Customer Reviews: Heroes of Olympus, The , Book Three: The Mark of Athena Hardcover By Riordan, Rick
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on October 2, 2012
This is a very fun read. I like it because it feels different enough from the other books. There's action - but not too much. Instead we get to see the characters who were separted for so long kind of merge and the struggles that go with that. There's a lot of drama relationship wise, and I know Percabeth fans will be very happy with this book because there are a ton of Percy/Annabeth moments.

I also thought it was interesting seeing so many different views of Percy. Of course we know him very well, but then you have Piper's view point who is like - well Jason is way hotter.

And in this book we are FINALLY able to get to know Annabeth a lot more, even more than we did Percy in this book (which is kind of disappointing) I think her personality really shines. In the Percy Jackson books we had Percy's POV of Annabeth, but Annabeth is a master at hiding her emotions. She is a really complex person underneath that blonde hair, and I like that. Plus, she really cares for Percy, and she has such a big burden that doesn't have such a simple solution which made for an exciting read.

A problem I found with this book was that there were too many view points that didn't offer anything meaningful. Piper is sort of just there, and more worried about her relationship. Sadly, Percy also seems like a filler character. He has some concerns but I don't think his POV added much besides that. Annabeth and Leo combined told the story well, and the thoughts of the other characters could've been told somehow through their chapters. I almost wish Frank or Hazel also had a POV but I suppose that's for the next book.

What I really loved in this book were all the funny moments. Leo is quickly becoming my favorite character. He's likable in that Percy kind of way, but different enough with his own problems that it's not tiring.

Overall a solid book. As usual the wait for next year is going to be long and hard.
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on October 6, 2012
I am a major Percy Jackson fan, Ive read every single book- and loved all. This book was no exception, it was amazing!

I was very excited to read the Percabeth meet up that was torture for waiting ONE YEAR! The meet up was not how I excpected but that didnt make it bad. It was still great!

The POVs were good, I thought there was going to be 7 POVs but now I realized, that would have been awful. The four POVs worked very well.

I really liked how Annabeth was in this a lot. It let me get to know her, shes a very interesting person and it was fun getting to learn from her point of view! Also Leo's chapters were very good. He was just the right amount of funny and serious. I felt like those POVs were the best and most important of all of the POVs. Of course Percy's was very interesting and funny but it did seem rather fillerish and I looked forward to Annabeth and Leo's the most.

Now, we have Piper. I love Piper and all, she's an amazing character but not all of her chapters were the best. Most were of course, I mean this is RICK RIORDAN we're talking about, but some where all about her relationship with Jason. I fully support that but some of those chapters were fillers.

Jason, Hazel and Frank- the triangle between Hazel, Frank and Leo was very well written and I loves reading those parts. I hope to have Hazel and Franks POVs in the next chapter! Jason, isn't my favorite character- but this book made me love him! Not as much as Percy and Leo but more than I excpected! I also look forward to his point of view in the next book.

The mythology and fights were brilliant as always- no complaints!

So overall, this book is an AMAZING book! I really love it and have already re-read it, and.if I could, I'd rate it 10 stars!

Great job as always Riordan! And wish me good luck waiting for The House Of Hades!!

were the best. Some were, but others talked
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on October 8, 2012
The third installment of what will be a five book series has finally come out and I could not be happier. Before I get to the nitty gritty I want to start off by going over the cover art and my thoughts on it.

The cover art on this book is excellent. I'll make a bold statement and say it's the best cover art of any of the Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus books (still not as good as the cover art on the Kane Chronicles). It is however, a bit mis-leading (though certainly makes a great image) as the scene between the two boys depicted is very very short. It takes up a total of 2-3 pages and is not significant in any way really. The red owl overall is a big part of the story/theme and should make more sense once you actually read the novel.

This book starts off where the last one ended, with a flying ancient-Greek trireme floating in at the Roman Camp. You'll find out what happens and how it causes some stressful situations later on in the book but I'll leave that knowledge out of this article so I don't ruin it for you. The story continues on the premise of the next great prophecy where seven demigods from both the Roman and Greek camps have to unite to defeat the Giants.

Lets move onto character development and new characters in general. Everyone you loved from the first two stories are back in action and ready to go. However, not many new characters were added and if they were they are not an integral part of the story. Also, many of the fan-favorite supporting characters like Ella, Tyson, and Grover just show up for a page or two and are gone for the rest of the book, which is sad but understandable. The main characters also do not develop at all (I suppose one weird one does but it just read the book) and we lose the complex relationships and feelings we got from the first two books.

This story has a TON of action. Almost every scene is action, action, action. I enjoy books that have a lot of action but also has some slower, more meaning-full, sections that bring the pacing down to an enjoyable stroll in the park. I wouldn't say the pacing in this book is bad but just faster than my taste. The heroes get into one scrap, get out of it, and are right back into another one. They have the stamina of the Gods themselves and thank goodness for ambrosia or we'd have a bunch of puddle stains left.

The plot develops nicely as it answers many questions from the previous book and really kick starts the great battle that we all know is coming against the Giants. The first two books were back-drops into how the Romans and Greeks were going to team up. This book moves the plot forward dramatically and is giving us the warm-up act to the big show. The plot twists at the end were truly great and made it one of my favorite cliff-hanger endings ever (laugh out loud).

Lots of action, our favorite main characters are back, plot moves forward dramatically, writing is superb and flows easily, keeps you entertained for hours on end, and we are one step closer to the finale.

Pacing is a bit too fast, character development was put on hold, favorite supporting characters are MIA, and the always present cliff-hanger ending bursts my bubble.

I really enjoyed this book, despite my few nit-picking complaints, and would recommend this book to just about anyone (unless you don't enjoy awesomeness). It's not my favorite Heroes Of Olympus book, nor is it my favorite Percy Jackson Universe based book, but it's very comparable to the others. I'm going to give this title a 4/5 which is a B+!

About me: I'm just a college student who enjoys writing about technology, video games, and fantasy books. I do this for free and don't make any money on it! You can checkout my site at jmharkey[dot]com - thanks!
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on October 2, 2012
My oldest son made me read The Lightning Thief a few years ago, and after whipping through that series, he and I both await each new entry into the series with excitement. I just finished reading it on the Kindle, and the hardcover awaits my son. So let me start by saying I enjoyed this book almost as much - but not quite - as the others to date. I enjoy the characters, the mythology, Riordan's ability to portray the ages and culture of the teenage characters. I loved that the new series (The Heroes of Olympus) brought back favorite characters and the familiarity of the demigod world while still keeping his material fresh with new characters and the introduction of the Roman camp and demigods.

In The Lost Hero, I enjoyed having the narrative voice switch from character to character - it made a nice change from the first series and gave insight into more than one character. Riordan repeated this device in The Son of Neptune, and while it still worked, I never developed the attachment to Hazel and Frank that I had for Jason, Piper and Leo. I realized that for me, it was because Percy's narrative voice was familiar and overshadowed the others. I couldn't get "into" Hazel and Frank because I just wanted to go back to Percy's POV. So, while I've enjoyed the changing narrative voice, which I think is one of the ways Riordan is distinguishing the second series from the first, it presents some challenges. And for me, using the different POVs was a challenge that didn't work as effectively in Mark of Athena.

As hinted at in Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena brings together all 7 demigods. So I expected to read chapters from all 7 points of view. That's not the case. There are only 4 narrative voices, and I found it distracting from the story to keep wondering when/if I was going to get the other points of view. I'm first to admit that having seven different narrative voices would probably have been worse. That probably would have been too frenetic and fractured. So even though I was distracted by the "missing" voices, I'm willing to accept this was probably Riordan's best option.

Regarding the other "spoilers:" I'm not giving anything away. But I will say that in every previous book, Riordan has satisfactorily concluded a quest within the framework of the multiple-book story arc. The quest is complete and everyone's together at the end of the book enjoying some well-earned R&R. That's not *quite* the case in this book. A goal has been successfully achieved, yes, but it's definitely a departure from the other books in that it's more of a "prelude" to what will come next. The end feels more like a stalemate than a celebration. Think Empire Strikes Back, or even the end of Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring.

It's going to be a very long time until the next one!
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on October 3, 2012
I love all of Rick Riordan's books. I am disappointed that this book crashes the Kindle Fire. I thought I was alone last night with this issue but I see that there have been more people with bad files reporting crashes. I have read numerous books on the Kindle Fire and this is the first one that has crashed my Kindle. I got to around chapter 25 and 4 pages in the application crashed back to the home screen. I contacted Customer Service and was informed that the book would be removed from the Kindle store and the publisher would be contacted to get the issue corrected however it will take at least a week before this happens. Hopefully it will be resolved soon so I can continue reading this wonderful book.
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on October 23, 2012
"The Mark Of Athena" is not what I was expecting, in some ways I love what Riordan did with the story and in other ways not so much. This third installment of The Heroes Of Olympus series seemed a little slow to me, the characters that our heroes encounter on their way didn't really captivate me like they did in the first two books and even in the five books of the Percy Jackson series.

Percy and Jason were portrayed as the leaders of the group, only naturally since the two of them are sons of the two most powerful gods although the book is more about Annabeth and her ultimate quest to follow the Mark Of Athena, and she is one brilliant hero. I was never a huge fan of Annabeth but after this book and how she completes her quest she is quickly climbing the list!

I would have to say that my favorite character in this book and maybe even series is Leo Valdez the son of Hephestus the god of the forge (what an intro!) only because I can relate to him and his struggles with fitting in with a certain group and using humor, sarcasm and wits to win arguments and fights.

Frank is such a big teddy bear that I forgot that he was a son of the war god Ares, and it is a nice change of pace whereas Clarisse in the Percy Jackson series is so violent and can't wait for a fight Frank is just the opposite and understands that being the biggest and the baddest isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Hazel and Piper are both done up well too and both have chances to save the day, Hazel with her valuable metals and underground skills and Piper with her charmspeak use them well and wisely which is good.

To sum it up I liked this book, I want to love this book but I just can't.
Riordan leaves it with such a cliffhanger that I'm not sure I can wait another year for it to come out. hopefully it is better than this one, although this one is honestly worth reading. as a 22 year old fantasy fan you can imagine that my taste in books is probably a bit more complex than this series which was written at a middle school level and is a very easy read but I think it is a fun read and a good break from the dark fantasy books that I'm used to reading.

if you are a fan of Greek/Roman mythology and want a lighthearted easy read then this book is for you just make sure you read the first 2 before you do.
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on October 2, 2012
If you're a Riordan fan you'll enjoy this book. With Percy Jackson and the Olympians Riordan hit on a winning formula and he sticks with it here: heroes on a limited-time quest to save the world with the help (and hindrance)of the gods. What's made this series fun is exploring the different aspects of Greek vs. Roman myths, and Mark of Athena continues to delve into those topics as well as the themes of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.

The Lost Hero continues to be my favorite book in this series. Mark of Athena is an enjoyable roller-coaster read, but at times feels almost too random and too rushed. Riordan's books are always action packed, but something about this one felt too frenetic to me at times. Riordan took on a pretty big task in juggling the points of view of four heroes, and I think that's what put this book on somewhat of an overload. At almost every stop the team has to split up and head multiple directions. While not every mini-quest is detailed, I still felt like I was on information overload. The short respites when the action slowed down enough to focus on character were appreciated, but I felt that there were just a few action sequences too many.

Mark of Athena is very much Annabeth's story, and I think most of Riordan's readers will enjoy hearing her voice throughout the book. We've always seen Annabeth through Percy's eyes, and it's fun to have that perspective reversed. I enjoyed hearing from Annabeth, but I also really enjoyed Leo's chapters in this book. Of the seven demigods Leo is probably the character that feels the least like he fits in, and it's going to be interesting to see where Riordan goes with that as the series progresses.

This wasn't my favorite book of the series, but it's still a fun read. It's always fun to see how Riordan recasts the classic myths with a modern twist. Be warned--the book ends on one crazy big cliffhanger. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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on October 9, 2012
Overall, another great read by Rick Riordan. I love the complexities of the relationships. I kind of feel bad for Leo, but that's his lot in life. The relationships between Piper and Jason and Percy and Annabeth are well drafted. I'm so glad to finally hear Annabeth's heart and inside her head. And the Percabeth love story, with their struggles just to be together, was well written and exciting. Piper and Jason were fairly well explained, but I wish we could know just a little more. It feels like their love story is written mostly from Jason's view and less from Piper. Perhaps, that's just because they don't have much of a story yet...more in the next book?. I do feel like there is a background story to Percy and Annabeth...perhaps based in Greek mythology?...that gives more depth to their role. I don't think it's just a 21st Century affair.

I really wish there had been more of a story with Hazel and Frank, though. They were explained alright in Son of Neptune, but they are neglected in Mark of Athena.

Leo definately took center stage...especially the ending. I want so badly to see him succeed and for everyone to see his true heart. Definately loving Leo almost as much as the Percy/Annabeth saga.

Pretty much hate the Romans right now...but I guess that's the point. I hope Reyna can work her magic. Or that Octavian falls in a ditch and gets buried...either/or. :)

It's going to be an agonizing wait...Rick Riordan, you are cruel for that ending, but I absolutely loved it. Great work! Do we have a name or even a possible release date to mark on the calendar?
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on April 11, 2013
Firstly, Rick Riordan is just a fantastic author. His stories are always great. As a fan of the Percy Jackson series I started the Heroes of Olympus series simply because it takes place afterwards. The Mark of Athena is the 3rd book in the Heroes of Olympus Series. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite series, and is definitely as good, if not better than the original Percy Jackson Series. This is a must get for Percy Jackson fans or anyone that enjoys Greek or Roman mythology.

My only complaint with the book is the audience it is written for. I wish Rick Riordan would make his novels less child-ish and more towards young-adults. This is not a deal breaker though, they are appropriate for young readers and are still very enjoyable for young adults or even adults as well.
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on October 4, 2012
In some ways, Riordan's style is nothing like JK Rowlings': Riodan's writing is neat, punchy, slang-y -- right out of the minds & mouths of young folks becoming adults, who sound so like today's Middle School & High School students. Yes, of course, they're sometimes a bit "too" clever -- the verbal skills all of us wish we'd had at that age. But Riordan, at his best, really brings us into the minds & hearts of these young adults. And to balance their perhaps too-good talking, he's right-on when it comes to teen intensity in dating with all its embarassing uncertainties and exciting possibilities, as well as in the beauty, diversity, and all-importance of teen friendships. We do feel Riordan's world shaped by the Greek & Roman Gods, but we stay closer than Rowlings to our "this-world".

Rowlings, on the other hand, has a lot of long words in beautiful long sentences. She takes us out of our world and into one entirely different, though one we wish were close-by & available. We feel her magical world less through the eyes of Harry, Ron & Hermione, than through the mind of a master story-teller.

Yet Riordan & Rowlings, especially in this most recent Riordan tale, have much in common. R&R draw us into a new world that comes alive for us, and they fill it with young folks we care about deeply, people who are likeable, even admirable without being "too good". Percy & Harry -- both with green eyes & messy black hair -- are splendid characters, and they're backed up by many others just as good. R&R both take us on journeys which are wonderful swashbuckling tales. We love knowing more & more about the people, we enjoy seeing new facets of their worlds, and we can't wait to find out what happens next.

In this book, we see Riordan at his best, with two exceptions (which I'll discuss later). He takes us on a roller-coaster adventure, with ups & downs & sudden twists. In between, he gives us time to breathe and to better know the people in his delightful world, people we come to love. Leo and Annabeth shine. Here, like no other Riordan book, they become so real. Hazel and Frank, while taking a back seat, also shine. Riordan writes cameos -- glimpses of characters from the past that don't just explain or fill in gaps. They bring the present more alive. And Riordan does this with writing that often touches the heart.

My main disappointments here were in the first half or so. It seemed Riordan lost his Percy-touch! We got a not-quite real live person. This is also sadly true of Piper and Jason. They weren't bad; but they weren't fully there. Frankly, I missed them. I was glad when Riordan, later in the book, found his way back to them.

I especially enjoyed Riodan's not-at-all perfect, but still-powerful Gods, who can't keep their Roman & Greek lives separate. Their confusion and the pain they inflict on their world and on these young people -- well, it rings sadly true. I'm a psychotherapist and a grandfather. Riordan writes a tale I see in my office and in our own world. And as Riordan shows, we adults, we "Gods" -- who have brought our children into this world, a world we've helped make -- we do need our demigods to save us. And if they're going to save themselves, they need us too. The evil giants, after all, can only be killed when Gods & demigods work together. And the evil threatening our world can only be pushed back (sadly not destroyed forever), if all demigods and all Gods come together as one.

Rings true for me.

Buy the book & read it!
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