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on August 20, 2008
We received this DVD/CD last week and the kids have been watching it over and over. Normally, I'd find this obsessive behavior concerning, but the educational quality of the video makes this one of the best DVD's I've seen for children. My kids are ages 6 & 8 and the video is geared so that both of them benefit from the lessons.

We really liked Here Come the ABCs [CD/DVD Combo], but we think this one is actually better. The music is well-composed and shows a great deal of musical sophistication underneath the silliness, playing with different musical styles and time signatures. The instructional value for the overall DVD is exceptional. My only complaint is that I can't get several of the tunes out of my head! Your kids will soon know that there are, in fact, animals with three eyes and be able to correctly identify a nonagon. Excellent video! I give it my highest recommendation.
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on February 21, 2009
I love this CD. As a 30-something parent I remember They Might Be Giants music from my teen years. This CD is true to their style--odd, funny, original, and off-the-wall. I like that it includes some humor that a grown-up can appreciate. Sharing this CD with my daughter (age 2 1/2) gives her music she enjoys and let's me feel a little cooler for listening to a real band instead of some sampling of nursery rhymes. We of course have classic children's songs in our CD collection, too, but this one is a refreshing break when I've heard all I can take of "Frere Jacques". It helps pass the time during our commute each day. I like most of the DVD pretty well, but find it kind of strange for a young child to watch (some odd puppets in a couple songs). Still, a must have in your children's CD collection, and something mom & dad can (secretly) enjoy, too.
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on July 7, 2008
We love this DVD and CD. My son is already doing addition problems from watching this video. We watch it in the car and everyone enjoys the lyrical masterings of They Might Be Giants. My husband and I loved them before they did kids music, and we love them even more now!
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on March 23, 2009
I have been on a mission to find more sophisticated children's music for my kids (which by default usually includes me) to listen to. I have to say this is one of my all time favorites. The music is wonderful and there is a nice variety of music on the CD. There are interesting facts and a couple of funny jokes which my 5 year old appreciates since she has become a little joke teller. My children 18 months, 3 and 5 love to listen to this in the car. They enjoy the DVD even more. It has creative videos that are enjoyable to watch. We really do like the songs and I have to warn you they may get stuck in your head. My husband also enjoys listening to this CD/DVD while most others make him want to poke out his eye balls. Great music and creative lyrics that most parents will enjoys with the kids. This is not a teach your kids to count education CD, but rather giving your child great music (much more sophisticated than than the traditional kiddy music) and lyrics with fun facts to listen to. It won a Grammy for a reason!!
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on October 22, 2010
I have reviewed this particular CD several times, but as I am buying it AGAIN to replace my lost copy several years later I will add the staying power this has had> In my first review I wrote: Such a relief to have music my 2 1/2 year old enjoys that doesn't remind me of nails on a chalk board. So many children's albums are SOOO bad and this one is actually enjoyable. Must say that I went to see They Might be Giants Live and enjoyed them in my pre-teen to early college years. They haven't changed themselves so much to appeal to the kid crowd that you won't recognize them. If this wasn't your music scene in the past don't anticipate a big change from the grown up CDs to the kids ones. If you replaced 7 with another word they could probably have a top 40 hit instead of something on the Disney circuit. Haven't done much with the DVD version but CD was easy to download unto itunes when put in an apple laptop. As far as actual educational value of the songs I would say that this is a toss up. This is certainly not drill type 1,2,3 stuff and I wouldn't say with the music alone that your kid is going to be a math genius. What it does offer is a way to make the learning fun and fun songs about numbers. There are also some more complex concepts interwined that other educational materials might not hit. Exposure to the pre-fix tri for example and words like triops and tripod certainly aren't going to hurt anyone. Enough adult wit to keep you going and fun tunes that definitely grow on you.
UPDATE FROM A FEW YEARS AGO We have listened to this CD on and off for several months and just a little past three now my son is getting into it. The songs from Mickey Mouse Club House are on here and that discovery was a big hit. Much to my surprise last night my son repeated every day of the week to me in order by singing the song. This morning he asked to hear the #2 song and began listing things that came in pairs. Honestly, I was hoping to build some excitement about numbers and have something that didn't have bad content like sometimes is found on morning talk shows. The fact that it is actually teaching him something during the idle moments between home and preschool is more than I anticipated.

FINAL UPDATE: Even the best children's tunes can eventually wear out their welcome. Its been about 8 months since I dropped the CD in a puddle in a parking lot by mistake and in a hurry just left it there. My son learned about infinity in school and was very proud to know what infinity meant and came home and asked if he could bring in the infinity song from the CD to play for his friends. I guess music truly does have an infinite impact on children!
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on February 6, 2008
We just got this today and I LOVE it and the kids LOVE it! The songs are even more awesome than their ABC album, if that's possible. I have half a mind to steal the CD for myself. The CD is definitely going in the car and the DVD will likely be on heavy rotation!
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on May 13, 2016
My daughter is seven and she has all of the children's albums by They Might Be Giants. She really enjoys listening to them in the car. I have to admit, I enjoy listening and singing along to them as well. Personally, I prefer the Here Comes Science album, but I would choose this one as my next favorite, and then finally Here Comes the ABCs, and so I would suggest purchasing them in that order if you plan to buy all three over time. My daughter loves them all equally, so no matter which one you choose your child is likely to enjoy it.
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on August 17, 2015
My daughter absolutely loves this CD/DVD combo. We listen to it quite often in the car. She is always clapping and waving her hands and bobbing her head from side to side.

The bonus DVD is awesome too. All the puppets and cartoons make her laugh and dance. I often see her mimicking what they do on TV.

Great tunes and very creative. I find myself singing a lot of the songs when I'm at work. My coworkers usually laugh at me.

I love all that TMBG puts out. Unique group, catchy tunes, and actually really educational!

***I paid full price for this item and was not obligated to leave any type of review whether it be positive or negative. I wrote this review in order to assist the general consumer make an informative decision when purchasing a product that they can't touch prior***
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on February 7, 2008
My son is almost 3 and we LOVE listening to TMBG. After making the mistake of buying one of those other kids albums and having to listen to "Polly Wolly Doodle" 157 times, I have grown to appreciate the clever lyrics and bouncy melodies of TMBG. I was very excited to hear they'd released another album and so far we love it. Strangest thing, though...every time my son hears track 23, "Hot Dog," he DEMANDS to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV. Little did I know that it's the theme song for that show. Unfortunately, as much as I like it, we'll have to skip that track from now on.
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on March 31, 2010
I bought this and Here Come the ABCs for my son after falling in love with No! I'm a huge TMBG fan and really expected more from this album. The songs are mostly passable, but really sound a lot more like straight-up kids music without that flair that the band has always shown in all their work (for kids or adults). The songs are a bit too forced as "edutainment" and the sheer number of short tracks gives the feel of cranking out a bunch of tunes to fill the CD. The end result feels like a random collection of odds and ends instead of a fun wonderful kids album like No! A few songs capture that unique feel, like "One Everything" and "Triops Has Three Eyes" but mostly it plays more like a "wacky" kids album for kids. Three stars for that, but I was hoping for something I would enjoy as well instead of merely tolerating.

Sounds like Here Comes the Science is the best of this bunch. I still love TMBG so I may give it a try and hope the third time's the charm!
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