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on October 24, 2008
I am not ashamed to say that I am an adult who LOVES High School Musical. I went to see the midnight show with my younger sister and 2 of her friends and it was well worth being sluggish at work this morning. The songs don't have quite the same sing along quality as those in the first 2 movies, but they're still enjoyable. The story feels more fleshed out this time around. My favorite scene in the movie featured Troy and Chad dancing in a junkyard singing the 'Boys are Back'. I liked the newbie Rocket Man. He's no Zach Efron, but he might be worth watching in HSM 4.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2009
I thought HSM 3 was an awesome movie. The acting and songs were amazing. I am just sad to see an excellent triology come to an end.

In high school musical 3 you get to see all of the emotions and changes that happen during senior year. You get to see Troy and Gabriella's relationship progress, you get to see what everyone's future is going to be, you get to see prom (Troy and Gabriella look amazing and so does the rest of the class), you get to see everyone graduate, and you get to see everyone say goodbye to each other which was really sad. There are some really hard decisions to be made in this movie and I think everyone did an excellent job acting it out.

Overall this movie was great. It was played out really well. When you are watching this movie you really feel like you are also saying goodbye to the cast and its really sad.

I wish the entire cast good luck with everything they do in the future.

If you love the first two high school musical films then I know you'll love this one as well.

The Extended version of the film comes with an extended version of the film, sing alongs, cast interviews, bloopers and so much more. I highly recommend you pick up the extended version of the film instead of the theatrical version. It is well worth the extra money.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2008
It's senior year for the gang at East High and they've got the basketball championship, drama club musicale, and Prom to anguish over. As if that wasn't enough, Troy's squeeze, Gabriella, is headed for Stanford after graduation and he's slated for a basketball scholarship at U of Albuquerque - or maybe he'll pursue music at Julliard(!).

This edition is even bouncier and more energetic than the previous two HSMs. While short on dialogue, it's strong on the song-and-dance numbers which are outstanding as usual. The kids are growing up but still look like ideal, freshly-scrubbed students and the Troy-Gabriella romance has matured and lost its coyness. Zac Efron (Troy) is every tween's dream and carries the movie just fine. He can sing and dance and looks great. Vanessa Hudgens doesn't have much to do besides giggle, but looks good doing it. The rest of the cast get little individual screen time, but as an ensemble piece, it's wholesome, high-speed fantasy fun.
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21 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2008
Honestly, High School Music fan or not, this movie is truly amazing. Of course, anyone who liked the first two will probably fall in love with this one, as it is, hands down, the best in the trilogy. I think that even if you didn't see the first two or if you weren't particularity fond of them, you will like this one regardless because of what it deals with. This movie is about something we all go through as senior in high school - saying good-bye to our friends after high school. Addiotionally, it's nice to see a teen movie that doesn't revolve around sex, drugs, violence, and profanity. (I am aware many of you will argue with me that this is not exactly a film aimed at a teenage or young adult audience and that the viewing public expected for it is in fact little elementary school children simply because it is G-rated Disney movie, but to me, that makes no sense whatsoever. The movie talks about high school graduation, college applications, prom, the Ivy League universities, etc. Do you really think a 10-year-old will understand that?)

The East High Wildcats decide to put on their final show together at their school: a musical about their twelfth grade experience. It'll be a pretty unique musical because, for once, they won't have to play a character - they'll be playing themselves! But due to her incredible intelligence, Gabriella, the female protagonist, is offered to skip her senior year in high school and go to straight onto college right away. Will she accept Standard's offer, leaving her friends, boyfriend, and the musical behind? Will Troy, the male protagonist, chose to continue with basketball or will he chose a career than involves acting? Will Sharpay win a scholarship to New York's Julliard University of Performing Arts or will her brother? Will Ryan and Kelsi find true love? Find out in this exciting conclusion to one of the world's greatest film series! The only good thing recently produced by the screwed-up Disney Channel! Yes I hate Disney Channel, Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, Jonas Brothers, and all of the other inappropriate teen shows they've decided to put on a children's channel. But High School Musical is different. It teaches both kids and teens a valuable lesson and it allows adults to revisit their past. The plot is actually relevant to what many people feel's a teenage musical! You don't see something like that everyday! Just watching Troy and Gabriella perform a beautiful waltz is reason enough to buy this film. Also, the old fashioned music at the end proves that rap, hip hop, and pop isn't always what you'll see in a teenage film.

The songs are as original, catchy, and wonderful as they are visually stunning! During "Scream," the turning walls that represent Troy's confusion are spectacular! The disappearing pictures on the wall in Gabriella's solo "Walk Away" were really quite sad. The Statue of Liberty that shoots fireworks out of its head in "I Want It All" is amazing. The sets in "A Night To Remember" will leave you with your mouth wide open. "Right Here Right Now," "Can I Have This Dance," and "Just Wanna Be With You" are three incredible romance songs. And, of course, Troy and Chad turning into little boys in "The Boys Are Back" was really cute. That reminds, "Right Here Right Now" and "The Boys Are Back" are so of my favorites because of what they talk about: not wanting to grow up. Anyway, n case you forgot or are too lazy to read the customer reviews for the HSM3 soundtrack, here are the songs:

1. "Now Or Never" - Troy and the Wildcats basketball team

2. "Right Here, Right Now" - Troy and Gabriella

3. "I Want It All" - Sharpay and Ryan [A TRUE BROADWAY SONG!]

4. "Can I Have This Dance? (Version I)" - Troy and Gabriella

5. "A Night To Remember" - cast!

6. "Just Wanna Be With You" - Ryan & Kelsi, Troy & Gabriella

7. "The Boys Are Back" - Troy and Chad

8. "Walk Away" - Gasbriella

9. "Scream" - Troy

10. "Can I Have This Dance? (Version II)" - Troy and Gabriella

11. "Senior Year Spring Musical" ***made up of reprises of NOW OR NEVER (Chad, the Wildcats basket team, cheerleaders), I WANT IT ALL (Ryan), JUST WANNA BE WITH YOU (Sharpay & Jimmy, and later Troy and Gabriella), and A Night To Remember (Sharpay vs. Tiara), as well as a new song: Last Chance (Ryan and Kelsi)***

12. "We're All In This Together" - cast!

13. "High School Musical" - cast!

14. "Just Getting Started" - during the end credits, winner of the Get In The Picture ABC7 contest

By the way, during the "I Want It All," you actually see Gabriella The Maid a bit more than you did in the theaters because you see that part of the song in a different camera angle than you did in theaters. That also lets you see an important-looking lady giving Ryan a newspaper with him and Sharpay on the cover. This is not due to the extended edition thing because the song is the same length, but, like I said, the camera angle is different so you see more things.

The special features on this Blu-ray are freakin' cool! Even though it's a single disc release, it has the exact same content found on the Two-Disc release, plus more! These are the Special Features (the last two aren't found on the two-disc release).

-- Extended Version Of The Movie
-- Optional Sing Along Version
-- Bloopers
-- Deleted Scenes
-- "Cast Goodbyes" feature
-- "Night Of Nights" feature
-- "It's All In The Dress" feature
-- "Senior Awards" feature
-- New Cast Profiles

In addition, just like in the Two-Disc release, you can download a digital copy of the movie. And as if that weren't enough, it comes with the first disc of the Two-Disc Edition!!!!! Now you can watch the movie practically anywhere because you have the regular version as well as the Blu-ray version!!!! What do you know, it is a two disc after all. ^_^
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon February 26, 2009
How different is High School Musical 3 from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes?

Not much when you think about it. They all depict what has been referred in the past as Disney's "idealization of life." The High School Musical films let you live for a while in a school without the harshness of real-life student politics, teacher issues and especially the dark, cynical vision so often seen on television, films and books inexplicably accepted as "kid-friendly."

Therein lies its charm. Whatever your opinion of the High School Musical series, you can't help but marvel at how young people have taken to it -- despite its omission of language, sex and bitterness that some in the industry insist are requirements to "get the kids." If only prime time TV would get the message perhaps it would not be at an all time low in viewership.

Since this, the third film, was given a more generous budget, much of the money shows up on the screen, especially in the lavish production numbers like "I Want it All," and particularly "Scream,' in which director Kenny Ortega pays tribute to Fred Astaire by flipping over the school hallway (and Zac Efron). The cast are as charming as ever. I was particularly happy to see the character of Mrs. Darbus (Alyson Reed) get a brief but nice opportunity to explore more warmth and depth than afforded in the previous chapters.

And since this is the farewell film for the main "students" (though some of the others may emerge from the background in the 4th film planned for TV), there are at least three finales. These kids sing their goodbyes a lot before a curtain literally falls over the whole thing, never to be quite the same again until, perhaps, the High School Musical reunion movie we can certainly look forward to in about 8 to 10 years (wonder who'll be "available" to reprise their roles?)

In the tradition of frothy musical fun, the story is secondary to watching the characters cavort. Sharpay, who despite learning her lesson in each film and "turning nice," goes back to square one repeatedly -- like Wile E. Coyote. This time, she gets a British assistant to facilitate villainous monologuing because her brother is leaning on the "nice kids" side this time.

The whole thing is a lot of fun. My daughter and her friends are starting to get too cool for HSM but still enjoy this movie, much as they're not into Miley so much but they like her sitcom just fine (Monkee career warning, Miley.)

The DVD offers bloopers and short documentaries about the production and the farewell nature of the project, plus an extra reprise of "Right Here, Right Now" not seen in the theatrical version. A 2-disc edition also includes a digital download.

Though it's always debatable whether any group of ambitious young performers in a film or TV series are as chummy as they are publicized to be, I can't help but believe their mixed feelings about leaving HSM behind. It's what they knew, it's what "made" them, and the future is exciting but pretty scary.

Just like graduation.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR is easily the most consistently satisfying American movie musical since "YES, GIORGIO." If only we could leave the gang back another semester for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4: RETURN OF THE DUNTZ CAPS...
review image
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
An enjoyable, fun film courtesy of a bigger budget, better production, stage and lighting, this is the best "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" film of the three. The transfer on to Blu-ray is excellent in picture and audio quality and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment really went all out with this "Deluxe Extended Edition" release.

With the previous two films debuting on the Disney Channel, "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR" was the first of the three films to go on the big screen and eventually having the largest opening weekend for a musical film ever earning $42 million in North America and $40 million overseas in its first three days of release. Opening at #1 and also having solid sales with its musical soundtrack.

One can say it's the typical teenage angst that we saw from the first previous two films but what makes "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR" so much better is the higher production values. The film features one of the most ambitious sets, choreography, costume and stage designs, lighting and uses of color in a musical.

And because the higher production values, it definitely heightens the enjoyability of the film. From performances in the basketball court, outdoors at a college campus, a junkyard and more, the cinematography is really solid.

And of course, everything translates well on Blu-ray.


"HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR" is featured in 1080p High Definition (1:85:1) and the picture quality is excellent. In one musical segment titled "I Want it All" featuring Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan Evans, I was just amazed by the sudden shifts of color and how amazing it looked. The colors were just vibrant and after watching the film on Blu-ray, I had to see how different the experience of watching it on Blu-ray versus DVD. The Blu-ray colors just were amazing and on DVD, it was good but not in the same vibrancy as the Blu-ray. This segment just was a great example of good colorful choices on costume design and set design and there are many instances that really stick out in the film. Even in the non-musical segments, the outdoor and indoor segments were colorful and looked great on Blu-ray.

As for the audio, the audio quality is of course music-driven and music really comes alive with the English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. I did notice a few instances of rear channels being used during scenes with a lot of people but in most part, the film is dialogue and music driven and overall audio quality is also great.

So, picture and audio quality for "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR" is fantastic!


And this is probably where Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment really went all out in this DELUXE EXTENDED EDITION release. You get a total of three discs, the first being the Blu-ray which is the extended version of the movie, the second being the Digital Copy and the third being the DVD copy of the extended edition movie. Having not watched the normal theatrical version, I do know that the original had 112 minutes and this extended version is 117 minutes long.

As for special features, this is where the Blu-ray shines. Included are:

* Senior Awards - The crew felt that with the talent graduating from "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL", a yearbook was created with photos from present but also the cast having the ability to vote for "Best Dressed", "Best Comedian", "Best Couple", etc.
* New Cast Profiles - This segment features the passing of the torch to the new characters: Matt Prokop (Jimmie Zara), Justin Martin (Donny Dion) and Jemma McKenzie-Brown (Tiara Gold). With clips from their video reports, from beginning when they first started and eventually making friends with the original cast and interviews about the three becoming part of the popular trilogy.
* Disney Live Network - The ability to include your photos into the "EAST HIGH SCHOOL" yearbook ala BD-Live and more.
* Cast Goodbyes - Interviews with the cast and Director Kenny Ortega and everyone saying goodbye and being emotional during the final shot and much more. The cast reflecting on their last chance to be with each other as a group.
* Deleted Scenes - About eight deleted scenes with an introduction by Director Kenny Ortega who mentioned it was done because of pacing and how difficult it was to cut some of these parts.
* Bloopers - These are not the same bloopers shown at the end credits, these are totally different.
* Sing Along with the Movie - By enabling the sing along subtitles, you can watch certain songs and sing to them.
* Night of Nights - A featurette on the prom and having to prepare for the number and learn the choreography.
* It's All in the Dress - Creating the dream prom and the ideas on the prom dresses for the actresses.
* Table of Contents - Similar to a year book, this section features photos and you can skip pages but also access certain special features and Easter Eggs. You can go to previous or next page via remote, if you press up on each page with your remote and select on the photos for each page, you either can access a special feature (that is also listed on the special feature section) or get a East High Wildcats claw.These claws are hidden short video segments featuring behind-the-scenes footage not featured in the special features section. The hidden claws can be found on the following pages and you can access the following Easter Eggs:Page 2 - Crazy improv segment
Page 3- Tiara vs. Sharpay segment
Page 4 - Choreography segment
Page 5 - Basketball rig triggering
Page 6 - Basketball dance choreography
Page 8 - Two Easter Eggs (prom advice from the cast and Ashley Tisdale and Chris Warren choreography)
Page 12 - Two Easter Eggs (graduation dancing scenes)
Page 13 - Ashley Tisdale/Sharpay easter egg


Overall, I was quite impressed with this Blu-ray disc releae of "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR". On the extended version of the film, I was quite amazed by the production values from the stage, set and costume design, the cinematography, the lighting and the Blu-ray disc transfer of the film and seeing how beautiful and colorful the picture quality was and how clear and live the music sounds, fans of the film and have a Blu-ray player are truly in for a treat.

And to celebrate the "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR", Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment included the extended version on DVD and a digital copy disc as well.

And the number of special features and Easter Eggs were also another positive of the Deluxe Extended Edition.

If you enjoyed the previous two "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" films, one thing you felt when watching those films are "Disney" musicals. Something you expected to see on the Disney Channel. With "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR", because of the high production value, the film really looked extremely well and after watching the special features, you learn that the cast really had to go all out in learning the choreography and with this film being the cast's final film together, they went all out.

Now, how did I feel about the music in this film? I think with every "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" that I've watched, there were always numbers that I enjoyed and numbers that tend to stick in your mind. But I have to say that this third film, the music was quite solid. Also, I think that the cast felt more at ease and were much more comfortable with their surroundings and were not as stiff in the choreography. The songs were sung well, the choreography was great!

But thanks to the higher budget and better production quality, I believe that director Kenny Ortega had much more freedom and again, with this being the final film for the main cast, everyone gave their best and it showed!

A fantastic Blu-ray release and a must-own for "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" fans!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2008
I am also an adult who went to see the midnight viewing of the movie. I'm addicted, what can I say. I thought that the movie was incredible and the music is maturing as the stars become older. You will get goosebumps when you hear how they end it with a slow mature edition of "We're All In This Together", and "High School Musical". Though I'm excited about the HSM4 it will never be the same!
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on March 21, 2009
This is the first High School Musical ever to go to a movie theater and I wasn't really shocked when I heard that in the summer of 2007 right after the release of High School Musical 2. I did know before even viewing High School Musical 3 that was probably going to be the last bow for this class in the High School musical series I only say that because I have just recently heard there will be a fourth film, but with almost none of the original class. Right off the bat this film just looks pretty. Director Kenny Ortega did a fantastic job on making this look like a musical movie, it just looks very pleasing to the eye. The story really surrounds the theme of moving on and the fact that things change once one leaves high school, friends depart, and most heartbreaking some love relationship die. For Troy and Gabriella High School Musical's Tony and Maria from West Side Story [Blu-ray] that reality is coming to ahead. This is more difficult for Troy just because he really doesn't know who he is. A theme that we have seen before in the first two films but he has never really dealt with it before. Like it or not, Troy's story is relatable in the idea that most if not all kids don't know who they are or what career path they should choose and the world isn't going to stop turning just so you can decide. Zac Efron did an amazing job in terms of balancing the emotional scenes, with the romantic scenes, with the comedic scenes. He and Vannessa Hudgens gave their characters closure which I think every fan wanted to see. There is more music and dance numbers in this movie than the other two films combined and it is probably in my opinion the best of the series. Now, if you were not a fan of the first two films do not buy this movie, but if you were you will not be dissapointed.
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It's spring, and the Wildcats are facing the last few weeks of their high school career. Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu) are leading East High's basketball team in another championship game. But their final minutes of playing basketball are only the first of the many finals they will face.

And as our characters face saying goodbye, they have to start dealing with the future. Troy and Chad have been accepted at the local university to play ball. But Troy isn't sure he wants to. His girlfriend Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) is going to Stanford. In fact, she is considering their early admission program, which would mean she would have to leave early.

But it's a chance to do one last show together that truly brings everyone together. While they prepare a show about their hopes for the future and the pain of saying goodbye, the group finds out that scouts from Julliard are going to be there to consider composer Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), choreographer Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel), star Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), or Troy for one spot and a scholarship. Who will get it? Does Troy want it? And how will he and Gabriella ever say goodbye?

Now if you are looking for a realistic movie, turn back now. This is a G rated Disney musical, for pete's sake. But it is still fun.

This movie focused a bit too much on the songs. The plot was a little too loose and predictable, making it just an excuse to string some songs together. The good news is, those songs are fun, with several hummable, toe tapping numbers. And the choreography was amazing. Several of the songs involved multiple locations and costume changes. This is a big screen musical for movie musical lovers. I especially loved the number in the junkyard.

Frankly, I wish this movie were about 20 minutes longer. They could have used the time to give us more with the supporting players. Heck, cutting out one of Troy and Gabriella's three love duets would have allowed for that, too. I really have loved the entire cast of these things.

Speaking of casts, three sophomores are introduced here to lead the next installment in the franchise. Honestly, I didn't care for any of them. Hopefully, when they become leads they will be better developed as characters.

While the entire series has had a helping of cheese, this one did feel a bit more over the top when it came to the graduation scene. Surely, they could have found some other way to handle that one.

But if all this sounds like I didn't like the movie, think again. I found it somewhere between the first and second in the series. I was smiling the entire time. There are a couple in jokes, so do watch these movies in order to catch them.

This was designed to be the last we'll see of the original cast (until the inevitable High School Reunion Musical in 10 years). Honestly, that makes me sad. This send off will certainly please the franchises many fans.
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