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21st century grindhouse horror cinema at its most shocking and controversial. In the Chilean countryside, two sisters are subject to their father's sadistic whims. A dispute with the police leaves a wake of death and mutilation, and they flee and find refuge in a cabin hidden from society. Based on a bizarre true story and not for the faint of heart.

Siboney Lo, Carolina Escobar
1 hour, 37 minutes

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Genres Drama, Thriller, International, Action, Horror
Director Patricio Valladares
Starring Siboney Lo, Carolina Escobar
Supporting actors Daniel Antivilo, José Hernandez, François Soto, Domingo Guzmán, Renato Münster, Agustin Aguero, Eric Bustos, Yuri Caceres, Daniel Candia, Gonzalo Cordova, Cristian Cuentrejo, Emilia Cárdenas, Luis Aguirre España, Vittorio Farfan, Luis Vitalino Grandón, Jonathan San Martin, Paula Martínez, Natalia Matamala
Studio Kino International
MPAA rating Unrated
Captions and subtitles English Details
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Customer Reviews

This movie is awful.
Hidden in the Woods is a movie that I recommend almost any Horror fan to watch as it's a story of survival and revenge at its most extreme.
Drew from Oregon
In that respect, I can certainly understand why the picture enjoys its controversial reputation.
E. Lee Zimmerman

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24 of 27 people found the following review helpful By Drew from Oregon on September 17, 2013
Format: DVD
I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this DVD for review. This review may contain some spoilers. Here it is:

Hidden in the Woods is a film that is based on true events, though this is extremely hard to believe given the gruesome content and nature of the film throughout. Within the interview that is included in the 8-page collectible booklet, the director claims the film is 70% accurate to the true events and the other 30% is his own vision. Regardless, Hidden in the Woods will keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole 98 minute run time and leave the story and some images burned in your mind forever.

The movie follows a couple of sisters and their brother who had escaped from their father, Felipe, who was a drug dealer. Throughout the years, Felipe had abused the girls and brother and subjected them to monstrous atrocities that you only read about in books. Their brother, Manuel, is deformed and had only been fed an all meat diet while he was locked in a shed. After escaping from their father, the girls and their brother all go to a cabin deep within the woods where Felipe used to keep his drugs. It is in this cabin the viewer is treated to a scene where the family cannibalizes a couple of hikers, who were up to no good, after they tried to attack one of the women. We see dismemberment, blood, gore, guts, and just about everything you can imagine. The special effects in this part of the film were very well done and made the scene seen believable.

A man named, Costello, is the leader of a drug gang and he wants Felipe's drugs, so he decides to get other members of his gang to find the girls and torture them until they reveal where the drugs are hidden.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By Tetris911 on March 8, 2014
Format: Amazon Instant Video Verified Purchase
Well first off you must enjoy foreign films before watching this since there are subtitles to follow and I understand some people can't watch movies with subtitles because they are too lazy to ready or whatnot. Anyways, this movie is pretty messed up since the story follows a horrible drug dealer father that drinks and rapes his own daughters in some dirty house in the woods but if you are a thriller / horror fan and also enjoy scenes that can be hard to watch by the average hollywood movie watcher then you need to check this film out! This is one of those films that you end up watching once and possibly can't watch again due to how sick the movie can be sometimes but that does not mean I regret watching it because I am glad I saw this despite some negative reviews from movie watchers that prefer transformers or some ghost movie. Anyways, go ahead and rent this flick to see if you can handle the first 15-20 minutes because if you do, then you can finish the whole movie! So glad I rented this because I never heard anything about this film until the other day by watching the trailer on amazon and rented it as soon as I realized it was a foreign film since horror / thriller foreign films have been on a roll lately for these past several years. Also, I have to give MAJOR props to Siboney Lo and Carolina Escobar for putting on an amazing performance while doing many crazy things throughout the film since this film is not for everyone. If you have seen the classic foreign film, "Martyrs" and you could handle that type of movie then you can handle "Hidden in the Woods" aka "En las afueras de la ciudad"
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful By Dayna Newman/Slasher Diva on October 8, 2013
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I had heard so many negative things about this film ,things like the rape scenes were so horrifying to watch worse than any they had seen and a couple other gripes, but as a woman I can tell you that I have seen much worse such as Last House on the left, I spit on your grave 1 and 2 and irreversible,they were much more horrifying in my opinion.No rape scene is fun to watch when you`re a Woman,I usually don't watch the entire scene but in order to fairly review this film I did .The thing that was disturbing was the fact that some of the rapes took place when the girls are children,that was the worst part for me.

This film goes from 0 to 60 and never stops. from there on it is non stop violence and I mean very brutal and the effects are done quite well.

they do not hold back or pull back.there are scenes of cannibalism on live humans,chainsaw dismemberment,stabbings,Gunshots,basically anything that creates RED is good to go.

The characters are so down trodden that you almost feel they would be better off dead, the two sisters raped and terrorized since they were just young girls one of them has a baby and he is horribly deformed and his name is Manuel, Manuel has the biggest taste for human flesh since he had been fed raw meat since he was a newborn.There are SO many things I could say about this film but I think you should experience it yourself.

There are drug deals gone bad,graphic scenes of sex between the eldest sister Ana and numerous tricks because Ana is trying to make enough money to feed her 2 siblings Manuel and Anny unaware that Anny and Manuel are back to their old habit of eating trespassers instead.I will surely watch this again and again.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Elizabeth Renee Blue on February 13, 2014
Format: Amazon Instant Video Verified Purchase
Hmmm. I hope it doesn't happen often, as I only stumbled upon a few deletions by accident. Oh well.
This movie doesn't fall neatly in the horror genre. Its more horrifying. than entertaining, one of those in which you feel you need a shower after watching. The acting and setting makes it seem oh so realistic. As if I were peeping in on a 'family'. There is child abuse, incest, drug trafficking, lots of violence... in a backwoods, Latin American setting. There's a horror subgenre theme here but I won't reveal it though others probably have. When I watched this there were only 2 reviews and it wasn't mentioned so it came as a surprise, as it should. This movie is a great exercise in relativism. Toward the middle, I was increasingly repelled by the protagonists, and thought "They need to die". But then, with the insertion of the drug cartel guys, I started rooting for them! Anyway, it you like dark, ugly movies, and have no objection to subtitles if you don't speak Spanish, then this one is very well done.
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