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on November 7, 2003
Truly enjoyed Season One of the DVDs and this superior H:TLJ DVD set is even better -- with an exception of one or two (but nothing to lose stars over) little things. The crisp quality of the episodes are wonderful.
Also loved the extra disc with the Rob Tapert interview (he gets wonderfully emotional at one point with regards to his creation) and outtakes (etc. - and I had absolutely NO tech problem with this extra disc as was mentioned by another reviewer) and the single episode discussion/over-view done by Kevin Sorbo, including "The Apple" and "Cast a Giant Shadow" were just so much fun to listen to -- BUUUT ... Where was Michael Hurst this time? He was the co-star of the show yet there were no episode commentaries from him as there was in Season One and that just seemed so wrong. His presence is sorely missed this time. Hope to hear him in the Season Three DVDs!
Nevertheless, the GREAT stuff out-weighs the missing and I highly recommend this DVD package to any fans. LOVED IT!
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on November 3, 2003
Hercules Season 2 is a brilliant box set. The bonus disc is great as are the video and audio commentarys given by Kevin as he's watching certain episodes. The picture quality is excellent. I've been a fan of Hercules since it started and Kevin, so it's great to see Hercules getting the regonition it deserves at last. Season 2 is a must for any DVD collection and a must for all Hercules's fans. Five stars all the way and I can't wait for Season 3 to see what goodies will be included.
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on April 1, 2007
1 The King of Thieves--Iolaus is sentenced to death for stealing. Hercules needs to find the real thief, Autolycus.

2 All that Glitters--King Midas has turned his kingdom into a gambling/pleasure palace after several years of drought/crop failure causing all the people to remain poor.

3 What's in a Name--Hercules' half mortal brother (Iphicles) uses his name.

4 Siege at Naxos--Hercules and Iolaus must return Goth to Athens for trial.

5 Outcast--Lyla is married to Deric a centaur. She is murdered by the Creatons, who believe in purity of lineage. Deric goes on a murderous revenge rampage and Hercules must stop him.

6 Under the Broken Sky--Salmoneus takes over his brother-in-laws pleasure palace. Hercules reunites Lucina (a veil dancer) with her husband, Atticus, who is pursued by Pilate, an evil man.

7 The Mother of all Monsters--Echidna, the mother of all monsters, wants to kill Hercules, who killed all of her children. She uses Demetrius to woo Alcmene (Hercules's mother) so she can watch Hercules dies.

8 The Other Side--Hades falls in love with and kidnaps Persephone. Hercules is reunited with his deceased wife and children.

9 The Fire Down Below--Salmoneus is tricked into stealing Hera's hidden treasure. Nemesis returns to kill Salmoneus for his thievery.

10 Cast a Giant Shadow--Typhon (a giant), Echidna's husband, is set free by Hercules. Merkus seeks revenge on Hercules for killing his brother Demetrius.

11 Highway to Hades--Hades wants King Sisyphus returned to Hades. A widow, Daphne, is separated from her husband Timuron on her wedding night. King Sisyphus wants to replace his current wife who is barren with Daphne as she can have children.

12 The Sword of Veracity--Amphion (a warrior who fought in the Macedonian wars with Hercules and Iolaus) is accused of murdering a wife and husband. Hercules needs to find the Sword of Veracity to prove his innocence.

13 The Enforcer--Nemesis is made mortal because she changed her policy and will only kill those who deserve to die. Hera wants Nemesis to kill Hercules. She won't do it, so Hera sends an Enforcer.

14 Once a Hero--Jason of the Argonauts (a war hero who fought with Hercules and Iolaus) is now king of Corinth who has lost his way to drink. They go into battle to bring back the Golden Fleece. Castor is his personal "demon" who stole the Fleece and claims the throne as his own.

15 Heedless Hearts--Rheanna needs help to overthrow King Malcious. Hercules falls in love with Rheanna whose husband isn't really dead.

16 Let the Games Begin-- Hercules organizes the world's first Olympiad. Atalanta (the former blacksmith) takes care of her nephew, a Spartan, Damen.

17 The Apple (Kevin Sorbo's directorial debut)--Aphrodite gives Iolaus a gold apple that makes women love him. Hercules brokers a treaty between Syros and Delos.

18 Promises--Ramina, who is being forced to marry King Boraeus', is kidnapped. Ramina loves the rebel Tarlus who is in hiding to avoid being caught and executed.

19 King for a Day--Iolaus replaces his cousin Orestes, who looks exactly like him, who was poisoned the night before his coronation.

20 Protean Challenge--Proteous, the god who can change shapes, causes problems in a town.

21 The Wedding of Alcmene--Alcmene and Jason are getting married. A lot of old friends attend the wedding.

22 The Power--Aphrodite's son, Deon, exhibits special powers and his uncle tries to exploit him.

23 Centaur Mentor Journey--Ceridian, Hercules' mentor, is dying. Hercules tries to prevent war between humans and centaurs.

24 Cave of Echoes--Hercules and Iolaus go into the Cave of Echoes to rescue a girl. They take along Parenthesis, a writer, who reviews their past exploits.
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on October 23, 2003
After a nicely done first season, the second season is upon us. And in retrospect, Season Two is better than the first. From the first appearances of Autolycus, Jason, and Liddy Holloway as Alcmene (IMO, better than the first actress used); not one, count 'em, two sea serpents; the return of an old friend (sorry, villain) from "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" and Lucy Lawless as Lyla from Season One; and an unforgettable homage to Ray Harryhausen.
The only downsides: the series' first "clip show," and the fact that the second season commerative coin is no longer included for free (mail-in card for it plus S&H). But all and all, a nicely done second season.
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on September 23, 2012
I think Amazon combines reviews for different editions of the same title.

This review is for the 5-disk version. It is by Deluxe Digital Video, the same company that makes the Murder, She Wrote and Rockford Files sets. Although I have looked for it repeatedly, because they are recorded at 4-hour format, I have never noticed any video degredation in those sets.

The same cannot be said for Hercules. The video quality is terrible!

One of the things about Hercules is that it is a visual delight, the scenery, the costumes, the good-looking men and women, the computer generated special effects. The video on the 5-disk version is horribly overcompressed, full of rectangular, blocky artifacts that greatly detract from the pleasure of the viewing.

I paid $35 each for seasons 3 and 4 several years ago. The 7-disk version is now only $5 more than the 5-disk version. It's worth at least twice as much. In addition to the video quality, the 7-disk version also has extras. The 5-disk version has none. Even though I already bought the 5-disk version, I just bought the 7-disk version.

Do yourself a favor and don't bother with the 5-disk version.
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on March 26, 2011
Season Two, Hercules, is a splendid repackaging of the earlier set. This time, the pack is more compact, and the video, special features are top notch. Kevin Sorbo and company created a cast ensemble that resonated with fans for 8 seasons.

The episodes from season two are:

King of Thieves
All That Glitters
What's in a name?
Siege At Naxos
Under a Broken Sky
Mother of All Monsters
Other Side
Fire Down Below
Cast a Giant Shadow
Highway To Hades
Sword of Veracity
The Enforcer
Once A Hero
Heedless Hearts
Let the Games Begin
The Apple
King for A Day
Protean challenge
The Wedding of Alemene
The Power
Centaur Mentor Journey
Cave of Echoes

It is truly difficult to pick out a favorite episode, but the Sword of Veracity stands out for me as an example of WHY the show is so popular. Having met Kevin Sorbo in 2008, he truly fit the role and began a remarkable TV career.

Well worth the repurchase.
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on March 23, 2016
This is a really great show that tells about the many journeys of Hercules that involve ancient Greek gods and all sorts of different mythical creatures.Such as cyclopes snake like monsters and many other creatures.In my opinion this is a entertaining show and I really enjoy watching it
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on May 29, 2016
What can I say bad about this series? Even with it's cheesy need to have every episode end with a happily ever after, and it's even cheesier graphics, I still love this classic 90's show. It's funny which episodes I remember and which ones I don't.
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on October 22, 2003
Is anyone else having problems with their bonus disc? Every time I try to play it in my DVD player it says "disc error", and every time I try to play it on my computer it simply seizes up and crashes my machine.
I can get the disc to play the Rob Tapert interview by simply pressing "play" after the Disc error warning, and I can get to the menu screen, but every time I try to select something other than the Tapert interview, boom, disc error again.
Anyone else experiencing something similar?
**UPDATE**: I returned the set to my local Best Buy, and tried to exchange it for one that worked. Out of the three sets the store had in stock, two were defective and only one worked. So, it's not a universal thing, but it's not just my single copy, either. So check your bonus discs carefully, Herc fans!
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on January 19, 2004
Season 2 had some very memorable episodes that are definetely worth watching. I especially love how they take classical Greek mythology and turn it on its head. Yes, it is not accurate or a historical portrayal, but it's damn fun! Love Jason from the Argonauts w/ Hercs mom.
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