Customer Reviews: Hidden Away (A KGI Novel)
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on March 3, 2011
I found this to be quite different from the first two KGI novels, but loved it nonetheless.
I liked the fact that the Garrett and Sarah don't just jump straight into bed. There is fantastic character development and it is nice to get to know characters and see their relationship and attraction form a little more slowly, instead of it being rushed.
I liked seeing Garret's softer side and seeing Sarah come out of her shell. And if anyone thinks that said that Sarah is not fierce much courage would that have taken someone with her history to expose herself and put herself on the line like that. If that is not fierce, then I don't know what is!
I also liked seeing how all the other characters are doing. Too often, in a series, once a book is written, the author rarely mentions them again. It is great to see how they are, especially Ethan and Rachel.
My only criticism was that the conflict was resolved too easily/quickly, however I love a HEA and as long as that happens...I'm happy!
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on March 3, 2011
While different and more focused on the romantic relationship between Garrett and Sarah rather than equal parts action/romance/other Kelly family members as the first 2 bks were, this was still a great read. I was sorry I read it so quickly makes the wait for the next book soooo long. I love the Kelly family. Maya Banks writes an enjoyable story with very down to earth likeable characters. The dialog is often times funny - the snark the brothers dish out to each other is a hoot. Seems like we're given a hint at where the next book could go....Rio? PJ and Cole? Nathan or Joe rather than Donovan being next? Rusty seems less of a brat in this story and the brothers become more accepting and rally around her over a particular incident.

Highly recommend this series. Anxiously awaiting the next installment.
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on September 3, 2011
Just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read. Some of the previous reviews made this book sound like it would be boring pablum, with nothing exciting going on. I decided to read it anyways since I loved the first two books. I'm glad I did.

I enjoyed the change of pace in this book. Banks provided more character development in the beginning which provided a better foundation for the relationship. Garrett displayed his trademark care for women in the tenderness and patience he displayed for Sarah's insecurities.

There was a reviewer complaint about lack of suspense. Once Garrett and Sarah left the island I didn't think it lacked at all. The bit in Mexico was angst-ridden as Garrett was repeatedly beaten while Sarah had to listen from within her cell.

I loved the side stories about Garrett's brothers, their wives, and Rusty. This series revolves around the closeness of the tight-knit Kelly family; it's an integral part of each character.

I wished the end had played out a little longer, it felt a bit abrupt.

Was it the best of the series so far? No. (My favorite is the first one) Was it good? Yes!
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on March 4, 2011
I have to admit I love this series from the first book. One of my favorite things that Maya Banks does is not play lip service to her supporting characters. The family as a whole is apart of the book I think that is my favorite part. I love that the birth of little Charlotte took center stage for a moment, or that we see Rachel still recovering, and Rusty finding her place. Maya continues to show in these books that love does not happen in a vacuum their family is still a huge and important part of each of the characters lives.
I do agree that this book was a little different than the first two, the action and the suspense did take a back seat to romance between Garrett and Sofie. I think this made the book a little slow, they dealt with emotional issues instead of the bad guys most of the time. And unfortunately I wasn't really feeling Sofie, she wasn't bad just not whom I would pair with someone like Garrett who is like a mother hen. I would like her to be more self reliant not another person for him to have to take care of. But that is really nit picky.
Bottom line: great read! Great series! I am so looking forward to the next one.
And the question where is Nathan and is he ok? I can't wait
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This is based upon my initial, instinctive reaction upon finishing this book. If I more closely analyzed it, maybe I'd find enough reasons to knock it back to 4 stars, since it isn't perfect. But I was left with a wholly satisfied feeling - and wanting more.

I really like the fact that this series is being told as such - with the other characters (some who've already had their own stories, some who will in the future) making meaningful appearances. For me, rather than detracting from the current story, they add to it.

I loved the slow build of the Garrett/Sophie relationship. There was a sweetness to it that gave us a chance to spend time with that aspect of Garrett's character/nature. We know it's there from things revealed in previous stories (especially his relationship with Rachel) - but in his own story we get to see it play out more.

I also enjoyed gaining additional insights into the non-Kelly members of KGI - Rio, PJ, Cole, etc.

Regarding Rusty - this may be an unpopular opinion, but I do like her being part of this whole series. Especially because she wasn't warmly embraced by all the Kelly boys by the end of book one. It wasn't (and still isn't) all nicely tied up with bows - but a very significant step forward in her relationship with them happened in this book, and I really liked it.

SPECULATION/POSSIBLE SPOILER - I think that Rusty is going to end up with Sean, the police officer who helped her, and who is such a close friend to the Kellys.

This story has solidified my interest and has me anxiously waiting for more.
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on September 12, 2011
Sarah Daniels goes on the run when she witnesses her half-brother Marcus Lattimar murder a man in cold-blood. A murder he committed to protect her. Guilty that her brother defended her when she couldn't defend herself, she breaks off all contact and disappears.

Little does Sarah know that Marcus is not all that he appears. When the CIA learns about her relationship with Marcus they send in KGI operative Garrett Kelley to watch over Sarah hoping her brother shows up and they can finally take him down. Garrett has a personal vendetta against Marcus, but when he meets Sarah and learns her story protecting her becomes his primary mission, because others are after her as well.

HIDDEN AWAY is the third book in Ms. Banks KGI series. Romantic Suspense is a departure from Ms. Banks, who normally writes erotic romance, but I think she's done a great job with this romantic suspense series. I love romantic suspense, and my favorite types of romantic suspense are those that focus on the characters and their relationship and not the plot of the novel. Ms. Banks has done a great job seamlessly blending interesting characters, an overall plot arc, and a focused story arc for each novel.

I am a Maya Banks fan girl. Despite being a fan girl one of the quirks that drives me batty about most of her novels is how the heroines of her stories can be way too passive for my tastes. I don't know if I'm becoming immune to it in Ms. Banks work, because I didn't find it as much as a hindrance in HIDDEN AWAY. While Sarah was a victim, the way she was written, her actions and reactions were believable to me and more believable then the first two books in the series. Sarah has become my favorite heroine so far in this series. Garrett, the hero also worked for me. There was a great balance between him being protective of Sarah and giving her the space she needed to find her own strength to stand on her own two feet. I also loved how their relationship concluded at the end of HIDDEN AWAY. It was concluded in a realistic and satisfactory manner and for the first time in this series, I truly believed in the couples happily ever after.

I really have nothing negative to say. I really enjoyed HIDDEN AWAY. I even liked the some of the family side plots which added but didn't overwhelm the series as they did in the first book of the series.

If you haven't read this series, I highly suggest you do so. It's become one of my favorite romantic suspense reads that I've had in a long while.

Review courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
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on April 6, 2011
Maya Banks delivers another sultry and pulse pounding tale in Hidden Away.

Sarah Daniels is running away from a terrible situation. She is in danger after witnessing her half brother committing murder. Sarah escapes to a tropical island to hide and to try to get her life back in order.

Garrett Kelly a top notch KGI agent is forced to take a much needed vacation. After taking a bullet for a family member he isn't back up to fighting shape yet. Garrett is also asked to keep an eye on his neighbor the allusive Sarah Daniels. After observing Sarah Garrett begins to think he doesn't have the full story. Something about Sarah is bringing out every protective instinct he possesses.

Getting Sarah to release the tight hold she has on her world is a challenge for Garrett. He slowly gets her to trust him. But when she is spooked she flees causing Garrett to find her before the enemy. Garrett has to lay it all on the line in order to get Sarah to trust him again.

Sarah slowly puts her trust in Garrett and they let their mutual attraction take its course. Will Sarah be able to fully trust Garrett when he reveals the real reason he is protecting her?

Hidden Away is a compelling story that gripes you in its pull from the beginning. The suspense is top notch and riveting. The sexual chemistry between Sarah and Garrett is tender and emotional. Watching Sarah blossom under Garrett's care is moving. Revisiting the extended Kelly family is another treat from this exceptional story. Looking forward to more KGI stories from Maya Banks. They are gems.
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on March 11, 2011
** spoiler alert ** Garrett Kelly and Sarah Daniels' book.

Oh man I wanted to LOVE this book. I liked it but I wanted to LOVE it. I really loved Garrett in the first book and I was so excited about his book. When I finished Sam and Sophie's book I was so pumped and ready for Hidden Away. I pre-ordered on my Kindle and everything.

I am struggling to define into words exactly why I didn't love it. One of my problems is that I am a realist. Sometimes difficult in the romance genre but this is the book where it kinda came at me. So the Kelly's are now footing a bill for a private compound. Their own air strip, high tech security, private jets, their men having huge mansion type of homes in other countries where is all this money coming from? Surely the CIA isn't footing the bill for what it would cost to fly teams of people to all parts of the globes on private jets and all the necessities that come with those missions. I don't know, maybe *shrugs shoulders*

Okay so back to the book...why do all the heroines of the Kelly books have no families? Why do we have to keep visiting this pesky Rusty in each book? She gets lots of page time. There is just a lot of characters to deal with in each book. I do like the updates on the previous couples though. Not lots of page time but I did like to read that Sam and Sophie had a baby girl and the family all doting on her.

To call Hidden Away a romance was a bit of a stretch. According to my Kindle it was at 81% before Garrett and Sarah made love for the first time. I call that taking their time lol. I'd have to say of the flip side, due to Sarah's rape, if their intimate moments came to quickly I'd question that so I was ok with the length of time it took.
Hidden Away wasn't all that suspenseful. The beach was nice but long. I did like the intruder scene at Sarah's beach house and I also liked that Sarah took off on Garrett. (but it was about time that some action was going to happen.)

Now some reviews I have read, opinions were that Sarah fell in love to soon but I don't think so. She had a pretty crappy childhood, horrific rape and she was scared out of her mind. When a kind soul that she truly believes latches to her, I can believe that she'd love quickly. She was starving for affection if not afraid of it. A hero like Garrett would be a sucker for such feelings and reciprocate as well.

So all and all, I liked the book. I will continue with the series and I will still pre-order the next one too. I like the Kelly family.
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on June 23, 2014
2. 5 Stars.Hidden Away was a bit of a let down for me, after reading the first two books in the series which I gave 5 stars becasue I liked them so much. This so far is my least favorite. For one thing I don't like stories about the heroine being raped and Sarah was raped by a person she must have trusted. The actual rape was not fleshed out in the story; for which I am glad. The reader has to make assumptions. There isn't very much action in the story except for Garret getting the crap beaten out of him after being held for ransom. The story seems to be all over the place. I am sick an tried of "Rusty" being thrown in the middle of the stories causing undo chaos for the Kelly family. Yeah I get it she is a troubled kid but their are a lot of troubled kids in the world who would have loved to have a family like the Kelly's to take them in. I get the feeling that the author Maya Banks is setting up readers for Rusty's book maybe mated with Sean or Joe Kelly. I am sorry, I dislike her character so much I wouldn't read a story about her. For me she doesn't fit in the series, except for this purpose in the future. Hidden away didn't do it for me!! Not sure I will continue the series if their are more rape an abuse to women and young girls..
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on March 3, 2011
This book was really great to me.I have read everything i could get my hands on that Maya Banks has written and without a doubt this is one of her best. This is the first book this year that i have not been dissappointed in. There was more story than sex and the build up to their relationship was perfect to me.I found her characters complemented each other with her being almost innocent and the way he responded to her because of it.It was an unexpected pleasure for me to read it and its been a long time since i could say that i got my moneys worth from this book.well worth your time and money to read this one.
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