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on November 7, 2004
Faith- Hercules and Iolaus try to save Nebula from Dahak.

Descent- Herc and Nebula try to bring Iolaus back.

Resurrection- First Ireland episode. The assasin, Morrigan is sent to kill Hercules.

Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My- Salmoneus and Autolycus release a genie and get three wishes.

Render Unto Ceasar- Ceasar attacks Ireland.

Norse by Norsevest- Herc is tricked into killing the norse god, Balder. Thor, Loki and Odin also in episode. First part of a two-part episode.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge- The continuation of the previous episode.

Darkness Rising- Back in Ireland (Eire) Herc and Morrigan find the rest of the Druids all killed by Dahak, Hercules and Morrigan return to Sumeria where Nebula lives only to find Dahak in Iolaus's body. First part of a three-part episode

For Those of You Just Joining Us- The 'writers and producers' of Herucles gather at a retreat to discuss further episodes of Hercules.

Let There Be Light- the continuation of the episode, Darkness Rising. Hercules and Nebula and Morrigan followed Dahak to Greece, where Dahak, in Iolaus' body, had made himself out to be as a savior. Hercules, Zarathustra, Nebula, Morrigan and Jason went to Dahak's fortress in the hopes of performing an exorcism.

Redemption- Continuation of previous episode. Dahak showed Hercules how he had gotten to Iolaus after he died. Hercules and Iolaus then fought Dahak in a spiritual realm.

Sky High- When a volcano was about to erupt, Hercules figured out that blowing a hole in the side of the volcano would make the lava to flow into the sea saving everybody. Ephiny (the amazon), Kurth (a man about to be exucuted), Nagus (A Centaur, and the father of the boy Kurth killed), and a few others joined Hercules in the effert to haul expolsive crystals Hercules got from Atlantis up the volcano.

Stranger and Stranger- Hercules find the parallel universe doubles of himslef and Iolaus in the vortex between the two worlds, and goes to the other world to find Nebula's evil double in charge.

Just Passing Through- Hercules was getting used to be friends with Iolaus #2. To illustrate what Iolaus #1 was like he told Iolaus #2 about when the two of them had to save Autolycus from a stone panther that was going to come to life and kill him for stealing a ruby. The ruby had to be put back on the panther before dusk, but Autolycus had swalled it, and it wasn't easy trying to get it out of him. Meanwhile Hercules convinced Iolaus #2 to stay with him.

Greece Is Burning- Herc helps his former dance partner, Althea put on a fashion show with help from Titus and the Widow Twanky.

We'll Always Have Cyprus- Hercules and Morrigan discuss her moving to Greece when a former priestess named, Havish rises from the dead to take revenge on an Oracle.

The Academy- Herc and Jason visit their old school to find the students out of control.

Love on the Rocks- Iolaus (#2) meets this world's Afrodite, who wants to help him find love. Iolaus does with Nautica, who is really a mermaid that Discord gave legs to. However, if Nautica didn't return to the sea, it would turn to ice.

Once Upon a Future King- Way off into the future Merlin sends the future King Arthur and his evil advisor back in time to the time of Hercules. Herc, Morrigan, and a much younger Merlin have to stop them from taking over in their time and send Arthur back to his own time.

Fade Out- To save others Hercules had to crush a cursed rock, which caused him to slowly fade out of existence.

My Best Girl's Wedding- Nautica, given legs once more was being forced to marry Lysaka, who had stolen Nautica's father's trident. Hercules runs into Serena, who he was married to before time was changed, who is looking for her husband.

Revelations- The four horsemen of the apocalypse are released to destory the world. Iolaus (#1) manages to sneak away to warn Hercules about it.

The best episodes of this season: Once Upon A Future King, Resurrection, My Best Girl's Wedding, Render Unto Ceasar, Love On The Rocks

The worst episodes of this season are: Greece Is Burning, The Academy
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on November 26, 2004
I have got all the Hercules DVDS and they're all great to watch. The sets get better and better. In season 5 it's great to see Kevin playing the Soveign again, (it's that black leather outfit he wears! so sexy.) Loved the episodes in Ireland and the introduction of Morigan as a love interest for Hercules, and to see Aries and other gods of different lands. This season gave Kevin and all the other actors a chance to show how well they can act. Loved Greece in burining, that scene of Hercules pouring the bucket of water over him mmm. Can't wait until January to see it and all the great extras that have been included, so roll on next year. Season 5 of Hercules is a must for any DVD collection as is Season 6. Five stars all they way
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on January 9, 2013
I've been getting this show for a while for my Aunt who is crazy about Kevin Sorbo. Beside the point, the show in and of itself is good humored, full of surprisingly good (if not sometimes corny) acting and was not afraid to, at times, make fun of itself. I'm pretty sure Mr. Sorbo became the iconic image of Hercules for the 90s generation, and the show, well I'll be honest, I never made it to the 5th season, but I suppose I'll just have to borrow it to see what it's about. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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on July 31, 2015
Iolaus dies again in this season, and Hercules is extremely distressed through many episodes. This only makes me wonder: if Hercules is willing to go to hell and back, more than once, to bring his friend back to life, why the heck didn't he do so for his wives or kids? Why does the death of his friend affect him so much worse? The wife/kid is replaceable? He makes no effort to bring back a wife or child, but spares no effort when Iolaus dies. As usual, all the female characters are young and gorgeous, but the males are all ages, sizes, and appearances.
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on November 24, 2004
In a time of meddling gods and monsters, courage and treachery, Hercules is the strongest man in the world: half man, half god. Relying on his wits and strength, he fights for justice. (Spin-offs include Xena the Warrior Princess and The Young Hercules.)

Zeus is Hercules' father, who had seduced a mortal woman. Hera, Zeus's wife and queen of the gods, hates Hercules and wishes him dead. Iolaus has been Hercules' best friend since childhood. Autolycus is known as the "King of Thieves". Greedy Salmoneus, a traveling salesman, shows his true friendship to Hercules when it counts. The Amazon Queen Ephiny, his centaur mentor Cheiron and the legendary Argonaut Jason appear this season. An episode guide has already been posted, so I won't discuss the individual episodes. There is the usual mixture of humorous and dark episodes.

Serena, Hercules' wife in a another history line (as depicted in Season 3, the Golden Hind trilogy), returns in the episode "My Best Girl's Wedding". Serena and Hercules (Sam Jenkins and Kevin Sorbo) are married in real life! The Golden Hind trilogy was in 1997, they married in 1998, and she appeared in this season in 1999.

I searched on the internet to find the scheduled extras, since the DVD has not been released. I found this at

Audio Commentaries by: Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Eric Gruendemann and more!
Interviews with Cast and Crew including: Kevin Sorbo & Michael Hurst, Paul Robert Coyle, Michael Levine, Hudson Leick, Joel Tobeck, Noreen Tobin & Gene O'Neill and more!
Featurette: "Bringing Monsters to Life at K.N.B. EXF Group"
Featurette: Dailies from "Stranger in a Strange World"
Interviews with Cast & Crew
Photo Gallery
Direct Access Scenes
CD-ROM including Director and Actor Bios, Series Trivia, Chronicles, and Production Drawings
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on April 19, 2014
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on November 13, 2013
this is one of my christmas list items and it was a very good item at a good price, thank you. this is the tv show from when i was a kid and they are not so bad as are the ones on today tv. i would rather pay to buy good things for kids to watch than to allow them to see the evil and bad tv shows of today.
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on March 22, 2008
I think most fans would agree that Season four of "Hercules" was the worst season of the show's 6 year run, if for no other reason than that Kevin Sorbo barely appeared in about 2/3 of the episodes (apparently, this was due to the fact that Sorbo was ill during the filming of this season). Nevertheless, in Season five, the makers of "Hercules" atone for the sins of the previous season and deliver the best season of "Hercules" yet.

Season five sees Hercules traveling away from Greece, to Babylonia, Ireland and Scandinavia and meeting the various immortals that inhabit these lands. Much of the season forms a continuing storyline about Hercules' attempts to stop Dahak, the great destroyer, from taking over the world. Watchers of "Xena" will recall that Dahak first appeared in Season three of "Xena" and was the father of Gabrielle's evil daughter, Hope. However, whereas the whole Gabrielle/Hope/Dahak storyline was mishandled in "Xena" (I felt that the writers didn't take full advantage of the potential of this storyline), the writers of "Hercules" do make the most of the Dahak plot arc and deliver a compelling adventure that that had me eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Other highlights of this season include appearances by "Edith Sidebottom" (Michael Hurst in drag) as the Widow Twanky; Angela Dotchin (who later went on to star in "Jack of All Trades") as Nautica; Ryan Gosling as a student at Chiron's Academy; and a reasonably large number of appearances by Kevin Smith (as Ares, god of war), who was noticeably absent from Season four of "Xena" (which was made and screened concurrently with this season of "Hercules").
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on January 5, 2013
If you were a fan of this chronologically and geographically challenged show, then you will want to enjoy it again. Having the DVD sets is the perfect way to do that. If you missed Hercules the first time around, start with season one and work on from there.
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on December 2, 2012
The plastic prongs that hold in the dvds - 2 were broken and the dvds were loose in the box and 3 of the dvds were scratched. I tested them in the dvd player and they played so I didn't send them back. This series is really good.
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