Customer Reviews: Heritage Extreme Winter Glove, Black, Size 6
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on May 6, 2012
Lets get this out of the way, I have never ridden a horse. So if you are looking for opinions about using these gloves for their intended purpose of horseback riding then skip to the next review.

I was looking for some nice warm winter gloves that still left me with the dexterity to say, put my cell phone in my pocket without taking the gloves off. These gloves fit the bill. They are very warm but still flexible enough to be able to use my fingers pretty well. They also seem to be extremely durable as I imagine they would have to be to use them horseback riding.

I think the stretchy warm cuff of the glove that snugly fits your wrist has a lot to do with the warmth of these gloves as it seems to be pretty effective at trapping the heat in there.

They seem to be pretty water resistant. As a test I put them under my kitchen faucet and the water mostly just beaded off the glove.

-Good dexterity for the size of glove
-Kind of nice and a little high tech looking
-Pretty water resistant

-A little pricey
-Don't have that nifty feature where you can use a cell phone touch screen with them on (not that I would fault them for not having that being that as far as I know horses aren't generally equipped with touch screen displays). I'm thinking of ordering some of that conductive thread and sewing it in to the fingers to make these touch screen compatible.

Side note: There is an older version of this glove out there with the same name and description. You can tell it's the older version based on the photos of the glove (they look somewhat different). The reviews that I read for the older one were fairly bad and they don't look as nice aesthetically so if you order the gloves somewhere just make sure the photo shows the new ones. You can see the new ones for reference on the manufacturers website.
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on December 18, 2012
I live in Alaska so as you can imagine it gets really, really, REALLY cold here. I've tried several different pairs of gloves and overall, I think this one is definitely a winner. Not only do they keep your hands warm; they keep them dry and with the newer version you can use touch screen phones. This was a surprise to me because when I was first looking at them, it wasn't in the product description. If you're looking for a pair of gloves that will keep your hands relatively warm in -40 degrees and let you use a smartphone without taking them off, then these gloves will do fine for you.
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on March 8, 2013
I needed a glove that would keep my hands warm but not fully obstruct my ability to have hands. These gloves work pretty well. They allow for more mobility and are quite comfy. They almost make you want do stuff in the snow just because you can. Y'know... like building snow men, burying your dog in an ice castle, looking for treasure. Stuff like that. It's like they have a +2 cold resistance modifier on them.
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on May 4, 2012
I was looking for a pair of gloves that would allow me to cycle in temperatures below freezing and came across these. These gloves are very high quality and I am very impressed. While not "skin tight" they do allow for a good range of motion and I had no problem gripping my handlebars or braking during my test run. I have no doubt that these will keep my hands nice and toasty in temperatures down to zero and probably below as well.

Great craftsmanship and quality. I can't speak to how well these work for horseriding, but I would highly recommend these for anyone who wants to get out on their bicycle or motorcycle in below freezing temperatures and keep their hands nice and warm while doing so.
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on November 6, 2012
I use these gloves for flying a powered paraglider, so I'm flying outside in the cold air doing about 25mph. I was looking for something to keep me warm when the temperature was in the 40s taking into account the wind chill at 25mph. I also needed gloves in which I could use my hands to grab and control the glider and the throttle. These gloves work very well. I have been flying in about 42 degree weather for over one hour at a time and my hands stay warm. The last pair of gloves I tried almost let me get frostbite from how fast my hands got cold. These gloves fit snug, but not overly tight. They actually feel like part of me. I can handle the throttle, the glider, and not even give a thought to having cold hands. The size runs true. I have an 8 1/2 inch measurment on my hands and I purchased a size 9 which fits perfectly. At first I wasn't used to how much of a second skin these gloves are. However, after using them twice they fit perfectly and do keep my hands really warm. I'm not sure how they will do in really cold weather in the teens or lower, but for my use, they really work well. I would recommend these gloves for the purpose I use them for. Many guys spend big dollars to buy battery powered gloves. For my purposes and the temperature I fly in, these work great. The gloves grab things very well too!
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on February 12, 2013
My hands were freezing, while shoveling snow. I was out for long. The cold cut right through to my hands. They are not worth the money.
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on January 30, 2013
First off, I'm going to let you know that I'm not a snowboarder or skiier and I'm not sure how these would stack up in that whole world since I'm not familiar with it.

However, with that said, what I am is an everyday guy who lives in the heart of New England and was sick of being in snow storms, cleaning off my car, and driving to work without gloves (aka, super cold hands!). So I finally smartened up and decided to do a little bit of light research on winter gloves and came across these. Definitely a very smart purchase on my end.

A few things I was looking for - non-bulky, warm, water/wind resistant gloves. Ok, you would think there would be more options out there that meet these requirements...but there are not. Except for these.

Excuse the cliche expression, but boy do these "fit like a glove"! Exceptional fit!!! And they are incredibly warm without overdoing it. I didn't want to take them off and have my hands sweating (and have the gloves have sweat inside them leading them to be gross moving on). They also are extremely well made and strong. And last, but certainly not least...they are water and wind resistant.

I absolutely love these gloves and they are worth every penny. They do everything I wanted them to and they are perfect.
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on November 23, 2013
After much research and debate, I chose these gloves due primarily to their price point and the number of positive reviews. I've not had good luck with gloves handling Wisconsin winters and yet did not want to spend close to $100.00 for a pair!
Received these yesterday, when the weather here was hovering close to the 30 degree mark. Last evening, on a mile walk, found that my fingers were quite icy and painful by the time I finished. Wore them once again this AM, just to give them one more try, with the temperature at about 24+ degrees, and they were quite uncomfortable very quickly. I did not try them with liners, as the size 9 I ordered fit a bit "snug" in the hands, while being a bit long in the fingers. Note that my glove size, according to Heritage's site is a size 9. I'm very disappointed in the performance of these gloves.

They are made very well and of quality material. The "key" pocket is a nice feature.

Overall, above freezing temperatures, these gloves would be a great buy, but frankly, for me, I can wear my polypropylene liners at that temperature without needing gloves! I know - strange, but true!
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on November 7, 2012
Winters in Oregon are crazy. One day it'll be ok outside...and the next, you'll wonder if we're experiencing another ice age. I finally decided to stop buying cheap cotton mittens [that never kept my hands warm] and searched for a good pair of gloves that was going to get the job done. These Extreme Winter gloves by Heritage seemed to fit the bill, so I checked the company's size chart and ordered a pair.

Despite measuring my hand just as the directions for the size chart showed, the size 8 was way too big for me. The pinky finger was at least an inch too long, and there was still some room in the tips of the other fingers. And when I'd go to adjust my coat or grab something, I couldn't do it. There was just too much "nothing" in my grip that prevented me from doing more than moving or shoving things out of the way. The thing was, even though I went by the size chart, my hands -are- on the small side. I've been told I have "piano player" hands over the years, and I guess pianists don't do much outside in the winter. I went ahead and ordered a size 7, even with the worry of the gloves being too small or tight.

Nope! These ones fit almost perfectly. The pinky still has a tiny bit of room at the end, but everything feels terrific on the inside. These gloves are a bit stiff right when you get them, so wear and use them a lot before they're really needed for any kind of work. The wrist portion is just as snug as the size 8, and there's a little bit of room to tuck your sleeves into it if needed.

And yet, as much of an improvement the smaller size was, I was still having the same issues with being able to grab anything that wasn't big. I can't pull my iPod out of the breast pocket of my Carhartt jacket, and zipping it up isn't any easier. When I'm on the go, I always have to take one glove off in order to do these easy things! The fingers are just too bulky. Yes, I get that these are riding gloves, and therefore need to have some extra protection, but good god, I think the only thing you CAN use these for is riding- holding onto something and nothing else. I also noticed that if your hands aren't warm as soon as you put them on, it takes a while before they start to warm up. For example, it was 35 degrees out the other day, and I put the gloves on as soon as I got outside. It's an hour long walk to where I needed to go, and it took about 25 minutes before my hands got warm.

They're not horrible, but I'm definitely going to look around for something better.

Edit: I DID find something better! Head Men leather race black gloves DuPont ComforMax Classic is all you need!
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on January 15, 2013
I ordered a size 8 and a size 8 was what I received. However, it will not fit! The gloves feel way too small and I can't even get my hands in the gloves. I don't know if the Mfg's mislabeled the Gloves or they actually just made them too small?
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