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on October 10, 2012
HP provides a set of pictures to illustrate the setting up of the printer. I would have preferred words to go with the pictures. I have connected the printer to my LAN for top speed. The printer is very fast. Probably most of the printing time will be consumed by the PC because the printer only needs about a second per page. It appears necessary to use the CD provided by HP to set up the driver. I use the printer in connection with 6 PCs, 2 running Windows XP and 4 running 64 bit Windows 7. I had to use the HP CD to set up each one rather than simply adding a driver using Windows.

My HP Laserjet 4 broke after 20 years of use. I paid $1400 for it. I asked a repair firm about selecting a new printer. He said not to buy cheap printers but to invest in one that will last a long time. I can see that this is a quality unit that will also last a long time. Print quality is excellent, it handles a variety of paper sizes and prints on both sides of a sheet of paper.

There are other features that I have not tested such as printing from a remote location. My biggest problem is going to be convincing people not to print everything they see since it is so fast.
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on April 5, 2013
The HP-M401dw Laserjet Pro is a piece of junk.
When we first opened the HP-M401dw we noticed its flimsy construction. Some of its plastic components were both lightweight and quite thin. Nevertheless, once it was put into use, we were thrilled by the speed with which it printed our reports.
The major problem occurred on the second day that we used the printer. Unlike the horizontal manual feed of the HP2300d, which we were replacing, the manual feed of the HP-M401dw is angled downward. Since I was sitting down at the computer, I could not see the entire paper feeder. Needless to say, the paper was incorrectly fed causing a paper jam. Although I was able to retrieve some of the paper from the front, a sheet was stuck, forcing me to attempt to retrieve it from the back. The rollers in the back held the paper tightly as if it were in the jaws of an alligator. The paper tore because the rollers would not move. This left some of the paper in the midsection of the printer behind the rollers. Although I and a fellow coworker attempted to remove the paper with long tweezers, a small piece was left. The printer flagged the problem as a "fuser error". Neither HP Telephone Support nor the HP website could provide instructions as to how to remove the paper. The entire path of the paper is not accessible to the user. This is a MAJOR design flaw!! At the advice of HP Support, I took the printer to an Authorized HP Service Center. According to the service center, retrieving paper from inaccessible parts of the printer is a problem not covered by the warranty. The service center wanted $80/hr to remove the paper and ignored my request for them to show me how to remove the paper myself. Since the printer was to be used by a business and would periodically have paper jams, I simply repackaged the printer and sent it back for a full refund.
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on September 5, 2012
This printer has worked out fantastically with regards to being a wireless laser printer. Setup was a dream, and network integration is a cinch.

I do agree with the review above about the screen being fragile (very accurate, a misguided swing of the hand will have it cracked no problem). Honestly, though, once you get it set up the screen becomes rather useless, so folding it down is no big deal for me, as long as pages come out I am content.

It has been difficult to find a decent laser printer that supports wireless encryption, but this is an excellent choice if you want an uncomplicated, straightforward install.

*** Technical Note for Business / IT Users***

Our Sonicwall TZ 215 splits IP ranges for the wired (192.168.X.X) and wireless (172.16.X.X) ranges, the printer driver DID fail to detect the printer across ranges automatically (Computer was, printer, but if you instead search for a "Wired" printer and enter the IP address of the printer, it will accept it.

Additionally, the CD drivers are a heavy on your hard drive, if you have a copy of their PCL 5 or 6 driver installed already, save yourself the effort and just add a new printer with a TCP/IP Port of the printer. My system automatically applied the drivers to it and life was good.
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on January 5, 2013
Took the LJ Pro 400M401dw printer out of the box, powered it up, and connected it via RJ45 cable to my wireless router. It pulled an IP address automatically with no problem. Then I went to my desktop, an older Dell XP box and added it as a printer. This box is cable-connected to my wireless router. I used the "local printer attached to this computer" option with "automatically detect and install my PNP printer". Worked great. Told it I had the disk. Gave it the disk drive letter and it quickly installed. I installed it as "shared" on my network. First test page was fast and accurate. Then I went to my iPad, went into my word processing program, opened a file and selected print. The iPad saw the printer, I selected it, and again a nice fast print. Wife did the same thing with her Mac laptop. Lastly, I tried it with a Win 8 laptop. It found the printer immediately and didn't need to download a driver for it. Worked great. The iPad, Mac laptop, and Win 8 Laptop all connect to my home network using wireless. I am very impressed with how easy this went.

Follow up Review: I've had this printer for a year now. I'm very happy with it. Put about 5 reams of paper through it and am still on the original cartridge. Prints clear and crisp images. I really love the quick start up time. I've replaced my old WinXP box with a Mac Desktop. It picked the printer right up with no problem. It handles envelopes much better than my inkjet printer ever did. I've had no problems doing double-sided print either. What's really nice is that when visitors come over, they can pick it up on my home network and use it. HP may not know how to run a PC business but they sure do know how to make printers.
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on July 29, 2012
I purchased this printer as a replacement for a broken LaserJet 4200. This model features duplex as well as wireless and wired networking along with the standard USB connection.

This printer seems to work as advertised and I had no problems installing the printer using the included driver disc.

My only complaint is that the touchscreen feels fragile and when it is in the upright position. I could imagine a clumsy person accidentally ripping it off the printer.
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on August 17, 2013
Update: Oct 1, 2014

I have access to 2 printers of this model: One at home and one in office. I played my home network computer, exploring the Network Sharing Files. I did not realized that my share network HP printer was affected. It printed in-queue only but no physical printing. After 2 days of investigating, I gave-up and call HP support. I talked to Anthony, a software engineer in HP Global Support Dept. located in Texas. In few minutes, I'm back in action. For that specific case alone, I received follow-up phone call and more emails from that Dept. asking my satisfaction level about their assistance. Wow... I did not expect how excellent HP support service.

This printer is a replacement of 8 years old HP LaserJet stand alone printer. For its price and performance, it is almost a perfect device. My tech skills level, is barely above average. The printer comes with CD installation disk, 1 piece of paper with multiple language instructions, power cord, aluminum like cheap USB cable which is poor signal conductor to me, teaser toner cartridge good for 500 to 600 prints, and made in Mexico.

It will be installed as a network sharing printer for 2 PC desktops using Windows 7 (both 64 bits), 1 PC using XP, and 1 wireless Laptop using Windows 7 (64 bits). I did the following preparations: 1) delete the old HP printer setup in 4 machines, 2) Reboot all 4 machines, 3) Make sure all 4 machines are "On", and 4) Make sure the router is "ON". There are only 3 printer installation options available namely: a) USB, b) Cable network, c) Apple IOS system install.

First, I put the installation CD in the Network (host) PC. I follow the screen instructions and choose Network installation by wire. I also choose able to see "Update on-line". Then I created a necessary HP account for ePrint. Second, I inserted the CD in another Win7 PC as Network installation by wire. Immediately, the 2nd PC was able to see said printer. Again, choose "update on-line" and I log-in to ePrint newly created account. Third, I inserted the CD to XP machine and it see the printer instantly, choose network wire install, choose update on-line, and I log-in to ePrint new account. Network printer wire-installation for 3 machines is done and working in less than 30 minutes.

By mistake, I inserted the install CD in the laptop which it system aborted the installation. I repeated the install 3 times and was system aborted 3 times too. No manual instruction help available that comes in the box. I played the "Control Panel" or "Devices and Printers" and discovered that said printer is wirelessly ready for installation which I did. It allowed me to choose HP but the specific model is not available. Then I choose "have disk", inserted, and was system aborted. Redo above steps, choose HP, and choose model M4345 MFP PCL6 (the "4" series). Then the installation options available were 1.) HP M4345 MFP PCL6; or 2.) "http///: 192. 168...on-line". By elimination process, I choose the on-line but did not work. Then choose the other and the installation was completed. In short, this is a tricky wireless installation technique which I did not able to install a specific printer model I have.

There is only one thing I do not like: Manual duplex. Amazon ads says it is an automatic duplex - which is WRONG. In my case, it does NOT do automatic duplex printing both in desktops and laptop machines. Other than that, I highly recommend such printer. There are so many features in this printer that exceeds my expectations namely: strong wireless signal printing, quick print, wake-up instantly, long distance email printing direct from house to office (I have not tried this option yet), direct USB storage printing, intelligent small screen monitor not dependent on any PC (it can swing any angle but strongly attach),90% heavy as the old one it replaced but around 70% cheaper.
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on February 3, 2013
Effortless set up. Works wirelessly. Quiet. No problem. It's just a little black and white printer. Why do I need twelve more words?
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on March 24, 2014
Bought this here on amazon in Feb 2013, arrived at the house and got it immediately set up within 30 min from unboxing to wireless on home network connected to two Macbook pro's. My wife uses this daily to print court papers. It came with the generous 80x cartridge. We are now on the third cartridge, after the supplied one ran out I purchased an after market one with a 10,000 page yield and we're on the second one of those. This printer has not missed a beat from day one for us. Of course there are many off brand cartridges to choose from, the local print store here has his store branded option which I believe are just reman. OEM and are $100 for the 10,000 page yield cartridges which are warrantied by them. As with with all printers be mindful of what cartridges and paper you use. To get even more bang for your buck you can adjust the print quality down to low to get even more out your cartridges. Wish I had bought this sooner as we were using an injet prior which was not up to the task. HP E-print was also fairly strait forward to use with our Iphones. Like you, I looked at many different printers for days before I bought this along with reading tons of reviews. Bottom line, If you need a higher volume printer then you should consider this model.
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on June 11, 2013
I recently purchased this printer after "junking" my defective Okidata 431dn after just seven months (see my review on that product). I initially was dismayed as I could not get the software to load despite having disable the virus protection as suggested by the setup screen. Frustrated, I called HP support. I had read reviews about how bad HP Support could be so was not looking forward to the "ordeal".

Well, contrary to popular opinion, I got a knowledgeable, helpful tech support person within five minutes of my calling. This person seemed very familiar with this problem and asked to take control of my computer. I allowed that and, within about ten minutes, she had me up and running. I was impressed with the quality of the support.

The printer itself runs "like a dream". It is very quiet. Responds almost instantly to my wireless connection and prints fast and beautifully. I could not be more pleased.

Some have complained about the flimsy flip-up touchscreen. I can see that it could be sturdier. However, There is little purpose to using the touchscreen once you have the printer up and running.

I am very pleased with this printer and would recommend it to others. I gave it four stars due to the difficulty in installing the software. However, that may not be your experience.
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on December 22, 2012
I've had this printer for a few weeks. Overall, I loved some things and am very frustrated with others. First, I love the small touch screen attached to the printer. Yes, I agree with some people that it could be a little more tightly attached but the functionality is quite good. The usability could use some work, but it makes set-up much easier than the old style controls or configuration via attached computer. The printer does not draw a large amount of power when warming up unlike some other printers which is nice.

I have two areas of concern so far.
1) The printer has jammed a few times when doing duplex printing (via direct printing to the printer). This is not ideal.
2) The Google Cloud Print via ePrint support is lacking. HP's Google Cloud Print support has several deficiencies. The printer is not registering that it can bring duplex, that it is not a color printer, and that the printer can print multiple copies with Google Cloud Print. Therefore, when printing to Google Cloud Print, I see a color option, no duplex option, and no option for multiple copies. Additionally, jobs to this printer only show as Submitted and never as Printed. I contacted HP support about this. They said they are looking into it, but I did not get a response to whether they have confirmed and will address these deficiencies or not. I really hope that HP fixes this obvious limitation.

18 Jan 2013 Update: I received a call back from HP level 3 support today. They said they are looking into addressing the issue. They did not give me a guarantee that it would be fixed or timing, but they reproduced the issue and are looking into it. Cross your fingers.

24 Sept 2013: Duplex printing now works for this printer through Google Cloud Print! Good job HP. Bumping my rating to 4 stars. Overall, the printer has worked very well.

UPDATE 12 May 2014: Bumping my review down to 3 stars. The GCP and ePrint seems to print documents slowly. This is reportedly due to an issue where HP treats all documents as high quality documents and thus prints them really slow. It can take more than a minute per page. This is not due to the actual printing but for the printer waiting to have the page to print. HP needs to look into this issue.
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