Customer Reviews: A Hidden Witch: A Modern Witch Series, Book 2
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on July 27, 2011
Debora Geary's writing just gets better and better!

This is the second book in the series, although you don't necessarily have to read the first one to enjoy the second one.

Elorie is from a family of witches, yet she has not expressed any talent with magic. She, along with her husband, run a B&B and Elorie spends her time making sea glass jewelry and teaching the young witchlings in the community about witch history. Finding a niche for herself in the community lets her stay involved with magic even though she can't manipulate or see it.

On the west coast of America, an enterprising youngster of an established witching family discovers a way to scan for magical abilities in other witches via the Internet...and there's a possibility that Elorie may have dormant powers. Not wanting to rehash her younger days of being denied any powers, Elorie is reluctant to submit herself to a scan...but the tiny seed of hope still lays buried in her heart.

This book is NOT about violent, paranormal scenes between werewolves/vampires/fairies/etc. Instead, this book is about finding yourself, learning your roots, and accepting who you are. The author beautifully weaves together strong characters, compelling plot, and whimsical modern resources. There are plenty of moments where I laughed aloud and kept giggling long after. The setting is modern and welcoming. To me, this is like the witch's version of the Jan Karon's Mitford series (another absolute favorite of mine). Geary's books are feel good books. The easy camaraderie between the characters, their family, and their friends leave me feeling warmed and loved. I'd recommend this series to anyone who just wants to feel happier and feel like they are just part of the family.
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on July 26, 2011
I received this book for free from the author. To give you an idea of how entrancing her new novel is, I received it last night and finished it this morning. I could not put it down for more than a moment. The cast of characters that I came to know and love in A Modern Witch came back to share a new tale of self-discovery and family bonds that transcend bloodlines and move into the family of the heart.

Debora Geary has a rare talent for creating characters that reach out and touch your heart in ways that make each page a fascinating experience. I laugh with them, cry with them, worry with them, and enjoy every moment of it. If you like modern fiction with a magical twist, this is not a book to pass up!
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on July 22, 2012
I was looking for a new series as a light, summer diversion. The first book was fun, but the second fell flat. "Net magic?" Sorry, it just seems like a pretty dumb concept.

Furthermore, I think the author must have written these books mostly while pregnant or breastfeeding. Sure, I like kids, but even an ancient fertility goddess would get bored with the constant obsession with pregnancy, getting pregnant, talking about who's going to get pregnant, wishing you were pregnant, remembering when someone else was pregnant, communicating with the fetus during pregnancy, speculating about the fetus, blah, blah, blah.

Same thing goes for the amount of detail about food. Yeah, we get it. Doing magic makes you hungry. But if you're having food cravings while you're writing your novel, maybe your editor should have encouraged you to cut out some of the unnecessary detail.

Finally, witch circles are cool. Very interesting. But can we just get to it without having six pages of deciding exactly which 12 witches will do each part, and why, and - oh, maybe shouldn't we have this one do it? No, here's why it would work better with this one. Please, people, I could do a seating arrangement for a wedding of 250 guests in the time it takes you to plan a circle.

So, to all the other readers who think my review is boring because I went into too much detail - if you didn't like this, trust me, you won't like the book.
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on August 31, 2012
I mean, this cannot be called fantasy
Everybody is happy
Everybody loves each other
They eat cookies
They get pregnant and they talk about it for the whole book
They eat icecream 77 times
And then net power???? Really? And, oops, as soon they set up the spells to help people at a, one of them gets a heart attack! Who would have guessed?
And then they eat cookies
I got a cavity after the first 50 pages.....
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on January 26, 2012
Both the books of the Modern Witch series are about extremely nice people. Everyone is very nice. There is no malice in any of the characters. All the kids are nice. All the grownups are... nice.
The first book was... nice. It had some internal logic and some interest in the plot and very easy to read. There was some development of the universe and I didn't mind the extra sweetness of everyone. So I read the second one as well. Well, it was rather boring.
There was very little plot. The characters seemed to gossip about each other forever. The new development in the universe seamed rather ridiculous. I guess I had some extra problem here since I happen to understand a bit about computers and technology. If you don't, you would probably enjoy the book much more.
So why 2 stars and not 1? I can't give 1 star when everyone around are so nice.
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on November 16, 2011
The first book in this series, A Modern Witch, was fabulous. Great character development. The author really made me believe that the main character, Lauren, is struggling with her new found powers and their place in her life and I really love the romantic story between the secondary characters. When the book ended, I wanted to find out more about their lives, so I immediately bought the second book, A Hidden Witch. WHAT a disappointment!

I really think the character development of the main character, Elorie, is TERRIBLE! Until it is mentioned that she is 26, I kept imagining her character as older (mid 40's maybe) - she just seemed so set in her ways and a bit dowdy. Then she spends the first half of the book lamenting (almost whining) about how all her life all she wanted was to be a witch like the rest of her family. She is jealous of her sister, who moved away in order for Ellorie to be happy because she knew that if she stayed it would make Ellorie miserable to watch her practice magic. She can barely stand to

I wanted to feel sorry for her, clearly that was the intent, but I was only able to muster vague pity along with annoyance that I had to read pages and pages of her feeling sorry for herself, crying about it and complaining. It is completely glossed over that she is an amazing artist, has a wonderful husband who spoils her, and has a successful business living in a place where her family is.

**spoiler alert** THEN she finally gets her power and she spends the next 1/3 of the book whining and complaining about how the power she gets isn't really what she wants, she wants to give it back, it's too newfangled and not traditional and how she just wishes that the power was different. She gets angry, sullen and completely ungrateful, after all the whining about how she wanted a power (seemingly any power as long as she could be a witch like her family). And oh, by the way, the power she does get is amazingly strong in her, so she is almost a super-hero in that power, but still she resents it.

By the way, the power she gets is completely ridiculous. It requires special devices in order to use it and is totally unbelievable. I do like how the author made the power more broadly useful, but it seems like it is still limited to needing a special tool to access it. I would have liked the power better if it was a stand-alone power that could weave other spells together.

Finally, I have to remark upon comments from another reviewer. Where is the 2nd generation?! Moira, the grandmother, is there, as is her nephew (Uncle Marcus). But Uncle Marcus is the only relative from his generation that is a character in this book. It makes no sense. Supposedly magic runs in the family, but an entire generation appears to be completely skipped and instead there is the 1st generation, 3rd generation and even 4th generation there in the book. So what happened to the parents?

Anyway, I am finding myself slogging through this book because I want to find out what happens with some of the characters from the first book and because I suspect I will buy book 3 hoping it will be better. But over all, I really don't care what happens to the main character in this book and I almost wanted the power to be taken from her, just so that she would grow up and learn to appreciate what she has.
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on August 13, 2012
Amazon had a sale on the witch series, so I bought all four. The first book in the series was quite creative and I really enjoyed it. This book, however, is tedious in the extreme. The book basically comes down to:

1. People getting married
2. Women realising that they're pregnant
3. Lots of people constantly eating chocolate and snacks
4. Adults learning to play an on-line game

I kept waiting for something to happen, but people kept eating and chanting and crying. Halfway through the book, I skimmed through the remainder, hoping for positive news. Alas, it was just more of the same.

Since I've already downloaded the series, I'll try the third book. The first book showed a lot of promise, but the second book desperately needs an editor.
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on September 6, 2012
I so regret wasting the money on this book, & 3 more in the series! Should have got the sneak peek first! The characters are all the same (cute but bland, stock, & very computer literate.) There is no conflict, therefore a weak narrative. Also missing is any sense of place. Why have events in unique places like Novia Scotia & not describe it at all? Plus I was lost with all the boring descriptions of magical powers, how it worked, & especially coding. This is a book where the worse thing that happens is an old man gets grumpy. Everyone else is happily married, about to be, &/or pregnant, without the feeling that the characters have earned our happiness for the events. Could have been so much more! Sigh...
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on December 19, 2012
I decided to read this book because the first book in the series was so funny and entertaining. In this book, even there were a lot of the same characters, the main character was irritating with her constant whining and helplessness.
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on September 6, 2011
This is the second Geary book I've read. The first in this series was fun enough and feel-good entertainment. This volume in the story definitely did not live up to the first's promise. The character development from the first book has to carry far too much in this story.

The newer characters felt extremely shallow, explanation of thoughts and feelings and relationships seemed unrealistic or just too one dimensional. The story is in there, it seems like a good one, but the new characters and 'net magic' explanations were just not up to it.

Here's hoping for D. Geary's future work, I'll definitely look at it. Good luck!
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