this series to my DVD collection, so once again turned to and ordered Season Two and Season Three, which were both on sale. Now I get to watch an episode whenever I feel stressed or just want light hearted, "the hero wins the day" entertainment. I plan on purchasing the other seasons as well, but want to wait until they go on sale on Amazon. Don't hesitate to make this series part of your collection, it brings memories of happier times and beats all the "Reality TV" nonsense that people now call entertainment these days.
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on March 23, 2016
This is a really great show that tells about the many journeys of Hercules that involve ancient Greek gods and all sorts of different mythical creatures.Such as cyclopes snake like monsters and many other creatures.In my opinion this is a entertaining show and I really enjoy watching it.This season is probably my favorite of the series because of the story line behind it.
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on April 7, 2016
Kevin sorbo as hurcules love him.his portrayal of this character brings realism and the stories have great messages that we should lean from on how be in today's society. When it comes to goodness and situations. That you don't have to be negative in order to survive
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The first two seasons of HERCULES were pretty much just a decent kid's show. Narratively the only thing of consequence was the emergence of Xena as a character prior to her spin off. The core problem with HERCULES was that the show contained no significant conflict. While Hercules had suffered mightily at the hand of Hera, losing his family, he is a remarkably decent, nice guy. Kevin Sorbo managed to make this Hercules likable, but he was unable, given the writing on the show, to make him complex or especially interesting. To be fair, XENA had the same problem until they introduced the "Dark Xena" background stories, which made the Xena of the present infinitely more interesting. But HERCULES never made an equivalent transition and as a result never became particularly compelling.

Nonetheless, beginning about halfway through Season Three HERCULES became far more interesting. Much of this resulted from an influx of characters and storylines from XENA. The Ares who had been introduced on XENA shifted over to HERCULES (Kevin Smith had already been on XENA as Ares, but on HERCULES he was already familiar as Hercules' brother Iphicles). Xena and Gabrielle even made it over for an episode while Joxer even made one of his few appearances on the senior show. Aphrodite made a couple of nice appearances as Amanda Tyddings pulled double duty on both shows, but the best XENA crossover was the first of several excellent appearances by Hudson Leick as Callisto. This would begin a formula that would greatly intensify in the final three seasons of HERCULES, as the two shows would often share recurring characters, in particular Autolycus, Ares, Aphrodite, and Callisto, as well as several lesser characters.

While HERCULES never achieved the excellence of many of XENA's best moments, neither did it succumb to its abuses. If one loves ancient history then XENA is at times embarrassing and frequently profoundly annoying. HERCULES delves into history far less frequently, though it takes, perhaps, even more liberties with mythology. And while I find the frequent fight scenes on HERCULES far less absurd than the Hong Kong inspired fighting on XENA, it was also less imaginative, partly due to Kevin Sorbo doing much of his own stunt work, while on XENA Lucy Lawless was able to hand over to the wondrous Zoë Bell the more extreme stunts.

The biggest disappointment about Season Three was, in a way, the final episode, "Atlantis." The always appealing Claudia Black appeared as Cassandra and at the end of the episode the final shot of the season shows Hercules with his arm around her from behind, suggesting definite romantic potential. Unfortunately, despite Cassandra's suggestion that they were going to be seeing a lot of one another and Hercules' agreement, Black would appear in only one more episode.

All in all, a reasonably pleasant show, but certainly not one of the milestones of television.
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on March 23, 2015
I love the series and have been recollecting the seasons. My latest edition of season 3 came in a plastic case, with only 5 discs. So I'll continue to look for the box sets with 8 discs, and the behind the scenes features. I'm down too seasons 3 and 4. But overall, I love the series and never get tired of watching it. So I'm giving the plastic case version three stars. But if fans can find the 8 disc boxed sets, I would go 5 stars.
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on April 7, 2004
Hercules DVD Box sets get better and better with each season and Season 3 is no exception. The interviews are great and what I liked about the interviews Kevin did with Wayne Rose and Eric Gruendeman was that both Kevin, Wayne and Eric thanked the other actors who appeared in the show and they all clearly enjoyed watching the episodes again. The interview with Kevin and Sam was great as they watched "Prince Hercules" and "Judgement Day", they are a great couple and helped each other out all through the interview. I'm looking forward to seeing more interviews with both of them again in furture seasons. Loved the bit where Sam asked Kevin where his wedding ring" was, Kevin replied by saying "I'm allergic to wedding rings", which made me laugh. Looking forward to Season 4 when it comes out on the 13th July. So it's five stars all the way for Hercules Season 3, a must for any Hercules fan and for any DVD library
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