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on January 9, 2013
A Simple concept to HERD Animals to Pens by touching device screen (behind them) to steer and push them along to desired directonl. Difficulty increases with new Obstacles, Pitfalls, Moving Bridges, etc. to navigate through or around. You also aim to pick up Stars along the way to increase score. There are also Bonus Levels that are different from normal game play to give you a Break from repetitious play. This is a GREAT Feature that you will appreciate.

1. Graphics are Colorful, Cute, well done and add to the Fun.
2. Controls work OK for the most part on Xoom Tablet but accuracy can be difficult at times.
3. Music is Country Corny but very Pleasant.
4. Sound Effects are Cute, Funny and Appropriate enough to enhance the game.
5. Challenges are easy to learn with welcome increases in difficulty as game goes on.
6. Lots of Variables increase Fun, Challenges, Satisfaction and REPLAY VALUE.
7. Menus and Options work well and the QUIT Button exits and Shuts app down completely.
8. Instructions are good and helpful with every new variable to game play as you progress.

1. Controls are OK but it is TOUGH to Steer animals ACCURATELY with finger behind them.
2. Herding in some directions will BLOCK the animal with your Finger (ruining your fun).
3. TIMER is annoying - Should be switchable (on/off) to ACOMODATE KIDS and remove stress.
4. Animals are very SMALL. Slightly LARGER would improve the game for more fun.

OVERALL: ENTERTAINING, Challenging and Funny game. Using a STYLUS can help a little with the Accuracy and alleviate the Blocking of Animals with your finger. I hope they ADD OPTION TO TURN OFF TIMER in a future Update so smaller KIDS can enjoy the game too. Thanks
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Played with it for a bit this night--it's free app of the day. I think the kids will like this one better than me. Edit: played it some more mid-day and feel the same.

The graphics and animation are 5 out of 5. It's nicely drawn and there are fun little animations between levels. The game hasn't crashed on me and works very well on my Kindle fire HD. The game does a good job of teaching you how to play as you play. There is a little bit of variety in that there are race levels and new things are added, and I expect more later since I haven't seen how all the "purchasable cheats" can be used yet.

I don't see how the controls can be improved, but I do have issue with the controls. My problem is that while I'm pushing animals around that I can't see through my finger. It could be that I'm a lefty, but it looks annoying using either hand. I'm playing on a Kindle Fire HD 7". I wonder if it is even playable on a phone size device.

It hasn't gotten difficult yet, but you do have to take your time. If you go too quickly, the animals quickly run off in the wrong direction. It's also hard to tell exactly where you'll fall off the edge of pits. So you have to kinda meander around the board and twist your hand to see pitfalls--not really that fun.

But again, it's easy enough and cute enough that I think the kids will like it. So I'll try to update this after they try it. Not sure if the controls for them will be easy or frustrating.

****EDIT: I assume the paid add-on stuff is no longer free now that it's 1-10-13*** While it's free game of the day, the additional purchases are free too. I went ahead and bought the premium "cheats" to help the kids if it does get hard later in the game. One of these is a 3 pack of rescue ufos (instantly complete the level with all the stars). You get one free ufo. You can't buy the three pack for free till you use your one ufo! (Edit: You have to be playing a level to use the UFO--press the UFO picture in the lower left next to the pause button and the level will instantly win with 3 stars). Again, I think these are only free today (1-9-13). So use your one ufo and get a three pack for free if you want.
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on January 9, 2013
I am noticing that there are a lot of very positive 4 and 5 star reviews that are complaining about either the controls, the finger blocking the screen, or in my case the camera. This is not a crowdsourced or startup company app; 2k has been making pc games for quite some time. I myself am a fan of their Civilization series, and would like to see a mini version for the Android; also, I feel that they can expand profusely on the sim and tower defence genres for android. Their graphics are excellent, as they are on their pc games; I am impressed that they took these flash games to a whole new level, raising the bar significantly. For $0.99,(or today free) I feel that I got a bargain. However, I also feel like I am beta testing.

That said, my critique. The camera is awful. I am on the second barn, and I spend more time moving the camera to the chicken than herding. If I have started herding my chicken, the camera needs to stay on it, so that I can see if it is running into a ditch or into a chicken with chicken pox, ect. PERIOD! I cannot enjoy the game if I am dealing with both my hand blocking the screen and the camera not staying on target. I feel that the developers should play Wind-Up Knight to see a good example.

If the developers correct the camera issue with an update, I will be more than happy to change my review and raise the rating.
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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2013
In this game you start with a single chicken that you "herd" by touching right behind it, moving to the sides to control direction changes, in an effort to move the animal through an obstacle course into a pen. While time is an issue you get a lot of it each level to start but later levels will challenge you to compete them in the allotted amount. As the game progresses you'll get multiple animals to herd, different colored animals that need to be herded into the appropriate pen, and various obstacles that make it harder, like holes in the ground, bridges, moving bridges, other animals who attack you, etc. This is a well made game that responds to touch very well, with no lag, and has a lot of variation, and is fun.

The graphics look great as well.

I'm not giving a five because there are times where my hand would obstruct my view of the screen which can make it difficult. I found that you can touch slightly further back from the animal and it will still work which helped.

This version is free today from Amazon and interestingly so are all the IAPs. I've bought three orders of UFOs, which allow you to skip a harder level three times, and all of the power ups. My question is will these cost again after today. If they do start costing then I don't see why this game would ever cost any money to download. If they do not start charging and they stay free then this is an excellent value especially for those of us who have kids who may need to skip some harder levels.
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on January 9, 2013
This game is a high quality made game. The graphics are cute and nice looking. The sound effects are good quality as well.

The purpose of the game is to herd the animal over/through an obsticle course and get them to their pens before time runs out. While doing fhis you need to collect stars.

I can see myself playing through all the levels of this game. However as is noted in the games description there are in game purchases. But i was able to buy everything in the store for free. I dont know if this is due to being the FAOTD or a bug or they way they want it and in the future more items will be available for actual cost.

My only critique of the game is sometimes my finger got in the way so i couldnt see where i was herding the animal so they fell in a pit or other trap.
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on March 10, 2013
What a shame...this game is so cute!The graphics are great,as are the sound effects. In fact the whole idea of the game is really fun. Unfortunately the developers ruined the play by making the timer almost impossible to beat which just frustrates the player. I have a feeli
ng they did it to force u into buying a way around the the timer. Pure greed. As soon as u start to enjoy the game,they give u only a few seconds for the next level,until like me, you finally give up.Would be much more fun if they simply timed how long you took to complete each level...so youcould relax and enjoy the challenge. This way you could complete the challenge and try to improve your time needed. I would have given it 5 stars for its originality,but if I cant get past the first 3 levels there is no reason to even keep this game around,I deleted it already. Consider changing the timer part,maybe give an option to turn it off,and I for sure would still be playing it and increasing my star rating!!
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on January 9, 2013
Part of your time is lost due to the game panning past the area where your animal is, and you can't see it to herd it. Also, the animal you're trying to herd is sometimes rendered dizzy for no apparent reason, and again you lose time. Of course, then you're offered upgrades to buy if "youre stumped". This game is really a lot of fun, the graphics are great, but I'm uninstalling because of the above.
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on January 28, 2013
I downloaded as FAOTD but wouldn't have been sorry if I spent money on it. I know there are a bunch if detailed reviews that will be more helpful than mine, but I'll add my two cents anyway. The controls are a bit challenging and can be frustrating since you're timed. But I've finished 2 barns with perfect scores so it isn't too bad. It doesn't ruin the game for me. I really enjoy the graphics, the animations and even the music. And I really like how there is a bonus level in each barn that's something completely different. It's a good game.
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on January 9, 2013
In this game, your objective is to herd animals into their pens. There are obstacles along the way and so forth. I found the controls straight-forward: just touch somewhere behind the animal and it goes forward (you are herding, after all).

In the description, it warns of in-app purchases, but it doesn't ask for account access permission or require a login to play, so I'm guessing that's a future "feature"?

Four stars rather than five only because it didn't catch my fancy on first play. Will increase if it gets more interesting.
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on January 19, 2013
I have heard that this game works better on a bigger tablet device, but on my Samsung Galaxy S III it had pretty much no controls worth talking about. Graphics looked great, sounds were funny, the game concept was highly entertaining. The only problem I found was that this game offers almost no controls when playing on a phone.
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