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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 13, 2012
Kevin James fills that niche. The one that his pal Adam Sandler surrendered years ago when he opted for those loopy roles. Kevin James remains very much down-to-earth and relatable. He's that likable everyman. HERE COMES THE BOOM is all kinds of predictable. It strives to mash-up two of cinema's most enduring narratives: the plight of teachers under duress and the inspirational underdog sports story. I was ready to roll my eyes a lot at this film. I walked out of the theater grinning. HERE COMES THE BOOM follows convention, does it ever. There's no earthshaking plot twist. But the film's expert execution of those tropes and Kevin James' warm, committed performance won me over. And there are enough laughs. And I'm a devoted enough sports fan. And I'll always root for endeavors that promote educators and expose the disadvantages that hinder them from doing their job. That Salma Hayek is in the movie doesn't suck, either. Her character's name is Bella, and I'd be hard pressed to think of something else more appropriate to call her.

Once upon a time, 42-year-old high school biology teacher Scott Voss (James) won the Teacher of the Year honors. But that was a decade ago, and he's since lost his spark. Today Scott Voss is an indifferent cog in Boston's educational system. But when budget cutbacks threaten to eliminate the school's extracurricular activities - including his friend Marty's (Henry Winkler) music department - Scott Voss is galvanized impetuously into action. Except how do you now raise $48,000, especially in the face of a looming deadline?

Once upon a time, Scott Voss was a Division One collegiate wrestler, a pretty good one, never mind that that was two decades ago. Scott arrives at the deranged idea of competing in the mixed martial arts circuit to drum up money for his school. You'd think the fact that he doesn't know much about the MMA sport would give him pause... Anyway, early on, anticipate scenes of Scott's getting harshly beat down.

By the way, I like that his ring walks are serenaded by a Neil Diamond track. Makes me smile.

Oh, most critics will hate this film. They won't take into the equation that there's a sweetness to this story, that there's heart and warm sentiment nestled in that gauntlet of cliches. Thankfully, the story isn't too sanitized. There's some bite to it. There's even a moment in which a debate surfaces regarding the validity and morality of resorting to violence, even if it's only in a sporting venue, in order to resolve a school's financial dilemma. I'm not sure that the film adequately addresses that. But let's not get too mired in deep moralizing. This movie isn't trying to change the world. It's trying to entertain you. There's a time and place and a mood for these kinds of films. There's a time for navel-gazing, and a time for popcorn and twizzlers.

To my surprise, Kevin James and Salma Hayak manage to ignite a few sparks. I'm not saying they replicate that heat between Richard Gere and Debra Winger, but, after a while, I bought into James' character actually having a shot with Hayak's school nurse, never mind that she'd already rejected him the fifteen times he'd asked her out. But there's a nice, easy rapport in their interactions. Note that, this time, Hayak's sexy nurse isn't singing back-up or possessed by a malevolent creature from outer space.

I suppose the presence of MMA fighters and personalities lends credibility. Fight commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg play themselves. MMA fighter Krzysztof Soszynski (not playing himself) squares up with Scott in the Octagon. But Bas Rutten turns in one of the best performances, playing Nico, an outlandish, scene-stealing former MMA fighter who trains Scott in exchange for getting tutored as he bones up for his coming U.S. citizenship exam.

I don't know if, like I heard in a Bas Rutten interview, Kevin James had trained for 14 months going into this film, but I'm happy to say that he doesn't embarass himself. Kevin has got that unsvelte, bearish figure, but he did get into a decent enough shape, considering. And it's not like his character is playing this elite gladiator, anyway. Scott Voss's clumsy, amateurish style is based on his playing defense and getting lucky with a strike. His chances of winning rely more on his perseverence thru sheer gumption and an ability to absorb punches and a stone-cold reluctance to disappoint his students. It makes you root for him all the more. So set aside the artsy-fartsy mindset, assemble the homies, and check out this feel-good show. In the face of impending ridicule, I'm rating HERE COMES THE BOOM 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed it.
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on February 11, 2013
Finally a movie where I don't have to worry or cringe every other minute from vulgar language or sex scenes. There is the violence in the fighting scenes but I wasn't bothered by it since it is in the ring. We found this movie to be humorous and uplifting and just a great movie for family night. Finally...not an animation movie!
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on February 14, 2013
I was not expecting this movie to be as good as it was. I was expecting a regular comedy with a sports theme but I was wrong. This movie is actually one of the best underdog stories I have seen in a long time. The comedy of the movie just adds to it but it is not the main selling point. Kevin James did a good job actually looking like a mma fighter. I definitely recommend this movie to anybody who likes mma or even just sports underdog stories. You will not regret it.
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on July 17, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie, it was funny and authentic without trying too hard. Its the kind of movie you can watch with family, or not. I appreciate actors like Kevin James that are responsible with their film choices, we need more movies like this.
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on July 22, 2013
I downloaded this movie on my kindle so my husband and I could watch a movie on our flight back home. Lets just say that by the end of the movie I had become the crazy lady on plane!! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was a great movie. I normally don't write reviews but this one was worth telling everyone this is a must see!!
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OK, I had to look away during the fight scenes, but I was surprised to find how much I (and my family) enjoyed this movie. As a viewer, you definitely have to employ the old "willing suspension of disbelief," but once you do, this movie is a lot of fun. A jaded teacher rediscovers his passion for teaching after he agrees to help raise money for his school's music program -- and save a teacher's job -- by taking up mixed martial arts. It's funny and feel-good all at the same time.

One aspect of the movie that we particularly enjoyed were the references to faith and prayer. They were low-key but present, inserted as just a normal part of the MMA scene. In fact, Kevin James has a strong Catholic faith and has said in interviews that talk of God and faith is part and parcel of the guys involved in MMA. Kudos to any filmmaker who is willing to depict faith as a normal and laudable thing, not an aberrant or laughable delusion.

My one wish is that someone would have taught Henry Winkler how to conduct! His scenes as the music teacher conducting the student orchestra are painful to watch!
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From Frank Coraci, the director of "The Waterboy", "The Wedding Singer" and "Click" comes the comedy "Here Comes the Boom".

Written by actor Kevin James ("The King of Queens", "Hitch", "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"), Allan Loeb ("Just Go With It", "21″, "The Switch") and Rock Reuben ("Zookeeper", "The King of Queens"), "Here Comes the Boom!" is a film inspired by Kevin James' interest in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and watching the UFC, which he and fellow comedian Joe Rogan would watch years ago.

Wanting to create a comedy that ties in with the UFC, James brought in his friends, Joe Rogan ("The Fear Factor", "NewsRadio"), former UFC Heavyweight Champion and "Inside MMA" host, Sebastian "Bas" Rutten and professional Muay Thai kickboxer and trainer Mark DellaGrotte ("The Ultimate Fighter 4″) and also a bunch of professional fighters to the film.

But alongside James, he brought in talent with Salma Hayek ("Frida", "Desperado", "Once Upon a Time in Mexico"), Henry Winkler ("Happy Days", "The Waterboy", "Night Shift", "Click"), Greg Germann ("Ally McBeal", "Bolt", "Sweet November"), Charice ("Glee", "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel") and brother Gary Valentine ("The King of Queens", "Paul Blart: Mall Cop", "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry").


"Here Comes the Boom" is presented in 1080p High Definition (1:85:1 aspect ratio). The film looks fantastic on Blu-ray as close-ups show amazing detail of the characters faces. Skin tones are natural, black levels are nice and deep but the film looks fantastic with no compression artifacts or any visual problems at all.


"Here Comes the Boom" is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD MA and French, Spanish and Thai 5.1 Dolby Digital. The film is primarily dialogue driven with plenty of music, so front and center-channel driven. Good use of surrounds for crowd ambiance, especially during Scott Voss' entry to the ring. Good use of surrounds during the more action intense sequences but for the most part, lossless audio is very good!

Subtitles are in English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin Traditional), Korean and Thai.


"Here Comes the Boom " come with the following special features:

Deleted Scenes - Featuring a total of 17 deleted scenes including the original ending.
Gag-Reel - (2:26) A short gag reel featuring the outtakes from "Here Comes the Boom".
Here Comes the Cast - (6:24) Director Frank Coraci and the cast talk about various cast members and working together.
Gino vs. Ritchie - (3:49) The Associate Producer vs. Kevin James Stand-in in a MMA sparring match.
Back to School - (4:27) Finding a closed down school in Boston to film "Here Comes the Boom".
Learning How to Fight - (8:48) Joe Rogan and Kevin James discuss their interest in MMA a long time ago and how Kevin has been training for years. Also how the trial and error of filming the fight scenes with real fighters and more.
Three Amigos - (5:39) A featurette of Henry Winkler, Bas Rutten and Mark BellaGrotte working together.
The Pros - (3:00) Interviews with the professional MMA fighters who starred in "Here Comes the Boom".
Disco Street Fighting - (2:05) A training video by Nico (Bas Rutten) on "Disco Street Fighting".


"Here Comes the Boom" comes with an Ultraviolet code which allows one to download the film to their computer and select Apple and Android devices and the ability to stream to computers, tablets or smartphones.


After the disappointing "Paul Blart: Mall Cop", I have to admit that I was not sure if I wanted to see "Here Comes the Boom", that is until I reminded myself of the many chances I have given Adam Sandler films and realized that actor Kevin Smith is part of the same crew of actor/comedians and you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. But also, you have Frank Coraci as director, and so I figured that I should give the film a chance.

And after watching Smith's latest film "Here Comes the Boom", I have to say that I enjoyed this film a lot!

A film about an overweight man having to compete in the UFC, I'm sure is going to be a source of laughs for a lot of people but for this film, what makes it work is the fact that Kevin James is a big fan and follower of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the UFC. He has trained not to fight but trained in MMA for his workout in the past several years and for this role, he dedicated himself to a regiment to get fit.

While we are not going to see anything drastic such as Tom Hanks "Castaway" of seeing a man with pounds transform to a rail thin individual, Kevin Smith is seen to go through some changes within the body and eventually see some muscle definition.

You also get a cast of unlikely "three amigos" joining in on the film with "Happy Days" actor Henry Winkler being put together with the loud and talkative former UFC heavyweight champion fighter Bas Rutten and the famous Boston Muay Thai trainer Mark DellaGrotte. You really don't know what to expect when you have these three as part of Team Scott Voss and suffice to say, hilarity ensues from the moment this film starts to the way it ends.

Add in the beautiful Salma Hayek and the singer with the beautiful voice, Charice and you have an entertaining action/comedy film.

While not exactly a Rocky-style of film, as a viewer, whether or not you enjoy MMA or not, you sympathize with the character of Scott Voss, the teacher and underdog who is doing all he can to rescue the music program at his school and his friend, Marty's job. But it's that friendship that is developed in the storyline that ultimately becomes entertaining.

Henry Winkler as Marty, the timid musician who is softspoken but tries to help Scott in unusual ways, Niko who is trying to become a US citizen but also a bit jealous that Scott is getting a chance to fight in the UFC and his career ended after a significant injury and Mark DellaGrotte who puts Scott through a test by sicking three of his best fighters to see if Scott deserves to be trained.

The fight choreography is fantastic and you actually learn through the special features that some of these fighters that had to fight against Scott are still competing in the UFC and it's not easy to train a fighter to pull their punches, because it works against their training. So, actor Kevin James took a pounding in several scenes and he also dished it back as well against the fighters in the film.

But for the most part, everything comes together and I have to say that it's Kevin James best film yet! And it helps when the actor is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject, and in this case, mixed martial arts.

As for the Blu-ray release, picture quality and lossless audio is fantastic. There are are good amount of special features included and for the most part, a solid Blu-ray release overall.

If you are a fan of Kevin James, may it be from television via "The King of Queens" or his past films, "Here Comes the Boom" is an exciting and hilarious film and his best one yet! "Here Comes the Boom" is recommended!
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on August 19, 2015
Really liked this movie--it's actually a pretty decent message movie, cloaked in Kevin James-style humor. Several stars crop up in this (Joe Rogan, Henry Winkler), which is a nice wink to adults while still being kid-appropriate. It's one of those movies that keeps a balance--you don't feel like you're stuck in a kiddie movie as an adult, but it doesn't talk over kids' heads, either.

Lots of positive takeaways here, without it feeling lecture-y. Surprisingly conventional and family friendly, which maybe explains why it didn't get the box office attention it deserves. A good pick for a family movie night.
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on July 3, 2016
Oh, my word, I love this movie. I thought it might be a bit silly, and it is a little, but in a great way. Kevin James is hilarious. He transforms before your eyes into a full-fledged MMA fighter. And Henry Winkler is endearing and lovable as the aging music teacher turned first-time dad. The other members of the cast are excellent in their roles as well. Give this movie a chance -- you will laugh, I promise.
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on September 29, 2015
My hubby loved the movie since it came out in theaters. He is a teacher and obviously loves sports so he liked that this movie was not all "mushy" and only focused on one aspect. It had comedy, it had innocent romance, it had fighting (some blood and other bodily fluids) in a "family-friendly" kind of way...I guess had a soft spot for the importance of education and what it means to be a teacher. He loved that it had it all!

Also, we had no issues with the delivery of the DVD. Everything arrived well and intact and the disc played well!
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