Customer Reviews: Hidden Order: A Thriller (The Scot Harvath Series)
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on July 11, 2013
WOW...everything you would want in a thriller and one of the most timely books I have ever read. I have a degree in economics with graduate work and 25+ years on Wall Street. Brad Thor has told a great story and weaved into it the perils the country faces as the Federal Reserve (as "Federal" as Federal Express) is not at all "Federal" and has no "Reserves" and will fight for its existence. Did it have a time and place? Yes, surely. But it has no regulatory agency oversight, arrogantly refuses or deflects from direct questions at hearings, and for years has benefited from those tossing out "Black Helicopter Loons" to dismiss it's critics when it has been discussed.

The Fed is a club. It was created in secret and it operates in secret ("Hidden Order delves into this in detail) with no intentions at all of being transparent or being reigned in. Instead of fixing the systemic issues it brought about from the years of easy money by Greenspan, this stooge Bernanke, along with Turbo-Tax Timmy, bailed out all their powerful friends. But don't let Bush off the hook as Hank Paulson, via the Goldman Sachs revolving door into Fed and Treasury policy, diverted the TARP funds to pay premiums for pure junk to their pals, not the American people who are still hurting.

It's a wonderful read and an informative read. Mr. Thor has been appearing on more shows than any author I have seen of late and this book should be a real eye-opener for those who thought we are on the right track because the train is speeding and barely holding the rails thanks to this clandestine group that tacks on more-and-more debt that even our grand children will be burdened by. The Fed needs to be stopped and this awareness Mr. Thor brings to the people in this thriller is a good start for the common man. I already have seen and fully understood the points in the book due to education and working on the street. Now the general public has an great read and an education to go with it. Thank you Mr. Thor. A job well done...kudos

P.S. And on the day of its release Bernanke issued a statement: "Highly accommodative monetary policy for the foreseeable future is what's needed in the U.S. economy." The stock market was looking vulnerable, interest rates were rising, and that affects profits. The club can't have that so the taxpayer funded bailouts will continue. The Fed MUST be audited and reigned in. And you'll understand why when you read this book!
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on July 10, 2013
Read cover to cover last night. I have read several books about the Federal Reserve but this novel really brought everything into focus. Not only a great story but also very relevant to our nations current condition. I really hope the last chapter doesn't come to pass but I fear it will. This is the best book that Brad Thor has written and undoubtedly the most important.
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New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor delivers a Masterpiece thriller of power, politics, murder, and conspiracy. The U.S. is on the verge of collapse, danger is everywhere, candidates turn up dead and Harvath is forced to find the answers in the greatest threat America has ever seen, while the clock ticks fast. A fine line exists between good and evil as fear continues to fill the air. The colorful characters come to life, the setting is picture-perfect and the compelling story grabs your attention in this mesmerizing thriller from beginning to end. Exciting, entertaining, and enjoyable read. Highly recommended!
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on July 16, 2013
I've been a fan of this series for a long time but HIDDEN ORDER isn't your typical Scot Harvath thriller - so if you're expecting a tense race against the clock to thwart a large scale terror attack or if you'd like to see Harvath hunt down and punish bad guys looking to do us harm, then this one is a bit of a curveball and might not be as satisfying as previous Brad Thor books. There's obviously no pleasing everyone - if it was your typical Harvath storyline then there'd be those criticizing it for being the same old thing, but because this one actually IS different, it'll be criticized as well.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, I just didn't love it - partly it was having Harvath play domestic detective, but I think the main thing was that the historical clues and references and symbolism being made by the "bad guys" had very little (if anything) at all to do with the resolution of the story.

Also, in the beginning of the book there's a meeting between a Jordanian intelligence official and an American CIA operative at an airport in Germany - information is passed along that there's a known threat against the US, but the Jordanians want something in return for sharing the specifics of that threat. The CIA operative sets out to do anything she can to get this information and stop the attack and of course it was obvious that the CIA agent and Harvath were going to cross paths and join the same team, and I found myself looking forward to what they were going to do about the terror plot, thinking maybe it had already been set in motion and was actually the case Harvath was working on, only ... well, nothing ever comes of it. It's like an afterthought at the end of the book. Literally, we're simply told that the Jordanians took care of it for us.

Still, there is plenty of fast-paced action with some twists and turns. The "surprises" might not necessarily be shocking or even all that surprising, but there's enough here to keep you reading through to the end. It might not be your typical Scot Harvath thriller, but hey ... it's still Scot Harvath, and if you're already a fan of this series then there's plenty to like here.
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Arriving back in the US after his mission near Somalia, Scot Harvath is tired, both mentally and physically. There is no rest for the weary, however. Reed Carlton, his boss, has another priority job for him. This one involves the Federal Reserve Board.

Just to add a little more intrigue, in Frankfurt, Germany, a CIA intelligence officer has learned of an advanced terrorist threat against the US.

From the cover-ups in the CIA, to the grisly murders of some successors for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, this is one terrific read. Lots going on at many levels but all of this is plausible. And, yes, it tends to be a tad scary!

It is a well written novel and contains a "wealth" of information about the Federal Reserve Board and its background.

And, finally, it does make one wonder about what could happen in our country if the time is right for this type of change.

Most highly recommended..
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on June 7, 2014
Getting really tired with Brad Thor's incompetence. I've kinda liked Brad Thor early on, reading his books in order, but I now think he doesn't seem to know whether he wants to emulate Vince Flynn or John Sanford. This is easily Thor's worst book, from a grisly, poorly narrated murder mystery to a manipulation of the spy game. Where did his last girlfriend go? Why the endless discourse on the Federal Reserve? Why the constant repetition in all his novels about his father, his past, his Norseman name, etc? I'm starting to think Thor is a reasonably ok writer, but is also an ideologue like Glenn Beck who writes right wing thrillers to fuel for his millions of rabid followers and by now (large) bank account. Vince Flynn, far more gifted, always spun a wonderful, well-reasoned, logical plot around Mitch Rapp, his main character, who was consistently portrayed and believable. Thor is all over the landscape with his Scot Horvath tales. He needs better advice from friends or at least a better editor who can get him on track with his juvenile story telling. Back to creative writing 101. Even my students do better.
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on July 11, 2013
Just finished Hidden Order, and I can't recommend it enough. Brad Thor is such an amazing writer and visionary. The only problem I have is that I so thoroughly enjoy his novels that I read them too fast. When is the next one? :)
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on February 5, 2014
If I wanted a detective story, i'd have picked a detective story. This book turns into a genre I don't think many techo-thriller/adventure readers would enjoy. Since when did Harvath go to detective school? The character and his work with Boston P.D. et al. did not make any sense at all? It simply did not work for me because of Harvath's past experience and what he does, he's a SEAL for Pete's sake, a stone cold killer, and tactical operator....not Sherlock Holmes (which I do like, by the way). This is why Mr. Thor's previous novels work...there are people he works for and with who know better than him when conducting, planning and executing operations...and the Harvath character works within that system to great effect. Please do better in the next book?
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VINE VOICEon August 14, 2013
Maybe Brad Thor is getting tired of the invincible agent Scot Horvath or maybe he's just getting tired of writing, but this latest effort is hardly his best. To be sure, it has a promising start with a kidnapping, murder and mutilation but quickly runs out of steam, degenerating into a rather mundane detective story. Mr. Thor's fatigue is further exemplified by frequent recourse to such dull analogies as "Trying to get information out of him had been like trying to get blood from a stone", which further slows the pace.

However, in spite of the occasionally tiresome tone, there is still enough action to carry the reader to a satisfying conclusion.
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on July 10, 2013
After the first interview with Brad Thor I heard on the Opie and Anthony XM radio show I have been a huge fan! I'm 3 books deep into Brad's hard work and he really is a great writer and you cant go wrong with any of his books in my opinion. I didnt know this book was coming out until I heard him again on the O&A Show and had to buy it right away and tore through it. You wont regret spending your hard earned money on it!! A+
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